Vacation Pt. 02

Big Dicks

The rest of the week in New Orleans had been quiet compared to that first night. But what a night it had been. Bill and Brandi had enjoyed re-living it when they made love. Brandi was more relaxed and even seemed more open sexually. They hadn’t incorporated anything new together since that night, but she had gone to the store one day and bought a couple of new clothing items, including a nearly sheer top that she wore without a bra in the evenings on Bourbon Street.

It made things hard for Bill in more ways than one. But they enjoyed it and relaxed even more before they left for the next stop on their trip.

Bill awoke to the sounds of the Caribbean dancing against the beautiful tan sands of the island. The sliding door to their suite was open to let in a nice breeze as he laid in the hammock that was set up on the balcony of their room.

They had gotten to the resort the afternoon before. The flights had been a little rough though, so they had gone to dinner and then called it an early night. Nothing too crazy, but they were happy to find a hammock big enough for two on their balcony. Brandi decided to switch off the lights and get naked before walking out on the deck. They fell asleep like that for a while, only waking up when the breeze got too strong and they headed back in to cuddle naked. Her warm skin felt amazing on his as they wrapped the blankets tight.

Early the next morning, she slipped out in a pair of tights and zip up purple sports bra. While the resort itself was quite open to nudity and even public sex, which she was looking forward to, she had seen the yoga class and gym information before they had gotten there. Walking in, she got herself set up in the locker room with a towel and change of shoes to go running after her yoga session.

Seeing herself in the mirror, she admired her abdomen and the camel toe through her pants.

Her workout pants only went to her knees and she smiled, knowing that they were just thick enough with being black that she didn’t have to wear any underwear. The thought of being in such little clothing made her horny. To make it even more fun, she folded the top hem of her pants a couple of times to just along her hip bones. This made her pussy standout even more, which made her grin at her new found excitement.

Walking into the yoga class, the room was slightly dark with the shades pulled and low lighting.

Several women were getting comfortable and set up. It was an all female class, so a couple of them were topless. Not that it mattered, but they could feel freer in this setting.

Overall, the class was uneventful. But she noticed that another woman her age was checking her out.

It was just surprising. The other girl looked Vietnamese, with beautiful tanned skin all over. She was topless and had stunning breasts that sloped gently into a well rounded curve that culminated into two perfect nipples that looked just like sweet candy. Not a tan line could be seen, which made her both horny and somewhat self-conscious. She wanted to suck on those nipples, which made her own hard and gave a little bit of a print through on her sports bra.

As they walked out, the other woman came over to her and introduced herself as Dani.

Heading back into the locker room, Dani asked Brandi what she was heading to do next. Brandi answered, “With a run. Would you like to go?” She surprised even herself by asking that. Dani smiled and said yes. Dani pulled a black sports bra on laughing as she said, “Don’t want everyone seeing the girls right away. Gotta leave something to the imagination.” She winked and they headed out.

The run was a lot of fun. Both were able to work up a good sweat on the running trail around the resort.

Dani kept checking her out, watching her breasts rise and fall. It didn’t take long for Brandi to start noticing Dani’s as well. They bounced gently she noticed with every step, which made her body begin illegal bahis to tingle seeing that movement, even through the fabric of the bra. Dani was impressed with the fact that she could tell Brandi had no underwear on, which made her smile thinking about how fun this would be. As they ran Brandi felt the fabric against her bare pussy lips, which were rubbing together with every move. Surprisingly, watching Dani’s chest heave drove her crazy and with a light layer of sweat on her skin, Brandi shuddered from a small orgasm.

Slowing to a walk, Dani ripped her bra off. Being morning, there still weren’t too many people awake yet. It felt freeing to let her chest breathe. Brandi admired the freedom along with the glow she saw.

As they headed back to the locker room, Brandi surprised herself when she reached out to take Dani’s hand. Locking fingers, Brandi stopped them just outside the door where there was a beautiful view and they were slightly secluded from everyone else to kiss Dani.

Both of them drew sharp breaths from the intensity they felt.

Back in the locker room, their lockers were close to each other. Dani slammed Brandi against an empty space on the doors, pressing her hardened nipples and bare chest into her new lover’s skin. Brandi pulled her in tighter for a deeper kiss, hot wet tongues dancing together. One of her hands found Dani’s back, and slowly traced down to the top of her butt, right along the fabric hem at the waist.

Pushing Dani back to the nearby bench, Brandi stood back. She looked straight into Dani’s eyes as she peeled the zipper of her sports bra down, giving a show. As it fell away, she wiggled and let her yoga pants melt off, leaving her naked. Dani marveled at the beauty in front of her.

Dani quickly removed what was left of her clothes.

Throwing the clothes into their lockers, the two naked women took towels and headed towards the steam bath. No one else was around, so they headed in to just relax and carrying the towels instead of putting them on. Still flirting, Brandi admired that there were no tan lines anywhere on her new friend. The small heart shaped patch of hair just above her perfectly smooth mound made Brandi smile sexily.

Both were already sweaty and while the steam bath was warm, both felt turned on and had slight shudders at the thought of the game being played. The tension made it almost as fun as just being naked together with someone new.

Since no one else was around, Dani laid out her towel and settled back on it, letting her legs spread wide. Dani smiled coyly as she toyed with Brandi some more.

Brandi couldn’t believe the view as she scanned Dani’s glowing body, even in the dimly lit room.

Muscles relaxed in the warm room as Brandi followed suit, letting her body rest on the towel covering the bench. She had never felt so open and yet so calm. The beads of sweat formed a soft dew at first on each of their sensuous bodies, making them shine even in the dark. Brandi drifted off gently letting the experience relieve her stress to make her happy. It was the most relaxed she had been in a long time.

Dozing, she began to dream a little.

Brandi imagined her new friend crawling over to her in the low light. As Dani sat down at the end of the towel, she lifted Brandi’s feet and legs onto her toned lap, beginning to softly massage feet, ankles, and calves. Smiling at the beautiful woman caressing her skin, Brandi realized that it wasn’t a dream. She hummed a little.

“Please don’t stop love. This is a new part of me that I’m beginning to explore in enjoying women just as much as I do men.”

Dani smiled broadly, wondering what her new lover had already explored. But now was not the time for questions. It was time to make the other woman happy, to explore with her.

Working her way up slowly, she came out from under Brandi’s legs and kneeled over her on hands and knees. Gently working her illegal bahis siteleri way up, she massaged Brandi’s thighs, but jumped over the beautifully clean shaved pussy in front of her. It was hard, but it would be worth the teasing to work her way back. Kissing along Brandi’s hip line, she discovered how sensitive this new friend was, something she would have to keep in mind for later. Brandi was incredible sexy as she squirmed from the attention of lips gently gliding along where her panty line would be and the light sucking on her hip bone.

Dani continued exploring upward, softly kissing the center of Brandi’s chest between each breast. She licked from there straight up into a deep, longing kiss with Brandi while simultaneously lowering herself to press together. Nipples contacted first, followed by the warm full feeling of each breast melding in the heat and steam. Neither of them had ever experienced something like this in a steam bath, which only made it that much more appealing and novel.

Suddenly breaking the kiss, Dani got a sexy smile on her face and began kissing her way down Brandi’s tummy. She wasted no time finding the other woman’s pussy and was rewarded with an already soaking set of lips from more than the steam. Brandi tasted amazing to her.

In an even more daring move, she spread Brandi’s lips apart and blew into her. Brandi shuddered instantly with a massive orgasm that rippled from head to toe.

By the time Brandi opened her eyes, Dani was kneeling over top of her. It was an incredible sight with two perfect tits swinging freely right in front of her. She watched as drops of sweat glistened, rolling down each breast softly over the golden brown skin until it reached the nipples hanging over her. It pooled at the pointed, hardened points, with light gleaming through, before growing heavy enough to fall away and onto her own skin. Brandi’s skin tingled as the drops landed on her abdomen.

Lifting herself up slightly, she kissed Dani deeply and sensuously.

Dani returned the favor in kind by pressing her body back against Brandi.

As they made out, Dani adjusted as Brandi brought her knee up. Taking the opportunity, it almost drove the fair skinned beauty to orgasm as her new girlfriend lowered herself on and began grinding her soaking pussy against her leg. The contact felt wonderous to both as Dani let a hand slip between her new girl’s legs to massage the clit and finger her. Brandi loved the feeling of just the tip of her lover’s finger massaging and stroking at the opening of her tight cunt. Working together they created a wonderfully relaxing orgasm together as they kissed.

They kept the embrace and lips pressed together as long as they could.

Neither of them had seen the other two women slip in who were watching intently.

As they relaxed and noticed the other two, the observers smiled coyly. Both were blonde, but one was short (or fun size as Brandi thought to herself) while the other was tall as she enjoyed checking them out. Her attention went back to her own sweet new friend as Dani took her hand. They smiled at the others as Dani said, “Enjoy. Maybe we’ll run into you later?” The shorter one answered with a giant sexy grin, “I hope so.”

They stepped out of the steam room and grabbed their towels. The locker room was a little busier, but neither wrapped up, proudly walking around naked. Dani wanted to take a shower, but Brandi shook her head. “Maybe we can explore that together later?” She winked and Dani smiled.

At the lockers, they dried off. Both dressed and walked out hand in hand.

They kissed one more time at the door. Dani asked, “We’re in room 506. If you decide you and your partner want to get together later.”

Brandi had never thought of Bill as her partner, but the idea thrilled her as they parted ways.

She hadn’t noticed how flushed she was from the workout and steam room orgasm after. But canlı bahis siteleri Bill noticed with a smile on his face as his girl was hot and sweaty with a new glow. He was laying naked in bed with a sexy movie on, but as he saw her with this look, she had his undivided attention. Something was new. She smiled realizing that she had a new secret side that she was exploring for herself. With her lips concealing the sensual passion she had just experienced, Brandi locked eyes with Bill. Her left hand moved unconsciously to release her breasts from the captivity of her purple sports bra. He had noticed her nipples poking through, which made it clear how turned on she was.

The entire experience was new to him, but he wasn’t going to complain. Something had her going.

As the bra fell away her right hand pushed her yoga pants right back off. They had only been on a couple of minutes, but he couldn’t tell. She was hot and sweaty, which he took to mean she had only had a good workout. The secret was burning in her, but she swore to herself that it was her experience. They had agreed that it was up to the individual if they wanted to share any details of encounters they had separately. She was sharing it with him, but not the details.

Holding his gaze, she glided across the room to the open balcony door and paused.

“Get out here and fuck me. I’m wet and need your cock.”

He was so stunned that he almost couldn’t believe his ears with the change that had come over her. But he was up in a heartbeat as she was leaning over the rail, her pussy and ass exposed to him while her tits stood out freely for anyone to see. Being an adult only resort like this, no one thought twice…well, except for the couple in the hammock below that decided to watch and enjoy the show through the open metal railing of the balcony.

Something about the moment drove Bill crazy with an animalistic desire. Instead of trying to stop it, he let it control him.

Nothing stopped him from just pushing his way into her, mounting her from behind.

Brandi moaned loudly as he slid in without pausing and using her shoulders to push into her as deeply as he could. It almost hurt, by was so pleasurable that the pain disappeared instantly. He pulled back and slammed into her even further. The added element of his hand on her shoulder made her feel sexy while being dominated in a new way they had never considered before. It helped even more when he grunted as his cock forced even deeper into her while he reached up with his other hand and pulled her hair. She never felt so sexy, open, vulnerable, and amazing.

Her moans and his grunting made the couple below watch in amazement. Brandi’s orgasm blew her mind as she released from the passion.

Bill wasn’t done however, letting his body control everything. In a new twist for him, he had cum inside of her, but hadn’t fully orgasmed.

He owned her and his body owned him. Nothing could stop the feeling of dominance and fire.

With a low growl, he released the biggest shot of cum deep inside of her. He owned her sexually in that moment and didn’t let up on her pussy until every last drop was out of him. She couldn’t believe the power that had come from him, but didn’t want to do anything other than completely surrender to it.

Below, the couple that had been watching could no longer hold back by just rubbing themselves. Her boyfriend untied her skimpy teal bikini bottoms as they got out of the hammock. She laid on the grass and wrapped her legs around the back of his neck. His cock slipped in and she matched her moans to Brandi’s while she got pounded passionately.

Bill kept pounding into her as she watched the other couple. The four of them felt connected in that moment of heat. Brandi couldn’t believe how sexy it was to watch and be watched like this. It made her feel more alive than ever.

She orgasmed again with even bigger scream as the power and tingling sensation rushed through her body. They came apart as the other couple exploded in their own ecstasy from the experience.

Brandi and Bill collapsed back into the bedroom and as he drifted back to sleep, she licked his cock clean.

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