Wood Fun


It was summer and the sun had graced us with its presence on a weekend.

After a lovely breakfast we decided to go for a walk in the woods.

You dressed seductively for the occasion. A tight white t-shirt; showing off your beautiful boobs and your gorgeous body. A very short Jeans Skirt; allowing me to enjoy your lovely slender legs.

We arrived at the woods. I got out of the car and walked round to your side. I watched as you swung your legs out of the door and slipped on some tan boots. Your legs stretched out in front of you, I was instantly turned on. I could see the outline of your boobs inside your t-shirt, there was no sign of a bra. I didn’t think it was possible, but that turned me on even more. Subtly I adjusted my hardening cock inside my jeans. You jumped out the car. I locked it and we headed off into the woods.

We walked hand in hand enjoying the fresh air, talking and laughing. We hadn’t seen a soul, it was a beautiful wood. Every now and again we stopped and kissed.

We’d been walking a while and it had been getting darker with clouds appearing above batıkent escort us through the woods leafy canopy. The air had cooled and we could sense rain was imminent. We decided to turn back and head for the car.

As soon as we had done so heavy rain drops started cascading down over us.

Very quickly we were drenched.

I saw a large oak tree and grabbed you hand and pulled you under it’s cover.

As I pulled you closer I noticed your nipples were showing through your t-shirt.

My cock stirred and grew instantly hard, pushing against my jeans.

I pulled you closer for a kiss.

My lips were soft, but firm on yours.

The kiss lasted a while. Soft kissed and then more urgent my tongue caressing your lips.

You could tell how horny I was. My kisses were urgent and passionate. But also you could feel my hard cock pushing against your pussy.

My hands had been holding your head while we kissed. But now I moved them down. Running them over your back, and down to your bum. I pulled you harder against me. My cock hard against beşevler escort your pussy. You could feel yourself growing more and more aroused.

My hands lifted the back of your t-shirt. I felt lovely as my warm hands ran up and down your back.

You lifted up your arms. I knew what that meant and I pulled off your t-shirt.

The rain rolled over your boobs. They made you shudder, but everything hardened and made you tingle.

My head went down to your boobs. You leaned back and enjoyed as I kissed and sucked on your boobs.

Your hands meanwhile were busy. Undoing my belt, button and zip. Releasing my hard cock from its prison. It burst out as you released it, springing to attention.

I turned you round. Your back now against the tree.

I pushed you hard against it. The rain running over you face, down your body. You looked into my eager eyes. You knew what you wanted, and you knew I wanted it.

You hitched up your skirt, held onto my shoulders and jumped, wrapping your legs around me.

My hands were under your bum. Helping ankara escort you up.

Then I lowered you carefully onto my cock.

It was hard and swollen. But I slowly lowered you onto me.

My hard, hot cock, slowly sliding inside you. Pushing you wet lips aside. Deep inside you.

Resting your back against the tree. And a combination of moving my hips and lifting you up and down, we made love.

Slowly to start with but as we both got more turned on it got faster and harder.

I pushed deep inside you as you moved up and down me.

I was filling you.

In and out.

Stretching you.

Filling you.

The cold rain running over are hot bodies.

I moaned as I fucked you.

You screamed every time your orgasm peaked.

We must have been there for about half an hour.

Until I burst inside you, filling you with lots of hot cum.

Our moment was broken, we heard someone whistling for a dog.

A few last thrusts and then I lifted you off and back onto the ground.

You pulled back on your t-shirt, pulled down your skirt.

I tucked my hard cock back inside my jeans, zipped and belted up.

As we walked back out onto the track, a dog ran past followed by a old man.

He smiled and said Good Morning.

As you said Good Morning back, you smiled and laughed, as you felt my cum running down your leg.

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