Wife’s Modelling Career Ch. 03


True to his word, Ed dropped off three videotapes and a huge stack of pictures with my wife getting nailed.

While I waited for my wife to get home, I sat and looked through what must have been some two or three hundred photos of her. The pictures were all of various positions and situations. Cocks in her mouth, cunt, or fucking her tits. Some were of cock’s cumming on her face and tits. Others showed her cunt up close with cum leaking out, or of cocks just an inch or so out of her cunt with her hands spreading her cunt wide open and the cock squirting into her hole.

Tracy got home just as I was finished looking through the photos. I told her to get on her hands and knees and start sucking my cock while I began watching the videos. She did as told. And let me tell you, I was a man in heaven. There is nothing better then coming home from a long days work and have your wife get down and blow your cock.

The videos were just the same as the photos. The first showed Ed when he must have fucked her for the first time. The second was again with Ed, but when he was finished with her, he had his two helpers fuck her as well. In the last video, it was Ed and another buddy of his using her until they had enough of her. Then the other two guys, new guys at that, fucked her until they too had enough. This last one was very hardcore. The guys just kept fucking and cumming on her face without letting her clean up. The two other guys did the same but kept cumming in her cunt over and over again. She was a mess, I must say. While I watched the last tape, I got my wife off of her hands and knees, bent her over the couch, and fucked my cock in and out of her cunt until I dumped a good sized load of cum into her cunt.

She asked me what I thought of her acting skills.

I told her, “That she was better then any actress that I have seen and that I would get a live demonstration tomorrow night.”

That night, we ate dinner, watched some TV, and then went to bed. I was horny as hell but my dick was too sore to fuck her cunt again. I also thought, what the hell, I’ll be fucking her for many years to come and even the next night.

The next day, my wife started getting ready at about 7. She put on a great deal of make up that made her look like a cheap street shore. She said that that was the way she was told to look by Ed. I ask her about the clothing? She just said that she didn’t need any. She would not have anything on at the start and that it would come off within a couple of seconds once they got started.

We arrived at Ed place right on time. There was Ed and his two helpers. Two new guys once again. The guys were introduced to my wife with the guys grabbing a feel of her and smiling at each other. They also commented to Ed that he did in deed not lie, that she was a hot fuck and that they sure were looking forward to fucking her later.

Ed then gave my wife a sheer teddy that covered nothing and showed everything. He told her to get changed right now that the guys would be there any second and that she was to answer the door and welcome them to her whorehouse. To tell them that all the other whores were busy but that she could take care of their needs herself. That was it. She started changing right there in front of us four guys. The other two had almost instant bulges in their pants even before she was naked. A minute or so later, she was ready, and the doorbell rang.

She answered the door, and these two black guys about 6 foot 5 inches came in and started to get naked. It wasn’t their height that amazed everyone; it was the size of their dicks that made all of our mouths drop. Their dicks hung down to almost their knees and they weren’t even getting hard yet. My wife was in shock, the two helpers yelled that there was no way the bitch was going to take those things, and Ed just turned and said that she was going to get seriously used and worked in tonight. The bizimkent escort two black guys just walked up to my wife with one of them sticking his soft cock into her mouth and saying ” don’t worry honey, by the end of the night you’ll be taking all 14 inches in your holes.” The other guy, just sat down and started stroking his huge cock with one hand, and played with my wife’s pussy with the other.

As they started talking to each other, I found their names to be Dwayne and Tony. Tony was the one working his dick in my wife’s throat, and Dwayne was the one sitting down watching the show. Anyway, after about ten minutes of her sucking on Tony’s dick, Ed announced that it was time for some fucking because he and his two helpers had enough footage of her sucking the monster cock. Tony just pulled his dick out of her mouth and pushed her back onto the bed. Dwayne got up and practically sat on her face and reached out to grabbed hold of her legs to pull them back as far as possible for Tony to have full access to her cunt. Ed told everyone that they had to get some close ups of that cunt being stretched by that huge cock. My wife didn’t say a word. I don’t know if it was because of fear, or that she just knew that she was here to get fucked and to just go with the flow. I later found out that she had expected to have to get fucked by some huge cocks in this business so it came as no surprise to her. She just wished that it had been later then sooner so that her pussy would be more stretched for such events.

Well, within a few minutes, Tony had worked about ten or eleven inches into her cunt, and had a good rhythm going. Dwayne was still holding her legs back and in the air, but was also pushing his dick in and out of her mouth.

Tony said, “This bitches cunt is doing pretty good and man is she tight and wet. I think its time to work the whole thing into her and see how she likes it.”

Now, on every thrust, he pushed more and more into her. He also told Dwayne a couple of times to hold her steady. Five or so minutes later, and to everyone’s surprise, she was taking the whole thing in her cunt. All you could hear on each down thrust from Tracy was a loud, “AH!” You could also see her toes curl on each thrust over and over again.

All of the guys would make comments while this was going on. Ed would be directing the camera angles and scenes.

Things like, “This bitch is amazing…..look at that cunt, looks like it is going to rip any second now……I’ve never had a bitch take the whole thing”, were said by all of the guys.

Hearing this just made me proud knowing that she was built to fuck and fucking is exactly what I had her doing. Tracy was the perfect wife. She could cook, clean, and be a loving wife. Tracy could also fuck like the best of any whore.

Tony then told Dwayne that he wanted to finish with the bitch first. Dwayne pulled his dick out of her mouth and Tony rolled her over on all fours. Before Tony stuck his dick back into my wife’s cunt, Ed got a close up of her gapping cunt. Tony then stuck his dick all the way in on one thrust causing my wife to scream. He then grabbed her hair, pulled her head back like he was riding a horse, and just fucked the shit out of her until he blew his load deeper into her cunt then any load had ever reached before.

When he pulled out, she just fell on the bed as if she was dead. Ed got another close up of her cunt and a good shot of the huge amount of cum now running out of her cunt.

Dwayne, who was rock hard and really for his turn, just lifted her ass back up in the air and sank his huge cock into her cunt in one thrust.

All my wife could say was, “Oh god!”

Dwayne did just like Tony had. He slammed his cock in and out of her cunt just as hard if not harder then Tony. His black cock was soon totally white from Tony’s cum but he just smiled and pounded away bostancı escort until he too dumped his load into my wife.

When Dwayne pulled out, Ed and the guys rolled her over to get some more close up’s of her cunt. Man, her cunt was covered in cum from the two loads that the guys dumped inside and out. You could also look up into her gaping hole and see a river of cum running out of her.

Tony and Dwayne said that they needed a break to recover and to clean some of the sweat off before they had another turn. Ed’s two helpers thou asked if they could have their turn? Ed didn’t even bother to ask Tracy, or me and just said, “Sure go ahead.”

One guy just sat on her stomach and wrapped her big tits around his cock, and the other just shoved his dick down her throat. Ed then passed the video camera to me while he grabbed the camera and told me to just keep shooting. While the two guys didn’t last long, both of us just kept filming the scene with my wife receiving two loads of cum all over her face, tits, hair, and into her mouth. She now was a mess at both ends.

Tony and Dwayne then told the guys to get off; it was their turn again.

I said, “I’ll get some towels to clean her up.”

But the guys said, “Clean her up…..No way man! We like the way the bitch looks and we’re going to fuck her just like that!”

I looked at my wife again. Her face was just covered in cum. She couldn’t even open one eye and barely open the other. There was cum dripping down off of her face onto her tits, and cum dripping from her tits onto her stomach. The front of her cunt was just covered in cum and she still had some cum leaking out of her very used and fucked cunt. Ed and the guys had her sit up on the bed and told her to clean her eyes with her fingers and then eat it the cum. She did just that while the filming kept going on. Tony then had her stand up, turn around, and bend over.

He said, “Now we’re going to have a workout on the ass of yours!”

He walked up to her, grabbed that monster cock of his, and thrust the whole thing into her cunt in one thrust causing her to scream out loud again. Dwayne then threw him a tube of lubricant. While Tony slowly worked his cock in and out of her cunt, he started lubing and working one, then two, then three, and finally four fingers in her ass. Tony then said, “Its time for some anal.”

Luckily for Tracy, he took his time working his cock into her ass. It was amazing watching her ass open up more and more as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into her. It took him about ten minutes, but he worked the whole thing into her ass just like he did with her cunt. My wife never said a word. She just moaned and groaned during the whole time. After a good five minutes or so, Tony had picked up a good rhythm at fucking her ass. He would pull his cock almost all the way out, then slam it all the way back into her. He would also slap her ass hard every now and then and of course the guys would be making some pretty lewd comments about her. Things like, “what a nasty whore…. I think the bitch like’s having her ass fucked… what a mess this bitch looks like”, and so on.

I have seen many nasty porno movies with the sluts really messed up. Looking at Tracy, she was the messiest. There she was standing up, bent over, a huge cock slamming away at her ass, cum still running out of her cunt and down her legs, her ass all red from being slapped, her tits bouncing and swaying back and forth, cum dripping off of them and her face onto the bed. I just could not believe it. I have seen many a porn movie before with whores getting gangbanged, but nothing came close to this scene.

Dwayne, who was sitting down watching, said “What about me! Let me have a go at her ass!”

Tony smiled and said, “I know, let’s see if the bitch can take both of our cocks? Lets DP her together.”

Dwayne lay down büyükçekmece escort on the floor, he didn’t want to lie on the bed because of all the cum that had dripped out of her cunt and off of her body. Tony pulled his dick out her cunt, led her over to Dwayne, and told her to sit on his dick. Once she had the head of his cock in her pussy, she just sat down on his cock in one shift motion. She let out one loud scream, but it was her own doing. Dwayne bounced her up and down on his dick for a few strokes then told Tony to get into her ass.

Tony took about five minutes or more to work his cock back into her ass. Once again Tracy never said anything or asked that it stop. She just squealed like a stuck pig as the guys used her holes. Ed, myself, and the other two guys just looked at each other not believing that she had those two huge cocks buried balls deep in her cunt and ass. She looked stretched to beyond human limits and that she would just split in two any second.

The guys worked out a rhythm where one would pull out, as the other would sink his dick into her. Soon again, the guys really started having a go at her. I guess my wife had now become use to the fucking because she stopped squealing like a pig and started moaning again. Both of the guys noticed this, and then they said, “Lets see how she likes getting both cocks rammed into her?”

They really had no mercy with her this time. They would pull all the way out of both ends, and then slam all the way in. My wife started squealing even worse then before with her whole body shaking and her toes curling on each thrust. She even started screaming.

Ed being the asshole that he can be at times, picked up the underwear of one of the guys, and stuffed it into Tracy’s mouth to shut her up. Everyone but me, laughed. I was starting to walk over to remove it but the guys all said to leave it in that it made Tracy more of a whore and the scene nastier.

Tony then announced that he was getting close to cumming and with a few more strokes, he let loose another gallon of cum into her asshole. When he was finished, he just fell over onto the floor. We then all got in close to have a look at her ass. It was wide open with cum just running out of it, and it looked like you could just slide your whole hand into her ass. Dwayne then took his turn. He didn’t last to long since he had been fucking her cunt, but when he came, he pulled his dick out so that the guys could get a shot of his cum shooting into her gapping ass and then jet after jet of cum flew from her cock across her back even hitting the back of her head. She was now truly covered in cum all around and in ever hole.

When Dwayne got off, my wife just dropped on the floor like she had been killed. Ed and the two guys just rolled her over onto her back. They then just started jerking their dicks over her and within a couple of minutes, if that, blasted my wife with three more loads of cum all over her face, tits and the rest of her already cum covered body.

As Tony and Dwayne started getting dressed, they started talking to Ed about another fuck session with my wife and about bringing along some of their friends. Ed instructed the two helpers to walk around my wife and film her body. They filmed her from her head to her knees showing all the cum that was on her, with close ups of not just her gapping cunt, but ass as well, and then finishing again back at her face telling her to smile for the camera.

Ed and the two helpers then started getting dressed and packing up the equipment while my wife just lay there on the floor still. I over heard the two guys asking Ed when could they fuck her like he had said.

Ed just told them, “I’ll set up a day for you guys to fuck her. She needs a rest from the fucking that she just got. Don’t forget, I’m still breaking in the bitch. Also guys, don’t forget to tell all your friends about her.”

When they left, Ed and I took the dirty sheets off the bed and I told Ed that I was going to run a hot bath for my wife.

He said, “Sure, go ahead she needs it. And hey buddy, that sure is one hell of a whore that you’re married to! We are sure going to make a lot a money off of her.”

More stories to follow.

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