101 Uses for Panties!


101 Uses for Panties!Special visitorGet to know a dirty old man. When your wife is out let him come in and fumble through her panties drawer, then select a pair, making sure it’s a pair of her black nylon ones. Then watch him as he wanks into them making sure he comes into the gusset. Let him go on his way and dry off the panties, putting them back in the drawer. When she wears them, my cock gets so hard, it’s better than Viagra.Laundry roomI steal panties from the complex’s laundry room. I usually pretend to do a load of laundry and sit there and watch the girl load the washer. As soon as she leaves, I open up the machine (hopefully before they get wet) and grab the first pair I can find. I usually return to my room, and jack off sucking the crotch of all her juices… then cum on the crotch. Sometimes I’ll return them right back into the machine… this gets tricky, but it adds to the fun. Good luck… always bring a laundry bag in with you just in case.After a good runMy sister goes running every morning. When she gets done she goes and takes a shower and she always leaves her dirty clothes on the istanbul escort floor. I go in after her and get naked. I pick up her stinky socks and put them on my face while breathing in deeply. The smell gags me but it always makes my dick so hard. With the sock still over my nose I pick up her dirty panties and lick the brown spot where they rode up her ass. It always gets me off.Red pantiesRed bloody panties are best. I find them in a friend’s house, laundry basket, etc.. Two pairs work best, one on my face and the other wrapped around my cock. Guaranteed to make a man cum–hard.Found treasuresIn the ladies room at the at the Bar down the street, I check the baskets for dirty panties, used pads, and panty liners. When I get home and I sniff them, lick them, and rub my dick while laying on my stomach with a pile of old panties I stole until I come. Sometimes I buy tampons and insert them into my ass while masturbating.sister’s thongI like to take my sister’s thongs and wear them around with nothing else except my jeans. When I first start avcılar escort looking for the thong I get a huge hard on and when I put on the thong I like the feel of it going up my ass. I wear them for about an hour or so until my dick isn’t hard any more then I start to play around with it again feeling the silk on my cock. Then I go to my room and whack off. it feels great. After that, I go back to my sister’s room and put them right back where they were. She doesn’t know to this day.Mom’s drawerI like to masturbate by first stealing a pair of panties from my mom’s drawer. A nice silky pair too. Then I like to put the panties on with nothing else on except for a bra that I also stole and a black teddy and a pair of pantyhose. Once I have all that on I lie flat on my stomach and make my fist into a ball and press it against my hard cock. As I’m doing that I take a candy cane and push it into my ass really hard, then I pull it out and lick all the shit off. Once I blow my load in the panties I take them off and lick the warm hot cum off while rubbing some on my face.Stained şirinevler escort pantiesTake a pair of you sisters of mothers underwear and get a dildo and stick the dildo up your ass and then lick the panties (but make sure the are used either stained with blood or something else) and then suck them as you whack off. It always works for me.I lick it all upI like to lay a pair of dirty wet panties on the carpet, the dirty side of the crotch facing up, then I lay down with the crotch just wide enough for my erect cock and rub up and down until I ejaculate. Then I lick it all up.It tastes great!When I jack off, I like to have a pair of my sister’s panties that she already wore to smell and lick. It taste great!! I also like to get a pair of her leather sandals and hump them. I find it very erotic to lick my feet and suck my toes while i jack off. Try it its great!!Care packageI wear my wife’s pantyhose and then get her silk panties. Don’t forget the used panties to sniff. I place the clean panties on my hand as then begin to hump my hand. This is a very quick and powerful orgasm. Sometimes after I cum I go to sleep wake up and do it again. It is a great jack off and very pleasing. When I was away from her for a year tour to Korea I would have her send me the pantyhose she wore along with some panties…never cheated on her while I was there, but why should I when I could smell her scent and hump her hose everyday.

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