Two Bi Two Ch. 03-04


(Note to readers: Young city-dwellers Sherman and Kristi, and middle-aged suburbanites Brenda and Garth, have tiptoed towards adding benefits to their friendship. At the end of Chapter 2, they had sex in the same room, but still with their own spouses, driving themselves wild as they banged and watched. They agreed that in their next frolic they’d turn the keys to open their wedlocks. As Sherman continues his recounting, the couples try to deal with the three-week wait. All characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Those situations can include anal, interracial, lesbian, and gay male sex, along with multibody braiding and chaining [MFM, FMF, etc]. Some of the sex is physically rough, but all of it is consensual.)

Chapter 3: The Expanded Bed

Kristi and I have decided that if one of us wants a hall pass, permission should be requested just after the alarm clock annoys us. We give ourselves five minutes every workday morning to adjust to being awake, before leaving the bed. We swap reminders of appointments and errands, decide what to plan for dinner, and sometimes ask to bang someone not currently on the bed.

“There’s a new hire named Dolores,” said Kristi. “We’ve talked. She’s interested. I’ll propose that she and I spend part of a lunch hour without food.”

“Pix?” I asked. Blood flowed more eagerly to my crotch, ending my torpor.

She showed regret. “She’s too shy.”

“Convenient,” I muttered.

“No money or time lost,” she returned, claiming our yuppie high ground. We seldom let marital sex take time away from wage earning, and so far neither had sought to lose pay time for a bang outside the marriage.

“Yeah fine,” I said. “You do all the chores tonight.”

“Deal,” she said. Then she gave me a slow kiss that almost went too far.

We were both on edge, despite long, high-energy fuck sessions every night. It was still more than two weeks until Brenda and Garth would arrive for what would be at least a mate swap. My wife and I wondered, guessed, hoped, feared, how much farther the foursome would go.

Was the anticipation more exciting than the event itself would be?

We doubted it.

That night, Kristi spent maybe three minutes detailing her noon bathroom-stall tryst with a curvy Latinx lady, then at least ten on how she’d trib Brenda.

“What if she’s not ready?” I panted, nearing my second spew in missionary.

“I might put Garth in an intensive care unit.”


Somehow, we all kept our online chats aboveboard and ‘clean.’ It helped that we were so generous with mind food, sharing links ranging from book samples to abstracts in scientific journals. I remained occupied with Brenda and Garth intellectually. Clearly that was also true of Kristi.

Whether that was as important to the other couple, I could only guess, at that time. Sapiosexuality can vary, person to person. Maybe Kristi and I were little more to them than hot young meat.

There was nothing out of bounds in a PM Kristi sent to Brenda, a week before the scheduled gathering that had us foaming at the mouth:


The ‘mentioning’ was when Brenda japed that Garth had fucked the book club’s women during an orgy. In doing so, Brenda declared an overlap in participation between the book club and whatever their swing gathering was. Brenda’s reply to Kristi was this:


Cordial and considerate, and clearly a brush-off. Kristi thanked Brenda, and said to me, “So much for a stealth check of their other playmates.”


Finally the Saturday arrived. Despite rain and wind, we met at a small plates restaurant that was having its moment right then. The weather kept the crowd down, but even with a reservation we waited five minutes to be seated. The weather also kept sufficient staff from showing up on time, so we waited a very long time to get served. We amused ourselves, sort of, with a betting pool on the ratio of minutes waited after ordering, to the size of the small food on each small plate.

At one point I felt Brenda playing footsie with me. My eyes widened and I beseeched her, “Please don’t. We don’t know how much longer we’ll be here.”

“You’re right,” she said, ending contact.

By the time we got home, our frenzy far outweighed our moderate satisfaction with the food. “We should have hit a drive-through,” Kristi muttered as she pushed open the door.

I told our guests we’d augment the bedroom, and Garth quickly said, “Good, no pretense.”

“Aren’t we thoroughly modern,” said Brenda as she and Garth hefted a loveseat. “Women joining men in the heavy lifting.”

“We could go troglodyte instead,” I said, as Kristi and I showed our youth and conditioning with an easy lift of the other loveseat. “Garth and I carry while you two strip and encourage us.”

“Already encouraged, thanks,” said Garth, leering at Kristi.

We set the loveseats on either side of the bed, facing and adjoining it, to increase the swiving surface.

As ankara duşta veren escortlar we disrobed, Kristi said, “We ignorant newbies would like to know if you have rules for this.”

“We do,” said Brenda. “First, are we agreed generally that we can fuck across wedlocks, M-F?”

“Yes,” said Kristi, now nude. “If not more.”

“Let’s stick with that first,” Brenda said more firmly, while looking hungrily at Kristi. “This can still be limited.”

“Condoms?” I asked.

“Yes, for all fucks,” said Garth. “We also have a request-and-approval process that requires unanimous agreement.”

I managed not to laugh or roll my eyes. I did say, “Seems pretty legalistic.”

“You asked,” said Brenda, still with a firm tone while doffing her undies.

“I’ll give you an example,” said Garth. He faced us all as we stood around the expanded bed. “I’ll make a request.” He looked at my wife. “I would like to hug and kiss Kristi, as we are now, standing. Our hands would be on the other’s back. The bodies would make contact but not add pressure or movement. We would be free to use tongues. It would end in fifteen seconds.”

Brenda looked from Garth to us. She said, “I approve.”

I tried not to dwell on the weirdness of four naked people standing around a bed. With five, it might seem like a black mass (ha ha, I already had one between my legs).

I looked at Kristi, but said to everyone, “So one negative vote is enough to defeat the motion?”

“Yes,” said Garth.

I chuckled. “Can I abstain, or assign my vote to Kristi?”

“No,” said Brenda. “All feelings must be stated openly and honestly.”

Kristi said, “But voice voting, one at a time, can affect the decisions of later voters. I suggest we write our votes, so nobody is influenced by others.”

Garth and Brenda looked at each other in surprise. “We never thought of that,” said Garth. “Thanks, Kristi, from now on that’s the way we’ll do it.”

“We need a different request to try that out,” said Brenda. “Garth, your Kristi kiss will have to wait.”

“I have a request,” I said. “I’ll get pencils and paper.”

Once they had the necessary electoral supplies, I said, “I would like to kiss Brenda while standing close, with tonguing allowed, our hands free to explore our bodies, for up to thirty seconds.”

Kristi smirked. “That’s upping the ante.”

“Which may prompt a vote against,” I said. I had tried for indifference, but my prick was thickening. The others saw that.

Facial expressions may have given away what was supposed to be secret balloting. All three votes were in favor.

I held out a hand to Brenda, and smiled.

Smoothly, with a smile of her own, she worked her way over to me. Especially in motion, with her regal carriage, she was the illustration for the dictionary definition of ‘statuesque.’

My penis rose to greet her. Brenda lifted it, to sandwich it between our bellies. Then she held out her arms to enclose me, but leaned back her torso slightly.

She knew where my hands would go.

“Thirty,” said Kristi as my fingers spread on Brenda’s breasts. “Twenty-nine.” I could hear the amusement in her voice.

My wife continued the countdown as my open mouth met Brenda’s. Her navel slid side-to-side along the head of my prick. As my thumbs pressed her nipples inward, she hummed into my throat.

One leg snaked along one of mine, then withdrew. Her other repeated, on my other.

To the extent that we tongue-wrestled, she won.

With the count less than ten, she moved her hands down my back. They gripped my buttocks.

Her index fingers descended my crack.

At ‘one,’ they pressed my anus.

“Zero,” said Kristi. Brenda stepped far back.

I groaned, now feeling nothing of her.

“I’ll say it for you, since you think you can’t,” I said, wheezing. “Yes, black balls can be blue.”

The others laughed, including Brenda, who was breathing hard.

She began, “Request–“

“Approved,” said Garth.

“He wants cowgirl,” said Kristi.

“What she said,” I gasped, advancing on Brenda, caressing as I leaned her to the bed.

Kristi dashed to the far side and said, “Fuck me, Garth.”

So much for voting.

As jacked as we were, though, we remembered about condoms. I guess we all thought foreplay was unnecessary. Or maybe it had been going on for the last three weeks.

It was a full swap, open before us all. My wife and I were on our backs, and our guests rode us. Everyone relished the feel and taste of the stranger.

Brenda engulfed my shaft, and it seemed that my soul might follow. She slithered her walls down and up my length, swiveling a little, holding my sides, murmuring for me to stay still. Then she elevated her straddle beyond me, and got her hands to my cock and balls, stroking and exploring to the extent the condom allowed. I reciprocated, getting thumb and fingers to her clit. Soon she inserted me again, this time pumping more elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar rapidly.

She exited again when I was really close. Now her hands were rougher, smearing her nectar along the spire. I squeezed her swelling clit with a shaky hand. She smiled at my gritted teeth, and swooped down around me again, leaning at my face, saying, “Buck me, bronco!”

Did I ever. Her gorgeous boobs smacked my chest, over and over, sharing sweat. My trunk and torso surged against a woman almost as tall as I. Despite my urgency, I lurched into her glorious depths at least nine more times before my first spurt. In that moment I cherished Brenda, I would have died for her, I wanted nothing except to gush into her tight warmth until there was nothing left of me. I clutched her short hair, kissing voraciously, this time winning the tongue wrestle as she jerked away to howl. I lost count of the bursts she wrenched out of me.

Yet at the end, I remained large. Kristi’s pussy can do that to me also. Sometimes.

Speaking of her pussy, it was still getting pounded by Garth while Brenda and I ramped down. My new lover and I smiled at the sight of her fleshy, sweaty husband sharing inchoate joy with my sleek, quivering wife, her legs straight, and raised in a victorious V.

Brenda squeezed what I flexed. Our smiles were again for each other as we resumed fucking. Our heat ramped up again.

But having crossed a line by swapping mates, I sought to recross it, or erase it. Our lower halves stayed extramarital, but my upper half resumed fidelity. I turned my head to nuzzle Kristi’s ear. She gasped, faced me, and put her lips on mine.

With a hand on each woman’s breast, I gulped Kristi’s tongue as she ran fingers through my hair. My hands grazed Garth’s as he gripped the other breasts. Our guests alternated matrimonial kisses with mumbled dirty talk about how nasty the spouse was.

None of what we did arose from spoken requests. Screw their rules (and them), our bodies encouraged and accepted anything. The linked foursome sent me soaring.

Brenda, maybe strengthened by maternity, owned the most powerful, thrilling vagina I had ever entered. I thrust eagerly amid her grinds, now less enthralled than simply excited. I launched her to cries of joy an octave above her speaking voice. Her walls continued to maintain my wrapped cock skillfully, and she left her husband’s kiss to bring the breast I gripped to my mouth. I still stroked Kristi as I hammered into Brenda, awash in the pleasure I shared with two women. This was my triumph. Yes, I’m bisexual, but nothing I feel with a man could be anything like this.

My forty-plus lover took everything I had, and clearly wanted more. “Garth,” I groaned around her nipple, “why don’t you keep her locked up? Big mistake, man.”

“Yeah,” he grunted, licking Kristi’s foot as he banged her. “And now she’s going black.”

“No problem,” said Brenda. “This just gives me another man to betray. And another reason for the one I live with to overachieve.”

Then, conversation lapsed. Weariness tried to claim me, but Brenda had me reprogrammed as a sex device. I think she came twice more, her nectar sloshing onto my balls, before I spazzed. Then, noting my shrinkage, she consented to my departure.

When we finally took a break, we found that the overloaded rubbers hadn’t split. We laughed heartily and lolled in sustained grabass, convinced that fortune favors the horny.

After a wipedown, I opened a bottle of wine and we passed it around, in a cross-legged FMFM quadrangle on the bed.

“Sherm,” said Kristi, stroking my back, “Garth might have wrecked me. Hope you don’t have plans for tomorrow.”

With thumb and index I lifted my shriveled wang. “I have nothing to plan with.”

Brenda patted my thigh while leaning limply on Garth. “Don’t butter us up.”

“We prefer olive oil,” said Garth instantly.

I chuckled, but asked, “Is that from your ‘A’ material?”

“That’s the only reason we’re here,” said Brenda. “So we can use our old dirty jokes on people who haven’t heard them.”

After some more light snogging, and water bottles to counteract the alcohol, we resumed with oral adultery. Each of us divulged the spouse’s preferences, sensitivities, and dirty little secrets, in sentence fragments between licks and sucks.

Brenda watched my reactions to everything she did to me. Just building a data base? She showed a wicked smile now and then. Just having fun?

She did a long lick on and around my balls, then sloppy tongued down the perineum…and then, just shy of anal puckerings, back up. My eyelids had fluttered from that close approach. She saw that. And smiled wickedly. Clearly she remembered the porno we had shared with them, and my implied endorsement of all the content.

So far, the only non-hetero expression in this foursome had been between Kristi and Brenda. And that was only once, and verbal. In our age-groups, etimesgut iranlı escort female bisexuality was widely, wildly approved by hetero men. So maybe the women were taking advantage of the men’s yankable chains.

I hadn’t hidden anything from our new playmates. But certain subjects hadn’t been raised.

I didn’t let my thoughts on Brenda’s motives stop me from giving yeoman service to her pussy and clit. She was surprisingly delicate there, given the ferocity of her fucking. No teeth anywhere near, ever. Slooowww, wet tonguing of the clit, to build her pleasure without giving her sudden twinges. Once bloodflow was up and her breathing was heavy, my tongue-poking between the labia, and lip-sliding on the clit, got her to a climactic howl.

Brenda was as skilled a sculptor of phalluses with her mouth as she was with her quim. The restoration of my rigidity wasn’t a surprise. We had taken a break, and my recovery was normal, despite my whine.

She tried to deepthroat, having seen that from Kristi, but couldn’t get my bottom inch. Her hard suck, with ball-fondling, still got me to gush into her mouth, and put spots before my eyes.

I was only dimly aware of what happened beside us. I had heard one of Kristi’s o-yells, familiar to me, and some laughter. Now I saw her elbow-propped from her back, between the legs of knee-standing Garth, fellating him with gusto. He was too much for her to deepthroat, given his thickness, but she was delighted by the fountain she had produced. Scum covered her face, neck, and torso. Every few seconds she stopped sucking and spat the load at his Dad-gut, then resumed sucking.

Brenda chuckled as she repositioned to hug me.

“He’s inhuman,” I said to her.

She kissed me and said, “You taste better.”

The shower ran for nearly an hour nonstop, as each of us entered and left to produce different arrangements, including MFM and FMF. “Just rehearsing,” said Garth, as he and I groped Kristi. “There are still more steps ahead, right?”

She grabbed our dicks and yanked rapidly. “Not every step,” she wailed, “may be on solid ground!” She bit my neck, hard.

Brenda said nothing, when she could easily have quipped. She watched us as she toweled off on the other side of the shower door. She smiled at me. I wondered if she had decided on her own to investigate my bi side, or if she had been deputized by Garth.

Chapter 4: A Woman’s Perspective

The morning after our swap with the suburbanites, Kristi and I were actually about as sated as we had told them we were. We allowed this to be a very lazy Sunday, taking our time to describe sexual details to the other.

“Garth started very smooth and gentle,” she told me. “I think he works at that, because he’s such a big guy. He might worry that women will think he’s rough.”

“A surprise?”

“Not really, but it was nice. He kept it up. I told him I wasn’t a porcelain figurine, but he just nodded. The feel of his dick, thickening on ring muscles, was building nicely, so I let him stay in charge. In time, he started boosting the energy.”

We were dressed in our usual weekend knockarounds. Her expression was as blissed as mine probably was. I thought that if the aftermath would always be like this, there could never be any reason not to resume the foursome.

“Was his gut a problem?”

She laughed. “No, Mister Ebony Six-Pack. Physically we bumped uglies just fine. He got my legs up and to the sides, and sucked in to the extent necessary. Esthetically, it was amusing to look at a bulging belly with hair surrounding an outie navel. Especially while I saw and felt his tool.”

“Do you think he has a thing for feet?”

“I doubt it. I think he was trying to show affection to more of me, and the legs and feet were the easiest to reach. I enjoyed having a little appreciation given to my legs while I got impaled. You may take note.”

“Definitely,” I said, reaching under the kitchen table to stroke her knee.

Her voice remained normally conversational, but her look at me was her Supportive Wife Face. “Are you secure enough to hear more? Will you accept that I went wild for his difference, and that this doesn’t mean it was better?”

“I heard how you responded, and got a glimpse or two. I accept that you enjoyed orgasms with him, and are eager for more.”

“He’s thicker than you are,” she said, “and about the same length. But even at his biggest, he’s not a steel girder. He’s circumcised, but it’s as if his outer surface is like a foreskin, and I’m sure the condom didn’t slide. Even when it stretched me, his cock was flexible. That felt great, it didn’t hurt at all but filled me totally.” She gave me A Certain Look. “You ever had anything like that up your ass?”

“Probably not.”

“I’m not eager for that. You know what my butt can accept. Maybe at max boner you can do Brenda’s.”

“Pure speculation, at this point,” I said, I think casually enough.

Since Kristi had shared with consideration, I felt I’d better do the same.

“I enjoyed some of Brenda’s difference too. And not just her jugs.”

Coffee cup at her lips, Kristi simply eyed me to continue.

“Brenda has a really strong pussy.” The consideration was in not saying ‘stronger,’ though ‘really’ might have hinted that.

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