Underwater Cum drowning: How long you guys think,


Underwater Cum drowning: How long you guys think,How long you guys think, she can hold her breath? Imagine I fuck her while she is fully underwater, not able to breathe. I will not allow her to get her head above the water until I will shoot my cum into her throat! So one last breath for her then we start to test her breathhold skills! First I deepthroat her gullet, I like how she gags and chokes underwater, now and then I thrust my cock so fast and deep into her gullet that a big torrent of water is flushing down her throat too, making her choke and cough under water making her demand to breathe unbearable! She is already short of oxygen, her lungs already burning, suffocating! But I’m still horny and my dick still rock-hart. I start to fuck her tight cunt, her head still under water. She starts to struggle, to fight bursa escort for air. While I brutally fuck her cunt with maximum force her eyes and mouth are wide open, begging for a tiny gasp of fresh air. But I have no mercy! Her nude body struggles, jerks, her ribcage contracts, desperately trying to reach the water surface, trying to hold her breath a bit longer. But my grip around her waist keeps her under water, my big giant cock pumping in her pussy holding her tight, not giving her any chance to breathe! I know she is drowning soon, her lungs now empty of air, but I fuck her even faster, harder, deeper in her cunt, hitting her cervix everytime my full stiff dick is ramming into her suffocating, drowning body. Last bubbles escaping her nose and open mouth, her ribcage contracting, convulsing, her tits bouncing, wiggling bursa escort bayan slowly under water. There is not much time left before she starts to inhale the water into her dying lungs, but I’m sill not ready to cum! I want more! I want to fuck her for hours! Of course she wouldn’t survive! But I don’t care! Now I could feel how she tries with blank despair to keep the water out of her lungs, but the contracting ribcage forces her to open her mouth and windpipe. But that would be her death, her will tries with all of her left power to shut her mouth and nose, her yet nearly oxygen-free brain thinks: “Please, let me hold my breath just one minute longer! His r****g cock will cum soon! Don’t breathe! Keep my mouth shut. I can do it! Don’t breathe……! Hell, I can’t hold any longer! I must breathe now! I’m drowning escort bursa now!!!” Her body was jerking like crazy, I’m nearly losing my grip around her waist. Then I feel how she open her mouth and gulping down the first sip of water. I pull my throbbing dick out of her clenching cunt, turn her water gulping body around, grabbing her head and thrusting my cum splashing cock deep down her throat into her convulsing gullet. Now she was drinking, inhaling cum into her lungs in place of cold water. Quickly the sperm was rushing down not only through her windpipe but also down into her starving stomach, filling her belly and dying lungs. The cum starts to flow out of her nostrils and the corners of her mouth, clouding and mixing with the water around her head.I could see and feel her ribcage jerking, twitching now strictly in time with my cum-squirts, but it’s sill impossible for her to gasp some life-giving air!Can she hold one? Can she survive? Will she get drowned underwater with her lungs filled with thick oozing cum? It’s up to you!

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