WHATEVER HAPPENED to ELLIE Part 2When I dropped Ellie off at her Mom Helen,s she came out clutching a set of keys. “Got the keys to our cottage at the Lake. Mom hardly ever uses it now Dad,s dead so we can fuck I disturbed out there and also go for a swim.” She Tod me as she slid close on the passenger seat. “Don,t have my swim trunks with me.” “Who bothers with swim suits silly?” She laughed, fished out my hardening penis and started playing with it. It was stiff as a board by the time we parked in front of their “cottage” a two story affair reminiscent to a mansion compared to the small chalet-bungalow type cottages on the lake front, their drive the only paved one as the others were simply gravel lined. Inside the cottage was fully furnished with food in the fridge and booze, television and music system with comfortable large couch and two giant leather arm chairs, a porch with four sun loungers and a hammock swinging in the wind. A stone barbecue pit was just opposite the porch with a boat house e pty now as Helen had sold her husbands pride and Joy fishing boat a year prior. Before even thinking of food we stripped off, Ellie letting me drink on her shapely figure. Having illegal bahis given birth her figure was still shapely though there was a bit more flesh round her waist not that it detracted from her looks. She,d trimmed her pussy to a triangle above her soft labial lips which were already leaking juices. I joined her in the nude and jumped in after her as she swam out to the raft anchored a hundred yards out. We did some dives from the low board mounted on the raft then swam back to the dock, pulled ourselves out and I dried Ellie with a large bath towel then she dried me. We went inside and Ellie fixed a light meal of tuna salad sandwiches washed down with bourbon and coke, then we headed for the master bedroom at the top of the stairs. My turn to suck you this time.” I pressed her back on the bed spreading her long legs so O could first run my tongue over her inner thighs working my way to her outer quim lips, licking gently at first then driving deeper as herjuices started flowing even more. Soon I was eating her noisily as she. Egan to move her pelvis to meet my tongue thrusts till she began to groan” Come on Joe. Give me your cock! Fuck Me!” I licked a few more minutes then illegal bahis siteleri quickly shifted round so it eas my cock rubbing against her outer lips then pressed it in loving the heat of her inner depths. The inevitable in and out movements began slowly and soon gathered pace till I was humping Her Madly, our organs squelching loudly as we strived for mutual pleasure. It must have been one of the heaviest cums I,d shot in months as I filled her up with ejaculate. Reluctantly I withdrew and lay back to cuddle her as we struggled to get our breaths back sweat now pouring from our bodies. “Does Sarah fuck as good as me?” Ellie asked. “ She,s a bit tighter as she was a virgin on our wedding night!” I told her. “Does That make her a better fuck though?” “ Can,t really answer that one as I live with her.” I replied. “Well maybe you,ll change your mind tonight.” “We,ll see.” I sighed. Soon she started sucking me as she knew that would get me hard again and she was right This time she rode me like a “fucking bronco” milking me with her strong cunt muscles till I eas ready to shoot again, turned her over and slipped up her ass. “Oh yes Fuck My Ass Joe!” She groaned canlı bahis siteleri and leaned back into me so I could penetrate e en deeper before I could fill her butt hole! I can,t remember how many times we sucked and fucked that night and even managed to sleep on and off as well. Eventually we had a long luxurious bath together about 7am then she cooked me a breakfast of pancakes, bacon and toast washed down with coffee before I drove her back home. I got a friend to cover for me to back up that I was staying at his house after having drinks with him and reminiscing in case my sister asked where I,d spent the night, but she accepted my cock and Bull story. On my way back to my base I stopped to say goodbye to Ellie. Her Mom Helen was there with her young daughter. “Meet me at the cafe in twenty minutes so we can say goodbye properly” Ellie whispered. She got in and said “Take me out to the Lane!” One parked where we couldn,t be observed easily she said. “I couldn,t say good bye without doing it properly.” She released my cock and proceeded to suck me and swallowed every drop happily.” “I,m sure you,ll Never Forget me now!” she licked her lips as I kissed her a final passionate kiss. Sadly I Never saw Ellie again once I dropped her back in town and headed back north. She remarried in 1973, had three c***dren in all, seven grand c***dren, lived in Colorado and died of bowel cancer in 2007. RIP ELLIE! I,ll Never Forget You!

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