Well… Ch. 07


I hope you have been keeping a log of how many times I had come during that ‘party’ at Ann and James’s because quite frankly I have lost count! I know that remarkably for me it had been a few and explains why I could barely keep my eyes open.

Mary on the other hand had other ideas. While she was sitting on me watching my ‘vision’ deal with the well-endowed gentleman she had got rather excited and decided that she wanted to give him a try and once she has made up her mind, nothing will change it!

So after she left me taking a little doze she went looking for Ann and this is who I got some of the story from over lunch the following day.

When Mary found Ann she was looking after two men, one ramming a fairly innocuous dick into her throat and the other a ferocious looking one into her pussy, and while they seemed to have been going at it for some time from the accumulated sweat on all three bodies Mary’s caressing of their balls when she arrived helped them both along to a simultaneous ejaculation into Ann’s ever eager body.

Indeed the man with the small dick was a surprise to Mary as when he came he completely filled Ann’s expert mouth and despite her best efforts a considerable amount of semen trickled from it and fell to her amazing chest, where Mary wasted no time in cleaning it off for her with her, by now, well educated tongue.

After the two men wandered off to pastures new, Mary asked Ann about the guy with the amazing prick.

‘He’s a real regular here and a favourite with all the ladies’ said Ann.

‘He can keep it up all night and people have lost count in the past how many times he has climaxed, but he is big, are you sure you want to try him?’

Mary was insistent and so the two trotted off to find the man and put him to the test.

They found him upstairs in one of the bedrooms. He had just emerged from the en-suite after a quick cleanup when the girls entered and introductions were made.

His name was Brian and he was about 35, ‘something in the City’ and married, ‘but God knows where the wife is at present, probably with that new lad Dan that Ann found!’

All of which was no doubt fascinating to Mary, but not the reason she was here. She dropped to her knees in front of Brian and as Ann stood next to him rubbing that huge prick Mary commenced sucking and licking at him for all she was worth.

Even flaccid his dick was memorable and Mary couldn’t get all of it in her mouth but a few minutes of the ladies ministrations and Brian had risen pretty much to full ‘strength’ and my good lady tells me that he must have been at least 10 inches beylikdüzü ucuz escort long and about 8 inches around!

He of course was in heaven, Ann was playing with his dick, slowly masturbating him into Mary’s lovely mouth while all the time she was rubbing her not inconsiderable chest into his arm and sides, while Mary caressed his balls and toyed with his arse.

Regrettably though that was not what Mary wanted and she pulled him to the bed and throwing her legs wide suggested in no uncertain terms that Brian should ‘fuck her royally with that huge prick’.

Showing no signs of disapproval Brian knelt between her splayed legs and pulling her slightly up his thighs gently placed his erection to her pussy lips. Mary was well lubricated from all the action she had taken part in that evening and with only a little discomfort was able to accept the first few inches of Brian’s length without too much trouble.

It was the girth though that proved a little problem until Ann seeing a difficulty moved beside Mary and started playing with her exposed clit and exceedingly aroused nipples. This immediately started another rush of fluids from Mary and Brian was fully accommodated and building up to full speed ahead.

Now she was more comfortable, Mary was thrusting back at Brian every time he pushed forward and with Ann playing with her and with Brian they were both close to cumming in no time at all.

Brian’s face started to get very red with the effort he was putting in to fucking my wife and sweat was dripping off his chest and on to hers as the pace quickened. Ann was licking this up from Mary’s nipples as well as Brian’s chest and was fingering her cunt with whichever hand happened to be free from playing with the other two.

The tension couldn’t last long and with Mary crying ‘Come on our tits’ Brian pulled his enormous prick from her and as both girls lay together sprayed a huge fountain of semen onto them both. Their fingers were busy in each other and on his slackening penis as they dragged every last drop of cream from him, Ann slurping at his cock as Mary pulled and tugged at it.

As Ann had said the man was a bit of a legend and although his prick went a little slack it certainly didn’t collapse and so it didn’t take her very long with it in her mouth to get him fully aroused again.

‘My turn now’ said Ann turning onto her hands and knees, offering her perfectly formed butt to Brian. He immediately started to run his tongue over her cheeks and his finger in and out of her streaming pussy just to make sure her juices were beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort really flowing.

Mary had already thrown herself underneath Ann and was running her tongue up and down Ann’s labia, all the while moaning gently as Brian caressed her erect nipples. Then Brian started to push his huge prick towards Ann’s sex and Mary grabbed hold of it and guided it into Ann’s well-lubricated lips. It slid in like a knife through hot butter and Brian started to pound her pussy in no uncertain fashion, making Ann whine with joy and Mary miss Ann’s clit every now and again.

When she missed however she only overshot and hit Brains balls, so he slowed down a little and allowed Mary the pleasure of watching his cock churn rhythmically in and out and giving her the time to nibble and suck at his balls.

Ann was in seventh heaven with all this attention to her lower regions but wanted more and encouraged Brian to ‘shove that donkey cock of yours in my arse, I want to feel you stretching me’.

His prick slipped from her and with Mary’s help was soon nudging it at Ann’s ‘backdoor’. Size again became a problem but Mary’s deft transference of juices from Ann’s sex to Brian’s penis soon had things moving again and Brian set to with a vengeance.

Mary was astounded that the man could keep up such a pace after so recently ejaculating but keep going he did and to the sound of much moaning and grunting he eventually withdrew from Ann’s arse and rubbing himself gently showered Mary from chin to nipples with cream.

Ann was cleaning it off as soon as she turned round while Mary cleaned off Brian’s softening prick and it didn’t take long for the huge amount of semen on Mary’s beautiful body to be disposed of by Ann’s Hoover like mouth.

It seemed at that stage that dozing was in order and as Brian slipped away the girls cuddled up and dropped off, completely oblivious to all the other antics still going on all over the house.

If you remember as Mary and Ann went off to find ‘ Mr. Big’ I had decided on a refreshing 40 winks myself, and after about 15 minutes awoke suitably refreshed and eager for a little more action.

Everybody in the lounge area seemed quite well catered for so a stroll to the kitchen for a quick drink and a nibble of some food seemed appropriate.

Standing at the sink was a very pert set of cheeks set atop long elegant legs and below a delightfully slim back crowned by a mane of slightly red hair.

All this boded very well and as the lady turned towards me I was treated to the sight beyoğlu escort of two exquisite breasts of large proportions and nipples that must have been at least half an inch long.

Her pubic hair was trimmed to form a little heart and when I finally got round to looking at her face I was definitely delighted with what I saw.

‘Hello’ she said ‘my name’s Tanya, who are you? I introduced myself and we sat at the table and chatted for a while about how good the party was [and the participants] and soon found that we got along very well indeed.

I told Tanya that my wife was off with some well endowed chap and she giggled saying ‘that will be Brian I expect, he’s my husband so I can assure you that your wife will be having the time of her life!’

This remark vaguely excited me and Tanya seeing my growing erection took my hand and drawing me from the table lead me towards an empty work top and slid her bum up onto it.

As she leant back, I leant forward and slid my tongue up and down her depilated pussy lips teasing dew from her and tickling her clitoris, which came into view very quickly as her labia parted.

She began thrusting herself towards me asking ‘Suck my clit, bite my lips, I want to come!’

I went at my task even harder after those instructions, taking care not to hurt her but at the same time making sure that she was getting what she wanted.

She came quickly spurting hot sticky juices all over my face, and without further ado grabbed my now rock hard cock and pulled me into her. The work tops were just at the right height and I pushed my pelvis back and forth, slowing as I withdrew and speeding up as I thrust in, all the time keeping one thumb on her clit and the other tweaking a magnificent nipple as I kept pace with her.

Her face was a picture of pleasure as she moaned about how good I felt and how close she was to coming again!

I picked her up and disengaging myself from her turned her around and pushed her towards the table which, understanding my intentions, she grabbed and bent forward so I could fuck her from behind.

My engorged dick slid effortlessly into her and my pace quickened as she climaxed again encouraging me to ‘Fuck me harder, I want your seed, faster please’.

That did it for me and I unleashed a torrent of sperm into her spasming cunt, grinding myself against her luscious cheeks to get the last drops from my twitching prick.

She helped me with that by turning around and dropping to her knees in front of me taking my wilting cock into her mouth and licking me clean while all the while looking up at me with deliciously haunting eyes.

I thanked her and she kissed my cheek before leaving me to ‘spruce up’ as she called it and I returned to the table trying to take in all that was going on.

It was there the following day at lunch as I said I heard of Mary and Ann’s goings on with Brian and I also learnt that Tanya was his senior by twenty years!!


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