Your Dare


I did what you told me to do. I still can’t believe I actually did, I’ve never done anything like this before. When I got to the library, I found this out of the way bathroom or what is usually an out of the way, however last night, conveniently that whole area of the building happened to be unusually crowded. I was so scared, I just sort of hovered around before I actually went in. I was terrified but also incredible horny. My pussy was dripping; it’s getting wet now just telling you about what happened. I swear that people could tell how wet I was, that they could see my wetness soaking through my panties.

When I finally got up the nerve to go into bathroom, I found this stall way at the end. I put all my stuff down around me, took off my coat, nervously, my fingers were trembling. When I finally got it off, I unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them and my panties down. It was then that I got a clear look at what you had done to me. My panties were so wet, soaked clear almost. I just sat at the stall and waited, nervous, waiting to get up the nerve. I was still okay then, I could still hide, pretend that I was just in there to take a piss, but then eventually all that heat and longing got the better of me and I took that finally step. I took off my shirt.

So there I sat, on the stall, practically naked, my pants and panties around my ankles and nothing but my bra to cover my top. My hand hovered near my thigh before I finally reach down to touch my pussy. casino siteleri God, that first touch was so amazing and so wet. I was dripping, my hand practically slid across my lips. I started out slow, just lightly rubbing my fingers along my soaked pussy lips. I rub against my lips as I pushed my hand down, and then rub in between them as I brought my hand back up. God, how it felt when my fingers made contact with my clit. A shock went through my body at every stroke. Breathing became a chore, each breathe was forced from me with each stroke against my lips. It thrilled me to feel my fingers moving through my wetness, to feel my juices dripping between my fingers. I could barely stand it, to feel my fingers rub against my pussy lips, against my hard, throbbing clit.

I think I understand what it’s like to be a man now, at least in some small way. To have something so hard and stiff in between your fingers. To feel it covered in your juices. I can only imagine what it would be like to have someone kneeling in front of me. Touching my clit, rubbing it between their fingers, stroking it, before finally, finally taking it into their mouth. First they would lick it, lightly flicking the tip. Then they would slowly pull it inside their mouths where they would suck on it. I can feel it now, my clit inside someone’s hot, wet mouth, they sucking on it gently at first before getting harder and rougher. They are almost chewing on it. And god, it feels so good, I can slot oyna barely stand it, I can barely stand to tell you about it. I feel like I need to take another bathroom break right now.

My other hand which at the start had idly stood off to the side had made its way to my bra covered tits. They are throbbing, the tips swollen and hard. At first, my hand gently rubs along the outside of my bra, pulling on my nipples. When that is no longer enough, my hand pulls my bra aside and begins rubbing my breasts. I pull at my nipples, twisting them, pinching them. Each twist and pinch sends an electric shock straight to my clit which only makes me rub it harder, faster. By that time, if I could look, I know I would see a blur on top of my pussy. It’s no longer slow and gentle strokes over my pussy lips, but now fast, hard strokes against them, with a twist and a flick to my clit. I can even hear it now. The sound of my fingers racing back and forth against my pussy lips is like no other sound. I can hear my cunt bubbling, the soft swishing of my cunt juices between my fingers. It makes a nice complement to my harsh breathing, the moans that I try to stifle coming from my lips.

There I sit, in a bathroom stall, in the library. Virtually naked, my fingers rubbing away at my drooling pussy. My nipples are practically drooling themselves. I had begun sucking on my fingers and rubbing their wetness across my nipples. If I had a better angle, I would have tried to suck canlı casino siteleri on my nipples myself that has always been a sure fire way to hit my instant “O”. I’m leaning against the stall wall, and soon I begin to tremble. Its slight shivers at first but soon they turn into teeth rattling quakes. My stomach begins to quiver and cramp. I know, I know what this is. I’m close, so close to cumming. I can feel my knees quaking, my thighs clinching up. I bury my head against the wall, biting my lips harshly stifling what would surely be lust filled shrieks into muffled moans. My drenched fingers rub furiously at my pussy, sliding roughly, angrily against my wet lips and my hard clit. Oh, God, ohh, Gooddd, I can’t even breathe. I’m cumming, I’m cumming so hard. My pussy lips literally grab at my fingers, I can feel my clit contracting, flexing under my fingers. But I don’t stop, I can’t ever stop. So, I keep rubbing, rubbing, stroking, slashing away at my pussy, at my clit until I reach my orgasm. I feel it, the heat, the pleasure, they race across my flesh. I drown in it, but I still don’t stop, I just keep going. The first one begins to ebb, but I can feel it, the second one coming up right behind it. God, oooh Gooddd, I’m cumming. I’m cuummmiinnng.

I have to stop now, I have to pull my fingers away now, the touching is too much now. Anymore and it would be more pain than pleasure. I sit there for I don’t know how long; trying to collect myself, get my breathing under control. I slowly stand up. I have to grip the wall, my legs are like jelly. I stand, my juices running down my legs, still breathing a little hard. I wonder what’s going to happen next, what else you have in store for me.

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