WBDP-Valentine’s in Vegas 6


WBDP-Valentine’s in Vegas 6″Not yet!” I ordered. “Greedy slave. Wait for your Master.””I may not be able to wait, Master. Your slave is close.””You won’t wait long, believe me.” I panted.I was right. Five more rapid thrusts into the soft depths of her pussy and I grunted, “Cum with me slave,” and she did. Her cunt milked my cock like a milking machine, the throbbing spasms of her release siphoning my seed from the depths of my balls, splashing the walls of her tight sheath in a bath of cum. I gave four or five more short lunges into her liquid heat until my prick would pulse no more. She turned to me and licked the remnants of our passion from my cock. She always was a neat housekeeper. Looking around, I saw I wasn’t the only one who’d had sudden need of their slave. What can I say, it was an inspiring dance.I sat up and pulled her back between my legs. I held her, idly fondling her breasts, teasing the still taut nipples. I reached into my bag and took out the new toy we’d purchased earlier, her Womanizer.”Look, slave,” I said. “I brought your new best friend with me tonight.” She looked and giggled in shameless surprise.”Is my Master going to use it on me?””What do you think?””I think a slave needs to do this,” and she drew her feet up towards her sex, spreading her legs, “and this” spreading the folds of her cunt, “and this,” pushing down the flesh around her clit in the way that Ted had shown her, exposing the little bud to my adoring eyes, “and wait for my Master to realize his slave is needy and wants to cum again.”I was not slow. My momma didn’t raise no slow c***dren. I caught her drift immediately, though I thought a little teasing might be in order first. I turned it on and touched it to her ear, making her laugh and goosebumps to spring up on her arms. I touched it to her lips and saw her purse her lips to give her toy a kiss. I touched her nipples and she squealed and said, “That’s an interesting sensation, we might want to explore later, Master.” I touched her stomach over her belly button which caused a quick intake of breath, and then in little half inch steps down her abdomen, across her mound until I finally settled it over her exposed clit. Another quick intake of breath, followed by low moans of pleasure and deeper breathing.”Please give me permission to cum. Don’t make me ask each time. I’ll be babbling.””You may cum slave, as often and hard as you want.”Her hips began rolling forward, and her cunt started gaping, beads of my cum oozing from her body as her sheath started convulsing in rapid contractions. She released her folds, the head of the device keeping them parted for her so her hands could clutch my arms, and hold my hands and the device against her sex.Her buttocks were rocking on the cushions, accompanied by low growling moans that eventually turned into high, keening screams.”Oh, Fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t you dare stop. Oh, God, I just keep cumming and cumming and cumming. I can’t believe this.”Fluid was openly flowing from her sex onto the cushions. Suddenly, I realized that I didn’t hear the beating of the dance drums, so I looked around and everyone was staring at us, even the dancer.I turned off the device and my slave said, “Please don’t stop, Master. It was amazing.””We seem to be interfering with the dance contest, little slave. I think we need to adjourn to our room.”She stopped pleading with me, opened her eyes and looked around. Just as I’d said, everyone was watching my slave, her thighs spread wide, her sex gaping and seeping her juices and mine, her breasts panting and flushed, the nipples taut points, and had the grace to blush.”I’m sorry, everyone. We got a little carried away. My apologies, slave,” I nodded to the dancer, “I think she should be allowed to start over; I don’t believe anyone was paying attention,” I said standing, and bringing my slave to her feet as well. I bent to pick up my bag and tugging on her arm, led her from the room, stepping over the sprawled bodies. “Carry on everyone, don’t mind us. On with the contest.”After we’d left the room and gone a dozen feet down the hall, we both burst into laughter.”I can’t believe that happened, Master,” she said. “Let’s go,” tugging on my arm, “I want to see if it’s possible to cum a hundred times today before midnight.”For the first time today, I let her lead me. Needy wanton slut, I thought, never satisfied.Later, we were lying in bed. I don’t know if she got to 100 orgasms. We lost count.”We need to have a talk, a serious talk,” I said.”Yes, Master?” Marcia replied.”You may drop the slave persona for the moment, Marcia. I’d like to talk about everything that happened today in a serious way.””Okay, where do you want to start?” Marcia asked.”You are one of the most conservative people I know. Until Christmas time when I won your challenge, everything was pretty straight forward with you; sex in one of 3 or 4 positions, oral eyüpsultan escort but no swallowing, no anal, no bondage except the once with your handcuffs, no discipline. Pretty straight laced stuff, really, but today…whooo-wheeee. Pretty far out there.” I said.”This is what you wanted, right? I mean, you wanted me to come here; I was pretty much following your instructions, your orders. Do you want to stop? Are you calling Cocoa Puffs?””No, hell no!” I said, “I love the new you. I’m just surprised is all. I’m trying to understand. It’s like I peeked inside this little square box and all of a sudden, a wild goddess pops out. I mean a really wild goddess, like the little square box was Pandora’s. I thought that I would have a hard time getting you naked in front of others; that an hour into this convention, you’d have screamed in fright and we’d be gone. That would have been okay with me. More than anything, I love you. I will never do anything to jeopardize that. But when the time came, you were okay with it, you enjoyed it. Hell, it turned you on, more than I’ve ever seen anyone turned on. More than anyone here has ever seen anyone turned on. You set records, for God’s sake.””I was, wasn’t I.””Marcia, it was unbelievable! Like I’d flipped a sex switch. Help me to understand. I want to know what wheels aligned in that wonderful brain of yours to bring today about.””Well, you were right about this morning. When you showed me that sheer little romper and told me I was going to be wearing it, I almost called it off right there. The thought of me so exposed so much to so many people had my head ready to pop off. Just wearing it would have made me feel vulnerable enough, but the positions you put me in makes it so much worse. The wide spread legs, the hands behind the head and arms thrown back, there’s no hint of privacy in any of it. Every part of me, open, my excitement apparent to anyone, my hardened nipples, my lubrication, my coital fluids. Believe me, after we left the room this morning, I was within 30 seconds of returning, putting on my traveling clothes and flying back home, game over.””What stopped you?” I asked.”When we got on the elevator and the two other slaves were on there, one in nothing more than body paint, the other in the sheer red silk that hid nothing. All of a sudden, I went from feeling I was the only one going to be nude, to lots of other folks are going to be naked. They won’t all be looking at me, I’m not the only one here dressed like this. Okay, take a deep breath, I told myself. You can do this, explore a little bit. You can always change your mind later. Of course, when we got to the dining room and well over 50% of everyone there was wearing nothing or next to nothing, my anxiety went down another notch. And not just women, but men too, both slaves and masters. No one really cared about the nudity.””What happened next, what other gears dropped into place.””A couple things really. The sex. There was a lot of it going on, all around us. It was shocking at first, but it’s like no one cared, maybe because it was so frequent. Guys fucking their slaves, getting sucked by their slaves; a Mistress with a female slave getting her cunt licked, people didn’t stare, they walked by like it wasn’t happening. Hell, I was probably staring more than most because it was so new to me, but on the whole; no one gave a shit. If no one cared about them having sex, who was going to care if I was having sex.””But later,” I interrupted, “You were the center of attention. Everyone was staring at you, watching you have sex or made to cum, what changed? Why did it make you so aroused?””I can’t really say for sure. Maybe I have an exhibitionist streak I wasn’t aware of. Maybe we can figure that out together.””What was the other thing?””I started comparing myself to all the other females there. And I was not ashamed of how I looked. I’m fit, not fat, I have curves in all of the right places, a pretty enough face. I realized that I’ve worked hard to have this body, both for my job and for myself, so why not be proud of the way I look. I mean, I wear pretty skimpy bikinis to the beach because I know I look good, and the only difference between that and naked, is two tiny pieces of fabric. It’s not like everyone isn’t thinking about the bits that are covered, I notice the long looks from the guys, even some of the girls. The only thing that made a difference to me at the beach is everyone is dressed the same; even some that shouldn’t be. I wasn’t self-conscious about my attire at the beach because we’re all dressed the same. Why should I be self conscious now; if we’re all dressed the same. Two tiny pieces of fabric, or no fabric. The bits covered or not. We can see what the bits look like even if they have the fabric, right? So, I was just fooling myself at the beach. For all sultanbeyli escort intents and purposes, I was nude at the beach, at least in most peoples imaginations, and the only thing that made it okay was conformity. I was conforming to what others were wearing. I’m conforming now to what these people are wearing and on the whole, there’s not much difference.””Good point. What about when I wanted you to demonstrate the vibrators?””My next moment of doubt moment. Another tough one. Almost didn’t happen.””Why did it happen?””Hard to say. Obviously lots of conflicting messages running around in my head. One, he’s putting me on display in front of a lot of people that I don’t know, but on the other hand, I don’t know them, why do I care. I look good, don’t I, but what do I look like cumming, is it still attractive? But you’ll be cumming in front of a crowd of people, but they’re strangers, three days from now you’ll be gone and never see them again. Your husband wants this, but do I want this? What will they think of me, but does it matter what they think of me? Lots of conflicting messages, zoom, zoom, zoom, back and forth, do I do this, do I not. I still hadn’t made up my mind when you said ‘display’ and my conditioning took over. I displayed, Ted popped it in there and it felt good when you started it up. Kind of made my mind up for me. Now, I have to admit; I just closed my eyes and let the sensations happen. By closing my eyes, I wasn’t seeing the other people there, watching me get off. I didn’t think about them, I thought about getting off. With the second one, the ‘Womanizer’, it was kind of like, well, they’ve already seen me once, and I was displayed for that. This time I’m lying down and they can’t even see as much, so I let that happen too.””And the ropes?””I thought that was just more nudity, just displayed differently. I didn’t think I’d climax, as you know, you bastard, as I had no chance to ask for permission.””So, we come to the punishment. What happened then?””Another moment of doubt, no question. Lots of anxiety for that. Punishment goes a little far into the kink scale, especially if you make me cum with pain. Before that, it was closer to normal, this, not so much. I felt some nerves calm down when they fastened me face down because I thought, not so bad. But when you had them put me face out and upside down, my anxiety shot right up through the roof; another close to Cocoa Puffs experience. And then you proposed the contest. You were going to let another person or persons get me off! Good God. I was flashing the safety signal left and right, but you were facing the crowd and couldn’t see me. Say, is that why you had Ben gag me?””It might have had something to do with it,” I said.”You devious piece of shit! I thought you did that because I would want to scream when you punished me.””That was the other reason.””I can’t believe you would do that!”I smiled and shrugged, “So what made you go along. I gave you another chance to back out.””Because you gave me another chance to back out. You actually asked me twice if I was willing to proceed, plus you made sure the crowd knew that I had a safety signal, so even if you missed it, they could see it because all of their eyes would be on me.””I wouldn’t have missed it. I care too much about you to miss something that important.””I knew you were going to make me cum. I was already aroused from the previous orgasms and I was ready to have another, even if it came from your whipping me. You’re really quite gentle with that thing. I saw some others be punished today for some infraction and some of them looked quite nasty. Left welts or other marks that looked liked they’d linger awhile. The Goreans really take their punishment seriously.””That they do. I think some of the Mistresses are quite harsh as well, both to male and female slaves. Almost like they have more to prove.””Would you really have given me to that Mistress to punish if I lost the slave heat contest?””What do you think?”She looked at me looking at her. “Yes, you would have, but you’d have been there and imposed conditions.””I would have.” She nodded. “And when I let the three winners masturbate you, you didn’t stop it then. I was watching closely. I knew I told you that others might touch you before you agreed to come to this thing, but I could see the doubt in your eyes when you agreed. That was going to be a big stumbling block for you. What went through your mind then?””You had already made me cum several times in front of people. There’s that, and I thought I could just close my eyes and believe it was you. They were using a vibrator and not their hands, or lips or tongues or cocks. A vibrator is just a vibrator, you know. I really wouldn’t notice much of a difference in the way that they touched me, so I really could pretend it was you. That’s how aksaray escort I got through the first two men, but the slave girl, Alicia, do you know what she did?””She told me, about the way she held her hands. You told me what she said.””It was pretty intimate. Her delicate little finger pushed just past the anal ring into my rectum. Two fingers just barely touching my clit, the vibrations of the dildo transmitted through her hand to both of those locations while she slowly and tenderly fucked me with it. It was so surreal, so gentle, compared to the two Masters who went before her. She would probably have won anyway, just from doing that, but fuck, what she was saying.””You told me what she said, how did it make you feel?””I could no longer pretend it was you doing it to me; her soft feminine hands and voice made that abundantly clear. So, I had to face up to the fact that someone else was pleasuring me. I should have stopped, I guess, knowing I can’t pretend it’s you anymore, but she was so good, she made me feel so good, I wanted to cum. I wanted her to make me cum.”They say the brain is the most potent sexual organ in your body and I think that’s true. After all, why would you become aroused by just reading something on Literotica. No one’s touching you, nobody’s caressing your pleasure centers, but your nipples get hard and your juices start to flow because your brain is engaged. She made me look at you, at all the other people watching me, knowing they are watching me cum. She made me feel their desire for me, your desire for me, her desire for me. No more pretending. It’s you, naked and exposed, the object of all that lust, the instigator of all that sex. You and no one else, fuck, I couldn’t cum fast enough.”Everything else before it, just physical sensations, vibrations, pleasure, pain, physical sensation, but she got in my head. She might have made me cum just from her voice alone filling my head with impure thoughts. What a little sex machine she must be. I think that’s where some of the exhibitionism kicked in. Knowing that your body, your body’s reactions, your pleasure, are engendering so much lust. It’s kind of a potent aphrodisiac.””And when I talked to you? Was it more of the same?””Yes and no. It was different because it was you. But you made it clear to me that I wasn’t going to just close my eyes and imagine myself as anywhere but where I was, having sex in front of hundreds of people, aroused beyond belief, showing everyone what a wanton slut I was. Those were the words you used, right?””Among many,” I said. “Alicia showed me the power of words, and I thought you would be more aroused if I used them.””What made you use ‘slut’? You know I hate that word and would normally slap your face for it. Even though at the time, it was true. And ‘whore’, another word I hate. Why use that?””The situation, I guess. I mean we were fucking and sucking and a bunch of other stuff in front of a lot of people. I can’t call you ‘wife’ or ‘sweetheart’ because those aren’t normally the things that wives and sweethearts do. They cook dinner or take out the trash. Even ‘slave’, my preferred endearment when playing, just wasn’t enough because being a slave implies that you have no choice, you have to do what your Master wants. But the woman who’s fucking in front of everyone because they want to, because they want to cum, because they don’t care; what else do you call her but a slut? I don’t want you to imagine that I think that’s a bad thing. Lurking deep in every person, desperate to burst free is an inner slut. That part of us that doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, that will do whatever it can to seek pleasure and damn the consequences. At that point, you did not care what anyone thought, that anyone was watching, that you were exposing your sexuality to everyone; you released your inner slut.””So, do you think my slut is released for good?””No, it was the circumstances, the place; you could never cut loose like this at home. Being here and now gave you that freedom. Being at this convention gave you that freedom. It’s not like you’re going to walk into church next week and let your inner slut loose. I do have to ask if you’ve ever had some gang bang fantasies you’ve never divulged? You really started riding the Sybian when I started talking about that.””Gang bang? Hell no! I don’t want to have sex with anyone else but you, thank you very much. I suppose it was exciting to imagine it, the unrestrained carnality of having to satisfy many men at once, but it’s much better in your imagination than it would be in person?””So I don’t have to worry about you taking on the entire police force in the locker room?” I asked.”Highly unlikely, dear.” Laughing.”So, we’ve had a whole day of total debauchery, but there are two more left. How do you feel about our trip thus far and do we want to continue?””I came here with a lot of reservations, I admit,” she said. “I had no idea what to expect, what would happen and how I’d feel about it afterward. I thought it would be wild and it was. More happened with me than I expected, but I enjoyed it. You’ve released a sexuality in me I didn’t even know I had, but I’m not ashamed of what happened so far. What about you? Do you want to keep going?”

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