Trade Show Temptation


Have you ever thought about what your “type” is? By that, I mean what attributes of the potential partners you find attractive. I suspect everyone does that to varying degrees and that we all have our personal variations as to what we find attractive. For some guys, it’s a pretty face and healthy cup size. For some women, I guess it’s a guy who doesn’t mind showering them with gifts and attention. Whatever it is, we all have certain attributes or qualities we prize.

I’m Carl and I’m 52 years old. Like practically everyone, I have thought about what, as a single man, I find attractive in women. At an earlier point in my life, I wanted a woman who was beautiful, smart, funny and loyal. At this point in my life, looks have fallen on this list. Smart, funny, loyal and polished are more important to me now. After all, we’ve heard all our lives beauty is only skin deep.

I work as a senior buyer for a manufacturing company in the southeast. My most recent girlfriend has returned to a former boyfriend who she badmouthed the entire time we were together. Why? I have no clue. I’m 52 years old and am quite a few credits short of my undergraduate degree in understanding women. Without a female to spend time with, I spend a lot of timing on my passion – fishing. (See Getting Away From It All…..Or Not if interested.)

My job takes me to trade shows 8-10 times a year. The month of August was especially busy as the upcoming third week of the month marked my third trip of the month. I was already looking forward to getting this trip behind me so I could stay in one place for more than a few days.

On Friday afternoon before the Sunday departure to Fort Lauderdale, I was scrambling to finish several projects before enjoying what little bit of weekend I had. My flight was at 9:30 Sunday morning.

My concentration was broken by a light tap on my door. I looked up to find Michelle standing there patiently.

Michelle is somewhat of an anomaly in our field. As a female (duh, her name is Michelle….what’s your first clue…..) Production manager, she is one of a few in a male-dominated world. Michelle earned her position the old fashioned way…..hard work. She earned an Engineering degree and started working on our production floor. She spent time in various departments as she moved in progressively more responsible positions. Her varied background gave her a knowledge base that few in the company could match. She had a quick wit and was equally comfortable cutting up with the guys in the break room as she was making presentations to the management team. She had been with the company for 23 years and was as close to universally liked and respected as anyone I knew.

Michelle’s personal life generally stayed personal. I knew from water cooler talk that she had three teenagers and her husband of 21 years left her for a woman half his age. The ink was barely dry on the separation agreement. She didn’t talk about her home life and, while I knew her fairly well, I didn’t ask.

Michelle is a 49 year old with shoulder length auburn hair. Her brown eyes twinkle when she smiles. I would say she is average height for a woman and appears to carry a few extra pounds. While she might not be the woman who turns heads when she walks in the room, she is far from unattractive.

“Hi Carl, would you like for me to pick you up on the way to the airport? You’re basically on my way and then we would only have to pay for one car to park.” Focused on controlling costs….spoken like the good production manager she is.

“I had not thought about it, but that sounds good. What time?”

“You know how the security requirements are these days and I don’t like to rush. How about I pick you up at 7:00? The airport is not far from your house so we shouldn’t be rushed,” she said.

I agreed and returned to my work. I wrapped up about 6:00 that evening. The next day was a blur. Between personal errands and packing, there was little time to do much else.

One of the personal errands was to buy sunscreen and a beach towel. From the looks of the schedule, we had breaks during the week and I wanted to enjoy south Florida. Among my plans were to go to Haulover Beach. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Haulover is a nude beach. On a summer day, there are usually hundreds of naked people of various ages, shapes and sizes. It’s an incredible relaxing experience as I learned in my two previous trips there.

The only problem was Michelle and I would be sharing one rental car. I figured I would take a cab on my dime. It would be worth every penny.

I jumped out of bed at 6:00 Sunday morning and downed a cup of coffee before hitting the shower. The hot water helped me wake up. After getting dressed, I drank my second cup of coffee and felt like I was ready to face the day.

Michelle arrived at precisely 7:00. I put my bags in the back of her blue Equinox and we headed to the airport. Along the way, we talked about the trade show and who we hoped to meet with while there. A illegal bahis short while later, we parked our car at the airport and entered the terminal.

As noted, Michelle is a smart cookie. I was glad she anticipated just how busy the airport would be. The terminal was very crowded at that early hour with a combination of family heading out for that last bit of vacation before school starts, some college students leaving for their Fall semester and a handful of apparent business travelers and military personnel. Despite the crowd, we made it through security with time to spare.

The direct flight was uneventful. Michelle read a paperback and I read a fishing magazine. The hour long flight passed quickly. We deplaned, claimed our bags, picked up our rental car (a flashy Ford Taurus) and headed to our hotel. Shortly before we arrived at the hotel, Michelle asked me about my plans for the afternoon.

“Well, given we’re in south Florida, I think it would be a shame to miss going to the beach.”

“That sounds good Carl. You got a beach in mind?”

If she had looked closely at me at that point, she would have seen the deer in the headlights look. Yes, I wanted to go to Haulover, but I didn’t want her to think I was some kind of pervert going to get naked around a bunch of people.

Unable to work up the nerve to admit that, I gave a bumbling answer, “I don’t really have anywhere in mind.”

Michelle thought a minute. “Want some company?”

How could I say no? “Sure, I’d love for you to join me.” Even as I said that, I knew that meant I wouldn’t be seeing the nude beach that day.

We stopped and ate a quick lunch. After checking in, Michelle suggested we meet in the lobby in 20 minutes.

I quickly unpacked and put on my bathing suit, t shirt and sandals. I grabbed the sunscreen and a towel and hustled to the lobby.

Shortly after I arrived downstairs, Michelle stepped off the elevator. Accustomed to seeing her in work attire, I was pleasantly surprised to see her dressed much more casually. She was wearing a pair of blue shorts and a t shirt as well as a visor to keep the sun out of her eyes. A shapely pair of nicely tanned legs caught my eye.

As I drove towards the beach, a thought crossed my mind. While I didn’t want to seem pervy by asking her if she wanted to go to a nude beach, I could innocently take her to the beach adjacent to the nude beach. I figured I could plead ignorant when she noticed naked people down the beach. I figured there was a very slim chance she might propose we move to that part of the beach. A guy can hope, right?

We parked and walked to the beach. There was a nice crowd. A volleyball game was underway to our right. A couple of dogs were chasing Frisbees. It was pretty usual beach scene with the exception of a few women sunbathing topless.

As we spread our towels, Michelle nudged me and pointed to one with “store bought” boobs. “Guess you’ll enjoy the scenery,” she said. It was at that time that she took off her t shirt, treating me to a view of her blue one piece suit. The front was somewhere between modest and daring in showing a strong hint of cleavage.

“Actually,” I said, “I’m more attracted to real women with natural bodies. Someone like you.”

Horrified that I had blurted that out, I apologized profusely. “I’m sorry Michelle. That just slipped out. I mean, I meant what I said, but I’m out of line for say that. I just need to shut up before I put my foot deeper in my mouth.”

Michelle laughed, “Carl, it’s not a problem. I haven’t heard a compliment from a man in a while. It was nice to hear. Quit worrying about it. We’re at a beautiful beach and I’m with a great, good-looking guy. No worries, ok?”

Did I hear her right? Good-looking? Was she flirting with me?

Michelle pulled down her shorts, showing the bottom of her one piece was nicely filled out. I caught myself before blurting that out.

We lay on our towels with me on my back propped up by my elbows and Michelle reading while lying on her stomach. We stayed in that position for about 30 minutes. At that point, Michelle rolled over and stretched. She put her book down and stood up. As she looked down the beach to the left, she said in a surprised tone, “CARL!”

I jumped up. “What is it Michelle?”

“Carl, are those people down the beach NAKED?”

I squinted and looked down the beach, “Why Michelle, I believe they are.”

Michelle giggled, “Guess we’re not in Kansas anymore.” I couldn’t help but laugh with her.

We stretched back out on the towels. After about 10 minutes, Michelle said, “Carl?”

“Yes, Michelle?”

“Have you ever done that?”

I gave her a puzzled look, “Done what Michelle?”

“Been to a beach like that,” gesturing down the beach to the left towards the nude beach.

I pondered quickly and decided to be honest. “Yes, Michelle, I’ve been to a nude beach a couple of times.”

She considered that a moment and asked, “Did you feel weird getting undressed in illegal bahis siteleri front of a lot of people?”

“The first time, yeah, it felt a little weird. But then I realized everyone else was naked and no one was paying attention to me. In a few minutes, it felt totally natural and I found myself very relaxed.”

I continued, “Michelle, can you keep a secret?”

She grinned, “It depends on what it is. Of course, Carl, I can keep a secret.”

“Ok, you’ve got to promise. You know how I love to fish?”

“Sure, anyone who knows you knows that.”

“Well, “I hesitated briefly, “Sometimes when I’m fishing in an isolated place I fish naked.”

Michelle’s eyes widened as she giggled, “Carl, I’m a little surprised at you.”

She thought a second and said, “And a little bit envious.”

“Envious in what way, Michelle?”

She started to blush. “Well…..I’ve always wondered about that.”

I waited patiently for her to continue. Still blushing, she worked up the nerve to continue, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like being nude outside my house. I wondered how it would feel to know someone could or would see me naked. I don’t exactly have a supermodel body.”

“Uh, Michelle, that may be true, but I think you are an attractive woman. ” I grinned as I said, “You do that bathing suit proud.”

She blushed again, “You really think so?”

“Not just think so, I know so. My eyes don’t lie.”

“Carl,” she said hesitantly, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

She took a deep breath. “Could we move down the beach?”

“Of course. If you’d prefer to be out of sight of the nude beach, we can move further down.”

She gave me a shy smile. “Actually I meant move the other direction.”

I was the one surprised now. “You mean you want to move closer to the nude beach?”

“Not exactly Carl. Can we move TO the nude beach? I can’t believe I’m saying that.”

I maintained my best poker face. “Are you sure you want to do that Michelle?

She smiled a shy smile. “Carl, let’s move before I change my mind.”

I stood up and gave her a hand to pull her up. Hey, whatever the lady wants. We picked up our towels, shorts, t shirts and other items and headed to the nude beach. We picked an open spot on the beach with several couples somewhat close to us in age.

Michelle looked around as she summoned the courage to disrobe. As she did, I stood up and slipped off my bathing suit. At the sight of my cock, Michelle let out a little gasp and covered her mouth. She giggled and said, “Sorry Carl. I’m still warming up to this.” As she said that, her eyes remained locked on my cock.

“Take your time Michelle. No one is pressuring you to take off your suit. And if you don’t, it’s ok. Do whatever you are comfortable doing.”

She looked around again and slowly slipped the top of her suit down exposing first her areola and nipples and then her entire breasts. I tried not to be obvious, but couldn’t help but look. Her tits were nice size, not too big and not too small. Small dark nipples extended from small areola. Judging from her tan lines it was likely the first time her naked breasts had seen the sun.

“Carl, I think I’ll stop right here for now. I might get comfortable and take my suit all the way off, but I’ve got to get comfortable with the idea.”

“It’s perfectly fine Michelle. Take your time.” Who was I to complain? Beside me was an attractive coworker with bare tits.

We sat and chatted for a while. Michelle took in the scenery and seemed to get more comfortable. “Carl, there are more cocks here than I’ve seen in my life, “she giggled. “Did I actually say ‘cock’ out loud?”

Before I could answer, she stood up and said, “What the heck…..” and quickly peeled her bathing suit completely off and quickly said back down.

Again without being obvious, I casually checked her out. The carpet did match the drapes. Michelle sported a full auburn colored bush.

I offered my sunscreen and, being a gentleman, my assistance in applying it. She smiled and said, “You can do my back. I’ll get the rest. “

“Oh, I see how it is. You get all the good parts.”

Michelle looked at me and smiled, but didn’t give a verbal response.

We spent the rest of an enjoyable afternoon on the nude beach. Michelle became more comfortable and even joined me for a stroll down the beach and a quick splash in the waves. I’m not sure she did, but I noticed a few guys checking her out.

As we headed back to the parking lot, Michelle said, “Carl, that was amazing and you were right. That was very relaxing. I’m glad I got to do this and I’m glad it was with you.”

We returned to the hotel and agreed to meet a couple of hours later after showers to go out for supper. I caught a quick nap and showered before heading downstairs. A few minutes later, Michelle strolled into the lobby. Her pale yellow dress was the ideal complement for her dark tan.

We arrived at the restaurant and canlı bahis siteleri ordered drinks and food. After some idle chit chat, Michelle said, “Carl, I’ve got a question about this afternoon.”

“Sure Michelle, what is it?” I worried she would ask if I set her up, but she surprised me by going in a different direction.

“I noticed that a lot of the women had little or no pubic hair. There were few that were totally natural like me. I felt like I was wearing something out of style, “she laughed.

“Michelle, it’s all about what you’re comfortable with. “

She pondered her question, “Carl, can we go back to the nude beach again this week?”

“I’d love that Michelle. Personally, I’m glad you enjoyed it and want to go again.”

She hesitated briefly and then asked, “Carl, can I ask you a favor?”

“Of course, Michelle. Ask way.”

“Since we’re going back to the nude beach, I want to fit in. And I need your help.”

Was she asking what I think she was asking? “Carl,” she said, “would you shave me?”

I was floored. We went from a business trip to a nude beach and now she was asking me to share her most private part.

“Michelle,” I said, “I would be happy to help you.”

We ate quickly and paid our check. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped and bought the essentials….shaving cream, a fresh razor and scissors. We parked the car and headed to her room. As the door closed, she said, “Unzip me please.”

Those three words are magic. How can any guy in his right mind say no? I didn’t plan to be the first.

Her dress dropped to the floor and to my surprise, Michelle was not wearing panties. My cock quickly rose in my pants a mere few inches from her well-rounded ass. She stayed with her back to me as I unhooked her bra and slipped it off her.

She walked into the bathroom and got a towel to spread on the bed. I used the ice bucket for warm water to clean the razor. I also got a wash cloth to wet her pussy hair.

Michelle lay back on the bed with the towel spread under her. I started to cut her pubic hair with the scissors when she stopped me. “Carl, don’t you think you are overdressed?”

I quickly undressed exposing my hard cock. Michelle giggled and I might have to take care of that later. Darn, I thought, I guess that rules out any playtime later.

I began cutting her pubic hair. After a couple of minutes, I asked her to spread her legs. She did so showing off her meaty lip and the tip of her clit. I noticed she was wet and I had not even touched her with the wet wash cloth.

I finished with the scissors and put them on the nightstand. “OK, Michelle, it’s decision time. How do you want me to shave it? Do you want to be totally smooth or leave some hair?”

Michelle didn’t hesitate. “I want it all gone except a little strip above my clit.”

I wet the wash cloth and rubbed it over what was left of her hair. As I rubbed over her lips and clit, she gasped and her breathing increased. I squirted shaving cream into my hand and began to rub it into her hair, leaving only the rough outline of a landing strip. As I spread the shaving cream, she got wetter and her breathing got faster.

I spread her legs and shaved the outsides of her pubic area. As I shaved closer to her lips, I had to touch them to give her a good shave. She let out soft moans as I continued. Ten minutes later, I announced I was finished. I used the wash cloth to clean her up. It was a good thing I was finished as Michelle could no longer stay still.

I helped Michelle off the bed and suggested she get in the shower and finish cleaning up. She turned on the shower and started to pull the shower curtain closed when I stopped her. She gave me a puzzled look and I explained, “I want to watch.” She nodded and climbed into the shower.

She washed her pussy thoroughly and used the shower head to finish the job. As the shower spray hit her clit, she moaned louder.

Michelle turned off the shower and dried off. “So, how does it look Carl?”

“Michelle, it looks amazing. Good enough to ……” I caught myself before completing the sentence.

Michelle gave me a wicked grin, “You were going to say good enough to eat, weren’t you Carl? I think after your good work, it would be rude of me not to let you.”

Michelle lay back on the bed and spread her legs. I admired her now smooth pussy lips and lay down on the bed in front of her wet pussy. As I kissed her inner thighs, she began to moan. “Carl, please don’t tease me. Eat me now please.”

I licked her clit long and slow. She squirmed and moaned. With her lips spread wide, I reached up to play with her rock hard nipples. Lightly touching the two nipples and rubbing circles, I felt her pelvis moving under me. I sucked on her clit softly and licked the tip. “Carl, that feels amazing. Please don’t stop.”

I alternately sucked and licked her clit before sucking on her lips. As she continued to squirm and her moans increased in volume and intensity, I slipped my tongue deep inside her pussy. Michelle’s breaths came in short bursts, “Carl, I……am……going……to…….cum…..” I pinched her nipples as I nibbled her clit. Michelle moaned loudly and her ass rose off the bed. “I’m cummmmmming……..”

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