Wild Asian Adventure Ch. 05

Double Penetration

It was time to go. I threw on a pair of shorts and a shirt and watched as Karin slipped a little sun dress over her naked body. See that I had a feeling our clothes wouldn’t be on long where ever we were going.

We walked out and found grabbed a quick bite to eat before getting into a cab and going to an address that Karin gave to the driver on a piece of paper. We sat together holding hands, I tried to let me hand wander up her leg, but she stopped me telling me to be patient. I could see her nipple pushing against the fabric of her dress. I told her how beautiful she look, she told me how back home in Germany she could dress this way unless she was away from where she lived.

After about a 10 minute cab ride we stop in front of what looked like an office building. Karin paid the driver and got out and I followed, watching her naked ass as she slid across the cabs seat.

We stood in-front of the building, Karin looked at the piece of paper with the address again to confirm we were in the right place. She seems sure and took my hand and led me into the building. We took the elevator up to the 4th floor and I followed her to a non-descript door. She rang the intercom, said her name and the door buzzed open for us. We entered what looked like a doctor’s waiting room, and Karin went to speak with the girl behind the desk. From where I was standing I could see a beautiful Thai girl talking to Karin but couldn’t hear what they were saying. I saw Karin pull out a credit card and hand it to the girl, she signed the slip and the door next to the girl buzzed open.

When we walked through the door the girl from the desk was standing there to escort us to where we were going. This is when I was able to see what she was wearing. It was a traditional Thai style dress with the high collar but it was very short, barely coving her ass, and leaving her long legs fully exposed to my eyes. She led us back down a short hallway and into what looked like a locker room. She instructed us to put all our clothes into a locker. It obviously didn’t take us very long to get naked, and I think the girl was amused at how fast we were. I think Karin had her dress over her head before the girl had finish her sentence.

She led us to a shower and instructed us to wash off, even though we both had just showered we both didn’t pass on the opportunity to wash each other again. The girl stood there watching us the whole time. Karin made sure to give my cock a good washing making me nice and stiff, before turning me around an running her soapy hand between my ass cheeks and pushing a soapy finger into me.

We didn’t linger to long in the shower and when we turned it off the girl was standing there holding towels for us. We dried off and handed our towels back, she seemed a bit surprised that we didn’t wrap ourselves in them. I didn’t know exactly why we were here but I was sure whatever it was the towel would only be in the way.

We were led down a different hall past a few doors each with a number on it and into room . Inside the dimly lit room was a large bed in the center, and a small table next to it. We were told to sit and get comfortable and our date would be in shortly, and walked out closing the door behind her.

We sat on the end of the bed facing the door. I put my arm around Karin’s waist pulling her close, feeling her warm skin against my side. I asked again what we were doing and she just told me to wait and see.

Just then there was a lite knock on the door and before we said anything the door opened. In walked a Thai girl, she was wearing a black bustier, stockings, a g-string and high heels. In the shoes she looked to me around my height of 5’9″ her long black hair was brush straight and was down her back.

We stood up to introduce ourselves, our date introduced herself as Eve, giving each of use a kiss. Eve’s hand brushed across my cock as we did sending a jolt through it. Eve led us the short distance back to the bed. Karin told me to sit and she moved behind Eve. I sat in front of them, I could see that Karin was right up against Eve’s back I’m sure Eve felt her hard nipples poking against her.

Eve turned her head and she and Karin kissed, I could see Karin’s tongue push into Eve’s mouth. Karin brought her hands up Eve’s sides sliding up the fabric of her bustier. Eve was grinding her ass back into Karin’s pubes. Karin cupped both of Eve’s breast with her hands, rubbing and squeezing them. She pulled down the cups of her bustier and exposed Eve’s dark nipples, and started playing with them, pulling, pinching, twisting. Eve seemed to be enjoying Karin’s touch, and they were putting on quite a show. I could see that Eve had slipped a hand between them and seemed to be playing with Karin’s pussy. After playing with Eve’s tits for a few minutes Karin trailed her hands down Eve’s body, and over her hips. I was sitting on the foot of the bed, lightly stroking my hard cock watching these two beautiful ladies put on this little show.

Karin was running her hands over Eve’s hips and down between her esenyurt anal yapan escort legs, caressing her inner thighs, skimming along the edge of her g-string. As much fun I was having watching, I was also horny and wanted to get the action started. Karin now ran her hand right over the front of Eve’s panties, then back up. Finally she hooked her fingers under the sides of the g-string and started slowly pulling them down.

The front panel got lower and I could tell that Eve was shaved. Karin held the panties up just above where Eve’s pussy would be. They leaned together for another kiss. As soon as their lips separated Karin pulled Eve’s panties halfway down her thighs. As soon as they were down a beautiful semi hard 7 inch cock popped out from between Eve’s legs. Karin had hired us a Ladyboy!

Eve wiggled her hips and her panties fell to the floor. Karin lightly stroked Eve’s cock and I watched it harden to her touch. Karin pulled her hand back and circled her thumb and finger around the base, like a cock ring. With her other hand she wiggled her finger at me, telling me to come closer. She didn’t have to ask twice.

I stood up and walked the two steps to them. When I was close Karin said I want to see you on your knees sucking her cock. I quickly dropped down and ran my hands up Eve’s stocking encased legs. I leaned in and Karin ran Eve’s cock across my lips. I kissed the tip then opened my mouth and took her between my lips. I slid my mouth down her cock working it with my tongue as I did. I really loved giving blowjobs and having Karin watch made it extra exciting. With each stroke into my mouth I was able to open my throat more and after only 3 or 4 I felt my lips touch Karin’s fingers still wrapped around the base of Eve’s cock. While I was sucking Karin was calling me a cock sucking slut, little bitch, and telling me she couldn’t wait to see me getting fuck with the big cock. Neither could I.

We moved to the bed Eve was on her back, I was between her legs still sucking on her hard cock, I took her balls in my mouth and then ran my tongue down to her ass. I fucked her ass with my tongue while I was jerking her with my hand. Karin was sitting on Eve’s face having her pussy eaten while watching me. Eve was hard as a rock, I wanted her in my ass. I looked up a Karin and she saw the look in my eyes and knew what I wanted.

Karin climbed off Eve’s tongue and told her she want to watch her fuck me. Eve pulled a bottle of lube from the bedside table and handed it to Karin. I laid down on the bed on my back, and lifted my legs up. I always liked being fucked like this so I could see the other person’s face. Karin lubed my ass and worked a couple of fingers into me to loosen me up. She then took Eve’s cock in her mouth and suck it for a few seconds before taking the rubber from Eve’s hand and rolling it down with her mouth. She then covered Eve’s cock with lube and moved her into position.

Eve was on her knees between my legs. I felt her rub her cock head over my asshole. I reached down and pulled my ass open. “Ready baby” she said and I felt her start to push. The head of her cock slid in, and she held it there for a few seconds, giving me time to adjust and open more. As Eve started pushing in more with a slow but steady pressure, Karin moved to sit on my face. She lowered her soaking wet pussy to my waiting lips. She was kneeling over me, holding my legs up to give Eve better access to my ass. I felt Eve’s balls against my skin and knew she was all the way in. She held it there for a few seconds before I felt her pulling out. I couldn’t see it but could tell from the breaks in the talking that Karin and Eve were kissing between Karin was encouraging Eve to “fuck him good” “give it to him deep”

I was loving every second of this. Eve had built up to a regular rhythm in her fucking with nice long deep strokes. I was eating Karin’s pussy and tonguing her juices as fast as they flowed out of her. Though it wasn’t being touched, my cock was rock hard, bouncing with each thrust into my ass, leaking pre-cum.

After a good five minutes on my back and having eaten Karin through at least one orgasm. Eve pulled out of my ass and told me to turn over. Karin and I got into a 69 with me on top and Eve got behind me as pushed her cock back into my ass. Karin had a perfect view of Eve’s big cock thrusting in and out of my ass, as she sucked on my cock.

With my cock being sucked now, I wouldn’t last to much longer I also felt Eve’s pace quicken as she was approaching her orgasm. I shot my load deep into Karin’s waiting mouth, the spasms in my ass from my orgasm pushed Eve over the edge and she pulled her cock from my ass, ripped off the rubber and shot her load across my ass. I felt her hot cum running down my ass crack and over my balls. Karin leaned her head up and I felt her tongue licking up all the cum she could reach.

Eve either had a magic cock or had taken a little blue pill, because even though she came her cock didn’t soften a bit. We changed esenyurt escort positions so now Eve could fuck Karin. She was still kneeling and she pulled Karin’s hips up to hers and pushed her hard cock into Karin’s waiting pussy. Watching them fuck shortened my recovery time greatly and by the time they switch to Karin on top I was ready to go again. I moved over and pushed my cock into Eve’s mouth. While she was sucking me Karin leaned down to join in. The feel of the two tongues and lips gave my cock the last boost it needed to be ready to fuck again.

Karin was still ridding Eve’s cock and I knew what I wanted to do. I grabbed the bottle of lube and coated my cock. I got behind Karin and rubbed my cock down her ass crack to let her know what I was planning on doing. She stopped ridding Eve’s cock and I pushed against her ass. Once I was fully in we found a rhythm to double fuck Karin.

We double fuck Karin for a few minutes and as we did she had several small orgasms. When suddenly Eve reached up and started playing with Karin’s nipples and this pushed her over the edge to a body shuddering orgasm that hit her so hard my cock came out of her ass.

My cock was still hard and Eve’s ass awaited. I pulled a rubber on. Eve knew what I wanted and got up on her knees wiggling her ass at me. I positioned my cock against her opening and pushed, I slipped right in and started pumping my cock in her ass. As I fucked Eve Karin recovered enough and moved under Eve so they could 69 while I continued to fuck her ass. I felt my balls tightening and knew my next load was coming soon. I was fucking Eve hard, slamming my cock into her ass. I thrust in one final time and unloaded into my rubber.

I pulled out and started rimming Eve’s ass while Karin kept sucking her cock. When Eve was getting close she rolled over onto her back and Karin and I both went to work on her cock. Eve shot her second load covering both our faces. We kissed to share it and then licked the come off the others face, both of us couldn’t get enough of it.

We all laid on the bed recovering Eve and I had both cum twice and Karin lost track of how many times she came in the hour and a half since we started. Karin reached over and started playing with Eve’s cock again and she asked her if we had time because she want to watch me get fucked one more time. Eve said we did and with that Eve’s cock was hard again.

Karin told me to stand next to the bed and bend over it. Eve got up and moved behind me quickly pulling a rubber over her cock and squirting some lube on it. Then she got behind me and pushed her cock into my ass again. It slid in easily and she got quickly started fucking me with long hard strokes. Each time she thrust into me I could feel my cock swinging under me.

At first Karin was standing and watching Eve fuck me from besides us, one hand playing with her pussy as she encouraged Eve’s fucking of my ass. After a few minutes of this ass pounding Karin climbed on the bed and laid down in front of me so I could eat her pussy as Eve continued pounding my ass.

Karin held my head to her pussy as I sucked on her clit and tongued her hole. I felt Eve pace change and her strokes shorten she was about to cum for the third time. I increased my work on Karin’s pussy seeing if I could get them to come at the same time. Eve’s thrusts got more desperate trying to push deeper in each time. Finally she slammed her cock into to me holding it there as I felt her cock spasm as she shot her third load of the evening.

Seeing Eve cumming in my ass, pushed Karin over the edge again and she came flooding my mouth with her sweet pussy juice. I lapped up as much as I could savoring each drop of her nectar. We all collapsed on the bed in a tangle of limbs.

After we all caught our breath, we got up and Eve led us back to the shower room where all 3 of use showered together in a jumble of hands touching all over each other. After we were all clean, Eve walked us back to the locker room. She gave us each a long kiss good-bye and thanked her profusely for the fun we just had. And with a final grope of each other, Eve left us to get dressed.

Once we were alone I pulled Karin close for a big kiss and hug and thanked her for doing this. She said she had always wanted to be with a ladyboy and to watch a guy get fucked that’s why she came so many times.

We got dressed and walked out, we walked around a while before heading back both to enjoy our last night in Bangkok and to rest up before we headed back to the hotel for more sex.

Finally we decided to find a cab and head back. In the back seat Karin curled up next to me, we spent the cab ride kissing, my hand slipped up her dress and was gently fingering her pussy.

We got back to the hotel about 10:30 and we almost ran through the lobby to get up to our room. As soon as the elevator doors opened on our floor Karin pulled off her dress, not to be outdone I dropped my shorts and pulled off my shirt, and we both walked down the hall naked. Karin esenyurt eve gelen escort stopped in front of Mary and Hari’s room to listen but it was quiet, they were either out or asleep.

We almost fell into our room and were on the bed almost instantly and our hands were all over each other’s bodies. We had a rush come over us and we needed to fuck. Karin’s hand found my cock and were stroking it to full hardness as our tongues battled in each other’s mouths. I had one hand on her nipples and the other playing with her pussy.

When I was fully hard I got on top and slid my cock into her waiting wet pussy. It was a frenzied fuck, just two people wanting hot sex. Our hips slapped together with each thrust of my cock in her pussy. As we fucked we move positions, first lifting Karin’s legs to my shoulders, then to doggie style where I was able to grab her hips as I fuck here as hard as I could. I slapped Karin’s ass as I fucked her. With the noises we were making I was sure the whole floor could hear us.

I was close to cumming I pulled out of Karin’s pussy and flip her back on her back and plunged back in to her wetness. When I was ready I pulled out and shot my load across her body. Without much time to recover we kept going at each other knowing we would leaving the next day.

I think we finally drifted off to sleep around 3 am, during this time, we fucked in almost every position we could think of in both her pussy and ass, used the vibrator in Karin’s pussy and ass, she fucked my ass with the strap on, I ate her she blew me and more.

Around 9 I woke to a knocking at the door. I pulled myself out from under Karin’s body. I looked at us we were a mess, covered in my cum, her pussy juice, lube, saliva, and sweat. The vibrator, strap-on and nipple clamps were either on the bed and floor next to it. I looked through the peep hole and saw Mary standing there. I opened the door for her, I think my nudity took her a bit by surprise but she held her composure. We said good morning, Karin must have woken too, and she asked who was at the door, I told her it was Mary, and invited Mary into the room.

She told us that Hari, had an early flight and had left at 6am for the airport, and that she was there to thank us for yesterday afternoon and for the fun they had together last night. We told her it was our pleasure too, and both Karin and I hugged her. Karin asked her to tell us what had happened after they went back to their room. She said she would if we told her about our night too and added, “that from what they could hear, and from the looks of both of you and this room, I’d say a lot went on” As she said that she picked up the strap-on by one of the straps holding it up between her fingers with a questioning look. We will tell you about that after you tell us.

Karin told her “why don’t you take off your clothes and we can all talk about our nights. Mary quickly stripped off her clothes and she and Karin curled up together on the bed, with Mary sitting between Karin’s legs and leaning back into her. They seemed very comfortable together.

Mary proceeded to tell us how after they went back to their room they took a shower together and touched each other a lot. But that was it till they came back from their night out. Basically they got back around 11, and ended up having sex together till 12:30 when they fell asleep together, and that she woke Hari up by licking her to an orgasm before she had to leave.

By now Karin was cupping Mary’s breasts and playing with her nipples. Mary told us how there had always been some sexual tension between her and Hari, but with Hari being conservative she never thought this would have happened, and couldn’t wait till she would see Hari again when she returned home.

Karin gently pulled Mary’s head back and kissed her, and told her it was out pleasure and was glad they continued to have fun after they left us.

Karin did most of the story telling of our night, while she did I started rubbing Mary’s leg and Karin let a hand drift down and started playing with Mary’s pussy. I think Mary’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she heard about our time with the ladyboy, especially when she heard all I had done. That is when it hit her what the strap-on was for.

Karin told her about how she had fuck my ass, and asked Mary if she wanted to try it. Karin knew she owned my ass at this point and I wouldn’t say no. Mary said she did. Karin pulled her up and took her to the bathroom, to wash the dildo and put her in it.

I heard the water running and the girl giggling as they washed the dildo. A few minutes later Mary came out of the bathroom with it on. As she walked she was stroking her dick as she was calling it. She was definitely enjoying having a cock hanging between her legs plus the other in in her didn’t hurt either.

While they were in the bathroom I lubed up my ass, after the workout it had gotten the last few days it was fairly loose. I laid on the edge of the bed and Karin help Mary position herself between my legs and align her “dick” with my ass. She pushed the head in slowly. She was being tentative not sure how to do it. Karin saw her hesitation and told her, fuck him like guys fuck you. That gave her more courage and she pushed in and started to pump in and out. While she fucked me Karin was standing next to her, stroking my cock, and sucking on Mary’s nipples.

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