Worth the Risk


-A little about me before we begin. My name is Elizabeth. I am 20 years old, brunette, 5 feet 6 inches, 32B, college student, and very petite. –

It was a lonely winter day. I live in a college apartment, so there is always something going on, except today. Two of my roommates went back home for the weekend and the other was probably at her boyfriend’s place. It was just me with nothing to do. Since it was still early in the semester, there wasn’t a pile of homework, however I probably stress cleaned the entire apartment.

Over the previous few months, there was just too much guy drama to fit into this story (maybe for next time). At this point in time, I was just done trying to get a guy. I still had needs though. I woke up relatively early for a Saturday and had that urge to pleasure myself. I began by just massaging my clit, no porn or literature to assist. It was just me, my hand, and my clit. I started to rub a little harder, which made me let out a little moan. At first I was startled but then realized I was home alone.

Things stepped up a bit when I grabbed my favorite pink vibrator from my bottom drawer. I then put it slowly into my pussy. Usually it takes some effort to get it in there, but today, I was wet, very wet. As I was moving the toy with one hand, my other got on my phone and navigated to some porn. The first video that popped up was of a huge (in all areas) dude and a very small female. God that turned me on so much.

I begin to feel a rush as I orgasm on my bed. Usually it doesn’t cause a mess. But for some reason today, there was a big wet spot on my bed. I ask myself, “Was I really that horny?”

After I took a shower and cleaned everything up, I went downstairs to make some food. I was surprised to see movement in the laundry room. I walked by and saw one of my roommate’s boyfriend there.

I asked “What are you doing here?” with an upbeat tone.

“Doing my girlfriend’s laundry.” He replied.

“Wow, you are a good boyfriend.” He really was. He was almost always over here. He would help cook dinner and almost always clean the dishes even when they weren’t part of their dinner. I never really looked at him at terms of attractiveness since he was obviously with someone else. He was a big dude, way bigger than me. He probably had 9 inches on me and definitely had a football player build.

“So Andrew, what cebeci escort are you up to today?”

“Just relaxing, probably will get ahead on homework and do some cleaning, you?”

“Nothing really.” I almost felt embarrassed saying that. Like I almost always have something going on. It felt weird not having anything to do.

He left after he put all the clothes in the washer and began the cycle. I made myself a sandwich and sat down on the couch. I put on some Netflix show and put a blanket over myself. I just began to feel sad for some reason. Maybe it was because I haven’t had a stable man in my life for a while. It wasn’t like my previous relationship was a rock. But now, I don’t even have anyone.

About 45 minutes had passed and Andrew was back to switch the laundry. He transferred the clothes from the washer to the dryer and then walked over to say hi. He gave me an interesting look. He probably saw the sadness on my face.

“Hey, are you okay? I’m sorry for asking but something seems off.”

“Yeah, I mean, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“I just feel lonely with no one here I guess.”

Without saying anything, he sat down on the couch next to me. Just him being there made me feel comfortable. He was way more secure with himself than any other guy I knew. He was there solely to comfort me. We began talking and I started to feel a little better. He was so comforting that I barely noticed he inched closer and put his arm over me. Eye contact between us continued to get stronger. I couldn’t stop looking at his piercing blue eyes. Something felt different. I now was looking at him in terms of attractiveness. That kind of shocked me and I moved out from under his arm.

“Huh?” Andrew asked.

“Something just felt weird right there.”

He rotated his body and now was looking at me straight on. Something about that turned me on just a little bit. He then put his left hand on my thigh. I didn’t say anything. I was more concerned with how turned on I was. I’m surprised he didn’t notice the dark spot appearing on my grey yoga pants. I looked back into his eyes and then went in for a kiss. Looking back, I had no idea why I did that. I guess my primal instincts just took over.

My lips met his and he kissed back. It felt like our lips were locked for an eternity, but was probably no longer than çin çin escort 5 seconds. Both of us immediately after backed up.

“That was, interesting.” He said. “And unexpected.”

“I’m sorry! I know you have a girlfriend and I don’t want to ruin that. But that felt so right.”

“It did feel good. It did feel right. But also so wrong. I can’t do this.”

“You’re right Andrew. I don’t want to have that tension with my roommate either.”

“But it did feel right. Honestly, more right than any time with her.”

“Just one more kiss?” I said. He nodded and went in to kiss me. This time, it was a lot longer than 5 seconds. Now we weren’t stopping. We both were really into it. I moved into his lap, straddling him. He moved his hand onto my butt, squeezing it.

After a few minutes, we stopped kissing. He stood up from the couch while picking me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he walked us into my bedroom. He set me down on my bed and for the first time, glanced below his waist. He had a good sized bulge coming from his sweat pants. I got up on my knees on the bed and began to kiss him. I then guided my hands towards his pants, pulling his pants down. His cock bounced up and down after being released, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I had seen larger penises before, but they usually hurt me. His was around 7 inches long and was wider than the circle my finger and thumb make. I began stroking his cock as I licked the head. I could taste his pre-cum and it wasn’t gross like usual. I then opened my mouth and forced his penis in there. It felt so natural, like his cock was always supposed to be in my throat.

After taking his penis out of my mouth, I said “I love your cock. It tastes better and just feels so good in my mouth.”

“Baby, you sure know how to suck on one. Let me give you something in return.” He yanked my yoga pants off to reveal my vagina. It was perfectly clean and shaved. I could see the look in his eyes when he finally made eye contact with it.

He went into my bathroom and came out with a towel. “What is this for?” I ask in confusion.

“Trust me, you’ll need it.” Instead of sticking his penis in my pussy, he instead put his real head between my legs. He stuck his tongue on my clit as he stuck a finger in my cunt. That feeling was better than any rubbing session, ankara escort any vibrator, and any lover I had ever had. He started fingering me slowly, focusing more with his tongue. I was becoming so wet. Everything he did seemed to be fine-tuned to my pussy. He sped up the fingering. My pussy only got wetter. He sped up the fingering again.

And again, my pussy only got wetter. This time, however, an unfamiliar sensation began to overtake my body. At once, I squirted. Obviously, it was the first time I had ever done that.

“I didn’t know I could squirt! How did you do that?” He didn’t say anything. He kept his fingers in my vagina as he moves up to kiss me again. I didn’t care that his face tasted terrible, it felt so good. He then removed his fingers and I knew what was coming next. Sure enough, he placed his cock on the edge of my pussy. In one motion, he fit his entire cock in there. It gave my body a huge shock and it felt so good. He didn’t go too fast, he didn’t go too slowly, but his pace was perfect.

I was in a state of euphoria. His cock perfectly fit my pussy. It wasn’t too small so I didn’t feel it. It wasn’t too big where it didn’t fit and would hurt. It was just right. He pulled out and set me on top of his cock in cowgirl. As he thrusted, he sucked on one nipple while squeezing the other. His thrusts became a lot stronger and way faster. That feeling came through me again and he knew it. He took out his cock and I squirted everywhere again.

After I finished, I just sat down on his cock, kissing him intensely. There was no thrusting, just his throbbing penis chilling in my vagina. I loved it. I had never felt that content in at least five years. I could see it on his face too. He flipped me back over and began pounding my pussy again.

It was at the amazingly perfect pace he had done before. Everything in that moment was fantastic. That is probably why I said “Cum in me! Please cum in me.”

Looking back, I have no idea why I said that. It was our first time. But at the time, it felt so right. 20 seconds later, I felt his cock shake and I felt the warm liquid filling me up.

Looking back, there was so much to worry about. What would happen between my roommate and me? What is the future of their relationship? How am I going to get time with Andrew again? And most importantly, how do I deal with his cum in my pussy? However, I wasn’t thinking about any of that. All I cared about was how good I felt in that moment. His cum oozing out of my pussy was the most satisfied I had been in years.

Was it worth the risk of ending a relationship, ruining a friendship, and maybe getting pregnant?


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