When Wishes Come True…


When Wishes Come True…Mark was looking at his computer screen and not believing his own eyes. He blinked twice and then few more times as if trying to shake off some unreal dream. It did not work. On the screen was still an image of his smiling wife Samantha holding two large cocks in each of her hands. Lots of sperm was spreading all over her face, lips and cheeks and hair. The third large cock was apparently belonging to a man standing behind her as it rested on her shoulder and cum was dripping from its tip on Samantha’s breasts.Mark knew that none of these cocks was his. He and Samantha had a threesome with another man some few years before, but they never had MMMF foursome. Not to mention, that all three of huge cocks on that picture were very black… Mark was white and so was Samantha.Mark swallowed a lump in his throat and clicked on the link leading to the root directory of the gallery. There were few more shots of his wife sucking black cocks, being fucked, sandwiched and DP-ed… His beautiful Samantha was a center of attention in interracial gangbang. Mark returned back to the photo with lots of cum on his wife’s face and enlarged it to see her face and eyes in details. Apparently this was the very last photo in the gangbang session izmir escortlar but it was the first picture which he stumbled upon while browsing porn on one of the Internet sites. Still in shock Mark looked into his wife’s beautiful smiling eyes on that picture. She looked very happy and relaxed. He tried to see any traces of stress or discomfort in her face and eyes and could find none. She looked natural, relaxed, satisfied and happy.- Oh, well, – Mark thought finally to himself. – What do you expect after multiple suggestions to your wife to have sex with other men, gentle offers to try big black cock and see if she liked it. Finally, she did what I wanted. Can I blame her for this? No, I can’t really…- The strangest thing – he thought, – that what I feel is not jealousy or anger. It is… it is… hot excitement!Mark was still looking at the picture of his lovely wife receiving facial cumshots from three large cocks and something hot and sweet was churning in his belly. His cock was already rock-hard. He started flipping images on the screen again, trying to pay attention to details. He noticed that in some images there were two cocks at play, in others there were three cocks. None of the images had men’s faces. Just cocks and izmir escort bayan his wife. In some images Samantha was looking straight into the camera lens, so, shots were not candid. She was fully aware that pictures were taken and she was apparently posing for some of them. Mark imagined his wife sucking large cock or two, then getting hot sperm on her beautiful face and then looking into the camera and freezing for a better shot. His cock got harder. Sweet belly fire churning harder and hotter… Probably, photograph asked her to turn her face this way or that, put smile on her face, stick out her tongue with drops of cum on it… Photograph! Mark realized that with three cocks in some of the shots and Samantha between them there must have been yet at least one more person in the room. Photograph! Pictures were taken quite professionally with good camera and quite proper lighting. Was this photographer man or woman? Did he just take shots or participate in gangbang switching with one of the guys?Mark started thinking about Samantha… when did this happen? How did this happen? Where? He was sure that these pictures were the first Samantha’s cheat on him. First cheat and straight to interracial gangbang! Mark did not know if he is izmir bayan escort in awe of his wife or in confusion. He looked back in time and could not tell if his wife’s behavior or attitude changed in the past few months. Their relationship did not change either. Was it possible that he just did not pay enough attention and did not notice changes in his wife’s character or behavior? Then he recalled couple of moment during past week when Samantha seemed to be on a verge of telling him something, then switching to some demimondaine topics. He did not catch it back them, but now realized that most likely she wanted to tell him the truth and just did not have enough courage.- Well, I have to find a way to make it easier for her and tell me all about this, – he decided. – And I mean ALL! I want to hear all details from her directly. making her talk will, probably, not be too hard. I am sure now that she herself is looking for a way to spill her secret. Mark pulled back from the screen and looked around the room. Samantha was shopping with her girlfriend and they would come back only in two-three hours if not more. Mark felt tremendous love for his wife and decided that he will make that evening very special.- Romantic dinner at home! Candles and wine! – He thought. – Then I will make her crack and then we will have one blast of sex! He also thought with pleasure and sweet anticipation, that his wife looked way too good in these gangbang photos. There will be more of that! Must be!

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