Wanda Makes up with Her Boyfriend Ch. 03


Wanda bit her lower lip gently in excitement. Wanda was laying on her back. Gravity had flattened her tits under her neck. Her soft breast flesh flowed gently to her shoulders. Julie was propped on one arm looking down on her, enjoying the site of her magnificent chest. Julie slipped his finger under her white bra strap and pulled it slowly down her shoulder. The cup of her bra lowered across the top of her large breast. He stopped as the cup of her bra reached the edge of her dark brown areola her repeated the procedure on Wanda’s other side. He traced the top edge of where Wanda’s darker breast skin started. Wanda curled her toes as she sucked in air. Julie always treated her breasts like Christmas Morning. She was never sure how he would remove her top but it was always done with great enthusiasm. Wanda had worn a bra that clasped in the front today. It was no easy task to find one that fit her large chest and it cost a fortune.

The pay off though was the look of glee in Julie’s eyes as he undid the clasp, and slowly pulled the cups apart. Julie’s green eyes were wide as Wanda’s nipples came into view. If Wanda watched Julie close enough she could see Julie’s pupils dilate till only a tiny green ring circled them as he took in her nipples. Wanda would think of Superman’s heat vision as he stared at her breasts. Her nips would illegal bahis harden under his gaze. Right now it felt like her nips were harder than they had ever been. Just the air hitting her nipples was sending tremors through her pussy. Julie Ran his fingers under her breast and Wanda arched her back involuntarily. Julie lowered his lips to Wanda’s left tit. He was barely able to resist the temptation to draw her hard nipple through his lips and instead ran his hot tongue under her nips. Wanda felt the walls shake as the heat ran through her.

Wanda squirmed and caused Julie to brush her diamond hard nipple with his tongue. The heat caused her to let out a yelp of pleasure. That proved too much temptation for Julie. He wrapped his warm lips around her nipple tip. Wanda’s walls quivered and went tight. Julie’s mouth was warm which made her nips hot which made Julies mouth hotter in a cycle that was building pressure deep within her. Julie’s tongue made circles around Wanda’s nipples as he sucked with building pressure. Wanda’s mind spun in circles at the same pace as Julie’s tongue. Every circle sent warm electric pulses to Wanda’s steaming womanhood. Wanda hated Julie for going so slow.

The pressure was building steadily. Julie switched nipples and the heat from his lips and tongue hit her all at once. Her body shook illegal bahis siteleri uncontrollably as she started to implode as her walls tightened in orgasm. She pushed Julie off her breast before the pressure crushed her entire being. Julie took this as his cue to kiss down Wanda’s stomach. Julie deftly unsnapped Wanda’s Jeans and lowered the zipper. He pulled and shimmied her jeans down her curvy ass. Wanda’s silky white panties were soaked. Julie slipped Wanda’s pants all the way off. They exchanged eye contact. Wanda’s eyes pleaded for a second to regain her composure. Julie’s eyes conveyed no mercy. He returned to kissing Wanda’s stomach. Julie’s lips brushed Wanda’s skin sending waves of pleasure across her body.

He shifted his attention to her hip and continued down. Wanda knew he would pass over her pussy to get to her thighs but wondered how teasingly close he would get to her promised land on the way down. He edged down the line of her panties. She could feel his warm kisses on the edge her pubic mound as he got as close to her flower petals as you could possibly get without actually kissing her flower. Again her walls tightened from the pressure. Wanda almost disappeared from the pressure she was so tight. Julie nibbled softly on Wanda’s inner thigh and Wanda almost slipped into orgasm. Wanda about to lose canlı bahis siteleri control slipped her wet panties off Julie started to ask if she was ready but Wanda was already pressing her pelvis into his face.

Julie’s warm tongue touched her womanhood and she bucked violently from the warm pressure on her clit. His lips wrapped around her swollen clit and pulled her pink flesh with suction. Wanda’s thighs slammed closed around Julie’s head. His tongue gently glided over Wanda’s button and she closed tighter around his head. Wanda could see the edge approach. She was disappearing as she got closer. She got tighter and tighter. Her thighs squeezed Julies head harder and harder. Julie could barely turn his head to catch his breath before going for the finish line. Wanda was closer and closer to the edge. Wanda used to worry about how hard she squeezed Julie’s head in her thighs but Wanda knew he was indestructible.

Wanda was so tight. She was so close. She was squeezing so hard. She was so hot. The universe was collapsing into her in a ball of blue heat. Then she imploded and exploded and fell all at the same time. As the ground rushed up at her, a wave of heat flowed from her core. Her body tensed completely as she hit the ground. The pressure reached a crescendo. Then she released all the tension. She let Julie’s head go and he joined her at the top of the bed. He was panting heavily. Wanda was too spent to care. Her body was lit up like a Christmas tree. Julie had that smug grin on his face. He knew he had done good. Wanda could hardly move.

To be continued

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