When Gina Met Tammy… Ch. 19


The girls make it back to Colorado, enjoying some solitude after their crazy week in Connecticut.

TAMMY: The blaring sound of ‘Reveille’ jolted us awake at 5:00 AM. I have GOT to talk to Gina about her warped way of waking us up! Although, I do have to admit, it was effective — there’s no way we could have slept through that alarm.

She turned the noise off, and I turned over to kiss her good morning. Smiling, she said, “Yahoo, darlin’, we’re goin’ home!” The wedding, and seeing my hometown again was great, but I’m just as ready as Gina is to get the hell out of here. While we lay there stretching, my phone buzzed with a message from Momma, saying they had just woken up and would meet us down in the café after they showered and dressed.

We got up to pee, brushed our teeth, and got in the shower ourselves. After the shivers that ran through us with the small orgasms brought on by the razor, we scrubbed each other clean. We got dressed, tousling our short hair dry and putting on our ‘travelling’ makeup, then finished packing everything in our suitcase and carry-on duffle bag.

After a last sweep to make sure we had everything, we wheeled our bag to the elevator, and I dumped the empty vape pin in the garbage can in the hallway. Momma and Angie were already in the restaurant, so I turned in our keycards and checked out while Gina wheeled our suitcase and duffle over to the café and left them with the other bags, out of the way but still in our sight. We had our good morning hugs and kisses with the newlyweds, then we all sat down to eat.

GINA: Everybody is really excited — Angie and Keme are going to Florida, and leaving on their cruise tomorrow, and Tammy and I are going home to our own little private nirvana. They’re lucky, since they will get to Florida not long after noon, and will be able to eat then. Tammy and I made sure to eat a big breakfast because we’re going to be going through 2 time zones, and that’s going to screw us up (again) for a couple of days.

We went outside and they brought the rental around. With our bags loaded, we stopped to get some large coffees for the drive and started for Hartford. We’re pretty much on schedule to get to the airport, get checked in, and go through security before we have to hurry up and wait for our flights. The drive didn’t seem that long, since we had a lively conversation going the whole way.

After a stop to fill the car up, we drove to the airport and Tammy turned in the rental. We checked our bags and got our boarding passes, then got in line for security. When that clusterfuck was finished, we went to Keme and Angie’s gate and sat around talking until it was time to board. Telling us they’d call tonight from Florida, we all hugged and kissed good bye, and they were on their way to the Caribbean.

Our gate was a little farther down the concourse, so I started walking in that direction. Tammy grabbed my hand and led me into an airport bar, smiled and said, “Honey, we’ve got some time, and I know how you are on takeoffs, so let’s get a drink before we board.” She’s right, of course — that incident with the crop duster doing a kamikaze dive underneath the power lines when I was a kid is going to haunt me forever, I suppose.

TAMMY: Not really wanting to get my hand crushed this morning, I figured a Bloody Mary would help Gina with her takeoff apprehension. We finished our drinks and got to our gate just as they were starting to board, so we got on the plane and settled in the comfy first-class seats. I know it’s wrong, but I giggled a little when we taxied out on the tarmac and got in line — Gina’s grip on my hand was slowly getting tighter the closer we got to takeoff.

When we blasted down the runway, I had to use both of my hands to hold hers and prevent serious injury to myself. What’s weird is that once we got a couple of thousand feet up, Gina’s nervousness stopped like a switch had been flipped. The flight itself was smooth, and we talked about everything from Momma’s wedding to our own upcoming marriage. The switch was flipped again when we heard and felt the engines start powering down for the descent into Denver.

Gina looked at me apologetically when she gripped my hand again. I smiled and told her not to worry about it. “In fact,” I said, “if you went through this plane, I’d bet there’s a shitload of people even more terrified than you.” We managed to land without flying under any power lines (!), then started the long walk to the other end of the airport to catch our commuter flight to Durango.

There was a short layover before our flight left, but soon enough, we were boarding the turboprop for the final leg of our journey. Other than the death grip of Gina during takeoff and landing, the trip home wasn’t bad, even though it was a little bumpy in a couple of places from turbulence. We grinned broadly at each other illegal bahis when we got off the plane, knowing we’d soon be home.

Our luggage even made it with us, and after we got our bag, we walked out into the main lobby. I called for an Uber while Gina called the security company to tell them we’d be home in about an hour, and she got the code to enter once we arrived. When she finished her call, she told me the security people said there were no problems, and other than the mailman and Tomas’ crew coming to mow and clean the pool, nothing had happened.

GINA: Our ride showed up, and we drove into town, then the final 3 miles to our house. It felt so good when we turned in the drive, and we couldn’t wipe the grins off our faces. After getting our suitcase out, Tammy went to unlock the front door while I paid and tipped the driver. I chuckled to see Tammy was already stripping off her clothes. Following her example, I took my clothes off as well, stretching in the glory of being naked again.

I went to the security console and entered the code, calling the company to verify it and make sure the cameras were off on their end. Tammy had opened the patio doors and turned on the A/C, then we took our luggage and clothes upstairs. We went around opening all the doors in the bedrooms and front hallway, letting the stuffiness out.

Surprisingly, we were both full of energy, even though our brains were still scrambled from the time change. We unpacked, with most of the things going down the laundry chute, then collapsed on OUR bed, making out for a few minutes before going back downstairs. I went out to turn on the hot tub while Tammy stored our suitcase in the basement.

While she went to use the bathroom, I poured us both a large glass of the White Gold wine we’d brought back from Texas, and loaded up the vaporizer. I went out to sit on the deck, laughing when she came out and went to the edge of the deck, yelling a loud “Aaaahhh” before sitting down beside me. She grinned sheepishly and said she was just warming up for later. Chuckling, I said, “Yep, baby, I reckon we’re both gonna be screamin’ tonight, since we ain’t gotta worry ’bout bein’ quiet.”

Sipping our wine, Tammy sent a quick text to Keme, telling them we’d arrived home safely. I fired up the vaporizer and we smoked and drank, enjoying the warm afternoon. The crew had been here this morning, and the smell of fresh cut grass mingled with the fresh mountain air. We relaxed, glad to be home after the crazy week we’d had. A text came in from Keme, saying they were glad we’d made it, and that they were in Miami and giddy about leaving on their cruise tomorrow. She said they’d call us around 6:00 (our time), adding that she knew we’d probably be going to bed early because of the time change.

Tammy laughed, and said Keme was partly right, at least, although she didn’t think we’d be going to sleep very early. Hearing her say that made my pussy tingle, and from the way she squirmed a little, I could tell she was as horny as I was. To take our minds off of what was to come (pun intended), I stood up and took her hand, leading her out to the pool. We both jumped in, gasping at the shock of the cool water, then stood in the water kissing while our bodies adjusted.

TAMMY: A few laps of the pool helped to settle us down somewhat, then we got out to lay in the lounge chairs and let the brilliant sunshine dry us. I sighed “Oh, darling, I missed this so much. Being naked with you in our home has to be one of the best things in the world.” Sufficiently dried, I led her back to the deck and we smoothed some of the lavender/peppermint lotion over each other’s body, being careful not to arouse ourselves too much before we had supper and the phone call.

I refilled our glasses, and we went back out on the deck. The weather in Connecticut had been about the same as here, but it was so much quieter and peaceful in our haven. Gina felt it too, and she said, “Love, doncha think this beats th’ hell outta all that hustle and bustle o’ Foxwoods?” I smiled and agreed, telling her I felt like Dorothy after she clicked her heels together in Oz…There was certainly no place like home.

We purposely hadn’t eaten since breakfast, wanting to get our ‘normal’ schedule back on track, so by around 4:00, hunger pangs were starting to set in. We’ll need to go shopping tomorrow, to restock on the stuff we got rid of before we left, so we decided to order in a pizza tonight. At 4:30, Gina called in our order and I went upstairs to close all of the open doors, to let the A/C cool the house now that it had aired out some.

The security console buzzing alerted us to the food coming, so Gina put on the shorts and T shirt we kept downstairs to go pay the driver while I set out some plates and got us some more wine. We demolished the pizza, then went back out to the deck to wait on our call with Momma and illegal bahis siteleri Angie. Since it’s just going to be on the phone instead of a video call, there was no need for us to get dressed. I sat on Gina’s lap, and we kissed and fondled each other until my phone buzzed.

I answered, and from the tone of Momma’s voice, it sounded like they had already started their honeymoon in style. When I asked, she said that they had been out, having ‘a couple’ of drinks this evening with their dinner. She said, “Well, what did you think, little one, that we were just a couple of old fogeys who’d forgotten how to have fun?” We laughed, and I told them not to get too carried away, or else they’d miss the boat tomorrow.

Then Angie came on, saying “Hey, girls, we need you to settle something for us. Keme said that you two were probably running around naked already, but I said I thought you two were both going to be too tired for any shenanigans.” We looked at each other, and kind of giggled, and Gina said, “Why, Keme, I’m shocked. What, did you think we stripped off our clothes as soon as we walked in the house, and I was sitting here with your naked daughter in my lap or something?” Momma said, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought!”

GINA: Hearing Keme say that broke our laughter loose, and we laughed even harder when Angie said, “Well, shit, Keme, I guess the guilty dog DOES always bark first.” It took a minute for us to calm down, then Tammy said, “Don’t worry, you two, we’re not doing anything that y’all haven’t done.” Keme piped in “Ohmygod, we’d better call 911 then!” That set off another round of laughter, from both ends of the line.

When the hilarity ran down, we talked for a few more minutes. Since we’d seen them every day for the past few days, there wasn’t any news to exchange, and Keme said they were going to go to sleep in a little while, so they could be ready to get on the ship tomorrow morning. Tammy told them to text or call if something came up, but otherwise to “turn your phones off and just go have a blast.” They promised they would, then we said our good-byes and ended the call.

I kissed Tammy and said, “Y’know, m’dear, I think your Momma and Angie believe we’re just a couple of perverts.” She waggled her eyebrows at me, and said, “Well, I suppose we’re just going to have to go and live up to the reputation, then.” Giggling, she stood up, and pulled me up. We finished our wine, then headed up to our bedroom.

I got a couple of towels while Tammy pulled down the duvet, and we sprawled on the bed, kissing until she broke loose and slid the toy box out from under the bed. Getting the feeldoe and a bottle of lube, she grinned and asked me if I wanted to be the fucker or fuckee. When I said it didn’t matter, because both ends were pleasurable, she slathered up the short end with lube, then pushed me down on my back and spread some lube in and around my blossoming cunt lips. She began inching the dildo into me, and I sighed with the feeling of fullness once it was fully inserted.

Greasing up the other end and her own pussy, she straddled me and her eyes closed in joy as she began impaling herself. When the dick was about halfway in, she suddenly dropped down, squealing when the shaft was forced into her pinkness. She opened her eyes to look into mine, crying out “Oh, honey, that feels SO nice.”

We stayed motionless for a few moments until I reached down and turned the vibrator on to the medium setting. With the toy still deeply embedded, I gasped when she started moving her hips in a circular motion, letting the faux dick explore our depths. She leaned down to kiss me, then sat up on her knees to slowly slide the plastic almost completely out before slamming herself back down. Every movement she made caused the toy inside me to move as well, and we were both moaning out loud, not having to muffle ourselves anymore. Tammy bent over, supporting herself on her elbows, and slowly started fucking herself. Each time she pushed her hips down, the nubs at the base ground into our clits, bringing out more moans. With a final hard push, she yelled “Baby, I’m gonna cummmm…” her voice trailing off as the orgasm released its fury in her. My own volcano erupted, and I screamed “Yes, yes, YES, YEESSS” as my body was overcome by ecstasy.

Still firmly held together by the toy, her mouth found mine and we kissed frantically. She kissed the tip of my nose, then my eyes, before moving to the side to nuzzle my neck. I used the opportunity to do the same, kissing her neck and the spot behind her earlobe that drives her crazy. Our cries rang out while the relentless vibrations pounded away against our clits and inside our slick pussies.

Without breaking the connection between our crotches and our mouths, I rolled her over and started fucking her. I was grunting each time I plunged down, trying to push the dildo deeper and deeper with each stroke. Both sets of eyes canlı bahis siteleri glazed over as we fucked, driven by lust as the climax continued in our guts. I screamed again as a massive shudder ran through me, my second release triggering Tammy’s, and I collapsed, both of us panting at the ferocity of the tremors that ran rampant from our heads to our toes.

TAMMY: I turned the pulsing penis off, leaving us still joined together in bliss while we kissed. When the sensations started ebbing away, I broke the kiss long enough to whisper “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Baby, I love you so very much.” We continued kissing until we finally reconnected with the earth after our trip to the stratosphere. Gina raised up on her knees and slid the feeldoe out of my cavern, leaving me empty but still feeling filled with her love. She eased the toy out of her own dripping cunt, dropping it on the towels we were on before lying back on top of me for more kisses.

Still basking in the afterglow, we were finally able to stand up. I tossed the soiled towels down the laundry chute, and Gina washed our little friend off and put it back in the toy box. With our arms around each other for support, we carefully went downstairs to soak in the hot tub and wash away the sweat and bodily fluids before going to bed. I poured us some wine, and Gina loaded up the vaporizer before we got in the water, making sure to keep the jets from blasting our still tender pussies.

If our intense fucking hadn’t gotten rid of most of the tension from our day, the weed, wine, and warm water succeeded in removing the rest of it. We sat on the deck to air dry for a few minutes, finishing our wine before making our way back up to the bedroom. Although it was only around 8:30, our minds were telling us it was still Eastern time, 2 hours later.

A quick pee and brush of the teeth, and we were back in bed, except now the only thoughts we had were of sleep. We laid there in the dim light, looking into each other’s eyes and kissed good night. Gina’s arm was over my shoulder and she lightly raked her fingernails along my spine while my arm was over her waist, doing the same to her back. Our eyes closed as we enjoyed the feeling, and I found myself giving in to a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

* * * * *

TAMMY: The cool satin sheets and Gina’s warm body pressed against mine greeted me when I woke up. Looking out of the open French door, it was still dark but I could see the light blue starting to appear over the mountains in the East. Apparently, I’d rolled over (or had been rolled over) during the night, because I know I went to sleep facing Gina. I’m not complaining, though! I savored her skin on mine and the warm breath that tickled the hairs on my neck.

Even though I know it will take us a couple of days to readjust, waking up at 5:00 AM like this is good. That’s what time we usually have been getting up to do our exercises or runs. Of course, I’m sure going to bed early after being thoroughly fucked last night helped me wake up in the pre-dawn hours!

The urge to pee forced me to leave this marvelous place. I got out of bed carefully, not waking Gina, and went to pee and brush my teeth. Despite the pounding it took, I was pleased to see that my pussy didn’t look (or feel) like ground beef this morning! I went down and made a mug of coffee, then sat out on the deck to watch the light chase the darkness away.

I must have hypnotized myself looking out at the mountains, and I jumped a little when 2 hands suddenly appeared on my tits, squeezing them before Gina’s face appeared in front of mine. She smiled and kissed me, before getting her coffee from the island counter and sitting next to me outside. Giggling, she said, “Honey, when I came down, ya was sittin’ here, one hand on yer mug but not movin’. I even made my coffee, and saw ya still ain’t moved, like ya was in a trance or somethin’.”

Grinning, I told her I was just having a sensory overload of happy. I leaned over and kissed her again, then got up to make myself a fresh mug of brew. While waiting on the coffee, I went out and got the mail that had accumulated during the past few days. Besides a couple of bills, most of it was junk, except for a manila envelope addressed to Gina, from Jerry, her lawyer,

I gave her the envelope, watching her face as she opened it. There was a page from the Lubbock newspaper, along with a letter from Jerry. A huge smile came over her face when she read the letter, and spread the paper on the table so we both could see it. The story headline was circled in red, saying “Area Men Indicted”, and the story was about Jack Carter and his son Steve being charged with tax fraud, harboring illegal aliens, obstruction of justice and a whole slew of other charges.

Gina was laughing so hard tears came to her eyes, and she said, “Ohmygod, this is too much! These assholes are finally getting’ what they deserve! Shit, ’bout goddamn time!” I was laughing along with her, even though I really didn’t know the men. I DID know Steve was a scumbag, and I’ll bet the whole town is overjoyed that their little empire just fell apart.

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