Was That on the Lunch Menu?


They’ve made a date to meet for lunch. She’s excited, but nervous, wondering if they’ll meet each other’s expectations and imaginings that have developed over the year or so they’ve been corresponding online and talking on the phone. But, she thinks, no matter what, it will be lovely to finally meet again this dear man she’s come to intimately know and care for. On another level, It will be especially fun to see him as he is the only person from her long-distant high school days that she’s had the opportunity to meet again now that she’s an adult.

She’s wearing a floral sun dress that hugs her curvy figure, with a low cut, but modest neckline. She’s got a little summer sweater on too, since the restaurant will most likely be cool. As she approaches the restaurant’s entrance, she nervously touches the pendant at her neck, her mother’s pendant, heart-shaped and covered with tiny diamonds. She adjusts the clasp of the pendant’s gold chain, moving it to the back of her neck where it belongs, and centers the pendant again.

As she opens the door to the restaurant, she catches a glimpse of her hand. Her nails are trimmed short, with a pretty shade of plum lacquer on them that coordinates nicely with her dress. She’s done her toenails the same color – she glances down and sees her little toes peeking out of her sandals. This prompts her to do her usual check for the gold band toe rings she wears on the second toe of each foot. “Yep, still there.” She never takes the rings off, but has a nervous habit of always checking to make sure they’re there.

After she steps inside the restaurant, she adjusts the rings on her hands, another nervous habit. She moves her mother’s huge diamond wedding set back to an upright position on her finger. It’s a little big for her, but she loves it and will always wear it. Then she adjusts her wedding ring on her other hand. She loves that ring too. When she first saw it in the jewelry store, she couldn’t even imagine having it, but her husband said, “Get it!” She smiles at the thought of her husband, and laughs to herself that she has to be very careful about what she admires when they are together, because he will always get it for her.

She tells the hostess that she’s meeting a friend, and she’ll wait up front till he arrives. She checks her watch again. She’s a few minutes early, but thinks she needs this extra time to calm down and quit blushing. She sits on the bench and crosses her legs, uncrosses her legs, jiggles her feet around, then decides to just stand up.

She sits back down again and opens her purse. She pulls out a little mirror to check her lipstick, as any self-respecting cosmetics rep would do. She’s got the same plum shade on her lips; yes, she is cosmetically coordinated today, even the eye shadow is working with “the look.” That reminds her, she takes her business card out of her purse, and a little sample of lipstick and gives it to the hostess. Never miss an opportunity to share her line of cosmetics!

She chuckles as she realizes that now she can “write off” this lunch as a business expense. Her chat with the hostess about cosmetics has taken her mind off of her nerves for a moment, and she’s feeling a bit more relaxed. As she turns to go back to the waiting area, she sees him enter the restaurant. She catches her breath, sighs softly, and her cheeks flush hot. She’s not sure what to do: approach him? just stand there? bolt from the room? In the brief moment from when she first saw him, he has looked up and seen her as well. She takes a few tentative steps in his direction as he walks toward her. Her heart is beating so fast that it’s making her temples throb.

As he gets nearer, she smiles shyly and mouths the word “Hi”.

No sounds come out, but he reads her lips and responds, “Hi!” in that charming Indiana drawl that she cherishes hearing. She begins to reach her hand out to him, which he takes and uses to pull her toward him into a hug. As she steps closer to him, she breathes in deeply to memorize his scent: his cologne is so sexy. It’s such a rush to finally be in his arms.

Their hug is warm and friendly, and she thinks to herself, “He’s the perfect height for hugging, our bodies fit together at just the right places.”

She’d like to stay in the embrace for hours, but since they’re standing in the doorway of the restaurant, they decide to disengage and get a table. He whispers into her ear before he lets her go, “Are you ok?” He knows how nervous she gets.

She smiles as she remembers their first phone conversation all those months ago. She was so flustered and surprised that he’d called her that he had to do most of the talking that night. She had finally relaxed about two hours into that marathon phone date. And unexpectedly, they’d both had their very first phone sex encounter during that conversation. On the phone and through their computers, they had quite a hot sexual relationship. Would they have those same passionate feelings for each other in a real-life encounter?

She illegal bahis smiles and whispers her response to his question into his ear, “Mmmm, I think I’m ok.” They are shown to a booth in the back corner of the dimly lit restaurant. As they scoot in and take the menus from the hostess, she’s glad that he’s able to carry the conversation, and comfortable enough to take charge. The hostess asks if they would like a drink. He answers for the both of them, and orders something from the bar.

It’s been many years since she’s had any alcohol, but she’s ready for a relaxing drink right now! She’s decided to follow his lead, and go wherever the afternoon (and he) takes her. After the hostess leaves them alone, he turns toward her and smiles, looking at her with his head cocked a bit to the side. Through smiling, narrowed, blue-gray eyes, he suggests, “Why don’t you move a little closer?”

She moves nearer and looks at him with her eyebrows raised, wordlessly asking, “Is this ok?” He smiles his approval.

“So, howya doing?” he asks. She giggles nervously. They know the most intimate of details about each other, and have made passionate love to each other on the internet and on the phone, but now, here in person, she’s suddenly very, very shy.

He was prepared for this, and takes charge again. He takes her hand in his, and shakes it a bit, as if to say, “get a grip, it’ll be ok.” As he begins to let go of her hand, she suddenly takes hold of HIS hands, holding both of them in hers. She loves men’s hands. She looks at his closely, intensely studying them. She begins to caress them, enjoying the smoothness of his skin, admiring the strength in them. She bends his hands at the wrists, and touches her palms to his palms, matching their sizes and enjoying the feeling of her hands being enveloped in his. She laces her fingers between his, and as they gently squeeze each other’s hands, she gets the courage to look up into his face.

As her soft brown eyes meet his, he smiles warmly at her again. This causes her to smile back, and let out a soft sigh. She feels dizzy now; she’s not touched a man other than her husband in this way in over 20 years. “Wow,” she thinks, “the smallest of touches can be so erotic and exciting.”

Just then, the waitress arrives with their drinks. They release their hold of each other and reach for the drinks she is handing them. The waitress asks if they are ready to order, or if they need more time. As they look at each other and chuckle, he answers, “Yes, we’ll need more time.”

She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to eat much, she’s afraid she won’t be able to eat at all. Noticing the drink that’s just been handed her, she decides to take a big sip of it to calm herself. It doesn’t take her long to nervously devour nearly half the big glass of strawberry margarita, a girlie drink he knew she’d enjoy, while absentmindedly staring at her menu.

She suddenly realizes she’s feeling a bit buzzed, but much better overall. She looks over at her “date”, to find him staring at her, with a bemused expression on his face. This causes her to smile, and her cheeks to flush again. “What?” she asks.

He just laughs, then asks, “Do you know what you’d like to order?” She has to admit that she’s not even begun to read the menu. He suggests they just get an appetizer to share and see how they feel after that. Sounds good to her, it was hurting her brain to try and figure out what to order.

With that bit of business out of the way, they can now focus back on each other: the reason they’ve met in the first place. He reaches out and caresses the back of her neck with his hand, “Wow, you’re warm,” he remarks.

She goes for the obvious and replies, “Ohhh baby, YOU make me hot!” They laugh; it’s easier to say these things over their computers; in person it comes out pretty funny-sounding.

She touches the top of his hand that’s gently massaging her neck and works her way up his wrist, his arm, to his shoulder. She’s immensely enjoying the feel of his skin as she squeezes his muscles along the path. She likes seeing the contrast between her milky white and his well-tanned skin.

When she reaches his neck, she caresses it and then works her fingers through the back of his dark, thick hair for awhile before moving to his ears. She traces a slow outline around them, then along his jaw line and chin. She reaches his lips with her fingers, and tentatively, shyly, touches them, outlining them, then moving her fingertips over their full surface. Unexpectedly, he opens his lips and takes one of her fingers into his mouth. This causes her to let out a fairly loud moaning sigh – which is a good thing, as she’d forgotten to breathe since she began touching him!

With her finger trapped between his lips, she looks into his eyes to see what he will do next. He slowly begins to suck on her finger, and she suddenly feels her clit begin to throb with excitement. “Ohhh man. Breathe, breathe, breathe,” she keeps reminding herself.

At this point, the illegal bahis siteleri waitress is back, and he releases her finger. Dammit. She takes her drink and chugs most of the rest of it down as he orders appetizers and schmoozes the waitress. When they’re alone again, she puts her hands in her lap and looks into his face. She’s feeling quite comfortable and much looser now. “Now, where were we?” he asks. They both smile. Boldly, she reaches her hand nearest him to rest it on his thigh. They’re in the back booth, and the tablecloth is long, so only they know where her hand is and what it just might do.

She can’t take it for very long before she MUST explore his leg. She enjoys the feel of his strong thigh through his slacks. And she loves the reaction this elicits from him. Now HE’S letting out a moaning sigh. “What?” she innocently asks.

“You tease,” he replies in a near whisper. They smile at each other again.

He moves his hand to her neck again, pulling his fingers through her dark auburn, shoulder length hair, then traces the same paths she took on his face. As he’s fingering her ear, he bends near and breathes hotly into it, sending a visible shiver throughout her entire body. Then she feels his warm lips lightly kissing her ear, and nearly orgasms as his expert tongue flicks around this very erotic area. “Oh…my…god…,” her mind is screaming.

Her hand, which had stopped its movement on his thigh when the action at her ear got interesting, suddenly took on a will of its own. Without ability to control it, she found her hand moving straight for his crotch. She took a first pass, gently touching the fly area of his Dockers. “Oh baby, he’s erect already!” races through her mind. When her hand stops over the erection, and presses ever-so-gently against it, their eyes meet again, and they both moan softly in unison, “Mmmmm…”

Just then the waitress appears with their appetizers. Now both are looking a bit flushed. He orders another round of drinks, and tells the waitress he’ll let her know if they need anything else. She takes the hint and disappears quickly.

Now SHE asks, “Hmmmm, where were we?” He takes her hand and places it back over his erection. “Ohhh, yes, I remember where we were!” she laughs.

He gets back to his activities as well. His fingertips are working their way around her face, feeling the softness of her skin, tracing the outline of her lips. Suddenly, she finds his thumb placed firmly between her lips. Her head drops back a bit and her eyes nearly close as she begins to sensuously, erotically, suck his thumb. She flicks her tongue around it, and gives it her best oral maneuvers.

She releases his thumb from her lips as she sees the waitress approaching with their drinks. After they are delivered, and the waitress is assured they don’t need anything further, they are blessedly alone again. They realize they haven’t touched the food in front of them yet. “We’d better have some of this, just to keep up appearances, don’t you think?” he asks.

“OK,” she replies. They nibble a bit at the food, but neither has much heart for it, they are more anxious to nibble at each other.

Without warning, he takes her face into his hands and brings it close to his. He looks intensely into her eyes. She is so wet, so throbbing down below that she can hardly breathe again. It makes her hot when he takes control. He guides her face to his lips and kisses her nose, her eyebrows, her cheeks, and then lightly brushes against her full, sensitive lips.

She can’t stand any more of the teasing, she MUST have his lips on hers, hard, firm, insistent, and NOW. He realizes this and obliges. Her arms move around his broad shoulders, hugging him as close to her as she can get him, her hands squeezing and tugging gently at the back of his hair. They stay locked in that passionate kiss for who-knows-how-long, just the two of them in their own private universe, tongues exploring mouths, kissing deeply, passionately, like they did that one erotic night all those years ago. It had been decades since their single encounter at a high school graduation party, but the memories of his kiss, his touch, had stayed vividly with her through the years.

When they finally stop for air, he moans, “Ohhh, baby.”

She can just barely manage, “Ohhh, Mark.” He kisses her a few more times, just with lips, before pulling back a bit and taking a drink. “Wow,” she says softly.

“Wow, indeed,” he replies. She looks at him and smiles, then takes her fingers and wipes a bit of her lipstick from his mouth.

“That shade is all wrong for you,” she chuckles. He just smiles, and wipes with his napkin to make sure he’s not wearing any more of her lipstick. “You’re ok now,” she assures him.

They both sip again from their drinks and pick a bit at the food in front of them. They begin to talk, to catch up on the news from each other’s lives since their last email correspondence. They laugh and joke and tease and flirt; two friends enjoying a canlı bahis siteleri lively conversation.

Suddenly, she stops nibbling at the appetizers and reaches out to touch him again. It’s just so wonderful to be near him in person after all this time, she can’t stand to not be touching him while she has the chance. She presses the front of his chest with her flat palm. Mens’ chests are another of her favorite things, and she loves the strong, solid chest she is exploring through his shirt.

She leans toward him slightly, and notices his eyes have dropped to her cleavage that is now visible from his angle of sight. She smiles and scrunches her shoulders together a bit to tease him with more. He can see the top of her low-cut lacy lavender bra from down her dress’s neckline. “You like?” she asks.

“Me like,” he answers.

“You can touch if you’d like,” she offers. He quickly glances around the nearly deserted restaurant, then begins with the back of his hand and fingers innocently brushing against the top of her chest. He pauses for a bit to rub back and forth between the two swells of flesh, then turns his hand over and with his whole palm and fingers envelopes as much of her breast as he can from the outside of her clothes, flicking his fingertips across her already hard nipple. She groans.

She desperately wants him to touch and squeeze her bare nipples between his fingers, to suck them with his lips, to gently bite them, to tease them into agonizing hardness. She’s aware of how wet she is again, and her clit is throbbing crazily.

She leans forward even more and whispers into his ear what she wants him to do to her nipples. As she is leaning toward him, her hands move, as if with a will of their own, toward his erection. She can’t stop herself before she’s unzipped his fly and is on a desperate mission to wrap her fingers around him. The need to touch him there has superseded all decorum. “Cool! He’s ‘gone commando’ today – no underwear to impede my mission!” she smiles to herself.

He groans as she makes contact with his bare, erect penis. She encircles it with her hand, rubbing the smooth skin of it gently up and down. As she rubs its large head back and forth across her palm, she feels a warm moistness coming from the tip. The urge to taste him is nearly overwhelming. Dare she bend her head down under the tablecloth and take what she craves? She doesn’t give a shit what happens, she’s going for it! “Cover me, I’m going down,” she says.

His eyes widen and he looks quickly around the restaurant. “No one is around, what the hell,” he thinks.

She takes his lovely head into her mouth, and licks up all the liquid she can from it. She knows she can’t stay down there for long, so she takes him as deeply into her mouth as he can go and works her tongue wildly all around him, sucking him sensuously in and out a few times for good measure. When she sits back up, she tells him, “Damn, you taste fine!” He just chuckles at this suddenly wild thing sitting next to him.

He looks at her, wondering what will happen next. With their eyes locked, she spreads her legs as wide as she can, and puts the leg closest to him up over his thigh. He quickly peaks under the tablecloth to make sure what he feels on his leg is really what he thinks it is. “Damn, girl,” he says quietly. She just smiles.

He needs no further invitation, and his hands move quickly below the tablecloth. He slides his hands under her dress, up her smooth thighs, and finds the little thong panties she’s wearing to be an easy thing to move aside. She groans, and not quietly either. When he feels how wet she is, he groans as well, and less quietly than he intended.

Now, his tactile memory of her from all those years ago, and his present-day imaginings of her are all lining up for him. With his whole hand, he covers her wet lips and mound, gently squeezing and vibrating back and forth with his hand. She softly orgasms from just that touch. His fingers explore her outer lips. Yes, they are just as he remembered, full and wet and scrumptious! She slides herself down a little in the booth, to open herself wider for him. She’s softly panting and moaning. He’s hoping the waitress doesn’t come back to check on them for awhile, as there is no way to disguise what he’s doing to her under that tablecloth.

He slides his middle finger between her pouty labia and runs it up and down her dripping inner lips. She stops breathing for a moment, then lets out a moan, which starts her breathing again. “Ohhhhh, Mark,” is all she can manage to say.

With only his finger to work with, he expertly brings her to another orgasm. Her eyes are closed and she is imagining that finger is his tongue. She wants more of him so badly. She’s GOT to find a way to have him, and have him NOW.

“I’ve got to go to the ladies room,” she pants.

“Oh, OK,” he says, with a bit of confusion in his voice. But he guesses to himself, “Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go…”

She straightens herself up, smooths her dress back down, and reaches for her purse. As she stands up from the booth, she leans over and whispers into his ear, “Ummm, don’t you need to go, too?” Then she softly kisses and lightly flicks her tongue over his ear and neck.

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