Transformation From Lesbian To Straight – Part 4


Transformation From Lesbian To Straight – Part 4A small part of the things I’m describing in this story has not taken place in my presence, they were told to me by Paru and my aunt later. So here we go.Paru was no longer a virgin, we both had a great time making love and my aunt was more than satisfied. After I fucked her for the first time, we made love two more times in the same weak. We were like young married couples, always laughing around sharing our jokes and fantasies. And in one of those fantasies of paru were her greed to taste her mom’s pussy. I was also excited when she shared those fantasies and I wanted it to happen, so we planned to seduce my aunt. I knew it wouldn’t be so easy as aunt was against lesbians. But one plus point was that she loved paru more than anything.One Wednesday afternoon after having our lunch, we were all in the hall chatting and I decided to make the move. I was sitting beside aunt in one sofa and paru was sitting opposite to us in a chair. I saw paru and she knew I was going to the kill. I kissed my aunt on her lips and she was also about to kiss me when she remembered about paru’s presence.Me: what’s troubling you aunty, is it paru.She nodded her head slightly.Paru: Mom just enjoy the moment, I know you are not being satisfied by dad and I totally think that you should enjoy with brother. Now I’m seeing you as a friend and friends don’t hide things.Aunt: I don’t know, I feel embarrassed to do such things in front of you.Paru: oh come on mom, don’t be embarrassed about it. I know you like it and I enjoy watching you having fun.Saying so paru came by my side and kissed me on my lips, her eyes were fixed on aunt. After the kiss paru said “now it’s your turn mom, kiss bro in front of me”. I turned to my aunt and went to kiss her, after some thoughts she leaned forward and our lips met. I kissed her wildly and my hands groped her boobs. Her tits felt awesome in my hands. She withdrew after a minute.Paru: how did you feel mom, did you enjoy it.Aunt: ya I think I enjoyed it.Me: you are the best aunty, the way you kiss just makes me to kiss you more, your tits feel amazing in my hands.Paru: so you like my mom more than me huh?Me: it’s not like that, but your mom has the best tits in the house.Paru acted as if she is sad. Aunty called paru to her side.Aunty: oh my daughter is still young, she will develop her body and will be more beautiful than me in the coming years.Paru jumped up in joy and kissed her mom in her lips, the kiss lasted just for a few seconds but it was enough to ignite the spark in her. As paru pulled back from the kiss, aunt was a bit taken back but didn’t say anything about the kiss.The next day, both paru and I had a lot of discussion to seduce aunt into being a lesbian. One of the things we decided was that paru would kiss her mom whenever the situation occurred. I told her to kiss her every night before she goes bursa escort to bed. Like a bed time kiss. The plan was put into action and paru started to kiss her mom before going to bed. For the first two days paru kissed on her mom’s lips only for few seconds.Then we decided to take it one step closer by kissing her longer. Aunty didn’t show any signs of restriction, which meant that she, too were enjoying the act. Then the next step was to fondle her while kissing. Paru was a bit afraid thinking about her mom’s reaction but she went ahead and fondle led her mom while kissing, her hands just rubbed her back, the next day her hands were a bit closer to aunts ass and the very next day she actually fondled her mom’s ass and the kiss lasted longer. There were no signs of restriction from aunt. As two three days passed, aunty also started to fondle paru. They really enjoyed kissing and also they started to kiss each other whenever they were in a good mood.Things were looking good, but getting under aunts cloths were a difficult task unless she herself let us into her cloths. Then one day paru was out with her friends and aunt was alone in the house with me. We wasted no time and were in the bed making love. After some foreplay I was fucking aunt in woman on top sex position and it was easy for me to kiss my slut. As we broke the kiss I asked her whether she loved kissing me or paru. She answered that she loved both as both gives her a different level of pleasure. I started to fuck her faster and my balls were hitting her ass. We both climaxed and were lying down in exhaustion. I was caressing her hair and asked her if she likes being fondled by paru.She said that the soft hands of paru rubbing all over her back made her wet every single time. This was the answer I wanted to hear and I knew the time for the ladies to cuddle in the bed was near.When paru returned back in the afternoon, I told her about our fuck session and also about the response from her mom. Paru’s small boobs were bouncing up and down as she was jumping up in excitement. She rushed into her mom’s room and kissed her, aunt too kissed her like it was her daily routine kiss, but it wasn’t. Paru was in no mood to let the situation pass with just a kiss, her hands found the hooks of her mom’s blouse and unhooked it.Aunt recoiled and paru didn’t let go as she kissed her again and mumbling, “Mom I know that you need me, no more games.” I saw in excitement as they both kissed and undressed each other. The kiss broke, both breathing heavily. Aunt was in her bra and pavadai. Paru quickly removed her top and jean. She was standing in her maroon panty and bra. Both their flesh met again as they crashed into the bed. Paru was on top of her mom. She wasn’t as soft as before, ripping the bra out of aunt and squeezing her massive boobs, while she was kissing her mom all over her neck, biting her ear lobes and bursa escort bayan making her way towards aunt’s hairy armpit.Aunty was enjoying every moment of it as her boobs were crushed by her daughter’s soft hands and her armpit was being licked and sucked by her soft lips. Aunty couldn’t take it anymore as she lowered her arms but paru wanted to taste more of her salty armpit and raised her mom’s arms over her head and locked them with her hands. Paru sucked and cleaned both her mom’s hairy armpit and aunty was shivering and breathing heavily.Next it was her mom’s melons which were being sucked and pinched. Aunt’s nipple had grown harder and turned red. After some sucking and crushing of those melons, paru removed her bra too and started to run her nipples against her moms. Both the women started to shiver as the nipples rubbed on each other. Paru sure knows how to treat a woman and satisfy them. All this made my tools rock hard and I removed my pants and took my cock in hands. I went by their side and rubbed my dick. Seeing this paru said to me “sorry bro, but today I want to enjoy my mom alone.” I knew paru was serious and sat down on the couch and rubbed my dick, seeing those two bitches playing with each other’s body.The situation was heating up as paru was sucking and licking every inch of her mom’s flesh. Aunty really didn’t know what to do as it was her first lesbian encounter, but the pleasure made her to spank paru’s ass and rub her whole body. Paru had almost licked and sucked her mom’s entire belly, that now she was moving to her mom’s most private parts. Paru didn’t want to waste her time by removing her mom’s pavadai and panty. So asked me to do it and I removed them in one go. I resumed my position in the couch with my aunt’s panty. I inhaled the fragrance of her panty as I stroked my dick.Both the women were naked, except for paru’s panty which had an patch of wet spots. Aunt’s legs were spread out wide and paru was kneeling between her legs and licking just above the start of her pussy hair. I didn’t want paru to waste her time in removing her panty, so I went near her and removed her panty and she just raised her knees to help me take out the panty, still kissing her mom’s pussy.Now both their panties were in my hands and I rubbed them all over my face and dick.Aunty started to moan and breathe heavily as paru’s moist lips touched her pussy walls, her hips raised and shoulders arched back. Her arms automatically pushed paru’s head into her pussy. Paru took both of her mom’s legs in her arms and rested them in her shoulders, this allowed her to lick deeper into mom’s pussy. Her tongue rolled and slithered their way into the tightest part of the pussy, flexing the pussy walls and pouring out her juices.As the juice met with paru’s lips, she couldn’t control and dug in deeper to taste the nectar flowing out from the womb that gave birth escort bursa to her. I was still stroking my cock and I could see paru’s ass shaking as she tongue fucked her mom, the thought of my cock in her ass made me cum. I cleaned my cum with the two panties and sat down to watch the show. Paru had total control over her mom as a finger slid into her pussy and fingered her. While paru’s fingers did their magic in her mom’s pussy, her tongue did their magic on her mom’s ass. A small patch of hair covered aunt’s ass too. All this was way too much for my aunt as she exploded a gush of hot juice into paru’s face with a loud moan.Paru stopped sucking her mom’s ass, as her face was covered with her mom’s juice. She wiped it with both her arms and rubbed it on her mom’s tits, and then she came up and sucked those tits. Aunty started to get into the act by fondling paru’s tits.After some time paru came further up and rested her pussy over her mom’s face. She took her mom’s hands and placed it on her small tits, telling her to play with them. Aunty started to lick paru’s pussy, first she didn’t seem to enjoy it but as time passed she began to enjoy it. Now paru was pushing her pussy into her mom’s mouth, latterly chocking her. Paru arched back a little and caught hold of her mom’s tits and started to play with them.In between she would grind her pussy more into her mom’s mouth. After some pussy licking, paru shifted further up and now her asshole was directly above her mom’s juicy lips. With some hesitation the tip of my aunt’s tongue touched her asshole, slowly moving their way around her asshole. Paru’s hands moved from her mom’s boobs to her own ass checks and spreading them, as she wanted her mom’s tongue deeper in her ass. Aunty understood it and went deeper into her asshole. She must have enjoyed it as her mouth cupped around her asshole and sucked them. Paru then shifted her hips so that her pussy was again her mom’s mouth.She continued to shift her hips to get both her pussy and ass licked. Paru couldn’t hold on much to the magic of her mom’s tongue and she was about to cum. She jumped back and rested her ass on her mom’s huge melons and sprayed her juice all over her mom’s face and neck. A little went into her aunt’s mouth and she tasted her daughter’s juice for the first time. Paru leaned forward and started to lick her juice of her mom’s face. Once again their lips locked as they exchanged the mixture of saliva and cum.I thought it was the end but these horny bitches were up to round two, but this time they satisfied each other at the same time by being in 69 position. The same licking, sucking, biting and fingering of both pussy and asshole. In the end after two orgasms both the sluts were exhausted and my aunt’s pussy had swollen. They lay in the bed and I too joined them as my aunt caressed my chest and paru thanked me by kissing me.Later paru asked me to buy them a dildo, and I asked them why they need a dildo when a horny guy like me is having a rock hard dick that needs a pussy frequently. To which she laughed and told me that it’s a Lesbian thing. I guess, It’s hard to understand lesbians.

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