Used And Abused


Used And AbusedThe true story of why I don’t do analUSED AND ABUSED (Edited)My first experience of being shared was my last for over twenty years. I had been married to my first husband for over fifteen years and we had three k**s and to be perfectly honest the only time we had sex was when he wanted it. This was back in the seventies and women didn’t have much say in such things then and I just lay back and thought of England as he fucked me till he came. There was no thought for my feelings, I was just a receptacle for his cum. It seemed like every time I came I got pregnant so I used to make him cum as quick as I could and hope I didn’t orgasm. One night he’d gone down the pub, as usual and I was left at home with the k**s, watching TV. I went to bed before he came in, hoping he wouldn’t want sex when he got home. I was asleep when he did finally get in but he woke me up when he came into the bedroom. I just lay there praying that he would just get into bed and go to sleep. I was lying there with my eyes shut when he turned he light on. He shook me awake. “Hazel, get up. I need you downstairs.” I sat up. “What for?” I asked. He just walked back through the bedroom door without replying then he turned and added. “Just get your dressing gown on and come down stairs.” With that he was gone and I got out of bed and followed him. When I got downstairs I could hear him talking to someone in the living room. As I walked through the door I found he’d brought one of his friends home with him. They both looked at me as I entered the room and I could tell I had been the subject of their conversation. “What do you want?” I asked, annoyed that he’d dragged me out of my warm bed. I saw him wink at his friend. “Take your dressing gown off,” he said stepping towards me. “What the hell do you mean,” I said, “take my dressing gown off?” “Just what I said,” he snapped, “take your dressing gown off.” I turned to walk out of the room but he grabbed me by the shoulder and spun me round. “Sid says he’s always fancied you and I’ve told him he can fuck you.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My husband had brought his friend home to fuck me, whether I wanted it or not. Before I could do anything, he pulled my dressing gown open then put his arms round me and pinned my arms by my sides. The nightdress I was wearing didn’t do much to hide my modesty and, when he tore the top, it hid even less. “See Sid,” he said, “I told you she had a great pair didn’t I?” His friend got up off the couch and walked towards me. I could see the look of pure lust in his eyes as he reached out towards me and began squeezing my tits. “Oh shit yes Dave,” he said as he pinched my nipples. “They are bloody lovely.” I tried to struggle but my husband was too strong for me and I couldn’t break free. I could have screamed but that would have woken the k**s, so I just bit my lip. The next thing I knew my husband had torn my nightie from neck to hem and I felt his friends fingers on my naked nipples. “Oh shit Dave she has lovely nipples mate, just made for sucking.” With that he closed his lips over one of them and sucked gaziosmanpaşa escort hard then bit down on it hard, making me stifle a cry. While he chewed on the one his fingers were pinching the other. I could feel his cock pressed against my stomach and he felt big, bigger than my husband. His free hand moved down my body and moved his hand onto my sleep panties. I struggled but I was powerless to stop him as he ran it down the front and between my legs. “Hey mate she’s already wet,” he exclaimed as he ran his hand over my cotton covered pussy lips.” I’m ashamed to say that I was actually wet, this was the nearest I’d got to foreplay in years. “Do you think she’d like to feel my cock?” My husband didn’t have time to answer as his friends hand went from my panties to his zip. I heard him lower it then fumble between us and I felt the throbbing heat from his naked cock against my belly. I began to struggle again, but again it was useless. My husband had promised that his friend could fuck me and there was nothing I could do about it. His friend took my hand and slid it between us and I knew exactly where this was going. He pushed it down until I could feel his hard shaft against my hand. “Stroke it Hazel,” he said, “you know you want to.” I clenched my fist, determined I wasn’t going to make it easy for them but the combination of his fingers forcing mine apart and the fact that he bit down on my nipple again meant I was forced to comply. That or scream and wake the k**s. As my fist closed over his knob I could the sliminess of his pre-cum. “Oh man, she has such soft hands,” I heard him moan. “Is she a cock sucker mate,” the question was aimed as much at me as it was at my husband. “She used to Sid, but she hasn’t sucked mine for years. She used to be really good at it.” “Do you mind if I see if she can still do it?” Sid asked. “Be my guest and if she still as good as she was you’re in for a treat.” My husband moved his hands to my shoulders and pushed me to my knees and for the first time I saw Sid’s cock. My first impression had been right, Sid was huge, about two inches longer than my husbands and much much thicker. His foreskin was already pulled back and his huge knob glistened with the pre-cum my fist had smeared over it. Sid took his shaft in his hand and pressed it against my tightly closed lips. There was no way I was going to suck his cock, or so I thought. Suddenly my husbands hand was on my face, pinching my nose. If I wanted to breath I would have to open my mouth and I knew when I did Sid would force his cock into it. I had no option and after holding my breath as long as I could I opened my lips slightly to to take in air. Air wasn’t the only thing that entered my mouth though. Sid thrust forward and the tip of his knob forced my lips further apart. My husband’s hands were now on the back of my head, preventing me pulling away. I tried to breath through my clenched teeth but the pressure of Sid’s knob against them was painful and I was forced to open them and Sid pushed his cock into my mouth. zeytinburnu escort I considered biting it but realised that I was in the power of two men. One, Sid, who just wanted to fuck me at any cost and the other, my husband, who wanted to see him do it. I was helpless. With my head held firmly in position by my husband, Sid began to move his hips, sliding his cock further into my mouth. I felt his knob touch the back of my throat and I involuntarily gagged. Sid pulled back, allowing me to take a breath, then resumed fucking my mouth. “Oh shit mate, you’re right. She is a real cock sucker. If I keep this up I’m gonna cum real quick.” To my relief Sid moved back and pulled his cock out of my mouth.My husband lifted me roughly to my feet, pulling my dressing gown and torn nightie of my shoulders. Now all I had on was my panties. Sid eyed my semi naked body up and down. “Fuck mate I’m gonna enjoy this, she has a great body,” he said as his hand went back down to my panties. He rubbed my pussy through my panties again. “Her cunt is soaked mate, I think she really wants my cock now.” I gasped as he slid a finger under the elasticated leg of my panties and into my pussy. Like his cock, his fingers were thicker than my husband’s and, when he added a second, felt like a small cock inside me. He started to work them deeper into me, pulling back then driving hard in over and over again. After a couple of minutes of fingering me, he pulled out and pulled the front of my panties down. Not fully down, just the front. He took a half step back and looked down at my naked pussy. “Oh man, she doesn’t shave. I love a woman with a hairy cunt.” Sid was right, I didn’t shave but I did keep my pubic hair trimmed. He suddenly flexed his knees and brought his cock down to the same level as my pussy. With one hand he held the front of my panties down while his other guided his cock between my pussy lips. When he released my panties, the top forced his cock harder between my lips.He began to move his hips backwards and forwards, sliding his cock deeper into me each time he did. The pressure of the elastic round the top of my panties forced his shaft hard against my clit and although I fought against it I could feel my pussy getting even wetter. “Oh fuck yes mate, he leered, “I’m really going to enjoy all of my cock into this wet cunt,” forcing even more of his cock into me. I’m ashamed to say that I was responding to what was happening to me and could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. “That’s it Sid,” my husband said, “give it to her fuck her mate, she’s all yours.” He was talking about me as if I was just a toy, just there for their pleasure, which I suppose I was really. “Oh yeah,” Sid moaned, pulling out of me as my husband pushed me across the room towards the couch. Sid was already their and to my surprise was laying on his back, stroking his thick cock and leering at me. “C’mon baby, ride Sid’s cock for him, slide that lovely cunt over it.” His crude language was turning me on even more and as my husband lifted me sultangazi escort onto the couch. I was still struggling but as my husband lifted me over Sid’s body and I felt his knob nudging my pussy lips I closed my eyes and surrendered to the inevitable. The next thing I knew I was fully impaled on Sid’s thick cock as he thrust upwards. “Oh shit,” he groaned, shit, shit, shit. This is good, she’s so fucking hot. Her cunt feels great.” He started to thrust up into me and my pussy had never felt so full and was soon overruling my brain. It was gripping at his cock as he powered up and down in and out of me. “Oh fuck,” he groaned, “I think I’m in heaven. She’s a seriously good fuck mate. Her cunt is really hot and wet” I was, against all odds, close to coming, when Sid grabbed me round the neck and pulled me down onto his chest. Oh shit, this is so fucking horny.” This was my husband talking now and I turned to look at him, expecting to see him standing watching. Instead he had stripped off and was standing beside us stroking his cock. I reached out for it, thinking he wanted me to suck him off, but instead he climbed onto the couch behind me. Suddenly panic gripped me. My pussy was filled with Sid’s cock but my ass hole was fully exposed and I realised that this was what my husband wanted. He wanted to fuck my ass while Sid’s cock was in my pussy. Now I really did start to struggle. This was something I didn’t want but I was powerless to stop him. It became clear that this had been the plan all along. They’d worked it out before he even fetched me down stairs. Sid held me tightly as my husband ran his knob up and down between my ass cheeks. He was gushing with pre-cum, which he transferred to my tight rear entrance. On reflection, this was a good thing because as he thrust forward and his knob entered me it was still painful bit it was lessened by the lubrication. He started to move backwards and forwards, sliding more and more of his cock into me as he did. He and Sid were moving in sync now, fucking both my holes. Despite the lubrication it still hurt like hell and not something I would repeat for many years. As my husband and Sid pounded my ass and pussy I was shocked to find that my body was actually responding and seconds before Sid exploded inside my pussy the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced crashed through my body, which triggered my husbands eruption.As I knelt there on the couch, Sid’s cock pumping his cum into my pussy and my husband emptying himself into my back passage, my orgasm seemed never ending. Finally though it did end and I felt my husbands cock soften inside me and Sid’s slipping from my pussy. My husband got off the couch and helped me to my feet and sat me in a chair while Sid got dressed. They didn’t even seem to notice I was there and the only thing that was said was when Sid left, he turned to my husband and thanked him. “Jesus Dave you were right she’s an amazing fuck and she really knows how to suck a cock. Thanks mate and if you ever and a repeat just let me know.” I was of course furious, I’d just used like a piece of meat, and Sid as thanking my husband. Needless to say my marriage didn’t last much longer and I was divorced less than six months later.Now all this happened twenty years ago and was never repeated until I met my present husband. He is a totally different type of man and we now indulge in threesomes on a regular basis but now it’s up to me who is involved and how far things go.

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