We went to a wedding and got fucked


We went to a wedding and got fuckedAs I write this it’s Sunday morning, November 20, 2016. The clock on the end table reads 1:45 AM. Jodi and I are in a room at a hotel where we attended a wedding last night. Right in front of me are two queen beds. One is undisturbed… in the other Jodi is on the left side. She’s wearing a silver satin nightie and full back baby blue nylon panties. She’s lying on her right side… the covers are at the foot of the bed.., her legs are positioned as though she is riding a bicycle. The part of her panty covering her pussy is pulled to one side and her cunt is looking straight at me. She’s sound asleep.Next to Jodi, in the same bed, is a man whom we only know as Glen. He was a guest at the same wedding we attended. He too is asleep. Less than 30 minutes ago he filled my wife, first with his cock, second with his cum. In fact, I can still see his sperm on her butt cheek. There are wet spots on the bed right now from a number of things. He came twice tonight… they made love for more than a hour and the first time he came he shot his load on her chest. Some of the other spots on the bed are where Jodi sat sat up so she could go to her knees when Glen wanted to take her in the ass. Then there are the stains I left behind. Just before Glen went in Jodi for the second time I was in her leaving my package behind. When he slipped in his cock in her my jizz oozed out. He pumped her no more than four times before he came. Both his and my cum on his shaft.There are a few other spots on the bed that don’t belong to any of us gaziosmanpaşa escort in the room right now. Those came from a man named Tom . He came to the wedding with his wife Joan. About 10:30 last night Jodi and I were sitting at the hotel bar with them. They told us (influenced by adult beverages) that they had always wanted to try wife swapping. They traveled more than 500 miles for this wedding and had decided that if it was ever going to happen it would be on this trip. Both of them are in there 50’s and even with a few drinks under their belt were still terribly nervous. We brought them to our room and for about 15 minutes they just couldn’t stop the small talk. I broke the ice by walking over to Joan as she stood by the bathroom door and put my hand up her dress. She was wearing stockings with a garter belt and tiny little panties. I let my finger go directly to her clit and started to finger fuck her. Oh did she have a load of bush! Jodi followed my cue and took Tom to the bed. It was almost like he had grown 6 more hands. He couldn’t get enough of her body. Joan and I went to the floor.. Tom and Jodi fucked on the bed. Tom has what you might call a “ejaculation management” problem. With Jodi on her back and her panties pulled to one side he tried to get his cock in her. The wetness of her pussy must have been too much for him… he started to unload at least three streams of jizz all over her ass..hence the wet spots on the bed.Joan and I had much better luck. She insisted zeytinburnu escort that she wanted to keep her clothes on. That was OK with me since her dress pulled easily up to her waist. She sported what I like to call a “wild pussy” Her cunt was thick with pubes that crawled deep into her ass crack. Her panties gave their best effort to hold them back but they were all over the place. However, when I went down on her I got lost in the sweet smell of perfume that she has sprayed down there. It’s been a long time that I’ve had my nose buried in a forest of short and curlies. I loved every second. Jodi has been letting her pussy hair grow out but her’s is straight. Getting a few curly pubes stuck between a man’s teeth can be a wonderful thing. She straddled me and we humped hard and long. When the fun was over they both agreed that this was a pretty incredible thing…. they couldn’t thank us enough for being their first. Some day.. if I ever see Joan again… I’ll tell her that I still have her panties. There are no less than a dozen of her pubes inside those panties….. Keepsakes.I thought after Tom and Joan left the room that we were going to clean up and head to bed. But then came a knock at our door. It was Glen. I didn’t know that Jodi and he had set up a midnight meeting in our room. She quickly changed her panties and into her nighty and answered the door looking amazing. Glen was ready to get going but Jodi wanted to go slow. She made him watch me run my hands over her body and sultangazi escort into her panties. He dropped his pants and took off his shirt. He was wearing red briefs and his bulge was pushing hard to get out. Jodi walked over to him and pulled them to his knees. His spring loaded dick flew into place and Jodi responded by stroking it with warming gel. I think he would have cum right then and there if she hadn’t felt the familiar pulsing of warm sperm wanting to escape. She brought him to the bed and took off his t-shirt. He tried to kiss her on the lips but she pushed him away. Jodi has two pretty hard and fast rules when it comes to sex with other men…1. Her panties stay on. 2. He can kiss her anywhere but not on the lips. He climbed on top of her and let his cock slide over her clit with the warming gel keeping things wet. That’s when he let of and she ended up with a tummy of jizz. He then went down on her and tongued her to an orgasm. They explored each others body for the next minutes to the point that they both were ready to go again. In the mean time I laid down next to Jodi and pushed my way into her cunt. Screwing Jodi while the man who just gave her an orgasm is spooning behind and is still massaging her tits is a feeling I can’t describe. He was pulling at his dick while I was in my wife. Jodi absolutely glows in moments like this. Her eyes are sharp and clear.. her smile mesmerizing and her body perfect. He went back into her when I pulled out.. and… as I said before… his cum is still glistening on her ass.It’s about 2:15 right now… Jodi has stirred a few times and I think she thinks that’s me next to her in bed. I don’t doubt that when morning comes that they will fuck again. I will be here to watch and jerk off. She’ll give him those panties when he goes…I will give him the pictures I took of him inside her for the days ahead. Between now and then it’s time to get some sleep.

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