VERY ‘Sloppy Seconds!’


VERY ‘Sloppy Seconds!’I stood not far away watching as my wife was fucking her new Bull, Duane, and as I did, my cock was jutting out as erect as it was ever likely to be, and though I knew I wasn’t going to be invited to fuck her myself this time, I was going to get to do something I loved just as much!As Duane’s considerably bigger cock pounded away deep inside my wife’s juicy-wet pussy, and as his large balls slapped up against her perineum with the regularity of a precision watch, I felt that strangely exciting (and slightly painful) ache in the pit of my stomach I’d grown used to over the year or so that I’d become a cuckold.’Oh god!’ I thought, ‘look at that BLACK cock!’ It was far, far bigger than mine (at about seven and half inches, compared to my mere five incher)!I wanted to take my cock out and jerk off so bad at that moment, and yet, illegal bahis I refrained from doing so! I’d already gone for nearly 14 days in a row of a complete and total chastity observance, so as I stood quietly watching as my wife fucked Duane with such unabashed abandon, I found myself biting my lower lip with the growing frustration, that  both hated, and loved, all at the same time!Duane had already unloaded an earlier load of cum, and he was apparently about to do so yet again! He seemed to never have any lack of that pearly-colored stuff; where as with me—I was lucky to shoot a small amount of cum, and that only once! Plus, unlike Duane, after I’d shot my load, I couldn’t maintain an erection! My wife had often complained that she was ‘just getting started’ when I was finished! This had not been the case with Duane! He was exactly what illegal bahis siteleri my wife had once wished I could be like!Eventually, Duane came again, and this time, after he’d ejaculated his second load into my wife’s pussy, he withdrew…only to reveal a huge load of his cum oozing heavily out of her bright pink pussy!”Oh my god!” I said out loud. I couldn’t help it!As Duane move to one side of my wife, I was invited to jerk-off on her tummy, and through nicely surprised that I was being allowed to do so, I got on my knees next to her and furiously masturbated till I expelled my own (meager!) quantity of cum! It felt so wonderful to finally, after 14 days of total chastity, to come; and I didn’t care that Duane laid there, smiling up at me, as I unloaded everything that I had to give!”Now, clean ALL of this up!” My wife said canlı bahis siteleri to me, in her stern, commanding voice, and I began with my small amount of cum, and then worked my way down to between her legs, where Duane’s two HUGE loads of cum was flowing out like a river of liquid pearls; and as soon as I started tasting it, I just went wild with exhilaration and unfettered lust! I keptdoing that till I could find not one last drop of Duane’s cum; and then I raised up, my face and mouth smeared with my wife’s pussy juice and this other guys cum, and I smiled proudly, happily, satisfied in a way that not every man could grasp!”Well done!” My wife said, praising me. “Thank you!” I replied, feeling extremely happy!”Didn’t he do well, Duane?” My wife said, turning to look at Duane, who was faintly grinning.”He’s a good cuckold!” He said.”He’s a wonderful cuckold!” My wife said. “I’m lucky to have such a devoted and eager cuckold for a husband!”Duane grinned, and then leaned over and kissed one of my wife’s breasts, and suckled her rosy-pink nipple, and flicking it with his broad tongue.The End 

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