True Stories About My Friend Tanya

Public Sex

The following are true stories about my friend Tanya. If anyone is interested, I’d really love to hear feedback about the second story because I am very confused about what happened.

Tanya is a girl I’ve known since I was in my late teens and she was in her early twenties. She lived on the next street over from me and I’d often see her walking through my neighborhood and I would sometimes go and talk to her. As soon as I met her I really liked her. However, Tanya was probably one of the least attractive women I’ve ever known.

From the neck down Tanya looked really good.?Her body was extremely thin, I’d say borderline anorexic, her face was emaciated and she had a boney kind of a nose. Nonetheless I wanted to fuck her. We hung out alot, but once I had graduated high school Tanya would be over my house nearly every day, especially during the summer.

As our friendship grew, Tanya became the kind of girl who you could share just about anything with and she’d do the same back to you and eventually she’d tell me what her sexual turn ons were, she told me that she shaves her Pussy bald and most of it with out even asking. I even asked her if she’s ever let a guy cum on her face and she told me that she hadn’t. I wanted to cum on her face, so I figured I’d ask her just incase anything ever happened between her and I.

Sometimes, when it was just her and I hanging out we’d go into my bedroom to watch TV. When she wasn’t looking, I’d slide a porno into my VCR and she’d reluctantly watch it with me. I can recall one time when I had put a movie on, she was watching it with me and at the end of one particular scene the guy in the porno was getting ready to shoot his cum into the girls mouth when Tanya shouted.

“Oh, don’t tell me he’s gonna cum…”

As soon as she saw that she started mock gagging.

I asked her why she did that and she proceeded canlı bahis şirketleri to telling me a story about how she was giving one of her boyfriends a blowjob and right when he came he pushed her head deep down onto his cock and made her swallow his cum. She told me that she never threw up so much in her life before that. Meanwhile, as she’s telling me the story, my cock is growing to a massive throbbing rock thinking about it.

Although Tanya and I shared our deepest sexual fantasies with each other, I soon realized that she was not interested in me that way. No matter how much I tried or begged she wouldn’t let me fuck her or even do any foreplay.

On Monday nights, Tanya would come over to my house and hang out with my other friends and I while we watched WCW and WWF wrestling. Depending on the week, there could be upward of ten people hanging out in my bedroom and I only had two chairs to provide.

Usually, the first people to arrive would snatch up the chairs and guard them with their lives until the end of the night. The unfortunate ones would have to make themselves comfortable on the floor on on my queen sized bed. One night in particular, Tanya and I, along with another friend of mine were sitting on my bed together when Tanya decided to lay down and stretch out. I got upset with it at first, because although she was a friend, it would have been nice if she had asked to do that first.

I quickly changed my mind however.

I look at Tanya laying on my bed, her thin body clad in a pair of tight cut off jean shorts and a short t-shirt which showed off her washboard belly. As soon as I saw this, I immediately began becoming aroused. I kind of just looked her over for a few minutes, then, with out saying a word to her I leaned over and began kissing and licking her tight belly.

To my surprise, Tanya did not try to stop me. canlı kaçak iddaa I’d kiss her belly from just below her T-shirt down to the waistband of her jean shorts, but she would not let me go any higher or lower then that.

Since she was letting me do that, I kept it up until I either got bored or she got bored with it.

That night and many proceeding nights after, whenever I had the chance, I’d just start kissing and licking her belly. Each progressing night,I’d start to do different things. I’d move from just her belly to kissing her arms and legs and I’d try to move closer and closer to her sweet spots.

Eventually, Tanya would let me get close enough to her Pussy that I would kiss and lick the button and zipper on her shorts. No matter how hard I tried, she wouldn’t let me actually do that to her Pussy it’s self.

This next story about Tanya still confuses me to this day. One afternoon, Tanya called and asked me if I’d walk with her to our local Wal-Mart store. Something her and I would do probably three times a month or so. I walked with her to the store and when we got back to her apartment and her I went up to her bedroom.

I sat down on her futon bed which was in couch mode. Tanya walked over to me and handed me a thick notebook and at a glance I could see every line on the page was filled with writing. Tanya tells me that she wrote down a list of songs that she wants another friend of her’s to burn for her.

She hands me a pen and tells me to circle the names of the songs that I liked and she’d see if she could get a copy made for me too.

I grabbed the pen and began reading through the four or five pages which were filled front and back with song titles and the names of the artists who sing them. I begin putting “Check” marks next to the songs that I liked as I went down the list. Tanya sits right next to me on my right canlı kaçak bahis hand side and begins writing more song titles down on another sheet of paper.

I don’t recall how much time elapsed, but it couldn’t have been more then ten minutes or so when I had this feeling that I should look into Tanya’s direction. I slowly moved my eyes to the right to see that Tanya was sitting there with her jeans unbuttoned and unzipped and pulled down far enough that I could see the outline of her Pussy lips through her pink cotton panties.

I sat there acting as if I was still looking over the list of songs, but I was constantly staring at her crotch. I don’t even remember her moving or “Shimmying” to pull her jeans down like she had them.

My cock grew harder and harder with every second that I was looking at Tanya’s Pussy. As I was staring at her Pussy, many thoughts were running through my mind.

“Why is she doing this?”

“Does she want me to touch her?”

“What if she does?, Why does she want me to, if she’d not into me like that?”

It got to the point where I actually had to shove my right hand under my ass because it had a mind of it’s own and it just wanted to reach over, slide down into Tanya’s panties and just start playing with her Pussy. My cock got so hard that it began oozing so much cum that the front of my underwear were saturated with it.

The whole entire time this was going on, neither of us said a word to each other. I was the one who broke the silence and in a soft, almost monotone voice I asked her if she still shaves down there. Her only reply was.


After that, Tanya did her jeans back up and her and I went down into her kitchen and hung out until late in the night.

I still don’t know why she was sitting with me with her jeans undone. If I blew a chance with her, I blew a chance with her. The only reason I didn’t try anything is because in the past she told me that she wasn’t interested in me sexually, so I didn’t want to touch her and wind up getting slapped or possibly ending up in jail that night.

What do you the readers think?

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