What I did last Summer


I am writing mostly because I have never told anyone else about this, and I just want to share my experience with someone. It is something that happened last Summer, and now the weather is getting warmer it is just on my mind more and more.

It was a Friday evening and I was in a bar after work with a group of girlfriends. We are all in our twenties or early thirties and like to meet up and gossip after a hard week in the office. It is definitely a no-boyfriends zone, although most of us have partners of one sort or another.

The conversation was getting really raunchy, everyone daring each other to share their dirtiest fantasies. To be honest we were probably all a bit drunk and a bit loud, but the bar was so noisy, I was sure no-one could have heard us.

I must have been quiet (not like me!) and so my best friend Lilly asked me to tell everyone what my naughtiest fantasy was. To be honest I have so many, I wasn’t sure what to say, but off the top of my head I said that I would like to be gangbanged by a large group of men. Everyone was laughing, saying that I would wear them out in no time. I probably sound like a real tart, but I’m not, in fact I can be quite shy unless I’ve had a drink. Everyone was laughing, and one of the other girls said that she wouldn’t mind being shagged by the Man Utd football team, as long as they were all David Beckham.

When it came time to leave I was going to go out with my best friend, but I had to nip to the loo, and when I came back she had gone, so I left on my own. Outside, I noticed a guy hovering around who had been with a group near us in the bar. He caught my eye and introduced himself. To be honest, I was so drunk that I would have chatted to anyone, but he actually seemed rather tasty.

When he said that he would walk me home I had no objections. I wasn’t sure whether I would go any further, but it seemed sensible to go home with an escort. I hadn’t had sex for nearly two months since I split up with my last boyfriend and a one night stand started to seem quite appealing, in the way that it can at closing time on a Friday night when you’ve been drinking vodka all evening.

I told him the district where I lived and we set off to walk, as there weren’t any cabs about. I didn’t ask if he lived nearby, I just assumed he did. We chatted away as we walked along and he slipped his arm around my waist. I was starting to feel a bit horny and when he suggested taking a detour by the river I didn’t object. It was an old industrial area, and not the kind of place I would have wanted to wander around on my own at night, but with him I felt safe.

We must have gone about fifty yards when he pulled me towards him by the waist and kissed me. I kissed him back. I was turned on and just wanted a man. James (at least that is what he told me his name was) took me by the hand and led me through a gap in the fence into the yard of an old factory and pulled me against a wall. I really started to kiss him hard, and our hands were all over each other.

He kept whispering in my ear what a dirty little girl I was, squeezing my arse through my skirt and rubbing his obviously hard cock against my pussy. beylikdüzü anal yapan escort I could feel myself starting to get more than a little wet, and I remember wondering if we should just go back to mine, when I sensed something behind me.

I half turned round, and was absolutely horrified to see about a dozen guys standing in a semi-circle watching us. I don’t know how long they had been there, but I guessed they must have followed us. I thought I recognised one or two from the bar. When I thought about it later it was obvious that I had been set up, but at the time I just didn’t think about it.

I almost threw myself into James’s arms. He just laughed and said that I was a bad girl and that they were going to give me what I wanted.

I seemed to sober up pretty quickly I can tell you. I felt scared. The guys were just smiling and looking at me.

‘We all heard about your fantasies in the bar, and now it’s time to make it real…’

James was holding me around the waist, half protecting me, but also making sure I wasn’t going anywhere. I could have died with embarrassment as I remembered the details of what I said I would like doing to me as I was being gangbanged. What an idiot I was! I couldn’t believe that all these guys had been listening.

‘Go on, just do a little strip for us,’ one of the guys suggested.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I imagined that if I perhaps did what he said, they might let me go. Obviously, that was exactly the opposite of what I should have done, but in that sort of situation you just don’t think straight.

‘OK’ I said.

I realised my voice was shaking. I must have seemed like a frightened little school girl, but in a way, I was actually starting to feel quite confident. It all seemed like a dream, almost detached from reality. I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off, then reached round and unclasped my bra, and slowly pulled it down to reveal my breasts. I looked round at the group of guys and smiled.

‘Like what you see then, boys?’

There were murmurs of approval. James reached round and cupped my breasts in his hands and held them up for inspection. My nipples were really hard as he tweaked and rolled them in his fingers. (I am really proud of my breasts!)

‘And now the skirt.’

Before I had time to think about it, James reached down and unzipped my short skirt and pulled it down around my ankles, leaving me standing there in just a pair of little black panties.

‘Let’s see her suck some cock.’

I was now pretty much surrounded by men. One of them put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down on to my knees in front of James.

‘Go on then baby. Suck your boyfriend’s cock.’

James’s penis was already out of his trousers and hard. I reached up and took it in my hand, then leaned forward and took the entire length into my mouth in one go. I think I give good head, and I had never had an audience like this before. It suddenly crossed my mind what my friends would think if they could see me now.

Someone got hold of my hair and held it in a knot behind beylikdüzü balıketli escort my head, forcing my head to be still. I tried to reach round to free myself, but my wrists were held, as James started to fuck my mouth. Everyone was encouraging him to shove it down my throat, and every few strokes he did that. I couldn’t help my eyes watering and I almost gagged a couple of times, but that just seemed to excite everyone more.

It wasn’t long before I could feel his cock get even harder and I knew he was about to cum. With a grunt he pulled out of my mouth and released a massive stream of sperm all over my face and hair. I can’t remember ever seeing so much cum and it really was all over the place, but before I had chance to try to wipe my face or get it out of my eyes, another cock was shoved in my mouth.

As I started to suck this second one, I felt someone lift my hips up, pulling me back until I was on all fours. Several pairs of hands grabbed at my knickers, pulling them off, and then my legs were forced apart. At this point I realised what should have been obvious all along: that I was going to get gangbanged by this group of guys.

I managed to get the cock out of my mouth and turned my head to the guys behind me, to ask that if they were going to fuck me, would they please use a condom. It seemed strange being so polite, but then the whole situation seemed unreal.

I could feel several hands around my pussy, all grabbing and trying to shove their fingers up, then the unmistakable feeling of a hard cock placed at my entrance, then the feeling of it being slid slowly inside.

‘Go on, fuck the dirty little cunt. Yeah, fuck the bitch.’

They were all encouraging each other, and I felt almost marginal. I was just being used for their pleasure, almost whether I liked it or not.

One after the other they took turns to fuck me. I guess some entered me twice. I really couldn’t tell. I just had cock in my mouth and up my pussy and that was all I knew. Their hands were all over me, pulling at my nipples and breasts. Every few minutes someone would cum on me, either over my face or in my mouth. I tried to spit it out, but I couldn’t always manage it and I must have swallowed at least half of it.

I don’t know how long it was before there was a pause. There was some muttering and some laughter and I felt my bottom being held open and someone spit on my arsehole, then a finger was pushed up my bum. I tried to protest and say I didn’t want this, but another finger was pushed up, then I felt something hard and cold against my anus. I tried to reach round to stop them and felt a bottle. One of the guys grabbed my hand and pulled it away and I felt a searing pain as my sphincter opened and the bottle was shoved deep up my rectum.

I almost fell forward before I was grabbed and lifted back onto my hands and knees. I felt someone get into position behind me and the bottle was pulled out and a cock was placed against my anus.

I had had anal sex before, but I hadn’t always enjoyed it. Now I was going to be sodomised whether I liked it or not. I remember begging beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş them to be gentle with me, but everyone just laughed.

I could feel the cock pushing at my arsehole, then suddenly it slipped inside. My hips were pulled back and with one movement the cock went right up me. I couldn’t help but squeal with pain, but that made no difference as whoever it was started to fuck my arse with long, deep strokes.

They took turns with my arse in the same way as they had taken turns with my cunt, but this time when someone had finished they held my bottom apart to admire my anus as it started to gape open. One of the guys shoved the bottle back up my arse, but this time it went up without any problem, then they just carried on.

I don’t know how long they buggered me for. I just knelt there and took it. I think I might have passed out as the alcohol took over. I remember that finally it just seemed to stop and someone was pulling me upright into a kneeling position.

‘I think we need to wake her up…’

I half opened my eyes and saw someone standing in front of me with their cock about six inches from my face. I imagined that they were going to cum on my face again, when to my surprise a torrent of hot piss blasted into my face. I tried to pull away but my head was held still as several of the guys took turns to urinate in my mouth and all over my face and hair.

I can’t remember much after that. I think that James took me part of the way home, I’m not sure.

I woke up the next morning fully dressed lying on my bed. It took me a few seconds to remember what happened. I tried to get up but I had such a splitting headache I lay down again. The phone was ringing, and I could hear the answerphone switch on and the voice of my friend Lilly asking if I got home OK and whether I wanted to go shopping.

I got in the shower and stayed there for about an hour. My hair was thick with dried semen and my pussy and bottom were aching like hell. (In fact, when I took a look at my anus using a little makeup mirror, I found that it was still gaping open, and I couldn’t go to the toilet properly for days afterwards).

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what exactly had gone on. I hadn’t actually been raped – at no time had I put up any resistance – in fact you could say that I had encouraged what happened. I had just got drunk and been gangbanged by a group of guys. What I had had done to me really was one of my fantasies, but I still felt guilty about it all.

I spent most of the day in bed, half dreaming half awake. By the evening I started to realise that I had done something extraordinary that most women could only fantasise about. I felt a bit embarrassed, but also strangely exhilarated by what I had done.

My biggest fear was that one of my friends would find out about what happened. I didn’t go back to that bar for months, not wanting to bump into any of the guys who had fucked me, but I think that they were probably steering clear of the place too, for similar reasons.

All this happened last Summer, but I still think about it, especially when I am masturbating. I have a new boyfriend now, but I don’t feel I can tell him about my experience. We have talked about going to a swingers club together, but I feel I can’t tell him that I want to get gangbanged again.

I know that I was really stupid, and in many ways lucky to get away with what I did. I don’t feel like a slut, but in some ways, I think that I might be. I just don’t think that is a bad thing!

Belinda xx

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