Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 39

Double Penetration

Conrad Moves to Wilmington

Conrad thought about his accomplishments in the drug trade. Expanding had gone well. Northern New Jersey, most of Upstate New York, except for the greater Buffalo area and there was most of Delaware and portions of Maryland, again except for the greater Baltimore area. He felt that he now controlled most of West Virginia, not that there was a hell of a lot of revenue coming from there, but it afforded him a safe zone, in that he was able to control the State Police and operated freely within the state. Virginia had proved more difficult than he had thought it would. True, he had people within the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech; and was pleased with their quickness in understanding the way his operation worked. But he knew better than to approach the area around Washington DC, and Richmond was already under the Italian mobs jurisdiction. Still, the colleges brought a steady stream of money, and were a proving ground for sharp, young minds that would be needed to keep the organization running. The rural areas, while sparsely populated, did have a good number of affluent clientele, who might also be cultivated for political favors should they be needed in the future.

Perhaps even more importantly, his defense force had grown stronger. He could already say he owned a United States Senator, several Congressmen and two Governors. His legal counsels had been recommended by his partner in Belgium, and were located in New York City and Miami, Florida. Their retainer fees were ridiculously high, but they were well worth it.

Conrad had discussed things with Vic, his number two, and it was tacitly agreed that Conrad would disassociate himself from the New York-New Jersey area and relocate in the South, specifically in Wilmington, North Carolina. He had assurances that the local police were all but totally inefficient with regard to drug enforcement, poorly paid and thus amenable to bribes and such. That meant his main concern, as always, was the federal government and they were concentrating their main efforts in the major cities in the North, and of course, the entire State of Florida.

Incoming monies were dispersed accordingly with 60% going directly to Klass Bruinsma in the Netherlands, who was now dealing directly with the Columbians and Asians. That covered the cost of the next shipment and Bruinsma’s profit. The remaining 40% was split several ways and covered the cost of doing business (bribes, etc.) normal distribution expenses, salaries and profit. Conrad’s piece of the pie was averaging $1,000,000 every three days.

Conrad arranged to purchase a modestly priced home on the sound in Wrightsville Beach. He was surrounded by multi-millionaires, whose homes dwarfed his own, and found it comforting to hide in the midst of so much wealth, knowing that before long he would be richer than all of them.


A month later, Conrad was sitting beside his newly installed pool with a redheaded courier from Europe named Sophia, wearing shades and getting some sun. Putting down her Cuba Libre, she leaned forward provocatively giving him a glimpse of her generous breasts down to the nipples. When she was certain she had his attention, Sophia blew him a kiss from her adjoining lounge chair. Laughing, he blew one back at her. She licked her lips, removed her sunglasses and made a point of staring at the growing bulge in his bathing trunks.

Having played this game before, although not with Sophia, Conrad slowly rose up from his chair, picked up an expensive bottle of champagne and, holding his thumb over the top, shook the bottle three times before spraying it over her lovely tanned body while she shrieked with pleasure.

Moments later, with a towel wrapped around her bikini clad body they stood close together in the Master bedroom. There was money everywhere; all over the floor, the bed, and the chairs. The money on the floor led into the Master Bath and covered the counters, the commode, and even the sinks.

Sophia dropped the towel, kicked her sandals off and pushed Conrad backward onto the bed which crackled when he landed in the pile of $100 bills. She was out of her bikini in a flash, providing him with his first look at her freshly shaven pussy. She climbed on him, straddling him with her knees, and laughing lewdly, tossed two fistfuls of hundreds in the air she scooted up to his mouth.

“Oh, yeah!” Conrad gasped, and used his thumbs to part her cleft so he might taste the sweet honey already glistening along her bald pussy. Hidden inside her labia was a tampon string that his tongue worked out until it was dangling from his chin.

“What the fuck….”

“It’s nothing, Conrad. Pull it out…”

“You’re on the rag?”

“It’s nothing. Only a precaution for the bikini.”

He grabbed it with his teeth and she leaned backwards. The bloody cotton plug slid from her in an easy motion and he let it drop on the bills that covered the sheets. Sophia shimmied closer kızılay escort to his mouth. Conrad never paused, burying his face in her twat and working his tongue into her bloody hole. The taste of her reminded him of iodine, and gave her uniqueness in his mind while she squirmed and ground her loins against his mouth.

Sophia began moaning and mewing when he took hold of her ass and rocked her back and forth. He continued lapping away at her, even sent his thumb in search of her rusty spider, and finding it tickled her there, and when she moaned in appreciation, her closed his lips on her clit and sucked hard.

Sophia came. And came again the moment his thumb forced its way into her rectum. He noticed a subtle difference in her flavor now that her juices were flowing freely from her arousal. Her nectar was mixed with minute traces of blood from her period, and the thought of what he was doing and the depravity of it all brought him to the edge of coming himself.

Sophia grunted and then pushed herself hard onto his face. Her head whipped back as the pulsing, pounding orgasm rocketed from her pussy and up through her body and back down again. Wave upon wave crashed through her. Conrad continued licking and sucking and eating her, to the point he was scarcely able to breathe with her thighs smothering him. Just when he thought he would black out she raised up and away from him, pleading with him to give her a brief respite.

She stood on shaky legs and reached for his hands, and pulled him to a standing position. Her gorgeous red hair lay plastered to her face and neck with the sweat of her exertions. Conrad’s cock stood out at an angle as Sophia moaned quietly and sank to her knees started working on his cock. Sophia was an expert at fellatio, and when she reached behind him and wiggled two fingers into his ass, looking for his prostrate, he felt himself readying to cum. But she wasn’t finished with him. Just when Conrad thought a massive load of frothy cum was going to explode from his balls, Sophia grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed, preventing him from ejaculating.

Conrad groaned,I was so close…he thought,damn her….Then, through a fog he heard her whispering, “I need your cum somewhere else.”

Sophia turned around and offered him an amazing view of her firm ass and tight pussy as she went down on her forearms. The sight of her shaven cunt with small clots of blood adhered to it brought him a thrill almost as good as an ejaculation. Automatically, he knelt behind her, spread the cheeks of her ass, and stuck his tongue into the small hole his thumb had made minutes earlier.

“That’s nice, but I want you in there. I want your cock in there!”

There was no hesitation on his part. He spit on the head of his cock and steered it into her puckered hole.

“YES! Split me apart! Ram it into me!”

He met some resistance, but kept pushing and shoving as her asshole stretched around him.

He only had four inches inside her when the sheer ecstasy provided by the tightness of her anal sheath caused his testicles to release the pent up load that had been boiling since Sophia had squeezed his cock and shut down his circulation.

“OH!” they echoed simultaneously, as he whitewashed her rectal channel with his sperm. Sophia was more than pleased when he remained hard and kept pumping her ass. He kept at it until fully embedded within and made her cum again.

Later they gather all the money and patiently counted it, writing the dollar amount with a yellow high lighter on the top of each stack then wrapping each stack with a rubber band.

Sophia: “I can’t believe it. All this from Virginia Tech!”

Conrad: “That’s for the last seventy-eight hours.”

Sophia: “I think it’s fair to say you underestimated the market there, Conrad.”

Conrad: Actually, it was from more than just the college, but Sophia had no reason to know it, and so he simply said, “Touché.”

Sophia: “But like they say, ‘To the victor belong the spoils.”

Conrad: Dividing the stacks into two piles, and putting even amounts into two leather briefcases. “It seems like a lot, doesn’t it?”

Sophia: “A hell of a lot.”

Conrad: It’s just a million, half a mil in each case.”

Sophia: “And for only seventy-eight hours?”

Conrad: “Every seventy-eight, like clock-work.”

Sophia: “What about expenses?”

Conrad: “Good question. That comes out of a different thirty-six hour pile.”

This was a blatant lie; Conrad felt she had no reason to know the true amounts. One never knew who might fall into the government’s hands and be used against you.

Sophia: There’s more than this?”

“Conrad: “Actually, there are four sources funneling in money every seventy-eight hours.” (In truth, there were eight sources in all.)

Sophia: My God! You’re filthy rich!”

Conrad: Laughing, “Maybe filthy, not rich.”

Sophia: Want me to use the strap-on on you, baby?”

Conrad: kolej escort “After I put the money away in a safe place.”


They had relaxed, even ordered a delivery from King Neptune, who never delivered, but for a promised $25 tip, made an exception.

“You still up for doing my ass?” Conrad asked Sophia.

“Um, sure. I love sex on a full stomach.”

“There’s some KY in the medicine cabinet,” he said nonchalantly.

Sophia walked naked into the bathroom and strode back with significantly more confidence. She hopped on the bed with him and removed the cap to the KY.

“Wait a sec,” he said grabbing a pillow and propping his ass up.

Sophia squeezed a generous amount of the gel on his anus and rubbed it in, then wiped the surplus from her manicure nails and hand.

She reached into her purse and took out two latex gloves.

Noting his skeptical glance, she replied, “It’s more sanitary … for both of us.”

“Whatever,” he replied laconically.

She nodded, and with a studied concentration, pressed her first two fingers against his anus.

“Mmmm,” he sighed.

“Do this often?” Sophia inquired.

“No …not often enough. I really explode when properly fucked.”

“Relax,” she cooed and applied more pressure as he concentrated on relaxing his sphincter. He had learned to do this from previous anal experiences.

Sophia’s fingers disappeared to the second knuckle. She rotated her hand to open him up even more. “That’s three fingers,” she said, more to herself than him.

“Try using more lubricant,” he gasped.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No, but its, um, not comfortable.”

Sophia applied another glob of gel and used it to slip a fourth finger into his ass.

Conrad grunted as she worked the fingers in and out. “Almost ready,” he grunted with satisfaction.

Sophia nodded to herself and bent her thumb under her fingers and pushed hard.


“Yeah, I know. It hurts. You’re very tight. Have you done this before?”

“Fisting? No. I’ve had a few strap-on’s. Hey, no problem there. But you’re the first one to fist me.”

When all her fingers disappeared to the last knuckle she eased them out, then before his anus muscles could close she shoved her fist into him and her hand disappeared into his ass.

“You’re in?”

“I’m in.”

Sophia glanced at his cock. It was at full attention. She giggled and moved her hand deeper; going slowly so as not to damage him, still she kept going until four inches of her wrist was inside him, and then pulled back until her wrist was fully exposed.

“If it’s all right with you, I’ll fuck you now,” she cooed in his ear.

“Fine, go to it.”

Sophia eased her fist out and slipped the strap-on in and started to fuck him, building a rhythm that grew faster and faster until she began to tire. At that point she moved to phase 2, which included taking his cock in her hand and jerking him off as she slammed the strap-on into him.

Seconds later, Conrad was grunting and groaning. Then he was jerking spasmodically as his orgasm crested and his ejaculate seemed to spew everywhere.

Sophia slipped out of the strap-on’s harness, but left the huge cock in his ass, and moved between his legs, taking him in her mouth and drawing the last remnants of his sperm from his rapidly withering organ.

A few short minutes later, Sophia sat up next to him, rivulets of cum running down her chin. “So, how was it?”

“Fanfuckingtastic!” He tried to stand, but his legs were wobbly and he sat back down again.

“Wow!” he said with a laugh. “I … um, think in about twenty minutes or so I’ll be able to return the favor.”

“Take your time, Conrad, sweetie, I’m here as long as you want me.”

“Would you get me a beer?” he said.

“Sure,” she said, and got up and walked on unsteady legs to the refrigerator, opened the door and took two Heinekens out, opened them and walked back to him. The return walk found her legs a little steadier.


Roughly twenty minutes later Conrad still lay on his back on the bed. He was stark naked, his erection pointing straight up. Sophia, now kimono-clad, and her hand curled into a relaxed fist, stroked it thoughtfully.

“You’re different than most men,” she informed him, then put a small bottle of coconut oil between her teeth and opened the cap.

“Known a lot of men, have you?”

‘You’d be surprised,’Sophia thought, but, “Girl’s talk,” was what she said as she released him, then held her hand out while squeezing a few drops of oil onto the palm and then reclaimed him, resuming the slow, languid stroking.

“And what do the girl’s say?”

It seemed to her that his cock was almost purring. “Oh, they say that after a man comes the first time, instead of getting hard the second time, they just get kind of heavy. A girl can usually work with it, but it just isn’t the same. That’s what they say.”

Sophia’s ankara escort fist tightened. “You, on the other hand…” She forced his cock back against his oiled white belly then released it:boinng.

She wiped her hand on the sheets and took a sip from the glass of wine on the nearby table. “You seem to be a tough guy,” she said.

“I am.”

“Ever kill anyone?”

“Sure,” he answered, and caught her completely off-guard. She hadn’t expected him to admit it, had expected some inane reply.

“Tell me about it!” Sophia said a moment later, finding herself highly aroused by the turn the conversation had taken.

And when Conrad did not respond, Sophia quickly changed direction, “Ooo, now I gotta put that bad boy someplace hot!” She held his cock tighter and climbed on, holding it inside her with one hand at first; she sighed contentedly and lay down on top of him, propping her weight on her elbows. She knew that as long as he stayed hard, he’d stay in. And she meant for him to stay hard – it added an extra dimension to her excitement.

Suddenly Conrad resumed speaking. “This wise-guy thought he’d cheat me out of what was rightfully mine. Never mind what,” he said, warning her that what he was telling her was for her ears only.

“I arranged a meeting with him that night on a bridge. Don’t ask which bridge. Told him I expected him to fork over the money he’d taken.”

“Oooo!” Sophia cooed, so excited by the turn of events she nearly let his erection slip out of her; she had to reach behind her and circle the base of it with thumb and forefinger, stroking it to full size inside her while he continued.

Conrad reached inside her kimono with his hands crossed, so that each palm cupped her opposite breast. She raised herself up to give him more room; it felt good, this trick of his, like suddenly being caressed by a whole different set of hands.

“He brought it on himself. He’d brought me the money, I doubt what followed would have happened.” Conrad was lying about this. He would have killed him regardless.

Now he put his arms around her and pulled her tightly against him; they lay there, scarcely moving. “We had grown up together. He was my best friend, up to the very moment I threw him over that guardrail.”

Her hips convulsed against his groin. “No shit?” Sophia said, not missing a beat until she tired. Roughly a minute later, Conrad went on to say, “I told the other guys he’d jumped, that he couldn’t repay us, and rather than face us, he’d taken the coward’s way out.”

Through her breast Sophia felt the rumble of his voice; in her ear she heard his whisper; and when the angle was just right, the head of his cock brushed the sweet spot inside.

“Did you actually throw him off the damn bridge?” Her voice was husky, and she was surprised at how hot this was making her: there was something so sweetly twisted about having a conversation like this with a man’s cock deep inside you.

He gave a little upthrust with his hips. She let her weight down so her breasts were pressed against his chest and reveled in the contact.

“Someday, I’m going to tie you to the bed,” he said out of the blue.

“Oooo sounds kinky! I love it!” Sophia made a grab for his wrists, and they play wrestled for a while, ending with Conrad on top, and her with her hands crossed at the wrist over her head, more or less as she had pictured doing to him.

She began grinding her hips against him; he let go of her wrists. They began making love in earnest again, and were still at it when the phone rang. It was for Conrad. He spoke in a low mono-tone just out of earshot. She couldn’t understand a single word spoken and was sulking when he hung up.

When Conrad went to gather her up again, she turned away to look out the window. He smiled and shifted his position slightly. Now he was directly behind her, gazing at the sight of her on all fours.

Seconds passed then she felt him nudging his cock against the tender, swollen lips of her sex from behind. “Ohhh, you!” she half-shrieked delightedly, and opened herself like a flower for him. The front of Conrad’s long-boned thighs were pressed against the backs of hers, and his long arms reached around and under her dangling breasts, but an agonizingly millimeter or so too low, so that her swollen nipples were barely brushing against them. Her breasts yearned to be held tightly, but every time she’d lower her trunk, he would pull away, until finally, in desperation, she grabbed his hands with her own to force them against her breasts.

Conrad sensed the orgasm beginning to build inside her – he arched his fingers so that only the fingertips were touching her, a circle of pressure all the way around the outside of each areole; tightening from below until his fingertips were pressed against the hard place deep inside her breasts at the very root of her nipples, pulsing to the rhythm of the orgasm that culminated with her yowling, a high, aspirated squeal under his insistent pounding.

As Conrad groaned, and his cock throbbed and spurted deep inside her, Sophia started coming in a series of short, sharp, nearly unbearable spasms. At first she feared she’d never stop coming; after a few minutes the fear turned to hope.

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