Transfer of Affection


Transfer of AffectionTransfer of AffectionFreya was sitting on the sofa watching the shopping channel, one knee up as she painted her toenails with a fiery red nail varnish. She heaved a sigh, feeling completely bored with her life. Her husband James was a high flying executive; with the money he earned they had a lovely home, expensive cars, several overseas holidays a year – and no sex life! Tonight, however, she was hoping to change that situation. It was their fifth wedding anniversary (though they had been together for more than eight years) and she was determined to get laid tonight! Finishing her nails, she sprayed them with a quick dry spray and got ready to go out shopping. There were a few little lingerie accessories that she thought would be irresistible….As she was putting her shoes on to go out shopping, her mobile rang. “Hi babe!” came the voice of her husband, “Hope you’re having a good day!” “It’ll be better when you’re home,” she replied, “I‘ve got some surprises planned for you!” “Ah – yes, well,” he stammered, “There is a teensy little problem with that…” Freya snapped back, “Tell me you’re not working!” “Hunny, the MD has invited me to fly with him to Tokyo to finalise a big deal; it’ll be worth a fortune to the company and, if it comes off, I’ll be offered a directorship!” enthused James. “Big bucks for us; we can probably move to a better house!” “Fuck a better house!” wailed Freya, “What use is a house if you’re never there and if it’s empty apart from me!” “Darling, I can get you a cleaner or housekeeper if you want…” he started to reply. “You know that’s not what I mean”, she retorted, “You know what I want!”“Oh that again,” he replied grumpily. “If by, ‘that again’ you mean my desire for a c***d, you are quite correct!” shouted Freya. “We agreed that it wasn’t the right time for a c***d,” yelled back James. “No! You agreed! It’s all about you!” bawled Freya, “Your job, your friends, your trophy wife, your Porsche – well I’ve had enough! Fuck off to Japan; I’ll celebrate our anniversary on my own!” She cut him off and flung herself on the sofa, sobbing. How could he do this to her?? Eventually, all cried out, she decided to go shopping anyway; perhaps battering his credit card would make her feel a little better. She’d pop into Harvey Nichols to look at their lingerie ranges – there was certain to be some really expensive underwear there! Flinging on a jacket, she grabbed her car keys from the hall table and jumped into her Merc. Gravel spinning from her wheels, she accelerated out of the drive for the short hop into London. After parking up (always a chore), she made her way to Harvey Nicks and headed for the lingerie department. One of the shop assistants noted her presence and walked over. “Is there something I can do for madam?” she asked. “Yes please,” answered Freya, “I would like something that would make any man beg to make love to me!” “Ah, let me guess; husband trouble!” smiled the assistant, “I think we have just the sort of apparel that you need!” Leading Freya across to a private room, the assistant took some measurements, muttering in appreciation at the narrow waist, the well-proportioned hips and letting out a gasp as Freya removed her top exposing a very well filled bra. “Madam has a stupendous bosom!” gushed the assistant in delight, “I can think of a garment that will make the most of your stunning physique.” While the assistant was searching for the items she felt would suit, Freya looked at herself in the mirror. Flaming auburn hair tumbled about her shoulders and a heart shaped face stared back at her. Liquid brown eyes sat beneath exquisitely shaped eyebrows, the long lashes setting the whole off. A pretty little nose and full plump lips made up the full picture. She did see the creamy swell of her breasts above the lace of her bra – yes they weren’t too shabby. Looking further down, she saw the one area she had never been that happy with. Encased in black nylon, her pubic mound was very prominent; as James said, “It’s like a bull’s nose!” In addition, she’d always hated wearing leggings, as her pussy lips were so developed; she always had a ‘camel toe’ effect. Wow, she was developing a whole range of a****l impersonations! She laughed, then the whole situation caught up with her and she started to sob quietly and was found like this by the assistant.“Now, now madam,” said the assistant consolingly, “No man is worth it!” Freya sniffled, “But when it’s your anniversary and your husband can’t be assed to turn up?” she cried. “May I respectfully suggest that madam has a good night out, gets thoroughly drunk and then speaks to her husband and sets an ultimatum – pay more attention or you will leave!” Freya snuffled into her handkerchief, “Perhaps I will.” “Good,” said the assistant, “I am Margot and I believe I have some perfect items for a woman in need!” Freya looked, wide-eyed, as Margot brought out a corset. Black satin and red velvet, laces dangling, Freya looked a bit bemused. “I thought those went out with the Victorians!” she muttered. “No, no, no,” said Margot, “This is a woman’s armour. A good corset helps a woman stand erect, emphasises the c***d bearing hips, and, in madam’s case, the proud bosom. A woman in a corset is the equal of any man!”“If I may?” gestured Margot. Freya nodded and watched as the other woman got her to step into the corset and slide it upwards. “Madam will need to remove her brassiere,” said Margot and Freya complied, reddening slightly at the admiring looks the assistant was giving her. “Magnificent!” breathed Margot, “And if it is not to forward of me, madam has nipples built for piercing!” Freya shuddered at the thought, though she wasn’t sure if the feeling was fear or anticipation….. Margot eased the corset into its correct position, and, standing behind Freya, commenced lacing it up. “Can madam breathe out slightly?” asked Margot. Freya exhaled and Margot took the opportunity to tug the laces tighter. Freya closed her eyes, feeling slightly faint, and then opened them again as Margot whistled. She considered her reflection in the room’s mirror. Her figure was now an exaggerated hourglass, her hips looking amazing and her breasts; wow, they seemed to be balanced on a platform, her nipples barely enclosed by the corset and the smooth pale skin of her cleavage on show, seeming to make her boobs look enormous! “Madam looks divine, a vision!” said Margot, clearly taken aback by the vision standing in front of her. “And to top it off, I have bought a selection of our top of the range stockings from Wolford, Cervin and others. All fully fashioned and all will be held securely in place by the six suspenders either side.” “Er – what about knickers?” Freya asked querulously. “A lady would never wear panties with a corset! We must let that area breathe, and besides, I thought the idea was to make a man beg?” said Margot. “Does madam have any suitable shoes and a dress that would enhance madam’s appearance?” “I have some skysc****r Louboutins and Manolo Blahniks,” she replied, “I love my shoes! As for a dress, well I have some that may be suitable, I’ll just have to try a few on. But, I have a problem,” she said, “Putting on this corset will obviously need some assistance and I’m home alone….” “Give me your address and a time and I’ll be there to assist,” said Margot. “All part of the service?” asked Freya. “On no!” breathed Margot, “This will all be for me! Now, if I can take madam’s credit card…thank you. Where is madam parked?” Freya explained where she’d left her car. “If I may suggest, go via Brompton Road and take a detour down Trevor Square. There is a little doorway to a basement ‘emporium’ called ‘Spirit of the Dark’ – I think it may be worth a visit.” Freya passed Margot a card with her name, address and mobile number. “If you can be there for about 7,” she asked, “I’m going to aim for 8 o’clock as a departure time.” “I’ll be there for 7,” said the assistant, “Though I’m not sure you’ll be ready for an eight o’clock departure. I’ll bring all your purchases so you can have your hands free on the way home.” She winked at Freya, who wondered what she meant; surely it wouldn’t take that long to get dressed…Leaving the store, Freya thought about the advice she’d been given. ‘Brompton Road,’ she thought, ‘Well that’s not too far out of my way.’ Walking swiftly down the pavement she looked for the road sign for Trevor Square and finding it, she then tried to locate the shop. It seemed to be a residential street and she was about to give up when she saw the brass plaque indicating she had reached her destination. She opened the door to the tinkle of a little bell and entered. A flight of stairs led downwards into a hall lit by candlelight. “Is anyone there,” she whispered. “Yow cum yah!” said a gravelly voice. “Pardon?” said Freya. “Oh, Ah’s sorry missy,” said the voice, “Hain’t usual dat anyone dat don’t know dis place come by.” Freya peered into the gloom and, as her eyes adjusted, saw the beaming smile of a very old black woman. “May I look around?” asked Freya and the black woman gestured, “Help yourself.”Freya was amused at some of the items she saw; ‘Full strength mad dog love potion’, ‘Superstud long last dong cream’ on bottles containing various coloured contents and ‘Virgin’s delight stretcher’ attached to possibly the biggest dildo she had ever seen. “You need dat, Missy?” asked the old woman and Freya shook her head. As she browsed around the items, she saw a display cabinet advertising, ‘Fake Tattoos – long lasting and guaranteed results!’ Interested, she looked at the different items available and she was struck by the simplicity of one of them. Taking a packet to the counter, the old woman looked at her in surprise. “You sure about dat ting missy?” Freya nodded and said, “Yes, of course! I love the simple design; a black ‘ace of spades’ symbol with that white letter ‘Q’, superimposed on the top. It looks classy! Guess it means that I will be the queen!” “Ayyuh, missy, I guess you’se right about dat ting,” said the old lady, a look of amusement on her face. “That’ll be five pounds for dat pack. Just a word missy; only use one at a time. Dey’s got mighty strong power!”Freya got her purse out of her handbag and handed over a ten pound note. While she was waiting for her change, she’d been noticing a strange buzzing noise coming from a curtained off area of the shop. “Excuse me,” said Freya, “I hope I’m not being rude, but I think you may have a problem with something in your staff area.” The old woman handed over Freya’s change and the little packet. “You come along a me, missy,” she said. Freya followed the woman down to the curtain which she pulled aside. Looking like a strange beauty parlour, Freya took in the tiled walls, the smell of antiseptic and the shine of mirrors and stainless steel. Directly in front of her was a couch, similar to that she’d seen in an expensive dental surgery. A young black woman had her back to Freya, shielding the person on the couch, and was holding some sort of strange implement in her hand. Freya gasped as she realised that the figure on the couch was a statuesque blonde woman nude to the waist.“Hello my lovely!” purred the young woman, “Come to have a tatt done have you? Or is it a piercing? You look like you might have the nips for it!” She chuckled, taking in Freya’s shocked look. “Hah, another vanilla white girl! Never seen a tattoo done I bet!” Freya nodded her head in agreement, “You’re right,” she said, “If your customer doesn’t mind, can I watch for a minute or two?” The blonde on the couch grinned, “Enjoy yourself babe; I guarantee you’ll want one before too long! Come on Violet, get on with it” The buzzing noise started up again and Freya watched as the young black girl cupped a breast in her hand and started writing ‘Property of….’ “Er, doesn’t it hurt,” Freya asked. “If you stuck your hand down my knickers you’d feel how wet I am!” replied the blonde, “As Vi could tell you from experience!” She laughed as Freya reddened. “Well, thanks for letting me watch, but I, er, have to, you know, get on…” Freya could hardly get the words out. “No worries love!” smirked Violet, “I’ll see you soon!” Freya hurried from the shop, her heart pounding and to her embarrassment, her pussy was flooding. ‘Why had that turned her on so?’ she thought. Returning to her car, she drove home, a whirlwind of thoughts spinning around in her head. Arriving home, she noted the time. It was nearly six o’clock already and that lady from Harvey Nicks would be turning up at seven. She dashed upstairs and turned on the taps to fill a bath as she stripped off. She almost had to peel her panties off; her pussy was flooding so much. “Well I think I’ll give you a trim,” she looked down at her hirsute bush, “You’ll be a bit too hairy if I’m going out minus knickers!” She stepped into the warm waters of her bath, the scented water relaxing her. She was still really pissed at James, but it was going to be his loss! She washed her hair and applied conditioner, and, while she waited, she got her razor ready. Using some shaving foam, she lathered her pussy mound, intending to shave the sides, leaving some hair.The phone rang just as she was making the last sweep and she jumped, the razor being dragged right across the centre of her pussy, removing a swathe of the hair she had intended to leave. “Bugger!” she exclaimed; “Now it’s all going to have to come off.” She applied a bit more foam, and, with very few strokes, removed the remnants of her pubic hair. She trickled some water over the area to wash away any remaining hairs and shivered at the increased sensitivity it gave her. Running a fingertip across her mound, she felt how smooth the area was and, for a moment, considered bringing herself to a climax before noticing the time. Quickly rinsing out the conditioner, she climbed out of the bath and wrapped herself in a fluffy white towel. She patted herself dry and used a little talc in places, before heading to her bedroom to dry her hair. Fifteen minutes later, her hair dry, she checked the answerphone. It was a message from James saying he call her from Tokyo. Asshole! Sitting in front of her dressing table, she started applying her make-up, foundation first, followed by bronzer then blush. Next she shaped her brows then applied her eye shadow. Freya normally chose a ‘safe’ colour for her eyes. Nothing too dramatic or James would come up with a sarcastic comment; ‘On the game are we?!’ Well, to hell with him, she was going to go with something a bit more outrageous tonight! Getting one of her Chanel smoky palettes she’d never used, she brushed the dark powder on to her eyelids, giving her a sultry, almost slutty look. Dark eyeliner then black mascara completed her eyes, and then she paused; should she go with a pale lipstick? No! In for a penny, in for a pound! She found her much-loved ‘MAC’s Ruby Woo’ red lipstick and applied it to her full lips, matching her scarlet nails. There – all done! The woman looking back at her in the mirror was more siren than housewife, the eyes looked more confident, the mouth a flaming invitation to kiss.She had ten minutes before Margot was due to help her get dressed. Freya opened her handbag and took out the little packet she’s bought earlier. The temporary tattoos were in a range of sizes and the instructions seemed quite simple. She chose one illegal bahis that was about an inch and a half (5 cm) in each direction and submerged it in warm water in the sink in her en suite bathroom. Carefully extracting the sheet from the water, she slid the transfer onto leg, just above her ankle. “Ooh, that tingles!” she squeaked to herself, wondering if something had been defective with the tattoo. She then felt a warm sensation in her breasts and her pussy. Hmm; strange! What had that old woman said? Only use one at a time? She was damned if she’d take notice! Getting a slightly larger one out, she slipped it into the warm water. Remembering where her corset had sat in the shop, she took the next transfer and slid it onto the upper curve of her breast, where it would be clearly visible.As with the previous transfer, this one tingled and stung; slightly more than the last probably due to its larger size. Freya was just thinking about taking it off when the hot sensation hit her harder this time. Her nipples hardened and she could feel her pussy lips swelling. Looking in the full length mirror, she admired her artwork, but felt that there was something missing. Looking at her pussy, she realised that she normally had hair down there. Perhaps another tattoo would make her feel a little less vulnerable. Getting out the largest of the selection, roughly the size of a post-it note, she prepared the transfer. As she slid it into place and patted it down, there was almost the feel of an electric shock as the tingling hit her. She fell back onto the bed, drawing her legs up to her chest as her pussy seemed to spasm and her breasts felt like they were on fire. Her eyes closed momentarily and then snapped open as the doorbell rang. She quickly dusted the three temporary tattoos with a little talcum to seal them, then, throwing on a robe dashed down stairs.“Who’s there?” she asked through the intercom. “It’s Margot,” came back the voice she recognised from earlier in the day. Freya opened the door and let the other woman in. She was almost unrecognisable from this morning. Gone was the severe calf length skirt and the pin tucked white blouse. In its place, the woman was wearing a short (very short!) mini kilt with sheer black blouse. Freya was amazed; the other woman was clearly older than her, but the breasts, clearly visible under the sheer blouse were full and showed no signs of sagging. Her legs were stunning. Standing in a pair of ankle high boots, the heels of which were at least 5 inches tall, Freya’s eyes followed them from the boots to the hem of her mini. Either Margot was wearing stockings or the body section of her tights was very long! Margot had pulled her hair back and had fastened it into a high pony tail and her make-up was as dramatic as Freya’s. “I hope you remembered?” said Margot falteringly. “Of course!” said Freya, “I just hadn’t expected….well this!” and she gestured at Margot’s appearance. “Work’s work and after work….comes play!” giggled the older lady. “I know you’ll probably say that I’m too old to wear this sort of thing….” “No, I certainly wouldn’t!” cried Freya, “You look so gorgeous I could eat you!” “Later perhaps,” said Margot, “We need to get you dressed first.” “I’ll just get you a drink and then we can head up to my bedroom,” said Freya, “What’s your poison?” “Mmmm; I think a Southern Comfort would hit the spot if you have it,” replied Margot. “With lemonade?” “No, just ice please,” answered Margot. Freya filled a crystal water glass three quarters full of the amber fluid and dropped a few cubes of ice into the drink. “Anyone would think you’re trying to get me drunk!” said the older woman, her eyes catching Freya’s. “You never know!” said Freya, caught up in the undercurrent of the attraction between the two women, “Though I doubt my husband would approve. As far as he is concerned, sex outside the marriage bed is adultery no matter what sex it’s with.” “Oh, and what happens if we have sex in the marital bed?” asked Margot, a sly smile on her face. “You know what I mean!” came back Freya’s reply. “Sorry,” said Margot, clearly not sorry at all, “But I think you should consider your options, besides, what the eye doesn’t see etc.!” Freya was confused, and took a swig of her drink. The neat vodka burned a trail down her throat, making her cough slightly, before igniting a small glow in her stomach.Margot followed Freya up to her bedroom, complimenting her on the house and its decoration. When they two women entered the bedroom, Freya put on some gentle background music while Margot started to unpack the bag containing the items Freya had bought earlier. “What’s this?” asked the older woman, picking up the packet of temporary tattoos. “Oh, er, just something I got from the shop you recommended. Why?” asked Freya. “Did you apply one?” asked Margot, reading the instructions on the outside of the packet. Freya shrugged off her robe, showing Margot her handiwork. “Three actually!” she grinned. “Oh dear,” said Margot, “I think madam should have read the warning notes first!” Freya looked puzzled, “I did read the instructions; why would there be warnings on some simple transfers?” “Because, you silly girl, you should always read all the instructions or warnings on packets! If you were using a new skin product, wouldn’t you test it first?” Freya pouted. “They’re just transfers; what could possibly go wrong!” “If you read the notes, you may have set yourself up for a real fun evening! It also probably explains why I want to jump you right now!” retorted Margot. “Please could you tell me what you mean?” asked the younger woman. “Well,” said Margot, “The warning section says that; ‘to enhance your enjoyment of our product, a psycho-sexual pheromone enhancer has been included within the transfer. This will be particularly effective to the race the tattoo is designed to encourage though it will, of course, increase the response to the wearer of all those close enough to be affected by the pheromone release agent.’ It goes on to warn; ‘Users are advised to wear one transfer at a time. Additional transfers will augment the effects by an increased order of magnitude’ Freya looked puzzled at first; then comprehension dawned, “Oh! So that’s what the tingling was,” she announced, “I thought it was strange that an innocuous transfer would have that effect!” Margot laughed, “You’ll be the light that all the moths will flutter to tonight, you lucky girl! Anyway, let’s get you dressed; if you stand there naked any longer, I won’t be held responsible for my actions!”Margot laid out the corset on the bed and, after a little thought, placed a pair of glass sheer, black fully fashioned stockings alongside it. “What was madam thinking of wearing?” she asked. “Please drop the ‘madam’,” said Freya, “As you are coming out with me tonight, it’ll sound a bit strange you calling me madam! I’m Freya.” Margot looked puzzled. “I’m coming out with you?” she asked. “Of course!” exclaimed Freya, “I don’t know any of the hot spots. From what you’re wearing, it’s clear you’re no stranger to partying down!” Margot‘s cheeks flushed. “Well, if you insist.” “No arguments!” said Freya, “Now let’s look at my wardrobes, though I’m not sure I have anything to match your outfit!”The two women looked through Freya’s wardrobes, discussing the relative merits of different outfits, but neither could agree on one that suited. Finally, Margot pulled out a flared cream lace mini dress. “This will show off those lovely shoulders, the sweetheart neckline will show off that delightful décolletage, and of course that fake tattoo!” “Hmmm,” said Freya, “But it’s not as short as yours and it’s a bit….bland.” “Wait until you see the total effect,” responded Margot, “Now, do you have some scissors handy?” Freya disappeared for a moment and returned with her sewing basket. Margot rummaged around and found a seam ripper. “Just what I need!” she cried, “Now you be pulling the corset on and I’ll lace you up in a sec.” Freya stepped into the corset and slid it up over her hips and settled her breasts in place. Glancing over her shoulder, she could see Margot working on the dress. “Ready!” she called. Margot stepped over and tightened the laces, pulling the corset tighter and tighter around the younger woman’s waist. “Breathe in Freya,” said Margot and, placing her knee in the small of Freya’s waist, tugged the laces further before tying them off. “Phew, I can hardly breathe!” moaned Freya. “You’ll get used to it pretty quickly!” laughed Margot. She gave Freya a pair of soft cotton gloves. “Use these to put your stockings on,” she said, “While I finish altering this dress.” Freya took the first stocking and inserted her toes into the reinforced section. Slowly pulling the stocking up past her ankle, she wriggled her toes, admiring the way the red nail varnish was still visible through the reinforcement. As the stocking moved up to her thigh, she could feel the kiss of the nylon on her skin, whisper thin, clinging to her. She fastened the first few suspenders, but decided to leave those near the back of the corset for the other woman to attach for her. Putting on the other stocking, she stood awaiting Margot to finish adapting the dress. “There, that should do the job!” said Margot with a twinkle in her eye, “Come here my dear, let’s get those suspenders attached.” Freya stood quietly, while the other woman inserted her hand between the nylon and Freya’s thigh.She shivered at the contact of the other woman’s hand and closed her eyes. Biting her bottom lip, she tried to concentrate on other things to take her mind off the caress of Margot’s hands, fastening and adjusting the suspenders, the backs of her hands brushing against Freya’s bottom. The older woman looked up, noting the closed eyes and the increased breathing. “Hmmm; I think I’d better adjust the front ones as well,” she murmured. Freya braced herself for the contact, but it still came like an electric shock as the back of Margot’s hand brushed against her pussy. Freya shuddered; so close, so close! Margot stood up and took a step back. “That’s better!” she noted, cocking her head to one side, “You shall go to the ball!” Freya grimaced, “You’re the strangest looking fairy godmother I’ve ever seen,” she said sarcastically and, putting her hands on her hips, looked in her mirror. “Not too shabby,” she said, admiring the way the corset nipped in her waist and accentuated her breasts, the transfer clearly visible. Her legs looked like they had been dipped in black ink and, turning sideways, the black transfer above her ankle was clearly on view.“Shoes next,” said Margot and helped Freya step into her towering Louboutins, the black patent leather matching well with her corset and stockings. “I’m not sure that a cream dress and black shoes goes together,” mused Freya. “Of course they do! I hate women who come into the shop with cream wool dresses, nude tights and nude courts. They look like they’ve had a coat of magnolia paint. Break it up girlfriend; live a little!” declared Margot. She retrieved the dress from the bed where she had been making her adjustments and passed it to Freya. Freya stepped carefully into the dress and pulled it up, sliding the narrow straps onto her shoulders. The other woman stepped behind and zipped her up. Looking into the mirror, Freya gasped; Margot had removed the silk lining to the dress, so now the lace had no backing and was completely see through! The lights, positioned as they were, shone on her body. The black corset and stockings were clearly visible, and worse, the black ace of spades transfer on her pussy, along with her pussy itself, were on show for all to see!“I can’t wear this!” squeaked Freya, “You can see everything!” Margot walked over to the young woman, ran her hand up Freya’s thigh and laid it on her pussy, her middle finger resting between the puffy lips. Margot leaned forward and Freya was powerless to resist as the older woman, looking her in the eye, leaned in and kissed her, her hot tongue tasting and exploring Freya’s willing mouth. Freya felt her knees tremble and Margot, sensing the young woman might collapse, leaned back slightly, her finger now exploring the liquid velvet of Freya’s cunt. “Oh god, what are you doing?!” panted Freya. “What you have wanted all along!” replied Margot knowingly. “You are desperate for release and tonight I’ll make sure you get it! Right, I’ve got a taxi due any second as I knew I couldn’t trust myself with you! Get your coat, girlfriend, you’ve pulled!” Freya tottered down the stairs, her legs still a little wobbly and her head swimming. She hadn’t had that much to drink, but she still felt intoxicated.“Whew!” she gasped, “I feel pissed!” “I bet you didn’t read the warning on your temporary tattoo packet about avoiding alcohol either, did you?” sniggered Margot. “It tells you quite clearly that the psycho-sexual pheromone enhancer is amplified further by booze and that, as well as bringing everyone around you to their knees, (like me for instance), it enhances your own desires and gives a feeling of euphoria similar to being drunk!” The doorbell rang as Freya struggled into her coat and grabbed her handbag, Margot pushing her out of the door and guiding her into the cab. “The Lion’s Den!” she said to the driver, who, after looking over his shoulder, shrugged and drove off, the two women giggling to each other in the back seat. “Why did he give us that look?” asked Freya, as she managed to calm down slightly. “You’ll see!” was the enigmatic response from the older woman, “It should appeal to your signposted predilection!” Freya look puzzled, but shrugged her shoulders. As the headlights of a passing car shone into the back seat, Freya noted with surprise that Margot also had a transfer visible on her breast. “When did you put that on?” asked Freya. “It’s been there for years,” replied Margot, “I’m surprised you didn’t notice it when I came in.” “My mind wasn’t really working when you arrived,” said Freya, “Besides; I spent most of my time looking at those legs!” She reddened slightly at this admission and was taken aback as the other woman took her hand and placed it on her nylon covered thigh. Freya heart raced as she felt the smooth thigh, and, guided by Margot’s grasp, found her hand sliding up the older woman’s leg, past the top of the stocking, to the hot flesh just below Margot’s pussy. Margot clamped her thighs together to hold Freya’s hand in place and slid her hand up Freya’s dress, to rest it on the younger woman’s hot, wet cunt. Looking up, Margot noticed the taxi diver’s eyes watching closely in the rear view mirror. “Eyes on the road Hunny,” she said, “We don’t want any accidents do we?!” The driver smiled, and thought to himself that these were some of the perks of his job.“Lion’s Den love!” he called out a few minutes later, “And the best of luck to you both!” Freya paid the driver, Freya, still puzzled by his response walked arm in arm with Margot to the doors of the club. On each of the two heavy black doors was a stylised lion in gold, roaring out what? Welcome? Anger? Challenge? Pressing the entry intercom, Margot spoke quietly to whoever answered and one of the doors opened silently. Freya felt a quiver of anticipation similar to that she’d felt on her first ‘real’ date, the evening on which she knew she was due to lose her virginity as she’d planned illegal bahis siteleri it that way. They walked up the carpeted hall way, their footsteps almost silent on the thick pile of the carpet. Freya could almost feel the deep rumble of the bass speakers in her stomach as they passed through another heavy door into the main area of the club. Dark leather furniture, crystal chandeliers emitting a soft glow and the pounding earthy beat of the music all added up to give Freya a strange feeling of sensuality, a feeling which confused her.“Come on!” urged Margot, “Let’s get ourselves a drink!” and she led the younger woman over to the bar. “Southern Comfort and, vodka wasn’t it?” asked Margot. “I’ll get these!” came a deep growl. Freya turned and standing there was the biggest black guy she’d ever seen, his white teeth grinning down at the two women. “What’ll it cost us?” snapped back Margot, her eyes sparkling. “Oh, nothin’ you haven’t already shown you’re wanting!” replied the guy. Confused, Freya stammered her thanks and took a large gulp of the neat spirit. Coughing, as the vodka burned her throat, she heard the back guy chuckle. “Is this your first time at the club?” he asked. “Nope,” replied Margot, “But, despite appearances, it is my girlfriend’s!” Freya felt a tinge of anger. “Please can someone for the love of god explain what ‘appearances’ and what ‘signposting’ I am supposed to have done?” The guy reached forward and, running a finger over the slope of Freya’s breast, said, “I think this is one of the signs your friend should have told you about.”Freya, unsure asked, “It’s just a simple transfer, isn’t it? I just thought it looked classy, showing that I’m a queen.” The guy laughed; a deep rumble that, despite her misgivings, made Freya smile too. “Yes missy,” he replied, a big grin on his face, “You sure will be a queen tonight!” Margot, excusing herself to the guy, pulled Freya into a secluded corner. “You mean you didn’t know what those meant when you put them on?!” she hissed to the younger girl. “What do they mean?” asked Freya, looking even more confused. “The white Q on the black ace of spades means you are a ‘Queen of Spades’” replied Margot. Noting the puzzled look on the young woman’s face, she explained further. “It means that you are a white woman who loves to have sex, be used by, is submissive to…..” “To what?” gasped Freya. “To big black cocks and the black guys who wield them!” retorted Margot, “I thought that’s why you were wearing the transfers! I thought you were getting up the courage to have the real thing done.”Grasping Freya’s hand, Margot undid a couple more buttons on her blouse and put the younger woman’s hand on her breast. “That’s no transfer,” said Margot, “That’s a proper tattoo and it shows that, yes, I love to be used by a black guy with a cock that fills me like no white cock can!” “Oh my god!” exclaimed Freya, “If I’d known….” “What would you have done if you’d known?” queried the older woman. Looking across at the muscular physique and the sparkling eyes of the black guy, Freya grinned. “I’d have probably put more on!” she laughed. Walking back to the bar, Freya asked the guy his name. “My mum called me Leroy,” he answered, “And I guess she must have been able to look into the future a bit!” “How’s that?” both of the women chimed in. He laughed again, a deep rumbling growl that gave Freya butterflies and she could also feel the effects deep in her pussy. “Well I guess you really need to know where the name came from,” he continued, “The name is basically from the French ‘Le Roi’ and it means……The King!” He smiled at the women and carried on, “And one, or both, of you ladies may find out why later!”He stood closer to Freya, looking somewhat puzzled. “There’s something strange about you girl,” he said, a confused note in his voice. “Well for one thing, I’m not a girl, I’m a married woman!” snapped back Freya. “So why are you here and why, girl, are you tarted up as my Queen of Spades?” he retorted. Freya stammered and looked at Margot, as she knew she couldn’t answer Leroy, without letting him know how attracted she was to this man who wasn’t her husband. He looked deep into her eyes and she felt like she was under a spell, felt the need to submit to his needs, his desires and knew that whatever he asked of her, she could not resist. “Ladies, please meet my friends Carl and Devon,” said Leroy. Two more handsome black guys walked over at a gesture from Leroy and, smiling, kissed the two bemused women on the cheeks. As the beat of the music intruded into the groups’ consciousness, Leroy grabbed Freya’s hand and asked, “Ready to dance?”Freya followed the handsome guy onto the dance floor, watching as his muscles rippled under the tight shirt and jeans he was wearing. He held out his hand and she took it, feeling the restrained strength in his grip as her spun her around the pulled her in tight. The insistent throb of the bass made her pulse beat in time to the music and she tucked her head under Leroy’s chin as she ground her body against his. She had never felt so feminine and pliant to a man’s needs. She’d always thought that James was an Alpha male, though he’d often let her take charge in the bedroom, worshipping her tightly puckered anus with his tongue until she’d felt he’d worshipped her enough to allow him to enter her pussy. She looked across the floor to see Margot crushing her body against Devon, her eyes closed and her lips fastened to his. Just beyond stood Carl, watching both women under hooded eyes, a sardonic smile on his lips. Freya felt so wanton, the corset offering her breasts to the strong man holding her in his arms, her smooth pussy clearly visible through the lace of her dress. Slightly embarrassed by displaying herself in such a slutty fashion, she pushed her shaved cunt into Leroy’s groin. She gasped in shock; what the hell did this guy have in his trousers? It felt like a salami, rock hard and hot, and she panicked slightly as her pussy flooded with juice, leaking down the inside of her thighs in slippery silver strings. “Careful girl!” growled Leroy, “You wake the snake and he’s sure to want to bury himself in an accommodating hole!” He smiled widely and moved his hips, his erect cock mashing against Freya’s pussy lips, making the lace of her dress rasp almost unbearably against her clit. All thoughts of her husband vanished; she was now just aflame with wants and desires, her cunt needing to be filled with hot throbbing cock, needing to feel hot male seed spraying deep into her womb, inseminating her, helping her to fulfil her perceived primary function of motherhood.Margot swayed close to the couple and smiling at Freya, whispered, “Devon says Leroy has a house not too far from here. I need to continue this dance – horizontally!” Freya looked up at Leroy. “Is that true?” she asked. “Yep; me and the guys share the rent, we couldn’t afford it separately. Gonna come back and see what happens?” he queried with a big grin on his face, knowing that the woman in his arms wouldn’t be able to deny her inner needs. “Er – I guess so,” said the young woman, her voice trembling slightly, as he took her arm and guided her from the dance floor. Margot followed her arms linked with both Devon and Carl, sandwiched between them. The cooler evening air refreshed Freya and she considered what her options were. She could call for a cab and go home to her empty house and await her ‘lord and master’ to deign to call her, though that was unlikely; he was probably having fun with a geisha in Tokyo! No! She was going to have fun! A little kiss and cuddle wasn’t going to cause a problem!After a short walk, the group arrived at a very smart Georgian terraced house, a short flight of steps leading up to the glossy black front door. Devon stepped forward, disentangling himself from Margot’s clutches and opened the front door. They entered a hall, the glossy black marble floor reflecting the light from the crystal chandelier high above. The women looked around them, amazed by the décor, the rococo gilt framed portraits of the three guys in eighteenth century dress and the obviously costly statuary. “My god, how can you afford this?” gasped Freya, “Even sharing the rent, this place must cost you a fortune!” Leroy laughed. “Did I forget to mention, we’re all company directors or owners? Devon owns a real estate business, Carl is a director at an investment bank and I own a few properties…” Carl chimed in, “A few properties? Like a massive number of office blocks in central London! How much were you last valued at?!” “Okay, okay,” chuckled Leroy, “So we’re all not short of a quid or two! Anyway ladies, come through; I’ll get us some drinks.”Freya and Margot were led through into a large reception room. Aubusson rugs on the floor and large comfortable looking sofas gave the room a comfortable, warm ambience and Freya was seated on a cream sofa by Carl, as Leroy disappeared through another doorway. Freya shivered in anticipation, fear, hope? She couldn’t be sure if it was one or more of these feelings that had her wound as tight as a bowstring. Carl sat next to her, his strong, muscular arm d****d along the back of the sofa, a grin on his face. He looked her in the eye and said, “Hi gorgeous, I’m Carl. Nice of you girls to join us in our little pad.” As he spoke, she could feel his fingers stroking the back of her neck, sending shivers down her spine and reigniting the fire in her belly. “Hey, what’re you doing with my lady!” exclaimed Leroy, walking into the room holding a tray of champagne bottles and glasses. Carl guffawed. “I think she wants to be joint property, judging by the aroma of that hot pussy!” Freya squirmed in embarrassment, though this made things worse, feeling the nylon of her stocking clad thighs rasping against each other and her pussy lips continually brushing against the lace of her dress. She looked across the room at Margot who returned her gaze, licking her lips and clearly in a similarly heightened state of arousal. “Hmmm, we’ll see,” replied Leroy, as he opened a bottle, allowing the effervescent wine to fill a delicate crystal flute. Handing a glass to Freya and another to Margot, he invited his friends to fill their own glasses. Sitting next to Freya, he touched the rim of his glass to hers, a small ‘ting’ signalling the touch of the crystal. She gulped and took a sip of the champagne, its heady aroma making her head swim. Freya watched as, across the room, Margot was kissing Devon, almost devouring his mouth in lustful intensity. Her hand was down the front of his trousers, which she’d swiftly unzipped, cupping his balls and squeezing his substantial cock, causing a small damp spot to appear on the front of his silk boxers. She could hear the moans as Devon’s hands roamed over Margot’s body, grabbing her firm breasts and then slipping up her skirt, revealing the woman’s stocking clad thighs and, what Freya hadn’t seen before, a pair of split crotch panties framing a smoothly shaven pussy. Her own cunt was now pulsing in time with her increasing heartbeat and she could feel a strong hand on her thigh. Turning she looked into Leroy’s twinkling eyes as he leaned forward and, with a sigh, she gave in and submitted to him, allowing his lips to kiss hers, letting his tongue explore her mouth and she quivered as his hand slid up her leg slipping past the nylon on to the heat of her thigh. She was breathing heavily, the corset both restricting her breathing, but enhancing the sensations she was feeling as he began to explore her moist vagina. She felt hot breath on her chest and sighed as Carl began to explore her breasts, his tongue flickering over the warm flesh and his hands searching for her hard nipples, pinching and twisting them making her groan in delight. Leroy had moved from her mouth and, after chewing gently on her earlobe, had moved on to her neck, soft kisses and gentle nips with his teeth turning her from a happily married woman into a wanton vessel of desire. “Please!” she begged, “I need you!” Leroy stood and bending down put one arm under her knees and the other behind her back. With a soft grunt, he lifted the young woman and, leaving the room, climbed the stairs, followed by Carl, with Devon and Margot close behind.Entering a dimly lit room on the next floor, Freya saw one of the largest beds she’d ever seen. Fully twelve feet square, it looked like something she’d seen in a film about the Arabian nights. A canopy of fine tulle hung over the bed, the sheets a deep burgundy in colour. Off to one side stood a camera tripod with a large professional looking video camera mounted on it. “What’s that for?” she asked suspiciously, “You’re not going to film me are you?” “Only if you ask me to,” responded Leroy. “The guys sometimes use it to film their girlfriends. Carl has a particularly kinky lady friend who loves him to film his cock slipping up her tight little tushie!” He grabbed Freya by the wrist and pulled her in tight, kissing her fiercely, then, pushing her backwards towards the bed, he twirled her around and reached for the zip on her dress. She stood quietly, as the zip was pulled down and he eased the straps off her shoulders, allowing the lace to gather in a pool around her feet. Turning her to face him again, she saw his look of anticipation and noted with amusement the constricted bulge in his jeans. She sat on the edge of the bed and watched as he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing well-muscled pecs and a tight six pack. She felt the bed move slightly as Margot lay near to her, Devon still kissing her and toying with her body. How the other woman had got rid of her outer clothing was a mystery, but Freya, glancing across, noted the woman was still wearing a waspie, the suspenders holding up her stockings and a quarter cup bra. She watched for a moment as Devon moved from kissing her mouth down to the older woman’s breasts, held as if on display by the minimal bra she was wearing. A gentle cough from in front of her made her turn her attention to the tall, beautifully proportioned man in front of her. He looked down, raised his eyebrows and gestured at her. Understanding his meaning, she unbuckled his belt and the top of his jeans, before sliding down the zip. She slid his jeans down his thighs and he stepped out of them, her hands holding his hips. Smiling down at her he said softly, “It’s now or never girl. Your decision; are you stayin’ or goin’?” With a tiny shake of her head, she reached out and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his boxer shorts. Grasping the soft material, she lowered them and gulped as his cock sprang into view. She released his underwear and grasped the thick member, her hand almost unable to encircle the girth of this huge cock, the head like an orange, with the hole in the tip leaking a clear viscous fluid. Her tongue flicked out, sliding the length of his cock from the base to the tip, her lips closing on the very end to suck the sweet juice deep into her mouth. She held his heavy balls in her hand, the satisfying weight holding the promise of a heavy cummer, something her husband had never been. She opened her mouth wider, trying to fit as much of his weapon into her mouth, her tongue exploring the rope-like veins on its surface. She gagged slightly as he swayed forward. “Sorry girl!” he yelped, “Didn’t mean to go so deep!” She smiled up at canlı bahis siteleri him, licking the tip of his cock like an ice cream cone. “I’ll need to practice won’t I!” she laughed, “I’ve never had the change to deep throat someone; I guess you’ll have to let me train on this lovely specimen!” She gave him a wink and once again swallowed as much of his massive cock as she could. She felt lips on the back of her neck, gently kissing her. God, how could that person know that was one of her strongest erogenous zones? Leroy pulled his cock out of Freya’s mouth and pushed her back onto the bed, where she shuffled upwards being helped by Carl. She perceived that the other man was completely naked, a similarly large cock bobbing in front of him. She rolled over and, laying on her stomach, feet kicking in the air, grasped Carl’s cock and began to suck, enjoying the very slightly smaller cock. At least this one wasn’t making her gag – yet!She could feel Leroy behind her, his tongue licking up the backs of her calves, his saliva leaving trails on the sheer black nylon, his hands exploring in advance, stroking and kneading her thighs is fingers finally brushing her bottom stroking the area between the top of her thigh and her peach of a bum. She tried to concentrate of Carl’s cock; she could feel the need in her to satisfy both men, to keep them aroused, but, oh, it was so difficult with the attention Leroy was giving her and his tongue was getting ever higher. She massaged Carl’s balls, juggling them in her hand and she got up on knees and elbows, forgetting how open this would leave her. She never had sex with more than one person before and it was a bit of a shock when Leroy’s tongue speared into her tight little anus, the man making grunting appreciative noises as he licked and sucked her puckered rose, his tongue going where no man had ever been before. She wriggled to try to discourage him, but it only seemed to spur him on to further excesses, as he licked his finger and slid it into the hot tight tunnel. She stopped sucking Carl and turned her head to ask Leroy to stop, but the sensations she felt were too good to halt. Her pussy was running with clear liquid; she was flooding the sheets and so desperate to feel a hot cock inside her. Leroy grabbed her hips and rolled her onto her back. She looked up at him, almost in awe. His cock was bouncing up and down to his pulse, a string of pre-cum seeping from it and he looked down at her and said, “Beg for it. Beg for my black cock you horny white slut!” She gazed at him, totally under his spell. “Please,” she whispered. “Please what?” growled Leroy. “Please fill me with your big, black throbbing cock,” she begged, “Please flood me with your black seed. I need it now – pleeeeeasssse!” He lowered his hips, the slippery head of his cock rubbing over her clit making Freya groan, before he eased it into the entrance to her waiting pussy. She grabbed his hips and pulled him into her, a grunt issuing from her mouth as her pussy stretched to accommodate his cock. Leroy eased deeper into the woman, watching her eyes widen as he reached parts that no other man ever had. A guttural moan came from her throat as his cock filled her, his heavy balls resting on her. Slowly, he moved his hips, his turgid cock pulling her pussy lips back and forth as he increased his speed, the liquid squelching noises and their heavy breathing the only thing that she could hear. Freya’s head whipped from side to side as she built inexorably to an orgasm, the heat inside her growing, pulsating; her pussy walls fluttering and her thighs quivering as she felt the waves of pleasure crashing down on her. She could feel the head of his cock expanding, swelling deep inside her and she knew he was going to cum.Leroy roared as he ejaculated deep inside Freya, his balls pumping out the hot juice, his cock fully engorged, spitting his cum deep into her unprotected womb. She wrapped her stocking clad thighs round his waist as she pulled him ever deeper, moaning into his ear, “Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me you beautiful black stud. Fill me with your seed; give me a baby. Oh god, OH GOD!!” Shuddering, Freya passed out for a second; the intense sensations too much for her beleaguered body to cope with. When she opened her eyes again, it was to see Leroy’s smiling face looking down into hers. “Had enough girl?” he asked tenderly. She looked deep into his eyes and saw the glint of challenge lurking there. “Well if that’s the best you’ve got, I suggest Carl gives you a hand!” she said with an impish smile on her face. On hearing his name, Carl slid down the bed, pushing his friend out of the way. “My turn bro!” he chuckled, “I was enjoying the blow job she was giving me, before you took her from me!”Freya cried out as Carl’s cock slid inside, the additional lubrication from Leroy’s cum welcome, as Carl started to fuck her, his heavy balls slapping against her ass. Turning her head she watched as Leroy rolled over to watch Devon, whose thick cock was sliding in and out of Margot’s cunt. She studied the older woman’s face; the look of intense pleasure reflected in her smile and the hooded eyes staring deep into Devon’s eyes. She could hear the little grunts coming from Margot as Devon’s cock filled her to capacity and she could feel the mattress move to their rhythm. Freya bit her bottom lip as Carl savagely pounded his cock into her; god she needed more of this! The wail and shudder as Margot came to orgasm was too much for Carl and Freya, her hands tightly clasped on him, felt his buttocks clench as his cock spat more cum into her willing pussy. Margot groaned, “Give me a minute…” to Devon, and closed her eyes, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Devon looked across at Freya, an eyebrow raised questioningly. She smiled back. “I guess since I have three of these things,” she lightly touched the ace of spades on her breast, “It means that I need to be used by three of you guys!” “Sounds like a plan!” rumbled the man who lay on his back next to Margot. “Climb aboard little lady!” Freya let Carl pull his cock from her pussy, streams of thick cream pouring out of her, before straddling Devon. She reached down between her thighs and guided his cock into her. Though not as long as the other two men, Devon’s cock was thick, spreading her pussy wider than before. She lay on his chest, her nipples scr****g against the tight curls of his chest hair. She moved slowly, easing herself back and forward on his distended penis. She closed her eyes, lost to the sensations of the male member deep inside her, when, with a jump, she felt hands on her hips and a cool slippery sensation on her rectum.Looking over her shoulder, she saw Leroy, a devilish grin on his face, applying more lubricant to his cock. “You’re not!” she spluttered. “Shut up girl, you know you wanna!” he retorted. Somewhere inside, she knew he was correct and she didn’t resist as his cock rested on her little pink rosebud, before he eased forward slightly. There was a sharp pain as his helmet slipped inside the ring of muscle, then she relaxed and it was as if she’d been doing this her whole life. She felt his cock deep up inside her ass, rubbing gently at the thin wall that separated ass from vagina. If she’d thought she been filled before, she’d been mistaken; either of these cocks were bigger than anything she’d ever experienced before and now she was taking both of them, up to the balls.“Room for one more!” crowed Carl, as he thrust his heavy cock at Freya’s mouth. She opened wide and swallowed the man’s pulsating dick, unable to prevent little moans coming from deep in her throat, as she tried to cope with the multiple sensations bombarding her body. Glancing to one side, she saw Margot watching closely, her hand rubbing at her pussy framed in the crotchless panties. Freya put on a show, her tongue lapping round the fat cock in the mouth, wriggling her hips as the two men penetrating her slowly increased their rhythm. Keeping her eyes fixed on Margot’s, she sucked hard on Carl’s throbbing weapon, feeling the pre-cum slipping down her throat. He started breathing heavily, his hips moving back and forth and she could also feel the other two men tensing up. Freya watched as Margot’s hand rubbed faster and she could hear the liquid noises and the mewling sound from the older woman.With a shout, Carl exploded cum into her mouth, his teeth clenched as he came and she could feel the bed vibrate as his legs trembled. She swallowed as fast as she could, but some of the creamy fluid leaked down her chin. His shout was almost a signal to Devon and Leroy. Devon grunted and then Freya felt his cock pulse as he discharged his cum to mix with that of his friends, deep in her waiting pussy. Leroy, gritting his teeth, tried to hold out, but his cock, gripped by the woman’s virgin ass, couldn’t resist the sensations of heat and her tightly muscled rectum. He groaned and Freya felt the hot liquid splash inside her asshole, a feeling she’d never encountered before, sending her into the throes of any enormous orgasm. She shook like a marionette with the strings cut, little moans and cries of pleasure coming from her mouth. Almost insensible, she heard Margot’s shriek, as the other woman brought herself over the edge to her own personal ecstasy.The guys rolled clear of Freya, letting her catch her breath and they admired the way her corset was still presenting her breasts, how the stockings and suspenders framed her shaven pussy, the black ace of spades transfer with its big white Q very visible in the light. She rolled over and lay there, quiescent, her knees raised and feet flat on the bed. Margot coughed quietly. “My turn I think.” Freya felt the older woman’s hands on her thighs, spreading them apart slightly, and then she could feel the tickle of Margot’s hair on her inner thighs and the woman’s hot breath on Freya’s pussy. “You knew this was coming,” breathed the older woman, as her tongue flickered out tasting the mixture of Freya’s juices and the three guys cum, seeping out of Freya’s cunt. Freya moaned, as Margot’s tongue rasped against her over-sensitised clit, her body almost unable to cope with the plethora of sensations heading her way. Carl and Devon decided to help, positioning themselves either side of the now supine woman, squeezing and biting her breasts and sucking on her engorged nipples. Leroy looked down on Freya and, tenderly kissed her, his mouth suppressing the moans she was emitting as she climbed inescapably to another orgasm. His tongue explored her willing mouth and she sucked hard on it as she began to shudder. He sat back and watched as she wailed into her orgasm, her eyes tight shut, her body jerking and shaking. Margot sat back on her heels with a self-satisfied look on her face. Freya opened her eyes, her chest heaving as she sucked in air. “You look like the cat that got the cream!” she said breathlessly. “Oh I got the cream all right!” laughed Margot, wiping her nose and chin clear of the slippery mess. “Now I think it’s time we got you home!” Freya pouted, but as her breathing calmed, she realised just how tired she was. “Ok babe,” she whispered, “But I think I might need to do this again!” Leroy laughed, “Hey girl, you’re black owned now!” He held out a hand and helped her to her feet. She staggered slightly, and his strong arms encircled her. “Come back anytime,” he said softly, “We’ll always make sure you leave satisfied!” She looked into his eyes and, putting her hand on his neck pulled his face to hers, placing a soft kiss on his lips. “For another time,” she said. Margot and Freya made themselves as respectable as they could but as Freya looked into a dressing table mirror she gasped as she took in the sweat streaked face and bedraggled hair. She quickly brushed her hair and did what she could with the make-up she had in her clutch bag. Leroy escorted the two tired ladies to the door and into a cab he’d called. Freya waved to him from the window as the cab pulled away and let out a tremulous sigh.After dropping Margot off at her flat (the two women exchanging a final passionate kiss with promises to meet again soon), Freya took the cab home. As she arrived, she noticed that several of the lights were on. Puzzled, she paid the cab driver and went indoors. “Hello?” she called out. “Hi babe!” came the reply. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “Well that’s a nice hello!” he said, laughing. “Wow, nice outfit! Did you guess I’d cancelled my trip?” “But I thought you said you had to go?” she replied, dodging his question. “Yeah, well the boss’s secretary had made a mess of the flights. Seems like we’re booked in for next week,” he responded, “I guess she must have let you know; spoiled my little surprise!” She smiled at him and winked. “I just got back from an old friend’s house. She had to help me get into this outfit just for you!” Behind her back her fingers were crossed!She shrugged off her coat and he whistled at her appearance. “Phew hun, that would make a dead dick hard!” He looked her up and down in admiration. “Hey, what’s that?” he asked, pointing at the black transfer visible on her pussy. “Oh, just a little something I picked up,” she replied, “Like it?” “Love it!” he said enthusiastically, “Is it for real?” She smiled at him. “Nope, just a transfer; I thought you didn’t like tattoos?” James lifted the hem of her skirt so he could get a better view. She spun round and asked him to unzip her dress and once this was done, let it drop to the floor. “I hadn’t spotted the other two,” he said, “I think I’m going to have to change my mind. How about you getting them done properly for our anniversary? Your present to me? And my present to you – I know you’re fertile at the moment, so I won’t wear a condom tonight!” Freya smiled to herself. Perhaps his sperm might stand a chance, though with what she already had filling her unprotected cunt, she doubted it. He took her by the hand and led her to their bedroom…..A few days later, she entered the shop ‘Spirit of the Dark’ and saw the old lady standing behind the counter. “Er, I wondered if Violet was free?” said Freya haltingly, “You see I’d quite like a tattoo done. Well, three actually.” The old Jamaican lady smiled and yelled out, “Vi’let, come here Hunny!” The young black woman Freya remembered brushed the curtain aside to the tattoo studio and, seeing Freya standing there, smiled a knowing smile. “I knew you’d be back,” she purred, I’m guessing you want a tattoo?” “Actually , three please,” retorted Freya, “Two are in fairly normal places, but one is a bit….erm private.” “Don’t you worry yourself, you ain’t got anything I ain’t seen before!” Violet smiled. “Did the transfers work?” she asked. Freya grinned. “Yep – all three! That’s why I want to replace them with the real deal.” Violet whistled in appreciation. “You ain’t as vanilla as you looked then!” she said enviously. “OK, I’ll do them for you with my special ink; that is if you want it?” “What’s special about this ink?” asked Freya. “Well, you know the effect that transfers had?” asked Violet, continuing as Freya nodded, “Well my ink contains micro beads – slow release/long lasting and much stronger. You go near a black guy and he’s gonna want to fuck you right then and there!” Freya slipped her dress off, revealing her naked body free of underwear and lay back on the couch, easing her legs apart slightly. “Start here.” She pointed to her shaven pussy, a silvery tendril of her obvious arousal dripping onto the leather of the couch. The old lady pulled the curtain across, listing to the insistent buzz of the tattoo gun………

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