With Jean again


With Jean againWell it appears I’ve started something really good with Jean my neighbour. Yesterday I saw her in her garden and when she spotted me I simply pulled my shorts down and flashed my cock at her. She smiled and mouthed the words very nice. This morning, as usual, I was watching porn and wanking while keeping an eye out just in case Jean came into the garden. After a while Jean appeared and I could see she was looking at the house. I stood where she could see me and she started smiling. She was in her dressing gown and watched for a minute then motioned me to come out. I opened the patio door and she said can you come into mine? Ok I said give me a minute. I put on a pair of shorts and a T shirt and went over. The door was open and I went into the kitchen. Jean said I hope you don’t mind coming over. I told her not at all. She said I thought we could have a bit of fun here for a change. I could sense that jean yozgat escort was a lot more comfortable and confident with what we were doing. I told her I’d love to, what did she have in mind? She said I’d like to see you undressed again. Certainly I said and took my shorts down and pulled my T shirt over my head. Standing there naked with Jean looking at my cock was so exciting. Without a word Jean touched my cock and started to very gentle rub her fingers along it. I looked down and watched her feeling my stiff shaft and slowly touching the end of my cock. She looked at me and said does that feel good? I told her it felt fantastic and said you only have to feel how hard my cock is to realise how good it is. She squeezed it gently and smiled. I was staring at the top of her cleavage down her dressing gown and Jean said what are you looking at? I said it looks to me like you have a lovely zonguldak escort pair of breasts. She said believe me they’re not. I said would you mind if I’m the judge of that. She looked at me with a look of doubt on her face. She said that’s up to you but you’ll be disappointed. I put my hand inside her dressing gown and on one of her tits. It felt soft and firm. I opened her gown and saw she had a beautiful pair of small tits with magnificent nipples. Jean, I said, you have gorgeous breasts. You’re just saying that she said. I said honestly they are fantastic. I cupped her breasts and gently caressed them while she touched my cock. I couldn’t believe for a woman in her sixties how gorgeous her tits were. We stood there touching each other for 5 minutes and my cock felt like it was going to burst. I said to Jean would you like to make me cum? She said let me watch you for a tuzla escort while first. I took hold of my cock and started wanking slowly. Jeans breasts were still on show so as I wanked she looked at my cock and I looked at her tits. I asked her if she enjoyed watching me wanking and she said as much as you enjoy me watching. I worked my cock for her for a good 10 minutes and said finish me off Jean. She took hold of my cock and started wanking me. I put my right hand on one of her tits and watched her working my cock. She was wanking me slowly and the pleasure inside me was massive. I could feel the build up and it seemed to last forever. Finally I let out a deep breath and a moan of pure pleasure. I watched my cum ooze from my cock and over Jean’s fingers. She carried on stroking and more and more cum covered her hand. When I was done she said was that good? You have no idea I said. That was absolutely magnificent. She smiled and said I’m glad you enjoyed it. I now found myself saying to her we will definitely have to do this again. She said oh I’m sure we will. I put my shorts and T shirt on and said bye. That was definitely one of the most exciting wanks I’ve ever had and I will make sure it does happen again.

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