Totally Chesty Tales – Tale 03


Totally Chesty Tales – Tale 03Totally Chesty Tales – Tale 03 – Strolling Around(Featuring Linda, Robert Cortese and Ruth)TAGS: M/F/F, oral, 69, anal, facialDISCLAIMERI do not own any of the characters on this story; save if they are original characters (OC). These characters belong to their creators, producers, broadcasters, publishers and distributors, as the works they come from or inspired in way the story written below.I do not have any financial gain through this written piece nor do I intend to cash on it. This content is mostly to be seen as a parody work with adult content. I repeat a parody. With adult content. Because of that, people under the authorized age to see erotic material wherever they live aren’t allowed to read this story.Anyone else who bears something against the content, characters or anything else must also look somewhere else to be. If you are fit to read this story and contribute with something, feel free to do so.“Isn’t that wonderful the two us here in the park in this Saturday morning?”“Well, it seems… but I don’t know it was the right time for us to be here”“Please, stop with that! I had to do a whole effort to take you out of that office, Robert!”“Linda, I have to finish that job for Monday. This one is very important for the company”“You don’t work on Saturdays, honey. Please, relax and forget about it for a while!”Another ordinary couples discussion on a Saturday morning. This time, the ones lightly arguing were the Corteses, Linda and Robert, who were having a pleasant stroll at Steelport’s Western Park during a sunny Saturday morning.Robert went busy the whole week with problems in his job and Linda tried to make him forget about those issues having a walk just the two of them. With her arm wrapped around her husband, the brunette hoped he left his job behind to enjoy life outdoors.“It’s been weeks I wanted to take you to the Western Park, Robert. I really think you need time to cool off outside and enjoy nature and people”“If you think so, Linda”“Stop! Stop acting all worried. You will do your job when we come back home. Now, you should not think about it. Let’s enjoy this pleasant morning, see people, be with your lovely wife”, said the brunette.Linda tried to make Robert feel less worried, but it didn’t seem an easy job to a man who had too many office work to do. And a walk at the park was her choice. At the beginning, it wasn’t easy due to a man who wanted to dedicate his efforts to do his job. But slowly, he melted himself to accept he needed to get off the house. And stopped to make any argument about it.After walking for a while, as they say couples having their time, families enjoying the morning and the usual sportspeople there, the Corteses decided to sit on a bench just to watch the world go on and spend a little time together, something needed for them.“When was the last time we got like this together, Robert?”“Been a while, Linda. I wish I could take you more to a date, like when we weren’t married. But you know how much my work overwhelms me…”, said Robert.“I told you shouldn’t take that promotion! It would only make have less time for me. And you didn’t even get a raise!”, his wife replied.“I had to do. It was what I had to do, Linda”“Never mind. Don’t even mention your job again. It’s time for us to be together”, said Linda, as her head leaned at her husband’s shoulder.The two were in silence for a while, as Linda and Robert just saw c***dren play in front of them, joggers and people meditating. It looked like that it was just an ordinary Saturday morning. But soon, it wouldn’t be. Robert noticed Linda spotted something far away and moved her head away from his shoulder. Without understanding anything, he saw his wife wave to someone, a mature woman also with darker hair and a summer dress. That woman waved her back and went in direction to the bench they were. As soon as she approached it, Linda stood up to greet that woman.“Hey, you! How you’ve been?”“Been good. And you?”Linda’s husband didn’t understood much of the scene, mostly because he couldn’t recognize the woman that greeted his wife. But it seemed she was totally like they were best friends forever.“Robert, remember Ruth, right?”“Ruth?”“Ruth! Ruth Miranda, the one who moved to that house three blocks away of yours”“Ruth… oh! Ruth! The one who moved with the former Webber’s house? Oh God, I sorry. I didn’t link you in my mind, I am so sorry”“It’s okay… I might not even know the entire neighborhood yet”“But I do apologize. I spent the last weeks with urgent work and couldn’t go out that much”“It’s not your fault! Linda told me about you and it seems she was right. You look very handsome!”The man blushed as the two women talked for a while before Ruth joined the Corteses at bench. Robert seemed out of his depth while seeing the two talk, but still paid attention to the chat.“So, Ruth. How is Steelport going for you?”“The city is great! I am very proud for me and Elliot on moving here. Here is an amazing place, better than my old town”“Elliot?”, Robert asked.“My husband. Well, he is not here with me because he is busy with moving the furniture around and I decided to take a walk to know the city more”, Ruth explained.“Well, Steelport is a place you are pendik escort going to enjoy much. Won’t lose to any of the big cities”, the longhaired woman pointed.“I can see” Ruth replied. “But I don’t know that much yet of the place. Specially this park, I love parks, I love being outdoors in bright and beautiful days”“Want us to give you a tour?”, Robert Cortese suggested.“Great idea, honey!”“If you can give me one, would be delighted. You two seem nice people”Any kind of suspicion that Ruth could be one of those annoying housewives quickly went away with Robert during their tour. They went to many places, inside and outside the park, while the new neighbor told stuff about her old town, why she moves to Steelport and talked about the kinds of things they would meet at that neighborhood. It was a pleasant talk and both Corteses pretty much hit well with their new neighbor. Afterwards, they were again at another bench, where they would find out they could share better bonds than just live close to each other.“I have to admit this place here is wonderful. Full of nature, people, fresh air… I just get excited just to smell it”, the other brunette said“Do you mean you get excited by just smelling the air outdoors?”, asked Robert“Not at all… well, what excites me actually is seeing the people jogging and doing stuff here. I am sorry for being that ‘not polite’, but parks turn me on a lot”“Excuse me?”“Yes. Parks do turn me on a lot. I don’t know why, but every time me and Elliot got a park, we always come back and have sex. Well, I know it looks weird even more if someone you don’t even know much tells you, but I cannot lie even to strangers”The sudden revelation quite shocked Linda and Robert at the beginning. But helped to find out a way where they could see Mrs. Miranda would be the kind of neighbor they like.“Linda, what about we help our new neighbor with her ordeal?”“Well, if you are thinking what I am, I do find it wonderful idea, sweetheart”“What is going on? What are you two talking about?”“Ruth, I think you created a good opportunity for us to know each other more, in many ways”Steelport’s new inhabitant understood fast what the couple wanted. And she wasn’t a woman to say no to such invitation.“Well, if you two want, I do think we need a more proper introduction…”, the shorthaired brunette winked with a naughty look, while seeing her new friends to smile and begin to take the path to their place to show her the true colors of both Corteses.Not even in Ruth’s wildest dreams she would have a warm welcome like that. At the Corteses’, as she was naked and their bed and with each spouse sucking one of her massive breasts. She was curious and got what she needed.“Gee, you two do it with all the new neighbors?”“Well, we don’t have much patience to bake a pie”, said Linda.Robert and Linda tasted the woman’s tits as they learned how her would behave on bed. For that first sexual contact, they already knew the new neighbor is one to keep.“Uhhh… I never had a couple going like that for my boobs right off the bat!”Linda and Robert sucked like they are hungry k**s needing to be breastfed. Ruth Miranda had exactly the kind of boobs they liked and they took the opportunity to make her moan with their stimulation on her.“Told you Robert she was hot!”“You were right, darling!”Soon they were apt to other games, as both ladies kissed each other while Robert went to give head to their new neighbor. The older woman got the shivers at the first touch of the man’s tongue. “Uhhhhh…”“So, do my husband eats pussy good?”“Wonderfully”Robert’s tongue touched the very wet cunt of Ruth, giving her delightful shivers while receiving oral from a man, something she liked to get but in the recent days, the moving process kept her from getting from her husband Elliot.But next it was a different taste and then it was Linda’s turn to eat her neighbor’s pussy and see her husband get his cock sucked by the woman they just met at the park.“Hmmm… uhhh… look at this! Ruth sucks dick as good as you, Linda”“Glad to hear that. It seems she is a keeper”“You two too!”It was the usual slow and deep sucking. The older woman took slow blows until nearly deepthroating Robert’s dick before returning to the beginning spot to do it again. Her tongue twirled around the man’s rod, adding that special moment every man likes while getting a blowjob.“It’s good… suck my cock, Ruthie. Be a nice neighbor and show you can suck that cock good”She, of course, nodded in affirmation to his wishes, being a woman who loved to fuck as well. Meanwhile, her hand placed on top of Linda’s head, keeping her new female friend enough close to taste her pussy, something she didn’t have in a long time.“Please, Linda…”The Corteses were keen to show the Steelportian hospitality to their new neighbor with the best thing the city can offer: horny people in heat. And there would be the step they needed to get further into action. “Feel so good… can’t hardly wait to get this pussy”“Well, guess now it’s time for us to give the welcoming party our Ruthie deserves”Eager to being fucked by Robert, Ruth put herself in all fours as the man stick his cock inside her pussy. And Linda completed the most famous FFM threesome position, with legs apart escort pendik and the older woman between them to eat her pussy. And let the games begin.Robert slowly began to plow his new neighbor, which answered by licking with the same slow pace his wife’s pussy. Soon the threesome began to see its participants moan, as of course they were MUCH excited and aroused the max to take their sexual games into the level they wanted to. Between those two, Mrs. Miranda only had to give in and celebrate she found a couple who can satisfy her.“Yess… Ruth… Yesss…”“Hmmm… Ahh… it’s so… ahh!”It was so unexpected for Ruth to earn a ménage-a-trois right after moving to the city that she didn’t know any words to utter. She completely let herself to be pleased by the Corteses, taking the slow filling of her slit by his dick and tasting the juices coming from his wife’s pussy, who played and licked her own tits to bear that pleasure.“This new neighbor is so hot, Linda! Gosh, her pussy is like its swallowing my dick into it”“If I say her tongue is trying to glue on my pussy, I think we’re even darling”Ruth’s boobs bounced while Robert fucked her, now upping his tempo to give the woman a better and deeper meaning of delight. She answered by upping her tempo on giving oral to Linda. Nothing was to waste at that threesome, where one strived for getting a step in direction for more, the other did the same step and the other too.Soon, the tempo increased and increased more, with the newcomer getting ‘bonkers’ being ‘tamed’ by the couple she met at the park. The height of the pleasure made them need more and more of that delight to pursue their goals that day.“Ohhhh… Robert… Ahhhhhh!”But Linda was a bit jealous of the attention Ruth had from her husband and decided she wanted to get Robert in her. Mr. Cortese agreed as he laid his beloved significant other on the bed, legs apart. While he began to fuck her, Ruth climbed on her new neighbor and landed her crotch at her face. Of course, Mrs. Cortese knew what would happen from there.“Ohhh… Robert, honey. Fuck Me! Fuck me good!”“Well, guess you are going to deal with something different too, darling”“If I may join the fun, guess I could get something in return of your wife, Robert”As Ruth Miranda showed her pussy to Linda, the Steelport inhabitant knew exactly what to do and soon the older woman began to feel a different wave of pleasure from her pussy. Instead of a dick, it was now a woman’s tongue playing with her clit and labia. Exactly what she needed after a nice pounding.“Uhhh… it’s not often a woman eats my pussy. I needed that so much”Linda did her job, slowing brushing and lapping her new lover’s clitoris but then doing all fast only to return to her original slow pace. Meanwhile, her husband didn’t waste any effort to fuck his wife, going deep and fast on her. But to add something kinky, he had to do something.“Have you ever kissed a man that isn’t your husband, Ruth?”“Is that an invitation or you feel shy to do it right now?”It didn’t need any quite of answer and both went to play with their tongues and lips. Ruth have kissed other men that Elliot, her husband, like that. But, as we say, not all men are alike and kiss an unknown one is always a special thing. And those two went all for it.“Oh Boy! You kiss very well, Ruth!”“Thanks! I think Elliot would be proud to hear that”“Well, I am proud to hear that my husband kisses other women well”That position, of Linda being fucked and licking Ruth while she kissed Robert, was one used for quite time, being a favorite of the Corteses during threesomes. Linda found herself now the one between the best of worlds, tasting a hot mature woman and having her husband screw her as always a good one has to do to fulfill his marital vows.“Auuhhh… Oh Robert!”“Ahhhh… Linda!”“Hmmm… yeahhhh! Uhhhh!”Ruth found herself in her private heaven in Steelport. She just moved in and involved herself in a threesome. A woman like her wouldn’t be too shocked about the city living its liberal ways towards sexuality, but that fast? Well, why would she complain about it? Better live it before it’s over.“Shall we change the position, darling?”“Only if you Ruth agree with it”“I wouldn’t mind to try what you want, guys. I am all yours”“Then, what about some anal, ma’am?”Ruth smiled in a very wicked way when Robert suggested her to fuck her butt. And so it was, the mature brunette got filled at her butthole. But before, the couple lubed her butt by doing something unusual, as Linda and her husband licked together her lover’s arse, with some fingering between tonguelaps. The shorthaired woman was again in all fours, surrounded by her horny new neighbors, who fingered, kissed, licked and used their spit to prepare that butt for fucking.But there was something else, Linda underneath Ruth and both new neighbors working a 69! Robert kept lubing her ass with his tongue and fingers and now saw his wife get down and dirty with Mrs. Miranda. Soon, it was his dick that began to push into the older lady’s ass.“Uhhh! Oh Yeah! Ahhhh”“Fuck her ass, darling!”Robert Cortese wasn’t a man to disobey his significant other’s wishes. Ruth began to feel her rear end filled by her new friend’s cock, going easy and steady in the beginning. pendik escort bayan From that point, he could notice she was really down to anal, because her moans were sometimes louder than the previous pussy penetration. The smile on his face when he learned about her being one of these ladies who do not have any prejudice when taking in the ass, just like his wife, was priceless.“Ouhhh… Ahhhhh! Fuck my ass! Ahhhh! Fuck me Robert! Fuck me!”The fever for getting anally fucked almost made her forget that, underneath that mature busty body, another busty woman was giving her head. But the moans were enough to make Ruth remember how hot was being please in both ways by a couple. As I believe it was written somewhere in this tale, it was a long time since her last threesome with a couple. And the fact she got it one just few days after moving made her think what else her new place would present to her in form of pleasurable experiences . “Keep doing her, Rob. I will keep getting it my end of the bargain here”“Uhhh… your tongue is divine, Linda! Ahhh… keep it… uhhh yeah! Keep licking me”Not an order to be not followed and Linda Cortese kept licking her as her husband began to up the tempo at the anal. Sooner than never, that humping noise could be heard every time Robert put his cock deeper into his mature lover. Yes, that one you can hear mostly at porn movies when people put much effort into their humping they begin to actually bump into the significant other’s bodies. I think you understand what we mean with it. Linda was entertained as well with her own part of the action. Tasting Ruth’s juice was a wonderful feeling, having a tasty woman all for herself to enjoy as she gets anally stabbed by her husband. And she got also a nice end with her new neighbor giving head to her as well, usually when she wasn’t having her moans when the couple savored her holes. But when the mature lady put her mouth back to action, the circle came full. And possible was about to cum as well.“Ahhhhhh!” Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! I want more! You two, give me more! Please, I want to fuck more!”That was a completely mesmerized Ruth. She wanted more and more from people she barely knew. And those two were able to give her all what she wanted to enjoy. Without any kind of issue or prejudice about it.And, because of that, it meant only one thing. That the threesome was about to cum. But Robert, as the gentleman he was, wanted for to see Linda and her lover to get the climax before was his turn to get his. You can’t find much men like this these days.“I am going to cum!”“Me too, Ruth!”“If you two want it, so you will get it!”Robert increased the tempo of his fucking in order to make his mature new neighbor to climax, and dark-haired woman buried her face between Linda’s legs, munching the longhaired lady as she wanted to make both cum at the same time. The seconds passed and the orgasm was closer and closer and closer. Until…“I can’t hold it! This is it! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”“Ahhhhhhh! Yeah! My God! I am cumming!”Both ladies, pretty much at the same second, began to savor each other’s girlcum. Robert even stopped to fuck Ruth’s ass when he noticed them reached the point. All he wanted to do is to watch his wife orgasm because of another woman. And that woman to cum because of the shared effort Linda and him did. A good job done is always the one you must to be proud with.“Gosh, this is so good. I am almost there too, but want to see you two getting before me. You deserve ladies”“Well, honey, but you didn’t”“Guess we need to give him one, right Linda?”After their pleasure climax, it was Robert’s turn to get it. And it was the perfect moment for the two ladies share a blowjob. Both women took turns pleasuring his cock with their mouths and, guess given by the heat, it didn’t took much for him to spill his load on them.“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Cummming! Ahhhhhhhh!”Linda and Ruth got facials from Robert. His jizz ‘painted’ their lips and chins and even something rolled down to their large bosom. The naughty wives duo also enjoyed to taste it closely, swallowing a bit of it to make sure the day was surely well enjoyed.“Hmmmm…”“Uhhhh….”“Not a week here and I got my first threesome? So it’s true Steelport’s fame, huh”, Ruth commented, now outside home and before taking her way to hers.“If you are moving here, you needed to be aware that you might get that, if not daily, almost”, pointed Linda.“If you don’t mind”, added Robert.“Well, I will never mind. Seeing what you two did to me, I am sure that I’ll be quickly acclimatized to the neighborhood”“Hope you don’t mind your fame spread like a tweet around the block. You know the people”, Mrs. Cortese commented.“I don’t mind. If I can fuck them, why I would?”, said Ruth “Anyway, when we are going to do it again?”“Any time you want, neighbor”“If you say so, it might be sooner than later”“If sooner might be tomorrow, I am in!”“Me too! Bring your husband. We would love to meet him!”“A couples double date? Well, I can think about it. We call each other, okay?”And then Ruth left the place waving to her new neighbors, as Linda and Robert did the same. The three realized they found out someone else to join their games and a woman who could have the naughtiest tales in Steelport. And so the city found itself with another horny lady needing sex. Which the city could provide her gently… But we need to get to another tale to see if she had more adventures at her new home. Stay tuned.THE END (of this tale)

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