True Craigslist Hook-Up 1 of 5 Real Hook-Ups


True Craigslist Hook-Up 1 of 5 Real Hook-UpsThis is a 100% true first time story that I experienced. Here is my story:I started with a post saying virgin bottom looking for first time. I was nervous and not knowing what to expect. I didn’t have a set kind of person I wanted to fuck me I knew I just wanted a dick inside of me. I received many posts that night and scrolled through them the next day. I replied to a few but was nervous to actually go through with it. An older man replied me again.He said he lived near by and being horny I started to talk a little dirty. I said I wanted to get rammed in a park or something. He asked for pictures and being so nervous I said I didn’t have any. He asked where I wanted to get fucked. I replied again by saying outside and asked him where he wanted to go. He said we could meet at the Meijer parking lot and take off to somewhere from there. I agreed and asked me if I was going to show up saying he had been burned on that before. I reassured him I would show up not really thinking I was going to do it. I thought about it for a while and I decided to go through with it and meet kadıköy escort him at the arranged time. I got into my car and started off. I was so nervous and scared; I couldn’t believe I was going through with it. I did not see anyone around at the arranged time. I waited a little longer and decided to head out. When I was leaving I seen a parked car with someone inside. I pulled up next to it, turned off my car, and started exiting the vehicle. I started to think what if this isn’t the guy. I went to the passenger door and got inside. He was shorter than me maybe five foot nine. He was a skinny build compared to me having a little extra meat. I liked the fact that there was a twenty year difference between us.It was an awkward ride to my unknowing destination. I had no idea what was in store, what was going to happen, or what I was going to do. He pulled on the side of the road and we started walking. I realized I was at a park that I would prefer not to go to but I couldn’t say anything. I got myself into this. I let üsküdar escort him walk ahead of me a little and I followed a few steps back being so nervous. We walked to the edge of the woods by a dumpster in the corner of the park. I walked up close and nervously got down on my knees. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his fairly soft dick. It was a little over six inches. He immediately tried shoving it down my throat and I had bad gag reflexes so it took me a second to recover. I tried going down as far as I could a few times and he would repeat that process. This felt like it went on for twenty minutes but it probably was nowhere close. I stood up and turned around. I pulled down my pants and I real the cool air breezing on areas I never felt before. I felt exposed. My cock was soft and was not as horny about this as thought I was going to be. I didn’t want to do this but I went this far already. I bent down and he spit on his cock. I waited in anticipation; when I felt it press against me right above my hole. He backed off and found his mark. He shoved it tuzla escort in and it sent a shock through my body. He pulled back out once more and then shoved it in balls deep. It sent me forward clinging onto the dumpster as he got closer and pushed against me as hard as he could. I really did not want to do this anymore. He was already in there thrusting in and out. I couldn’t say stop. I just tensed up and tried to take it. He kept calling me his cum rag. After what seemed like forever I started to touch myself and immediately had an erection. He asked me where I wanted him to cum. I said in my ass. I barely touched it before cumming all over my hanging pants and boxers. He still hadn’t came. I sat there thinking to myself how ashamed I was to have another man inside of me. Pleasuring himself from my hole; just using me. I felt at an all time low. I finally felt it coming to an end. He gave me his whole load and pushed my face in the side of the cold dumpster. He then picked up his pants and started walking back to the carI picked up my pants in a hurry and started walking back behind him. I felt my cum that smear all over me when I picked up my pants. When I was walking I felt a smooth feeling in between my ass checks. When I finally got home I realized all the cum in my ass leaked out on my boxers. I laid down and jerked off thinking of what just happened to me. I did not know I would be taking more anonymous tops over the next few years. Stay tuned for more 100% real stories.

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