You Know I Want It


You Know I Want ItLate Night VisitorI’m asleep in my bed dressed in pink satin, and I’ve left the door open for you. In my nightstand is everything you need: steel handcuffs, a ball gag, and a bottle of lube. I don’t hear you come in. Since I usually sleep face down I don’t even wake up as you cuff my wrists behind my back. What wakes me is feeling you rolling me over onto my side and climbing onto my bed. After you brush my hair away from my face I can see that you’re naked, and hard. You lean so close that I can feel your breath in my ear as you whisper, “Am I going to have to hurt you?”I shake my head, no.“Are you going to be a good girl?”I nod, yes. “Good, now open your mouth . . .”Your cock is thick and hard, and I immediately recognize the taste of the cherry lube from my nightstand as you hold me down on the mattress and slowly begin to fuck my mouth. I feel one hand slide down my back and into my panties, your lubed fingers slip inside of me and you probe me as you continue to thrust into my mouth. “Yeah Krissy,” you moan. “I’ve wanted illegal bahis this for a long time . . . and now you’re MINE, aren’t you?”Since my mouth is full, I nod. At my submission, I feel you grow thicker still. I see you reach into my nightstand and come out with the ballgag. A few seconds later your body goes tense and you cum in my mouth. Your cock is almost instantly replaced by the ballgag and I can only watch as you leave my room, watch . . . and swallow what you’ve given me. You may have left my room, but I know you’re not gone. This isn’t over, yet. I’ve almost drifted back to sleep before I’m startled awake by your hand pressing into my back with one hand and violently tearing my panties off with the other. I feel you spreading my legs and hoisting me up onto my knees as you position yourself behind me. The tip of your cock finds the sweet spot on the first try and I feel your entire body go tense as you prepare to enter me. With my hands cuffed behind my back there’s nothing I can do to stop you, and you make sure I know illegal bahis siteleri it.“I’m going to stretch you out, Krissy,” you whisper. “You’re going to remember this, I promise.”My neighbours don’t hear a thing as you plunge yourself into my body over and over again; between the ballgag and the way you’re holding my face into the mattress muffles all but my whines and moans accentuated by the occasional grunt. It hurts more than a little, less than a lot, but I’ve learned to ride out the pain along the path to bliss. You’ve stretched me out and probably rearranged my insides a little based on how my guts feel, but the pain is diminishing a little and slipping into the relative equivalent of pleasure. It never feels GREAT though . . .You won’t allow it. This is all about YOU, and my pleasure (if it occurs) is completely by accident. Face down, ass up, I drift away to another place but I can’t avoid the slapping sound of your body slamming into mine or the feeling of your swollen balls meeting mine with every push. And then . canlı bahis siteleri . .. . . the pay off. Lying there . . . gagged, handcuffed . . . feminized and emasculated . . . willingly taking another man’s cock into my body, allowing him to use me as his personal fuck-toy; it’s not just sex, you’re planting a flag atop a seldom climbed mountain in terrain that is seldom tread. No amount of hot showers can erase what you’ve done to me, and no process of rinsing or flushing can remove you from me. You’re inside me, maybe millions of you, and some of you must have swum all the way up to my brain and implanted your dirty little thoughts, because I’m pretty sure I LIKED it. Let’s evaluate . . . you gave me lots of good online chat. You were a perfect gentleman the first couple of times I had you over to my place . . . and, most importantly, you showed respect for all my limits and boundaries. You recognized the importance and value of patience, and of being clean. And when it came time to play, you didn’t deviate from what we’d discussed beforehand. And for all those reasons, I ended up shooting a big messy load of my own about a minute before you unloaded yours inside of me. It was a memorable night . . .Maybe we can have more than one . . .I’d like that, and maybe you would too.

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