Wildcat Within Ch. 02


I heard the rain pour down outside of my apartment as I cleaned the kitchen. The clanking against the barbeque on the balcony helped drown out my thoughts of our wild threesome a few days ago. It was hard not to think about Laura and Stephanie together, they’re writhing bodies intertwined as one. I dreamed of seeing Stephanie again but didn’t want to bring it up to Laura, thinking about how it might make her jealous. Yet, I was infatuated with her. Those deep blue eyes cried innocence but her body yearned for knowledge. Distracting myself, I loaded up the dishwasher when I heard a knock at the door. Always wary of solicitors I looked through the peephole but saw no one. Figuring it was just the rain playing tricks on me I went back to finish cleaning the kitchen.

After starting the dishwasher I grabbed the trash to take it out. I put on my coat and readied myself to run to the dumpster. Quickly opening the door I sprinted down the walkway and tossed my trash in. Sprinting back, I was out of breath when I entered my apartment. “That’s what I get for smoking.” I thought to myself.

After discarding my wet coat and shoes next to the door I went and opened the blinds to the sliding glass door that led to the small patio. I was shocked to see Stephanie huddled in the corner outside, trying to shield herself from the downpour. Her head sprung up when she saw me.

Unlocking the door I quickly slid it open and said, “Oh my god come in.”

She hurried herself in, dropping her backpack by the door. Relieved, she muttered, “Thank you.”

“Let me grab you a towel,” I said and rushed to the bathroom. “What were you doing out there?” I yelled as I grabbed a towel.

“Well I tried knocking but there wasn’t an answer,” she stuttered from the effects of the cold. “So I figured I’d just wait for someone to come home.”

“You must be freezing,” I said walking back into the room. I draped the towel around her shoulders and rubbed it against her before taking a step back.

“Thank you,” she whimpered and she started to towel herself off, starting with her long, black hair.

I stared at her shivering body, etching it into my brain. Her wet tee shirt clung to her petite frame, accentuating those perky breasts that I never stopped thinking about. Her soaked jeans clung to her thin legs. “My robe is in the bathroom if you want to get dry and out of those clothes,” I offered.

“Yes that would be nice,” she said and stumbled into the bathroom. I watched as she hurried away, her wet hair bouncing against her ass.

I sat on the couch, lit a cigarette, and anxiously waited for her to come out of the bathroom. I couldn’t wait to have another go with her, but knew I had to wait for Laura to come home.

Stephanie came out of the bathroom wearing my white robe that hid all of her wonderful features. Mentally I undid the sash as she sat down and curled up on the couch. She let out a long breath before finally saying, “Thank you. I feel much better now.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied coming back to reality. “So why didn’t you call first?”

“I don’t know. I guess I wasn’t thinking,” She replied her face bent down, looking at her lap.

I reached in and ran my finger under her chin. Lifting her face I asked, “You ok?”

“Ya I guess so,” her eyes looked downward.

“So what is then?” My arms retreated to my side.

“Well after I left here the other day I went home,” she finally stuttered out. “My dad saw the handcuffs in my bag and started yelling. Before I knew what happened he kicked me out of the house.”

“Oh,” I said then paused, feeling remorse for her. “Sorry to hear that.”

“It’s ok. Not your fault.” She took in a deep breath. “I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“Well you can stay here if you want to,” I reassured her.

Her eyes, suddenly beaming, shined with excitement. “Can I?”


“What about Laura?” She asked.

I forgot about Laura. “I’m sure she’ll be fine with it. After all, you two have been friends for quite some time now.”

Stephanie leapt at me and gave me a hug, causing me to fall back into the couch. Her head pushed into my neck. “Thank you Steve,” she whispered. Her warm breath hitting my neck made me tingle. “I knew you’d save me.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied holding her. My infatuation grew thinking about her being around all the time. I couldn’t wait to have her on all fours again and wondered what I would do to her. I started to get excited and lightly pushed her away before she noticed. “You’ll see. Things will be great.”

“Oh I know they will,” she replied staring at me. Those bright blue eyes radiated a relieved innocence, like a child who just opened their gift at Christmas and discovered they got exactly what they wanted. “I’m so happy that I get to be here with you now.” Her hands reached and rested over mine.

I sensed she felt something for me, but I didn’t know if it was purely physical or something more. We really never talked that much innovia escort before our threesome so I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I didn’t know what to say, “I need to take a shower before I go to work tonight,” was all I could muster.

I got up and quickly turned away as to hide my excitement from her. “There’s coffee and beer in the kitchen if you want anything,” I said and walked into the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and noticed Stephanie’s wet clothes scattered across the floor. I picked them up and hung them on the towel rod, pausing to appreciate her black bra and panties.

I had the shower on high heat to combat the cold air that filled my apartment. I stepped into the shower stall and soon the bathroom was full of steam. As I washed the soap through my hair I heard the shower door open. I nervously rinsed the soap from my eyes to see who it was. There Stephanie stood in all her naked glory. Her body glistening with her hair pulled down her back. I was speechless as I stared at her wonderful firm breasts that withstood the water that poured down on us. Her shaved snatch catching my attention as I finally spoke.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked.

“Well,” she said seductively. Her arms crossed down her front, pushing her breasts further out. “I wanted to thank you for letting me stay here.”

“You already did,” I replied as she got nearer.

“I wanted to really thank you,” her eyes staring up at me. “I know I can make you happy.”


“I need to be honest Steve,” she whispered reaching in, grabbing my erect cock. Stroking the head, she confessed, “I need you Steve. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And by the look of things I think you need me to.”

My happily erect cock couldn’t lie. I did want her. I just stood there as she knelt down before me. She pressed my shaft against her cheek, holding it there like a prized possession. She rubbed her cheek against it as if it were a plush doll. I stared at her as the water splashed against us. After a couple moments of savoring my cock she engulfed it, sucking vigorously. I braced my arms against the walls as she repeatedly took me in, glad to know she hadn’t forgotten the techniques Laura taught her last time.

“Am I doing this right?” She asked while kissing my shaft.

“Oh yes,” I replied smiling.

She smirked then asked, “Do I make you happy?”

“Yes very much.”

“Can I be your little whore?”

I paused for a moment. She knew that’s what Laura liked to be called. Then I realized that she had dyed her hair black, like Laura’s. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Was she infatuated with me? Or Laura?

“Well,” she asked looking up at me. “Am I?” She ran the head of my cock against her left breast. Circling her nipple, she looked down at the tip. “Cause I would love to be your little whore.” Her tone sounded more truthful than just lust.

She was more forceful now as she took me back into her mouth. My body twitched as she worked me harder. I let one hand go off of the wall and grabbed the back of her head. She didn’t need much help but yet still I wanted to work her harder.

“Yes oh god yes!” I moaned. “You’re my little whore!” My hips thrusting forward as I pulled her head in. She opened wide to fit me in as I fucked her mouth. The pressure built within me until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I held her head tight against me as I exploded within her mouth. I continued to hold her there as I drained myself. Once I saw my cum seep from the side of her mouth I let go, her head jerking back with freedom. I sat down in the shower and watched her as she swallowed what remained in her mouth.

“Thanks Steph,” I breathed heavily. “But let’s keep this between you and me, ok?”

Stephanie stood up and smiled down at me. “I’m just glad I could make you happy,” she said and stepped out of the shower.

I gathered my strength and stood up, letting the water pour down me. After gathering my thoughts I turned off the water and stepped out. Drying myself off I remembered Stephanie had taken my robe. After combing my hair I stepped out into the living room, letting the steam escape with me.

“Laura,” I said shocked as I saw her on the couch, sitting next to Stephanie who was still in my robe. I was frozen in place, waiting for someone to acknowledge the situation. I had no idea how long Laura had been home and prayed that she didn’t know Stephanie was with me in the shower.

Breaking the silence, Laura said, “Hey honey.”

“How was your shower?” Stephanie asked white a devilish grin across her face. “Refreshing?”

“Umm, fine I guess. I’ve got to get ready for work,” I mumbled then retreated to the bedroom.

Laura walked in as I dressed myself for work. “Wanna quickie?” She asked closing in on me.

“I’m running late,” I said zipping up my jeans.

“Oh phooey,” she whined and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Well, have fun at work I guess.”

“I shouldn’t be there istanbul escort too long,” I commented as I pulled my work polo over my head. “It’s just training stuff tonight.”

Laura followed me into the living room and sat on the couch as I walked to the front door. Stephanie made me nervous, eyeing me as I put on my shoes and jacket. “Well see ya,” I said and ran out the door and onto work.

I walked back into my apartment and dropped my tired body onto the couch. Laura came out of the bedroom and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. “Need a beer,” she asked.

“Yes please,” I answered then lit a cigarette. It didn’t seem that Laura knew about my time with Stephanie in the shower.

After grabbing my beer Laura sat down on the couch and cuddled against me. “How was work?”

“It was ok,” I responded. “Where’s Stephanie?”

“In the other room.”

“Is it alright with you that she stays here?” I asked.

“Ya it’s fine with me,” she giggled. “She’ll be like a pet.”

I was excited that Laura was not only fine with the idea, but seemed to love it. I drank my beer while daydreaming of what Laura had in mind when she referred to Stephanie as a pet.

Laura and I drank while we watched tv and relaxed. I felt relieved that Laura didn’t know about Stephanie and I. Feeling buzzed, I stood up to get another beer and instead fell back into the couch.

“I think you’ve had enough,” Laura laughed then stood up. “Come with me,” she said grabbing my hands, pulling me up. “And close your eyes.”

I did as she said and walked blindly with her. I was excited knowing she was leading me into the bedroom. Thoughts of her and Stephanie filled my head, building my arousal. I couldn’t wait to ravage Stephanie’s body again. I paused at the doorway as she let go of me.

“Ok,” she clapped. “Open them.”

I opened my eyes to see Laura practically jumping up and down. She wore a black corset that wrapped tightly around her torso, holding her perky breasts in place and black lace panties hid her treasure. “What do you think of our little pet?” She said excited.

My jaw dropped as I saw Stephanie, hands and knees on the two mattresses I use as a bed. She was naked except a few accessories. On her head were black cat ears that blended in with her hair. Her nose was marked with black, like that of a cat, including drawn on whiskers. Continuing the trend she wore a collar around her neck with a leash attached and a leather belt that harnessed a cat like tail that stuck out from behind her. I stood speechless but thoroughly aroused.

“Well,” Laura asked impatiently.

“I don’t know what to say,” I responded.

“She’s like one of those girls from your cartoon movies,” she commented. “Doesn’t she look hot?”

“Well ya,” was all I could mutter.

“I call her Miss Kitty,” Laura giggled as she swayed over to Stephanie. “Say hello Miss Kitty,” she commanded and grabbed her leash.

“Meow,” Stephanie complied.

“Was this your idea?” I asked.

“Well I always wanted a pet,” she replied. “And when I told her you’d like this kind of thing she practically dressed herself.” Laura had one hand gripped tight on the leash while the other stroked Stephanie’s hair. “There is one problem though,” her tone changed from cheerful to serious.

“What’s that?” I asked while ogling my two beauties.

“She’s been a bad kitty,” she said angrily and yanked the leash forward, causing Stephanie’s head to jerk forward. “Haven’t you Miss Kitty.”

“Meow,” Stephanie replied with her head bent downward.

“What do you mean?” I asked obviously knowing the answer.

“Don’t worry Steve,” she paused. Her eyes fixated on her hand stroking Stephanie’s hair, “I don’t blame you. I know you can’t control yourself.”


“It’s Miss Kitty’s fault. She should have known better.” Her hand slid from the back of Stephanie’s head down her spine until she reached the top of her ass. “Bad kitties need to be taught a lesson.” Her hand sprang back and came crashing down on Stephanie’s bare ass.

“Meow,” Stephanie yelped out. Her eyes filled with a sorrowful glare.

“Lay down Miss Kitty,” she commanded.

Stephanie complied and turned around. I noticed the red mark scarred her pale left ass cheek as she lay down on her back at the foot of the bed, just as Laura commanded her.

I got excited seeing where this was going and pulled off my shirt. I sat at the edge of the bed and eagerly slid my jeans off, followed quickly by my boxers.

Laura knelt behind me and kissed my neck. Her hand reached around and grabbed my throbbing dick. Moaning, I reached behind me and grabbed her ass. As we fondled each other I looked over at Stephanie who lay on the bed, watching us. Her gorgeous body ached with yearning as she wiggled back and forth. I turned around and kissed Laura. My tongue invaded her mouth as my hands found their way to her breasts. Grabbing them I leaned down and started licking her kadıköy escort erect nipples, my tongue swirling around them.

Laura ran her hands through my hair. “Now watch and learn Miss Kitty,” She moaned. “Watch as I pleasure him in ways you can’t.” Laura pushed me on my back, my head inches away from Stephanie’s. Laura slid her panties down and off her long legs then proceeded to climb on top of me; hovering her pussy over my face. She leaned down and started working my cock with her mouth. Grabbing the back of her ass I pulled her towards me. With my tongue reaching out, I lapped at her wet pussy. As I swirled my tongue I spanked her ass. Her moaning increased with each slap.

Lifting her mouth off of me she moaned, “That’s it baby. Spank your girl. Spank your little whore.” She then proceeded to suck my cock. Her words pierced me, causing me to slap her harder. I leaned my head back to see Stephanie staring back at us with a longing in her eyes.

Laura continued to milk my cock with her mouth, only pausing to catch her breath. I slid my finger into her wet pussy, feeling around. With each moan I thrust into her harder until she climbed off of me, obviously ready for more. I got onto my knees and climbed towards her, positioning her on her arms and knees with her head now hovering over Stephanie’s.

“That’s it baby!” She panted. “I want her to watch my face as you fuck me.”

Stephanie purred while fingering herself as she watched our show. I watched as her fingers slid in and out of her pussy, wishing it was my cock. Her other hand held tightly against her breast. I readied myself behind Laura and without hesitation, rammed my cock deep inside her wet, awaiting pussy, causing her to cry out.

Laura leaned her head down and ran her tongue along Stephanie’s lips. “I wanted to taste what it felt like.” She moaned then spat on her. “The taste of your jealously is so sweet.”

I pulled out and rubbed my mushroom head against Laura’s pussy lips. Laura moaned and kept pushing herself back against me, wanting me back inside her. I reached over into our nightstand and pulled out Laura’s rainbow colored butt plug. I swirled it against her pussy, using her juices as lubricate. Laura moaned as I slowly inserted it in and out of her.

“You know what’s coming don’t you?” I said becoming more verbal. Knowing I couldn’t fuck Stephanie drove me wild. The rage built within me and I wanted to take it out on Laura. Punish her for keeping Stephanie from me.

“Mmmm yes baby.” She moaned. “Stick it in me.”

I pressed the tip against Laura’s asshole and slowly started to twist it in. She moved her hips as I worked it deeper. I grabbed her hair and yanked her back as I fully inserted the plug. I continued and thrust my cock back into Laura sopping pussy. Her moaning increased with each pounding. I could feel her pussy tightening around me as I ravaged her. “Oh god,” she yelled out. “That’s it baby, make me cum.” I tried my hardest to pound into her as she yelled out and her body convulsed.

I pulled out of her wet pussy, catching my breath. Laura turned around and quickly grabbed the base of my pulsating shaft, taking it into her mouth. I watched Stephanie finger herself as Laura cleaned my shaft. Leaning up she panted, “You feel so good. Doesn’t he Miss Kitty.” Laughing she turned back around and stared at Stephanie. “Does it drive you crazy? Knowing he fucks me harder?”

Stephanie purred as she continued to masturbate, her body vibrating with her touch.

I leaned over and grabbed lube off of the nightstand. I lotioned my cock and readied myself to plow into Laura’s prepared ass. I pulled out the plug and tossed it on the bed by Laura’s head. I slapped her ass again and again until it was red, Laura yelping out each time. “I’ll show you who’s my whore,” I said pressing the head of my cock against her asshole.

“Yes baby!” Laura agreed. “Show Kitty who’s truly your little whore.”

As I slowly entered into her tight asshole Laura moaned loudly. I took my time going in and out, a little deeper with each thrust. Her body wiggled, trying to accept me in. I looked at Stephanie masturbating and pretended it was her ass I was fucking. Her cat like features drove me wild as I began to lose it. I grabbed Laura’s hair and yanked her head back. “C’mon whore, you can take it.”

“Ohh my ass can take it,” she whined out. “Not like that little slut Miss Kitty.” Laura grabbed the plug and pressed it against Stephanie’s lips. “Open bitch,” she yelled.

Stephanie reluctantly parted her lips as Laura inserted the plug. I watched in awe as Laura pushed it into her mouth, making her gag.

“Purr you little slut.” Laura commanded, “Show Steve how much you like it.”

Stephanie tried to purr as Stephanie twisted the plug in her mouth. Her eyes watered as she looked up at Laura.

I yanked Laura’s hair harder as I rammed into her. Her ass clamped against my cock. My breathing increased as I felt the urge to cum. “I want you to cum baby!” Laura yelled out. “Cum for your whore!”

I pulled out and Laura turned around grabbing me. She pulled me to the foot of the bed. I looked at Stephanie’s face as she suckled the plug like a bottle. Her body buckled as I jerked my cock. The pressure in me built as Laura’s hands caressed my balls.

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