You’re Mine Now


It’s a dark motel room. I see you standing there the candlelight illuminating your face as you stare at me. Your dark hair looks so thick and I want to touch it but not yet. My eyes travel down your body taking in each single luscious inch of you. This night has been a long time coming. As I walk up to you my heels clicking on the floor I keep staring at you my mouth watering.

“Don’t move!” I say loudly.

Your breathing increases as I get closer. I love that a man in his late 40’s can submit to me like this. I know that when you’re out and about at work you are all business. But here you are just my little slave aren’t you baby? Yes you are. You see the look in my eyes and you know what it means. You know what I have in store in for you tonight my lover. Reaching back you grab onto the headboard memorizing where the bed is knowing soon you will be blindfolded and totally helpless to me.

I smile as I get closer. Yes I know you love to know your surroundings. Walking over I grab my bag getting the blindfold and whip out. With a crack against the bed I watch you jump as I think of how much you are going to like this. Before you know it I am standing before you my left hand holding the blindfold. Leaning forwards I take your left ear in between my lips pulling as I gently bite down hearing you gasp.

You sense me in front of you. Keeping your hands to yourself the gasp of pleasure leaving your mouth you feel your cock starting to harden rapidly. You know how much I like to make you hard with my hands and mouth but you can’t help yourself. You are just too excited. Letting go of your ear I move my mouth down your neck nibbling knowing you will have visible marks in the morning. That’s good.

I want her to know you’ve been with me tonight. The one you crave..the one you desire. Moving over I take your right ear into my mouth pulling and biting gently as I start to press myself up against you. Mmmm baby you are getting so hard. I can hardly wait to see you all naked and tied up for me. It is getting close to the time to blindfold you. But I want you naked.

Moving back I crack my whip. I want you to get naked.

“Undress for me!” I demand.

You jump at my command. You hear me crack the whip again and again knowing you better hurry. You know if you don’t hurry you will face punishment. You don’t want that. Moving your hands down you start unbuttoning your shirt pulling it off your hard toned body. God damn you are so sexy.

“Throw it on the floor. Now the pants!” you hear me demand again.

Taking your hands you unbutton and unzip your khaki pants dropping them to the floor. The cold air hits your boxers causing your cock to harden even more. As you step out of your pants you find you can’t stop staring at me. Damn I look so sexy tonight wearing nothing but a red teddy with edible panties. You find that you can hardly wait to be ‘made’ to eat them off me.

I see that you are now mostly naked for me. You know better than to take off your boxers. That’s my treat. Standing there all naked and vulnerable you can hardly wait for what’s next. Walking up to you I crack my whip for fun now. I lick my lips once more before reaching you. Now it’s time to blindfold you. Taking the blindfold I walk behind you. I smell your cologne and aftershave. You smell so fucking good. Leaning forwards I nibble on your neck as I place the blindfold around your eyes tying it. Now you can’t see me at all.

You moan as you see darkness and feel me behind you. You can feel my breasts pressing into your back as I start to grind up against you. You know she would kill you if she knew you were here tonight with me. But you need this. You need to be owned and taken care of by me. Letting your hands stay by your sides even though you ache to touch me you want to be the good boy for me that you know you can be. I press myself firmly up against you wishing I had the ability to fuck you like you are going to fuck you. But damn I left my dildo at home. Oh well. Letting my hands run down your chest I trace your hard abs and let my fingers play with your hard nipples pulling on them ever slightly. A groan escapes your lips as you shudder. Yes you like that.

I then slide my body up and down yours my hands sliding down your abs more reaching down to your boxers. Taking my hand I grab the waistband and slip just one finger underneath teasing as I feel your hard cock throb with need. You have wetted the crotch with your pre cum. Reaching down I scoop some onto my finger and bring it up to my mouth to taste. As I slide my finger in my mouth I moan. It’s so fucking delicious. I am too impatient to wait now. I need your cock exposed to me.

Moving in front of you now I grab the waistband of your boxers once again ready to unleash your beautiful cock. But slave..I must tease you. Taking my mouth I start tracing the outline of your cock my tongue tasting slowly. Your precum seeps more through your boxers and I moan as it leaks into my mouth.

Oh god balgat escort this is too much to bear. You have been all wound up all week waiting for this time to see me. All week you have gotten off thinking of me wanking your cock so hard it was almost painful at times. Remembering how much I love your cum you even made sure to save each drop in a cup. You then remembered to put on the nightstand when you first came into the room. You have no idea what I want to do with it but you really don’t fucking care. You just don’t want to stop.

More and more precum leaks from your beautiful cock. I love it. I really want to tease you more. This will surely drive you over the edge. Standing up ever so slightly I reach underneath me and slide my finger past my panties. I then slide it deep into my pussy gathering my juices. I am so wet. I start fingering myself wanting you to do it for me so very fucking badly. But that’s all in good time. With one more quick fingering I slide my finger out and hold it upwards as I get back into position. You are truly going to love this baby.

“Are you ready for what I am about to do?” I ask.

“Yes. Yes mistress I am,” you say breathlessly.

I can tell you are fully aroused. So am I. Pulling down the waistband of your boxers more I gasp as I see your cockhead so swollen. I must taste you. Leaning forwards I extend my tongue out and licking the head all the way around your precum filling my mouth. Losing track for a minute I open my mouth and start sucking you so hungrily wanting more. But then I remember what I am wanting to do. Letting your cock fall out of my mouth hearing another groan from you I just smile. Just wait baby.

This is fucking incredible. Your cock is so sensitive from this week but you don’t care. You want to place your hands on my head and force me to suck you but you know you can’t. You just have to wait.

Taking my finger I see my juices glistening in the candlelight. You are ready. I am ready. It’s time. With a moan from my lips I run my finger over your cockhead and shaft covering it in my juices. I can hardly wait to slide my pussy down onto you and cover you fully. I look behind me and see the bed. I am ready to continue this.

Oh god you know that smell. You realize I have just covered your cock. Fuck yes it’s so good. You are so horny and need more. You pray I am ready too.

“It’s time to go to bed now. Come with me,” I say.

I slide your boxers off letting my hand stroke your cock watching it bob up and down. I then take your cock firmly into my hand and lead you to the bed. You love when i do this. It makes you feel so naughty.

As I watch you lay down on the bed the sheets feeling so good underneath your naked body I can’t stop staring at you. Fuck you are delicious you know that. I want to taste all of you. I want all your hot cum deep inside of me. I want ALL of you.

Getting on the bed next to you I reach over grabbing my phone and turning on some sexy music. I watch you breathe and hear you moan with anticipation. Knowing I’m not touching you right now is driving you crazy. You can hardly wait for my touch. You hear the music and you smile. You know I always remember to play our favorite song.

Sitting my phone down I take one long last look at you. I then decide it’s time to get naughty. Straddling you I lean forwards taking your lips in between my teeth. Biting down gently using enough suction I take my right hand and trace it down your side touching you. I run my hand down your side dragging my fingernails causing shivers to run down your spine. I feel your cock throb as I sit upon you my pussy gently rubbing on your cock back and forth. I want nothing more than to have you eat my panties and fuck me. But it’s not time yet. We have much more fun to explore yet.

Oh god I am teasing you so much more now. The feeling of my pussy on your cock is so damn exquisite. You know how tight I am and know how good I feel when you’re inside of me. You just want to grab my hips and force me down. It’s so hard to resist. Reaching up you grab the headboard digging your nails in. You need to touch something even if it can’t be me yet. I look up and see you grabbing. Oh my poor horny baby. This is too much for you to take isn’t it. You want to touch me. I decide this one time..cause i’m so fucking sweet..i will let you. Reaching up I grab first your right hand and place it on my breast. I take off your blindfold so you can focus. I then take your left hand and place it on my ass. I need your touch. I need you to pleasure me.

Wait what is this? With glee you realize I am allowing you to touch me. You don’t know what you’ve done to deserve this but you aren’t about to ask. You are just going to go along with it. Taking your hand that’s on my breast you pull my top down the best you can.

“Mistress can you please remove your top? I want to fully enjoy your breasts.” you ask.

Now see usually I wouldn’t allow this. But tonight batıkent escort I need it. Moving my hands up I grab the straps of my teddy and pull it down letting it fall around my hips. Now I am completely topless. I need to feel your mouth on me too. Reaching forwards I take your head and start leaning you forwards.

You can tell now I am topless by the feel of your hand on my bare breast. You feel your head being moved and you know what i want. Oh what a treat for sure this is tonight. You must have really been a very good boy. Licking your lips you open your mouth. You are ready. I watch as you have your mouth ready for me. Such a good slave you are. Taking your head I bring you to my breast. I then moan as I feel you latch on.

“Yes,” I moan.

You hear my moan and my approving yes. That’s all you want to hear. Taking your other hand you start squeezing my ass as you suck on my nipple. You can tell how aroused I am. You know I want this just as much as you do. You feel daring and want to do more. Taking your hand you spank my ass digging your nails in feeling my teddy slide upwards exposing my bareness to you. You want me completely naked. The need to become to hunter instead of the hunted is starting to take over. You find you want to handcuff me and blindfold me. You want me completely exposed and helpless.

This has been coming on for some time. I sense your eagerness and I know tonight we will switch roles. But for now I am the mistress and you still are my slave. The feel of your spanks of my ass is so delicious as with the combination of the feel of your mouth. I am soaking wet now. I hold your head to my breast hard. I want more.

“Bite me,” I whisper.

You know that command. It’s not the first time I’ve asked. With hungriness you bite down on my nipple pulling it away from my body with your teeth. Your hand starts digging in harder and you find yourself working your way up to my edible panties. You can smell my pussy juices and the candy scent. It’s enough to drive you insane.

I start riding your lap grinding harder up against your cock. I am losing control. I want that but not yet. I need to show you I’m still in charge. I pull back moaning as you don’t let go at first. I watch as my nipple is extended from my body. God it’s so hot. I then reach down and move your hand placing it above your head. I then take your other one and place it there. Reaching over I grab the handcuffs and with a quick movement handcuff you.

I take one look in your eyes and see wild lust. You are like an animal now. So caged and wild. I know you are wanting to attack me. I want to attack you and be attacked. I know what you want. Moving off the bed I stand up and take off my teddy showing you my hard nipples. They are so swollen. Taking my hands I take my breasts and start pulling on them. I watch your eyes get wild.

“Fucking mistress slut. You’ve driving me crazy!” you say.

I just moan as I play with my nipples. I am loving this. It’s a much torture for me as it is for you. I then look down to where you are looking. I see you are focusing on my pussy. I like that.

Grabbing a nearby chair I sit down placing one leg over each arm spreading myself wide. If you think what I just did was hot..well baby wait for this. Taking my hands off my breasts I lean down grabbing my panties playing with them. I run my fingers along my pussy lips feeling them open up. My juices start to soak through the crotch and I must taste. Looking right at you I take my index finger and poke a hole through the panties feeling it rip. I then slide my finger inside and start fingering myself.

“Oh fuck yeah!” I cry out.

Oh damn it. The sight before you is too much. You start pull at your handcuffs hearing my moans. You know I am playing. You know I am enjoying your discomfort. You want to be untied but you know I won’t. You would give anything to taste me. A growl escapes your lips.

“You horny bitch,” you say.

I smile at your reply. Now I really AM getting to you. Perfect. This is too much for me to take. I need your mouth now. Getting up from the chair I walk over the head of the bed. Leaning down I kiss you briefly. I then move onto the bed and sit to where my legs are open in front of you. I know you can’t move but because I am fucking horny I will unhand cuff you for now so you can do your eating. It’s time for your dinner lover. Fixing myself I reach up dancing my naked body in front of you as I undo your cuffs. I then get back into position.

“It’s time to eat darling,” I say.

You growl as you lean forwards. Fuck yes it’s about time. You see my pussy in front of you all swollen and leaking juices. You lay down between my legs on the bed grabbing my thighs with your hands. You spread me as wide apart as you can as you start licking the insides of each thigh slowly working your way up. I teased you and now you’re going to tease me.

I don’t know what you have in store for me now. All I know ankara escort is as your mistress I want you very badly and am commanding you to show how much you worship me. I love seeing the fire in your eyes and hear the labored breathing of your lust for me. For now I am allowing you to be in charge.

Looking up in between my legs you can see the look of lustful determantion in my eyes. You know this is one of the very few times I have allowed you to be in the one in control. Usually I’m keeping you typed up all helpless. You love that feeling but you love this feeling even more. It’s so freeing. You then focus back on my pussy. Oh you know I want you to eat my pussy. But no you are going to have fun first. Going to make me beg for it just like I do to you.

Taking your mouth you start kissing my inner thigh letting your teeth come out and play by applying small bites. You can hear my moans and you are so glad that I am enjoying this. This is a fetish of yours being able to inflict pain. She won’t let you do this. Every time you try she tells you no. To get away and that’s it’s wrong. You put it up with because you love her and also because you know at the end of the week you will come to see me. You know that I will never tell you no.

“So glad you are enjoying this Mistress. May I continue?” you ask .

I love how you ask permission. It’s so obedient of you. It turns me on very much. See I know the things she won’t allow. Such a pity. If she would just loosen up she would learn to enjoy. I look down at you enjoying the red marks that you are causing to form on my thighs. Yes it is so fucking beautiful and yes I want you to continue. I don’t want you to ever stop.

“Yes please slave continue. You are pleasing me so,” I say.

You moan happily. Yes you love my approval. Moving over to my other thigh you take your hands and place them up on my breasts pulling on my nipples. They are quite sensitive from earlier but you know I won’t mind. Taking your fingertips you pull my nipples away from my body enjoying my increasing moans as you start kissing and biting on my thigh. You watch as my hips fall with the pleasure that you are giving me. You can’t keep your eyes off my pussy though. You have to taste me even if it just for a second.

Moving up in a quick fashion you lock your lips on my pussy. Oh god the heat and the smell is so hard to resist. You just want to tease but not go all the way. Not just yet. Squeezing my breasts and pulling my nipples harder you breathe hot air on my pussy.

I am caught off guard. Oh god yes don’t stop. Reaching down I grab your head trying to hold you there. I don’t want you to move. I am burning up inside and I need you to put out my fire.

Ah yes you feel my hands. You can tell I want you to go for it. But no that’s too easy. With one more blow you give a quick lick then pull back forcing my hands to fall off your head. Down your mouth goes onto my legs going down to my feet. You have more in store.

I groan. Damn you. This is torture. Taking my hands I place them above my head. I have plans for you.

You laugh at my groan. Good now I am the one getting worked up. You move down to my feet. You see I am wearing red nail polish. You love it when I wear red nail polish. It strikes the animal in you. You stare at my feet and feel your cock throb. You know what I will do for you but you know I will do it when I want. First you must indulge in your fetish. Moving your hands off my breasts you take my left foot into your hand.

You stare at my foot thinking of all the naughty things you are about to do. Oh yes you love your naughty mind. Taking my foot you start licking up and down going in between my toes fucking them with your tongue. Taking your other hand you start massaging my right foot enjoying the feeling.

Oh god you are so naughty. Reaching over I grab my whip. You are pleasuring me so and I want to show my apprecation. Taking my whip I bring it down to your shoulders and lightly tap you with it. I then do it again and again as my moans fill the air. I then let the whip fall as I just fucking give in to the pleasure.

You love when I hit you with the whip. It spurs you on. Moving over you start fucking my other foot with your tongue making sure to suck on my toes in between. You can tell I have given in for now. That’s good. Your cock is so hard now and you need to feel me playing with it. But you need to ask me first. Moving your head up letting my toes go you keep massaging while staring in my direction.You find you are quite hot and bothered.

“Mmmm mistress will you please play with my cock now using your feet? I’ll understand if you say no.” you say

Lifting my head I look at you. I could say no and make you wait until I’ve had my pleasure first. That would be so fun. But hmm I think I’ll allow it.

“Yes slave I will. But on my terms okay,” I say.

You love that reply. It pleases you greatly.

“Yes I understand mistress. Thank you,” you say.

“Get up and place your cock between my feet. But do nothing else understand,” I say.

“Yes mistress,” you say.

Sitting up you watch your cock sway. You are so fucking hard it’s painful. Taking my feet you place them around your cock. You then wait for your next instruction.

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