Wash Me


Part 1

(MF, PIV, rimming, public)

It’s a lazy Saturday early afternoon in the summer. The day is pleasantly warm, but not too hot. There is a nice breeze blowing on our faces, keeping us dry and cool. Our skin is soaking up the uv rays like a tonic, feeding future freckles.

There is no rush. No place to be. Nothing to worry about. It’s like a high school weekend during summer break. No obligations. No work. No school. Just existing and enjoying the day and each other’s company.

The old, beaten up dingy red car is half in, half out of the garage. The words “wash me” sprawled across the window. We are hanging out in there in the shade between bouts of sunlight. Don’t want to get burnt.

As our other friend takes off around the block to get a haircut and run some errands at the post office, I lift myself up onto the hood of the car, playfully splaying my body across it like a model. I think I look pretty hot in my super short shorts and tank top. Shorts riding slightly up into my ass crack, pleasantly pressing against my labia as I shift on the car.

I roll over onto my stomach, enjoying the warmth of the car on my skin, despite it being covered in dirt, desperately needing a wash, the way most beaten up cars do. But I don’t care.

As I lay there luxuriating in the lazy afternoon, you casually reach over and brush my cheek, fingertip tracing lightly over my ear, down my neck. I shiver, despite being so warm. Turn halfway to look at you.

You lean in close, brush your cheek against mine. A hint of facial hair. The fresh clean smell of your deodorant making me high.

Your hand lingers on my shoulder, hovering, caressing the edge of my back. I hear your breath catch in my ear. I’m not breathing either, caught in a moment of anticipation. But my heart beats a mile a minute, bringing blood to all the delicate areas on my body.

Still, your lips hover over my skin, in no hurry. Taking your time. Just feeling each other. Letting the moment hang there.

Finally your lips brush mine ever so lightly. Not moving, just brushing across. Nuzzling almost. Warm breath on my lips. Noses grazing.

Then the slightest movement, pursing, pressing. I return it with a tiny kiss. Your hand reaches the line in the middle of my back, tracing it.

Then firmer with your lips, feeling mine, pulling them in. Still, slowly.

Your body leans in closer, chest brushing mine as you open your lips ever so slightly to taste me. I open mine further, more insistently, wanting to taste you back. The tip of my tongue grazes your lips. Goosebumps break out, hair stands up. Electric.

Then the still moment ends as our desire grows. Your hand, brushing lightly, reaches my ass, half falling out of the shorts, and squeezes, pulling me into you. My breath, held in anticipation, releases in a tiny moan as you kiss me deeply, more urgently. My hands wrap around your body, feeling your muscles, your curves.

You unconsciously slide onto the hood of the car, the weight on your body resting on mine. Your leg settles between mine, a firm bulge pressing against my thigh through your jeans. I grab your butt and squeeze, pressing it against me, opening my legs to allow your leg to brush my crotch, which is, by now, completely soaked with arousal, lips engorged.

You break free from my mouth to taste my neck, kissing and brushing pendik escort bayan your way down to my chest. I gasp, breathing heavily, as you pull the scoop neck shirt down to kiss the top of my breast, your hands running over the curve of my waist, slipping under my shirt to feel the soft skin there. You peel the shirt down further, revealing my pink, erect nipple. Your lips brush the crinkled areola, sending a shiver of delight through me before your mouth opens again and your tongue gently caresses it, swirling around, lightly sucking.

I grasp your hair, holding your head closer, my own head leaned back in pleasure on the windshield. It briefly occurs to me that somebody walking by might see us, but it feels too good to stop.

Your left hand finally finds its way under my shirt up to the other nipple, and the pleasure doubles. At this point I am aching for you, thrusting my pelvis against your jeans, holding you tight.

But you don’t give me what I want yet. You take your time, even when consumed with desire. You want to savor every inch of me.

You stop a moment to lift my shirt over my head, give my breast one last suckle then kiss and taste your way down my belly, tickling me a bit. You slide down on the hood so you’re lined up with the button of my shorts. Still you kiss downwards until you’re between my legs.

You can smell the sweet musky scent of my arousal. You place your face against my crotch and breathe deeply, enjoying it, like breathing in a fine wine before taking the first sip.

As you kiss the slightly damp mound, your hands fumble at my waistband, struggling to pull my shorts down. I lose patience a bit and unbutton them for you, sliding them off my butt, along with my underwear so that you can tear them away.

As you throw them off to the side somewhere, I pull your shirt up and over your head, then lean in and give you another deep and hungry kiss, pressing my chest against yours, warm and delicious.

You push me back down on the car, kissing me again, then turn your attention to your true desire. Pushing my legs open, you kneel on the garage floor and look at your treat. My pussy is red, puffy and soaking wet. A trail of juices is leaking down already. You catch it with a finger and taste it. Then you lean in and run your tongue from bottom to top over my slit, finally resting your mouth over my clit. Your tongue delicately traces the little nub, running in circles around it. I sigh.

Then you push my legs up, scooting my butt to the edge of the hood, tilting my pelvis. My legs wrap around your head, resting on your shoulders, my thighs securely holding you in place.

Your tongue trails back down my opening , lingering for just a moment before continuing past, teasing the sensitive bit of skin below.

Then you reach your goal: my puckered little asshole. Tracing the crinkles, you taste me, savoring the earthy taste, with a hint of salt and sweat. A slight note of bitterness.

You moan, your tongue going deeper, longing for more. I feel the vibrations and moan in return, creating a symphony of pleasure.

Your hands grasp my buttcheeks, squeezing them, pulling me in to your tongue so you can pierce deeper. I relax, allowing myself to loosen and let you in. I feel you lapping and tasting my most intimate place, clearly enjoying it. Your tongue pushes in, filling me. My maltepe escort pussy is a waterfall, and your face is covered in my juices. I want you so badly.

Finally, after quite a long time of savoring my ass, you get up and hastily remove your jeans and boxers. Your hard cock springs free, bobbing in the summer air. I take it in my hand, caressing it. So smooth. So warm. So pleasant.

You pull me in, pressing your entire body against mine, firm and comforting. Full of desire. Pulling yourself on top of me, you push my legs apart again. As you kiss me, you rub the head of your cock back and forth over my slit, teasing me, pleasuring my clit, pressing in just a little bit with each pass. Savoring the moment before the plunge. Making me want you even more.

Then you finally push in, and I gasp, moaning as I feel you stretch and fill me. I work my clit as you start to pick up speed, going just a bit deeper with each thrust. Finally, you’re all the way in, and now you start to fuck me in earnest. I can already feel an orgasm building, as I was so worked up already. I feel the release and convulse underneath you, gasping.

I tell you to stop for a moment to let my overly sensitive clit recover. Still inside me, pulsing, you kiss my lips deeply, enjoying my pleasure.

Part 2

(Public, PIV, Scat, anal, rimming)

While we sit there enjoying each other, I feel another fullness besides your cock inside me, moving down. My stomach grumbles and cramps. I let out a little groan.

You hear it and your eyes find mine, questioning. I nod a bit, lust in my eyes. You moan with desire, your cock pulsing inside me.

You trail a hand over the globe of my ass cheek and find my puckered hole. Using my own juices as lube, you push a finger in.

Immediately, you come up against the end of something firm, but slightly malleable. You moan again and I moan with you, feeling you finger my turd. I feel so incredibly full.

You lean down and whisper into my ear: “Shit for me while I fuck you.”

My stomach drops, and my clit aches, so turned on I might explode. I nod vigorously and start to push. You keep your finger there for a moment, swirling around the end of my shit, helping move it along. Then you bring your hand up, smell it and put your finger, ever so slightly brown, in your mouth.

As you taste my shit, you begin to fuck my pussy again. Pushing against the force of your cock proves somewhat difficult, but the effort turns me on so much. I push harder.

“Ahh,” I moan as I feel the tip of the log start to emerge. Almost immediately, another orgasm builds.

“Shit for me,” you whisper roughly, fucking me hard.

I feel the thickest part of the log stretching my hole now as it slithers out onto the hood of the car, some of it getting squished between my asscheeks. The combination of that dirty act and the smell hitting me sends me into an overwhelming, uncontrollable orgasm. I jerk and spasm and moan loudly.

Before you give in and cum, you pull out. Placing yourself where you think my asshole might be, you look into my eyes and plunge through the pile of smooshed shit and into my ass full to the hilt. I gasp, working my clit as furiously as I can, feeling a third orgasm already starting to break.

You pound my ass for a few glorious strokes while I convulse and moan, then kartal escort cum violently deep into my colon, your cock and my ass completely smeared in shit.

We both collapse in a heap. Your arms wrap around me, and you kiss the corner of my lips with that cute little smile on your face.

Then we both assess the damage.

The garage stinks of shit. The car is plastered. My ass and your crotch are caked. The garage is still fully open. Fortunately, our friend has not returned and no one seems to have noticed anything. However, the house is locked.

You carefully dismount from me and the car, trying not to further our predicament. A true gentleman, you take your shirt and wipe the worst solid chunks off my ass and the car.

Folding it, you use the other side to wipe what you can off your crotch. Then you toss the shirt directly into the garbage can.

There’s still quite a bit of shit on both of us, not to mention the car. We sneak out to the backyard and attempt to hose ourselves off the best we can, freezing in the cold water. But the hose doesn’t reach to the front.

We decide to take the car to the gas station carwash before our friend gets back and discovers the dirty deeds we have performed on it. We’ll say we decided his car was too filthy and needed it (which is true).

We hop in and go around the block. The whole time, I’m wondering if anyone will notice the shit smears on the hood.

Pulling into the automatic car wash, you put the car in neutral and let the track drag it along, a spray of water coating the car as the wipers converge.

The car smells vaguely like shit. Realizing it’s us, we look at each other. The smell is causing another bulge in your pants already. You lean in and kiss me. I can smell and taste the shit on your lips from when you tasted the contents of my ass. It’s kind of hot. I kiss you deeply, breathing faster.

Making a split second decision, you push my head into the back seat. With my ass pointed forward, you pull my shorts down again to my knees. Then you plunge your face into my very shit-smelling ass, fucking my hole with your tongue.

“Oh god,” I say, plunging my own hand into my crotch, finding it soaking wet. I furiously work my clit as I feel your tongue do it’s best to get fully inside my anal cavity.

Then your finger slips into my vagina. Curling them slightly in a “cum hither” motion, you finger fuck me, hitting my g spot hard with each stroke. Gasping, I feel my stomach drop again. You work me faster, harder.

As the carwash hits the rinse cycle, I cum again, unleashing my own deluge of wetness.

I can no longer control my legs well to climb back into the front, so I fall into the back. You climb into the driver’s seat just in time for the carwash to birth us back into reality, the bright sun making us flinch and squint.

You park for a moment, run in and grab a lemon scented car freshener. You pass me a drink and some deodorant and mouthwash as well. So thoughtful.

We drive back, going around a few times with the windows open to try and air out the shit smell. Instead, it smells like lemon shit.

You pull into the driveway, halfway, the way it was when this whole thing started. We get out. I sit on the hood of the car. You recline on the ground next to me.

Just as we get comfortable, our friend returns.

“Hey guys! Hope it wasn’t too boring while I was gone. Hey, did you wash my car? And what happened to your shirt?”

Hiding a smile, I let you handle the explanations and lie back, enjoying the warm, clean hood of the car in summertime, unable and unwilling to move.

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