Urgent Desire


The steam enveloped me as I opened the bathroom door. My wife was slowly washing her hair in the shower, enjoying a few quiet moments to herself as the soft water cascaded down her soft skin.

She rubbed her hand clearing the fog on the shower screen glass and smiled at me. I momentarily caught her eye, smiled back and let my eyes wonder for a moment down to her breasts, watching the soap bead down them, mouthed that I loved her and closed the door behind me and went back to do odd jobs in the kitchen.

My mind began to drift, she looked stunning, I should have just jumped in and joined her.

As I was processing this I glanced her walk down the hallway towards the bedroom. The towel was short and barely covered her behind and with every step I watched her bare thighs and legs.

She was seductive, beautiful and desired. I wanted to kiss her, touch her, feel her skin against mine and inhale her intoxicating scent. I wanted her and followed her into the bedroom where she was drying herself on the bed.

“Hello” she smiled as I walked over, knelt over her and kissed her softly, kızılay escort then deeply and teased her mouth with my tongue. We kissed deeply as I ran my hand across her smooth legs. As I pulled in closer I felt myself full and hard against my pants and hot against the warmth between her legs.

She let out a searching moan as we continued kissing and I slipped my shirt off, feeling her full breasts against my chest as we kissed harder and faster, hands searching and yearning for more skin, more contact. I slipped off my pants, pressing myself against her.

I teased her thighs with my hands as I made my way down past her breasts, I traced my tongue over one of her nipples and felt it harden, I took the other in my hands and traced around them, teasing, pinching and then sucking them until the felt rock hard in my mouth then teased them with gentle bites.

Feeling the eagerness build I then grabbed her hips with my hands and traced my mouth over her soft belly, delighting in the texture of her skin against my lips and moving further down and suddenly being kolej escort in the presence of her gorgeous cunt.

I smelt her deeply then softly used my fingers to separate her cunt with my fingers as she arched into me. I used my fingers to trace her lips and eyed her now engorged clit. I slowly traced my lips over it before flicking my tongue over it as she begged me to keep going.

I licked slowly and firmly across her clit feeling her grow harder and tasting her wetness as I hardened my tongue against it, I then tranced my fingers down to her opening and teased myself at the entrance. Licking, sucking, teasing quicker and quicker as my fingers curled inside of her towards her g spot and suddenly a shrill scream and a gush of moans as her wet cunt spasmed on my fingers and her clit pulsed against my tongue.

She took a moment, then pushed me down, guiding her hands over my wrists as she sat on top of me and slid her soaking cunt over my hard cock. I moaned deeply as her velvet warmth enveloped me and I felt my balls ache with desire to unload rivers of hot ankara escort cum deep inside of her.

She angled her hips and took me deeply as she grabbed both my wrists, pinning me down, kissing me deeply and tasting her cunt on my breathless lips. As she gyrated and thrusted against me taking every inch of my thickness she demanded.

“Give me that hot cum, I want it deep in my cunt!” she said almost pleading.

This sent me over the edge, I had wanted this since I saw her in the shower and feeling her demanding desire built a wave of pleasure as I explained wave upon wave of cum into her.

We collapsed on the bed, panting together and drawing in the heavy atmosphere of our lovemaking in the room.

She asked me to hold her and as I slid over, I saw a single bead of cum fall slowly from her cunt now slick and wet. I cuddled close, my now softening cock against her ass, my arm over her as I traced my hand across her thighs, her hips, her soft stomach and breasts.

This perfect moment of skin on skin, breathing each-other in, as we lay there she nuzzled her soft ass into me and I felt myself stirring again.

“We have nothing else on this morning,” she said softly.

We didn’t, and as I felt my cock harden and push its way back towards her soft, wet and dripping cunt I kissed her softly on the ear. She was right, we had all morning.

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