When the lights go out


When the lights go outWhen the lights go outI went to on a vacation trip from Tuesday to Friday. I shared the same room with my girlfriend and two other girls (I am also a girl). We had a little fun during lights out and this is the story of our first night together physical and sexually. Tuesday night: The two other girls went to sleep before we did. My girlfriend was on the phone with one of her friends and I was in bed getting comfy thinking that nothing was going to happen. A few minutes later I felt my girlfriend come into bed and I could hear my own heart beating. I was building up the courage to go to her side of the bed and I eventually got it so I did. I rolled over to her and we cuddled for a few minutes. After I had finished with building up the rest of my courage, I asked her to give me her hand. She thought I was just going to hold her canlı bahis hand but instead I put it on my boob. She went inside my shirt and started to play with my nipple. I was embarrassed because I knew that my nipple was getting hard. It got to the point where I wanted her to take off my bra. Didn’t work out as I thought it would. It took her 4 or 5 tries to unhook it which I found really cute. When she unhooked it, it was easier for her to play with both of my boobs. One of her hands went down to my crotch outside my shorts. She wanted to go inside but I had told her that I hadn’t shaved so it wasn’t that very nice down there. She said that she didn’t care so I let her. I felt her warm hand go under my short and my underwear. She made her way to my clit. She started to rub my clit at a slow pace. After a while I started to get really horny bahis siteleri and really wet. I told her to finger me and she said to ask nicely so I told her to finger me please. She went lower to the entrances of my pussy. I felt her finger go in and it made me take a deep breath. I could feel her finger inside my tight wet pussy now. As she moved her finger, my hips would move along with every move she made inside of me. I started to take deeper and louder breaths, trying so hard not to moan because I didn’t want to wake the two other girls. The thought of getting caught made it even more hot making me even more horny and wet. It got to the point where I could feel myself getting hot and starting to get sweaty. She kept fingering me until her hand started to get tried, so we decided to go to sleep. I didn’t cum that night sadly, but it does güvenilir bahis end there. That same night, a half hour later I woke up because I was still hot from what we had down a half hour ago. I moved to try to cool off but that only woke up my girlfriend (she’s a light sleeper) since she didn’t make me cum I decided to tease her for that. I told her to give me her hand and I put it on my crotch. She said that she was too tired so I started to touch my self in front of her. I was moaning her name hoping that it’ll get her in the mood. Luckily since I’m a great teaser, it eventually worked. She went down my short again and started to play with my clit. This time she didn’t finger me but I was okay with it. She stopped but I didn’t want her to so I got on top of her and started to hump her. She lightly pushed me off but that only turned me on and made me want her even more. I got on top of her again and repeated the humping part. I eventually gave up so I went back to sleep. I didn’t cum that time either but the story doesn’t end there. That was only the first part!

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