What Happens in Spain Ch. 07


A Night with her Lover

The four of them were at breakfast when Irene appeared, ostensibly coming from home. The unusually large resort style shower had allowed her to shower with Ryan, and then he’d gone ahead and gone to breakfast while she finished getting her hair and makeup done. Opening her suitcase, she’d reached in to get her normal work underwear when she felt Ryan’s hand on her bottom. Standing and looking back, he was holding her sexy see-through panties and bra from the night before. “Wear these for me,” he said holding them out for her to take.

She took them from him, looking at the bra in particular. “It doesn’t hold me very much,” she said.

“I know, you’re so hot that way.” His hand raised to her bare breast, his fingers caressing her nipple, but she pushed it away with a giggle.

“Go! Or we’re going to get distracted.”

“Uh, huh,” he grinned evilly at her. He reached again for her body, but she pushed him away. Slipping on the panties, she then positioned her breasts and clipped the bra. In essence, she was still totally nude visually, however she now had a bra and panties on.


“Hey Irene!” the girls greeted her when she joined them for breakfast about 10 minutes later. “Nice to sleep in your own bed for once?”

“Good Morning Ladies. Good morning Ryan,” she said, hoping against all hope that the others didn’t realize she’d just come from her lover’s room. “Yeah, always nice to get clean clothes. Did you all get set up to have laundry done? We can turn it in at the desk and it will be all ready this evening when we get back.”

“Already done,” Tina answered, although the others acknowledged they hadn’t as yet.

“Missed you in the gym this morning Ryan,” Tina casually said a few minutes later when the conversation had lagged. When she looked up, Irene found Tina looking at her. Immediately Irene’s heart jumped into her throat, but she reached over and picked up her glass of juice, taking a swallow, before she looked over at Ryan.

“Yeah, slept in a little. I think I had too much sun yesterday.” When Irene glanced around, Sherry and Lori weren’t even paying attention, but Tina was still looking right through her. Feeling guilty, feeling that Tina had figured it out, she just looked at her plate and picked up her croissant, and when she looked back, Tina had looked away.

“Irene, are you staying with us all week, or going to go home every night?”

This question she’d expected to come up sooner or later, so had prepared an answer. “Oh, I’ll go home. It’s close, and if we’re heading to the States next weekend, it gives me a chance to see my family.”

“Yeah, probably a good idea. I’ll miss my roomie though.”


Being that they were working from Irene’s home office, the beginning of the morning was introductions and explanations to everyone about what would soon be coming around. When Ryan and Sherry and Lori headed out almost immediately after coffee break, Irene found herself virtually alone with Tina.

“Say, Irene – if you’re going to be staying with Ryan, mind if I borrow your friend?”

Irene turned, and immediately knew that Tina at least suspected something. “What?” She said ineffectually trying to redirect the answer.

“You don’t have to pretend. I don’t think that Lori or Sherry know, but you’re not fooling me. Did you get any sleep last night at all?”

“What do you mean? Why do you say that?”

“Oh, come on, Irene. You’ve been yawning all morning long and Ryan has too. He missed working out this morning, and he didn’t even miss that over the weekend. He’s an early riser and was late to breakfast. You didn’t fool me coming in a little later, you came in through the wrong door. If you’d been coming from the street, you’d have been on the other side of the room. You were in his room, weren’t you?” Irene just nodded, after all, everything Tina had said was true.

“Did you even go home at all?”

“Yes, I did have to get all clean clothes.”

“What did Oscar say?”

She debated how to answer, just exactly what had Oscar said? He’d gotten excited when she’d told about being aroused by Ryan, he’d gotten really excited when she told him that he’d fingered her and gotten her off, and that she’d felt Ryan’s hard cock in the ocean. He’d basically told her she should have done Ryan last week and had sent her off – wearing her sexiest lingerie – for Ryan.

She stumbled in the telling to start with but ended up telling Tina everything that had happened. Going home and jumping Oscar but having to finger herself to orgasm. Oscar seeing her monster dildo; asking him to fuck her with it and having the most amazing orgasm she’d ever had with Oscar, even if it was from a toy. And then Oscar telling her to go; she even told about Oscar having her put on her sexiest bra and panties that he had bought for her, years before.

Tina seemed totally unsurprised by any of it, not even commenting on her admission of what had happened, instead kızılay escort following through on the logistics. “I think we need to say you’re staying with me this week, whether you’re in his bed or not. It’s going to be hard to have you around in the evenings and mornings if supposedly you’re going home.” She stopped and just looked at Irene for a moment. “Well? Are you going to tell me? Is it as big as we all expected? How was it?”

Irene hadn’t realized how much she wanted to talk about it with someone, “it” being Ryan’s cock, and its size, and what it had done to her. She’d thought about trying to get away for lunch to visit her friend Maria, but with the 5 of them supposedly becoming a “team”, she knew that wasn’t going to happen, and suddenly she found herself spewing to Tina. “Oh My God, Tina, you’ve got no idea. Do you know that since we arrived yesterday afternoon,” she suddenly realized how loud she was talking and glancing around, lowered her voice, “I’ve had seven orgasms?”

“Wow,” Tina responded her eyes raising in response, “and you’re still walking?”

She giggled, “and still wanting more.”

“He fucked you 7 times?”

“No, not quite. I did Oscar when I got home but had to finger myself to cum, and then Oscar did me with my toy. That was my first good O but the second of the night, but Ryan was absolutely amazing. He was asleep in bed when I got there but woke as I was getting undressed.” Irene paused, wondering how much she wanted to kiss and tell, and realized she’d already told almost everything. “Do you know that was the first time I’ve ever cum from a cock? Oscar has never been able to get me off and I’ve never done it with anyone else until today. And the thing about Ryan is that he got me off every time he put his cock in me.”

“Five times in one night?”

“Only 4,” Irene giggled, suddenly feeling a bit shy, “the last time, after the alarm went off and he was supposed to go work out with you, he couldn’t get it up again – so I did him with my mouth.”

“Oh, so you lied?” Tina said, obviously teasing.

“Huh? How?” Irene said, not understanding the tease.

“You said he got you off, every time he put his cock in you, but you meant only in your pussy.”

“No, I meant every time. He’s got a tongue that’s almost as amazing as his cock.”

“It sounds like it was a pretty amazing night.”

“Oh my god, Tina,” Irene said, turning and grabbing Tina’s arm, “I almost can’t explain it. I’ve been married to Oscar for almost 18 years, and I’ve never had an orgasm from having sex, from his cock, only if he’s fingered me. Last night, I was so horny, I wanted it bad – and I thought he’d like it and it would be good, but he just didn’t do anything for me. I was ready for it, but nothing happened. He came, and I had to finger myself to cum. And then when he saw my friend, it was like something snapped inside me. I told him I wanted him to get me off with my friend and he did. Tina, I’ve never asked my husband to get me off before, not in seventeen years, but he did – and he liked it! And then when I started telling him about Ryan, he was more excited about the possibility of me having sex with Ryan than he was about me having sex with him… And then he told me that I should go to Ryan…”

“At least he’s not jealous.”

“No, he’s definitely not jealous. He helped me pack my bag with clean clothes, including some different night clothes, and when I thought I was ready to leave he told me I’d forgotten something. He gave me some sheer panties and a bra for our anniversary a few years ago, and I’ve worn them for him maybe once, but he knew exactly where they were. He got them out and told me I should wear them for Ryan, so I did. I put them on with Oscar watching, and Oh My God, Tina, my husband watching me dress sexy for someone else…”

Tina didn’t say anything for a moment, but when Irene didn’t continue, she gently probed. “So, you went to Ryan?”

“Yeah, it was probably 3 am by the time I got there. He’d put the extra key back in the envelope, later he told me he’d done it for me, so I just let myself into his room. When he woke, he turned on the light, and he was naked. My God Irene, his cock before he got erect was bigger than Oscar. And he just kept getting bigger! I wasn’t even touching him, he was just looking at me and he got bigger and harder…” she paused for a moment.

“So, he really was big?”

“Oh My God yes, maybe 17… 18 cm’s!”

“I knew he was big, just like my husband. My husband is a little over 15 cm’s and he’s bigger than most.” Irene stopped and looked at her puzzled, and then remembered.

“Oh yeah, I forgot, you’ve had more than one.”

“Yes,” Tina nodded, “I’ve been with 12 men over the years, but my husband is the biggest.”

“It wasn’t just that he was long though. He was bigger around than my friend!”


“I’ll guarantee it. I’ve played with my friend for several years now, and kolej escort I know what he feels like in my hand… and inside… and Ryan was bigger.”

Tina giggled, “and he knew how to please you?”

Irene just looked at Tina without smiling for a moment. “Tina, I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve never craved sex with Oscar like this, but each time he made me cum, I wanted to do it again. I’ve been thinking of him all morning.”


“I’m glad you decided to stay with us,” Sherry said to Irene that evening after dinner.

“Yeah, it didn’t seem right with all of you staying together and me going home. I just needed to go home and see my girls.”

“Oh yeah, sure. Tell the truth, you just needed to go home and get laid!” Lori laughed.

“Lori!” Sherry laughed.

“Well?” she giggled back, looking at Irene. “That’s why my flight goes back through Atlanta next weekend and I’m laying over for a day. Why do you think they call it a “lay-over” anyway? Go ahead, Irene, deny that you didn’t get laid last night.”

Blushing, Irene glanced at Ryan.

“See?” she continued, “You can’t deny it, can you!”

“And with that, Ladies,” Ryan said, “I think I’m off to bed.” Standing, he finished his glass of wine, setting the empty glass back onto the table. “See you all later.”

“I don’t think I’m far behind you,” Tina said, nursing her glass of wine.

“Me either,” Irene added.

Sherry watched Ryan walk away, without looking back, before looking over to Irene. “Did something happen between you?”

“Between who?” Irene answered, feeling her heart race at the question. She tried not to show any panic, but so far only Tina knew the truth. She’d tried very hard during the evening to not show that there was anything different, but somehow Sherry noticed something.

“You and Ryan. You two have been on fire for a week and suddenly tonight you’re pretending it’s not so?” She just looked at Irene for a minute, and then said, “That’s it, isn’t it! You went home and got laid last night.” She laughed outright. “You did, didn’t you?”

“Eh – it’s none of your business, leave her alone,” Tina chimed in, but Sherry continued anyway.

“So? It shows all over her. Go ahead, admit it Irene. I would have done it if I could have gone home to my husband. You had sex last night, didn’t you?”

“Why does it matter?” Lori added, “jealous?”

“Hell yes I’m jealous,” Sherry laughed. “I haven’t gone a week without sex since I was a teenager.”

“Enough already!” Irene said, realizing that Sherry wasn’t going to give it up. “Yes. I went home and saw my husband and girls and had sex last night.” That she’d had maintenance sex with Oscar and hot passionate no-holds-barred sex with Ryan later, that had extended into doing it again that morning, she made no hint at.

“Good for you!” Sherry continued, “I would have if I could have.”

“All right. Time for this girl to go to bed,” Tina said, pushing back and standing up.

“I think me too,” Irene said, trying to let the queries of her sex life die naturally. “See you girls in the morning?”

“I think we’re coming too,” Lori said, standing up, immediately followed by Sherry doing the same. Suddenly instead of stepping out with Tina where she could discretely separate and go to Ryan’s room, all four of them were headed for the stairs. Tina, well aware that Irene wasn’t planning on staying, just led the way. They bid good night to the other two at her door, and Irene followed her inside. Tina immediately stepped over to the desk and picked up the second door card. “Here, you better keep this, just in case you need to get into “our” room.”

Irene chatted for a minute or so with Tina, just to make sure that Lori and Sherry had gotten into their room and weren’t likely to come back out, before stepping out into the hall. She walked past Lori and Sherry’s room as quietly as she could, her heart pounding, and headed downstairs. She could hear the shower running when she opened the door, Ryan nowhere to be seen. Locking the door behind her, she quickly stripping off her clothes and stepped into the bath. “Is there room for two?” she queried as she opened the shower door. Ryan just smiled, his cock already semi-erect and reached for her hand.

There lovemaking wasn’t quite as frantic as it had been the night before; they both took their time stimulating the other before Ryan, with lust in his eyes, picked up and manhandled Irene, flipping her onto her back. Standing on the floor, he slid her to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs to his shoulders. Irene reached down and guided his cock into place, a position she’d never even thought of performing with her husband. Once again Ryan fucked her to orgasm before he too completed inside her where she felt the spurt of wet heat as he came. Panting, he stood with his arms wrapped around her legs to hold her in place after he came, his slowly shrinking cock still buried inside. When his cock ankara escort slipped from her, she moved her legs off his shoulders, and he collapsed forward on top of her.

Lying on top of her, his total weight pinned her to the bed for several minutes before he rose onto his elbows, supporting himself and taking his weight from her. Looking down at her body he leaned in to suckle a nipple once again. “My god you so turn me on,” he said, shifting his head to her other nipple. She felt his cock against her belly, his hips slowly pivoting up and down as he rubbed himself against her. She could feel him already stiffening up, his perfectly positioned and increasing hardness caressing against her pussy, the subtle pressure of his cock against her clit muted just by the covering of her own skin. Mere minutes after they’d both cum, his hardness had increased to where when he slipped down, he naturally found her softness again, still wet with his own cum and her arousal. Once he buried his cock to the hilt inside her, he put his hand on her back and rolled them over, so she was on top. “Your turn,” he said with a smile, his hands rising to cup and fondle her breasts.

Twisting, pivoting, she worked him as deeply inside her as she could, until her pubic bone and clit were rubbing against him. His fingers on her breasts completed her increasing arousal until once again she came with his cock inside her. She couldn’t say it was all from fucking this time, what with his hands pinching and caressing her nipples, but once again it was without direct clitoral stimulation. From never having had an orgasm from fucking, she’d now had 5 in less than 24 hours, and before they left the following morning, they’d both had two more.


“Did you go home last night?” Sherry asked, when she arrived at breakfast the following morning. Since supposedly they’d gone to breakfast from different floors, it seemed to her it would possibly cause some interest if she and Ryan arrived at the same time, so she’d purposely left a few minutes before he did.

“No, why?” She responded, feeling the heat in her face as she answered, knowing that perhaps the question was related to where she’d spent the night, and what her activities had been. That she’d fallen asleep in Ryan’s arms, that he’d awoken and made love to her twice this morning, was what caused the most embarrassment. She tried to keep her face calm and impassive but had no idea whether it came across or not.

“Because you had sex last night,” she said, her eyes scanning up and down her body. Irene felt her nipples clinch at the accusation. Whether her face betrayed her guilt or not, her nipples did. She didn’t say anything, knowing that her voice would do nothing but confirm the accusation even more. “You did! Didn’t you!”

“I’m going to get some breakfast,” she said turning and heading for the continental buffet, neither confirming nor denying what Sherry had asked, knowing that despite her not saying it, Sherry knew. Lori and Ryan had both arrived when she returned with a plate, Tina arriving moments later. When Ryan and Lori almost immediately headed for the buffet she turned to Tina.

“You’re covering for her?” she asked Tina, “pretending she’s staying with you?”

“What are you talking about?” Tina responded, giving the most serious of innocent looks, but not fooling Sherry in the least.

“Don’t give me that. I’ll guarantee that if we go up to your room right now, there isn’t but just your bag there. The electricity wasn’t showing yesterday because our two love birds are trying to hide that they haven’t been sleeping alone. Does Lori know?”

Tina didn’t have to say anything because Irene, just returned from the buffet, did. “No.”

“Ok. I won’t tell her.”

It didn’t matter, by the end of the day, Lori had figured it out also. Having Lori also know made it easier. In knowing, none of the other ladies thought anything of the sparks that had been flying between the two of them seemingly having disappeared and now reappearing, they didn’t have to hide what was happening, at least from these three co-workers. And, that they headed off to their rooms together in the evening, and reappeared together in the mornings, was expected.

Being in her hometown, and needing to take care of her co-workers, reduced the amount of time that she and Ryan could have had together in the evenings. As it was, they still tried to discretely remove themselves every evening before the other three were ready to head to bed. Still, they had time, and made love at least once every evening, although after not awakening early enough on Wednesday they didn’t manage to have sex before work every day.


Irene was lying on her back, totally nude, under the admiring gaze of Ryan who was propped up on one elbow. His cock which had so recently plundered her once again, lay half-erect on his thigh. “Don’t you ever get soft?” Irene asked, her eyes on the tool that had given her so much pleasure over the last few days.

“What do you mean?” Ryan asked, reaching down and squeezing his penis, showing her that it had no firmness at all.

“I mean… Is that as small as it gets?” In her mind she compared, and Ryan limp was as large or larger than Oscar erect.

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