Vacation Pt. 01


Margo and I have been married for a little over five years now. As with most married couples our love life has cooled a bit from that sex-crazed first few years. I’ve been relying more and more on porn to satisfy my sexual urges. I’ve watched my tastes in porn migrate from the mundane guy on girl vanilla porn to more and more exotic genres. I’ve gotten into more things like glory holes and forced bi kind of stuff. Not that I have any desire to experiment with another man, but for some reason the idea of sucking a cock has become a more central part of my porn leanings. I have kept my porn and masturbation activities from Margo as I am not sure that she would understand nor accept them.

Lately I have had the feeling that maybe she is cheating on me. I don’t have any direct evidence, but her demeanor in bed has become a little more aggressive and frequent. She would occasionally initiate sex, but lately it’s like she can’t get enough and she has jumped me more than ever.

It was her idea for us to take a vacation to an expensive luxury tropical island resort. She said that we needed to get away from it all and go where no one knew us and we could just cut loose. The resort had a small private island about 100 yards offshore that had a small beach hidden from view of the resort.

It was known for nude sunbathing. We decided to paddle out to check it out. When we got to the secluded beach there was only one person there, an attractive man lying naked on his stomach.

As we came into his view he looked up and greeted us with a smile. “I was wondering if I was going to be the only one here today. Welcome.” He gave a look at my wife that sort of gave me the indication that they had met before. He nonchalantly rolled onto his side facing us to expose a cock that was bigger soft than mine is erect. He simply smiled at us and said “hi, I’m William. You do know it’s rude to be clothed here when others are naked right?”

My wife just looked at me, smiled and took off her suit, and got down on the blanket next to him.

When she reached out and grabbed his cock I shouted “what are you doing??”

“Relax, we are on vacation and no one knows us here and William so nicely invited us. Why don’t you join us?”

Next thing I know I am naked lying next to her watching illegal bahis while she strokes his growing cock. I was in shock when she gets between his legs and leans in to start licking the head of his cock

I can’t believe what I am seeing. She has been faithful to me throughout our marriage and always a bit of a prude yet here she was sucking a complete stranger’s cock right in front of me!

“Oh honey, this is amazing. Come here and feel how hard this thing is.” She reached over and pulled me closer and placed my hand on his cock. I held it while she went back to sucking it.

I was in a trance as I started to jack him in rhythm to her head bobs. His cock really was amazing.

“You’ve got to taste this” as she pushed my head towards William’s monster. The world was spinning as I felt like I was watching the three of us from above and not really part of what was happening on the blanket. I instinctively opened my mouth as she guided it past my lips. Now it was her turn to stroke it while she pushed my head deeper onto his shaft with her other hand.

I started to get into a rhythm bobbing up and down, trying to get a little further with each down stroke. Soon I could feel his cock getting even harder and then he moaned and grabbed the back of my head

Even though I knew what was coming, I was surprised by how much cum erupted into my mouth.

“Don’t swallow honey, I want to share”

After we finished sharing his sweet cum I realized what I had just done and jumped up in embarrassment

I had never wanted to give another man a blowjob but I got so caught up in the moment that I did it without even thinking. Now all kinds of thoughts raced through my head: Am I gay? Did I subconsciously want to do that?

“It’s OK honey, I am so turned on that you just did that. That was the hottest thing I ever saw.” I noticed that she had his still erect cock in her hand and was slowly stroking it

When she climbed on top of him and guided it into her pussy I just couldn’t believe it.

Through this whole thing William hadn’t said anything.

He told her “Spin around”, and to me, “get down there and lick her clit and my balls”. When I hesitated he stared me in the eyes and said “NOW!”

I did as I was told

I alternated between her pussy and his illegal bahis siteleri cock and balls, tasting their combined flavors. When he was close, he pulled out and said “I want to cum in your mouth again”

I immediately plunged my mouth down on his cock as he erupted another huge blast of cum.

“Show me before you swallow it. I want to see you play with it”. Like a little puppy dog trying to please his master I did what I was told.

When we were finished he stood up and put on his swim trunks and before he got in the water to head back to the resrt he told us “OK, I like you two. That was fun. If you’re up for it we can make this trip even more memorable for you. For the rest of your stay here you will both do whatever I tell you and be ready for me whenever I wish. Are you game?”

We both looked at each other and mindlessly nodded in agreement as he swam back.

That night as were ready to go to bed we had a long talk about what happened that day. My wife asked me how I felt about it and I told her I was both ashamed and embarrassed but that it also turned me on more than I would have expected. She said “that makes sense. I kind of expected that”. Her response made me think, but I just left it.

The next day we went around like typical tourists enjoying all the things the resort had to offer. We never saw William.

Right after dinner when we returned to our room we found a note that had been slipped under the door. “Come to my room at 10:00. The door will be open. Strip naked and Michael, you sit silently on the chair. Margo will wait on her knees facing you. When I enter neither one of you will speak. Be prompt.”

Of course we showed up at exactly 10:00 and did as instructed. We waited for what felt like hours but was probably only ten minutes before William arrived. Without saying anything, he walked over to us, pulled his cock out of his pants and shoved it into my mouth. He told Margo to start sucking my cock at the same time.

What an incredible feeling to have my mouth stuffed with his marvelous cock while mine was being sucked by my loving wife.

It wasn’t long before I felt those familiar stirrings and I knew I was about to cum. Just then without warning William grabbed my head and held it still as he began to fill my mouth. As canlı bahis siteleri the first jet pumped into my mouth I tensed and started to do the same.

It was the most intense orgasm I ever had.

“Margo, give Michael a kiss and share all of his load so he has both of them in his mouth. Michael, you are to hold it in your mouth until I tell you that you can swallow. You may play with it if you wish,”

“OK Margo, now get me hard so I can fuck you.” She did as she was told. They fucked for quite a while as I sat there mesmerized with a mouthful of cum.

When he was ready to cum he called me over and placed the head of his dick in my mouth and pumped out another load.

“OK, now you can swallow. Make sure not to spill any.”

When I had gulped down the cum, Margo got up and called for room service. When she sat back down William looked at her and said, “What do you think Margo, did we make him a cocksucker?”

WHAT??!! Have I just been set up? WTF is going on? Margo saw the look of astonishment on my face and started to explain what was going on. “Honey, I love you madly but our sex life has been a little stale lately. One day a few months ago I was looking for a website on your laptop and I came across your browser history. It took me a while to process all the gay blowjob porn that you have been viewing. I met William around that time and we had immediate chemistry and we started to have an affair. I don’t want to leave you and I hope that you feel the same. When I shared your viewing habits with him he suggested that maybe we should give you a safe way to experiment to see if it was something that you would try in real life and not just in fantasy. Well, I think we all know how that turned out.” “So William, I think his training is almost complete.”

Just then there was a knock on the door. I started to get up to get dressed but William commanded me to stay where I was. When the waiter came in Margo told him that she had a very special tip for him. She guided him over to stand in front of me (I was still on my knees), unzipped him and pulled out his cock.

“OK honey, show us what you learned.”

Without hesitation I pulled his growing cock into my mouth and got to work. It wasn’t long before he cried out and flooded my mouth with a large, sweet creamy load of cum.

As the waiter left (very happy might I add) Margo turned to William and said, “Yeah looks like we made him into a great little cocksucker, although he obviously really wanted it as he is a natural.”

“So, what’s next?”

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