Wife Swap II

Big Tits

Wife Swap IIDanny, short for Daniela, and I had been married about eleven years and, while we are happily married, things in the bedroom have slowed tremendously over the years. So, in search of somethingto spice things up, I pressed Danny to try something new.Danny was extremely hesitant. I told her that opening ourselves up to new sexual adventures would help add a new dimension to our marriage. I reassured her, it would not change my feelings for her and that I fully trusted her. I had eyes on Betty, our neighbor, but I didn’t dare tell Danny.One day, by pure happenstance, Betty’s husband, Bob told me he thought Danny was extremely hot. I thought Bob’s remark was a perfect compliment on her great looks and obvious sexiness. It also opened up a conversation as to the possibilities of a temporary wife swap.Bob said that Betty liked me – and in more than a neighborly manner. I was surprised by his candor.So, as luck would have it, Betty and I managed to hook up and so did my wife and Bob. Everything was consensual.Danny didn’t say anything about her hook up with Bob and I certainly didn’t say anything about my experience with Betty. A few days after our wife swap, Danny and I had one of the most intense love- making sessions since we’d met.As we lay naked afterwards, Danny asked,“What if we had an orgy?” Her question totally caught me off guard.“An orgy?” I had to be sure I’d heard Danny right.“You sound surprised,” Danny quipped. I had to admit the thought of an orgy was intriguing but not one I had ever really considered a true possibility. I was pretty much a private person when it came to sex.Danny pressed on. “So would you?”I was hesitant. I wondered what type of sexual monster I may have unleashed. Danny turned on her side, brushed her hair back over shoulder and smiled. We had just had an intense love-making session and now she was pressing me about an orgy.“Do you think,” Danny began, looking at me and again flicking her hair over her shoulder, “you could handle Betty and me at the same time?”“What about you and Bob?” I shot back. “Could you handle doing a blow job while getting pounded?”“I can handle anything,” Danny replied.I don’t know if it was the way Danny presented herself or what but, suddenly, any reservations I may have had, faded away as I thought through the process of what an orgy might entail.That afternoon, sitting on the pool deck, I marveled at how charmingly beautiful Danny was, with her blonde hair lazily settling over her soft shoulders. She was wearing her micro bikini- bursa escort a present I had given her for a Caribbean Cruise several months earlier. It left nothing to the imagination.Our backyard faced a wooded area next to a golf course and we shared a six foot high privacy fence with neighbors on both sides. As long as we stayed on the patio, we were pretty much shielded from our neighbor’s viewpoints, not that we really cared one way or another. Our back yard was our backyard and we felt like whatever we did in there was our business and no one else’s business.Danny looked at her phone. Although I was self-absorbed in the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I heard her say, “Come on over.”I looked at Danny. She leaned forward and unfastened the top of her micro bikini, which barely covered her cleavage. She slipped it off and casually d****d it over the arm of the chase lounge. Her nipples were erect, perched on the top of her small but firm breasts. I could tell she was in a playful mood.A few moments later, Betty sauntered through our backyard gate, barefoot, sporting blue cut-off jean shorts and a bikini top. She carried a towel in one hand, a beer in the other.“Hey,” Betty called out as she approached.“Grab a chair,” Danny said, pulling her ear buds from her ears.Betty spread out her towel on one of the patio chase lounges and I watched as she wiggled out of her shorts and readjusted her bikini bottoms. She settled, taking a swig from her beer.Almost simultaneously, my manhood stood at attention. There was no way I could hide the growing bulge in my swimming trunks.“Where’s Bob?” I inquired.Betty said that Bob had to go out of town for the weekend on a business trip. As she spoke, she brushed her hair back over her shoulders. I saw her glance at Danny’s exposed boobs.“Girl,” Danny remarked, looking at Betty, “we’re all good… if you want to take your top off, it won’t bother either of us.”“Are you sure?”“Hell,” Danny replied, “you can go commando for all I care.”Betty glanced in my direction, as if she were looking for some type of response or approval from me. “It’s not like I haven’t already seen it all,” I remarked.Betty leaned forward, untied her bikini top and slipped it off. Betty was well endowed with boobs larger than Danny’s.“You have great looking boobies,” Danny remarked. “You, too,” Betty replied.Danny said she thought her boobs were a bit on the small size and that she wished she had bigger tits.“But they serve their purpose well,” Betty chimed in. Danny smiled. “Yes, they do!” Danny bursa escort bayan said, pinching her nipples.“Can I feel them?”“Come on,” Danny replied, “they love to be touched.”Betty swung her legs over the side of the chase lounge and knelt beside Danny. She reached out and put a hand on Danny’s left boob and gently massaged it.“Oh wow,” Betty exclaimed. “You’re all natural.”I could tell that Danny was getting turned on as Betty massaged her breasts. Danny closed her eyes and spread her legs on either side of the chase lounge.“Oh yeah,” Danny whispered, “I love that.” “Can I suck on it?” Betty asked.“Sure,” Danny responded, her eyes still closed.Betty leaned forward and lightly circled Danny’s nipple with her tongue before claiming her lips around it and sucking. I couldn’t contain myself. I slipped off my shorts and I gently stroked my cock, watching Betty as she sucked. Betty put a hand onto Danny’s bare shoulder, pulling herself in closer.Danny kept her eyes closed, as Betty planted soft kisses on her chest and then her neck. Betty then pressed her lips to Danny’s lips. My wife opened her mouth and I watched as she welcomed Betty’s advances. As Danny pressed herself against Betty, I slipped from my chair and stripped Betty of her micro-bikini bottoms. She was horny as hell, the sweet-musty aroma of sex filling my nostrils.I stood beside Betty, my cock at face level. She looked over at my cut phallic and took it in her hand. She kissed the tip of my manhood and then offered it to Danny. Danny slipped her luscious lips over the end of my cock as Betty held it in place and cupped my balls. They took turns sucking on my cock, until I begged for relief.“Just cum,” Danny said as Betty sucked on my cock. “Give it to her.”Betty removed my cock from her mouth and looked at Danny.“Can I?” Betty asked. “Go for it,” Danny replied. She looked at me and told me to lie down.I put the seatback portion of the chase lounge into the full recline position and settled lay back, my elongated and fully-erect cock arching up towards my lower abdomen. I was expecting a great finish to the blow job butBetty straddled the chase lounge on which I was positioned. Lust sparkled in her eyes and she bit down on her lower lip, hovering over me. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it around the outside parts of her moist pussy.“Do you want it?” Betty teased.“Yes,” I replied, trying to not sound desperate.Betty lowered on to my throbbing, steel rod. I felt the warmth of her pussy as she inched my stick into her tight pussy. escort bursa She leaned forward, grasping the arm rests on the chase lounge.Danny was not going to be left out. She straddled the top part of the chase lounge. I looked up at her bald pussy, the lips of which were enlarged and flushed a light pink color. I used my fingers to part them and gently rubbed her clitoris.“Oh my gawd,” Danny exclaimed as I worked my fingers feverishly across her clitoris. She reached out and grabbed Betty’s face, pulling her in close. Their lips met in a fiery crush, as they thrust their tongues deep into each other.Betty tossed her head back and pushed her hands on to my chest as Danny held on to her shoulders.“Oh my,” Betty exclaimed, her arms stiff and hands pressing on my chest. The walls of her pussy clamped down on my cock and she bowed her head and trembled. I felt a flood washing over my lap as Betty shook and trembled, a cataclysmic orgasm over-aking her. She dropped down onto my chest.After a few moments of shaking and trembling, Betty rolled off of and on to the coolness of the wooden pool deck. In the sunlight, my cock glistened with the juices from Betty’s pussy.Danny didn’t miss a beat. She quickly assumed the position that Betty had vacated and stuffed my erect cock into her dripping wet pussy. She ground her hips in a circular fashion, my cock buried deep inside, her hands now pressing down on my chest. Within seconds, she too was cuming, her body tensing as she flooded my lap. I couldn’t hold back. I grabbed her waist and held her in place as I shot my load deep into her.“I can feel you cuming,” Danny exclaimed. “Ohh… my… gawd.”Naked Betty was sprawled on the pool deck. Danny slipped off my hot rod and proceeded to go down on a very surprised Betty. I watched as they took turns exploring their bodies, bringing each other to massive orgasms. I couldn’t believe how into each other they seemed.Finally, tired and spent, they both rested on their backs, looking up at the cloudless sky.The three of us spent that night together, doing unspeakable things to each other until the wee hours of the morning. Betty asked that we not say anything to her husband, explaining that he would have hated to have missed things. I assured Betty I wouldn’t say anything.Danny, however, said, “Oh hell no… I need that big dick of his one more time.” As soon as she’d spat out the words, she looked at me to judge my reaction. “No problem with me,” I replied. “The more the merrier.”Danny looked at Betty and smiled.“Should we tell him?” Betty asked. Danny shook her head.“Tell me what?” I asked and pressed Danny for an explanation. I didn’t like surprises. Danny looked at me. “Be patient,” she said with a coy smile. “You’ll find out… don’t worry.”

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