1st story{ Bible thumper}


1st story{ Bible thumper}It was about 9 o’clock on a beautiful fall evening. Jason,The guy who i had met at church said he wanted to hang out.I was young but old enough to know better and now that i look back i was extremely gullible to think that this guy only wanted a friendship.It all started when i decided to join a new church.I had been in a d**gged out relationship with a crazy chick that should not have lasted as long as it did. as i talked to this young minister i felt that he could put things in perspective that i was missing. We became “cool” friends and he asked for my number so we could kick it outside of church . I was like great found a new friend (i love meeting new people)we had began to hang out and talk about everything under the sun when of course the subject of sex finally came up. i felt weird at first because i was like “man he’s a minister i shouldn’t talk to him about this” but he reassured me it was ok and continued bringing it up. Asking about my experiences and the things that i have done. i thought ok maybe this guy doesn’t get any so maybe i can tell him how to do it when he does get some …but , i believe it was all a part karşıyaka escort of his game that i had no intent on being a player in. we hung out this one particular evening and i noticed he kept staring at me . I asked him what was up did i waste something on my clothes or something. he said he thought that i did and told me to hold my arms out .Then he surprised me by hugging me and lifting me off of my feet! as he hugged me he whispered in my ear “you smell sooo good ” and let me go . he must have notice that i started to freak out .i was like wtf dude and looked at him real hard mugging him in the side of the head.he started laughing saying he was just playing with me “b*o ” chill out.I was very relived. when i got home though i could not stop thinking about the scene or how his powerful hands had gripped me so tightly and how he lifted me off of my feet with such ease.As i was thinking this my cell phone rung and his deep voice came through the receiver when i picked up teasing “Thinking about me b*o” Hell no i said . Even though i was. the next few times we hung out at the end of the night he did not care where karşıyaka escort bayan we were he would do these “play hugs” and i had let my guard down secretly starting to like them.1 night in November right before i turned 19 he asked me to meet him at walmart.He had just gotten back from out of town where he spent his birthday with his family. we greeted each other and he asked if we could talk and sit in my car . i said sure what’s up he said that he had something to tell me but was kind of nervous.I had no idea what it would be so i said “shoot for it b*o”he said well b*o while i was out of town all i did was think about was you …” i laughed and jokingly said “i missed you too man.” Jason then took my hand and said no man …. i ‘ve been really thinking about you. I looked over at him and i could see he had a huge bulge in his sweat pants. i guess i was in shock deep down i wanted for some reason to tell him i messed him too. i missed his conversations, his hugs but i couldn’t.I also couldn’t take my eyes off of his crotch as his bulge grew bigger and bigger.The head of Jason’s dick was very visible and very escort karşıyaka thick .I looked up to see him looking at me with a slight smirk.He said in his wholesome baritone “DO YOU WANT IT “… Hell no !i replied but i had lied. I was so confused ..i had never looked at a man like this before but what was between Jason’s legs seemed to hypnotize me every time i would see it jump. YES YOU DO Jason said and he stuck his hands right between my legs and started fumbling my already hard crotch. I cried out NO! THIS IS WRONG! BUT JASON CONTINUED REALLY TRYING TO GET HIS HEAD IN BETWEEN MY LEGS. HE SAID PLEASE I JUST WANT TO SUCK IT .i tried to tussle with him but he was so much more muscular and stronger.he pried my legs open and used his body to keep them gapped. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me i was terrified.Then i felt Jason’s hot mouth enclose around my dick.It was a feeling i had never felt before .not with any of my past girlfriends or any of the girls i fucked.The stronger the sensation got on the head that Jason had locked onto and with each inch that this strong beautiful man fought me for ..the weaker i got with fighting him back.Till i realized what the hell my dick was already almost half way in his mouth. I stopped fighting and Jason’s mouth flew all the way down my cock making my 8 inches disappear in a matter of seconds.the feeling of hitting the back of his throat made my toes curl and i let out and unintended moan.- To be continued

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