True Stories of a loving husband’s experience


True Stories of a loving husband’s experienceStories of a loving husband’s experience at all male bathhouse. I compose this Story from the memory of my first hand experience at a male only Bath house. I am a male in his prime. Though I am not very tall I am very confident in myself. Well at least confident enough to not get in my own way too much. I have a wife who I love very much. And to be blunt and vulgar, I enjoyed her pussy and mouth pretty regularly. However lately I have been craving sme fat cock so I decided to take a quick trip out of town to the nearest mailman house. I’ve been looking forward to going there for a couple of weeks prior. Just remembering my trip gets my cock throbbing. The trip took just under two hours to get there. On the way there I figured I would take the buca escort opportunity to be a little lewd And stop at a few truckstops that might Play host to wandering eyes in the men’s room. Unfortunately even though my cock was ready and thick with Anticipation, the stops were pretty empty. So by the time I got to my room at the hotel my boxer briefs were damp with pre-come.The pants I wore were pretty tight and the cock ring that I was wearing was keeping my dick very visible. So I Un-tucked my shirt and pulled it down past my waist to hide the bulge at my crotch sonto not be noticed by the receptionist. Soon as I got my key I found my room ,unpacked, undressed, reached for my 7 inch dildo/ Wallbanger And headed into the shower so I can clean and stretch my hole escort buca out Before getting to the bathhouse. I packed my fire stick in hopes of putting on porn in my hotel room but it did not work. I was hoping to have some hot and nasty porn on in the background while I showered, and in case I brought somebody back to the room It would already be playing, but The TV was not working with me surprising because it was a Hilton. I spent a good 15 minutes underneath the warm water using my thick dick dildo to both clean and stretch my tight hole. I step out of the shower one hand make sure the dildo does not slide out of my ass and my left hand free to reach for the towel. Water is streaming down my chest, and legs. There’s a long string of pre-come and water dangling from buca escort bayan the tip of my dick. I want to make sure I stay nice and loose so I leaned up against the counter. Pressing my ass against one of the drawers, I feel The dildo pressing into my ass deeper. I remember it feeling great! I now have two hands to dry my body off with. While I do this I gently thrust my hips back against the counter. I keep fucking my ass this way while I dry off. Recalling this story has given me another dripping wet cock that I have to take care of. I am currently composing this out of Naples out of a voice to text. So playing with my fat cock while I describe my tail is doable. However my wife just got out of the shower and she’s heading off to bed. So before she nods off I am going to go kiss And pinch all of the right spots to get her turned on and make her pussy wet. If I can get her horny enough I will be painting her face with my load. But The details of the story will be expanded upon at a later date. Send me a message if you want to know more.

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