406 Wendy and the big mistake


406 Wendy and the big mistake406 Wendy and the big mistakeHaving completed her duties at the collage, Wendy turned the little black sports car homeward, it was Friday, and driving in a stupor she was on the san Diego freeway before she realised, tonight she was in yet another randy and frustrated mood, this afternoon she had spent sorting a student`s problems, as it happened, he was a fit good-looking lad which always turns our heroine on. this one was wearing shorts, with an impressive bulge, was fit, bronzed and hansom, he had been having accommodation problems, as according to him he was being sexually harassed by the house owner who he rented a room from, and as a student advisor, our girl had spent the afternoon on the phone for him and managed to find him new accommodation. In return, unofficially of course, she had had high hopes of recruiting the lad as another of her sexual paramours. Sadly though, he had not done anything bar lead her on, all afternoon, but when she had finalised the new accommodation, and gently swung the conversation to a more sensuous subject, the lad then had revealed he batted for the other side…He was gay! Now our Wendy normally had no problems with gays…. But…Wendy wasn’t going to get her itch scratched that evening was she …well not by that lad anyhow… it had been a big mistake and she felt cheated…Gritting her teeth she now slid the lithe little machine into the off lane for the del mar heights road, the traffic didn’t help her mood, and it was hot and dusty, but turning off strangely things speeded up and her mood brightened as the little motor buzzed along… home in ten minutes if this progress held though, alone the big empty home held little joy, it was not to last and she was soon in a queue for roadwork. As she waited her mind churned over the possibilities, there was Carl from the arcades, but, well she had had him a couple of times and he was getting a bit too familiar, Trevor ..no not Trevor not again, not so soon…, Tim now there was a thought, but oh no, he was away on vacation… it was then she thought of Nick! Nick worked on the nearby beach, ran one of those surf joints and Nick would be finishing his day about now. She had enjoyed him for a quicky at a party in a dark bedroom…Now then… he had potential, but that night they had been disturbed before they could really get it on, just a half-drunk fumble and she had promised to get in touch for a return bout. So instead of turning off as usual, she drove on once the lights changed and turned away from home along the main road down to tower 7, she parked, bought a couple of ice-cream`s and timing it to perfection arrived just as Nick was thinking of locking up. Thrusting the ice into his hand she just grinned, he grinned back, and together they sat on a nearby bench and commiserated over the cool refreshing cones… he saying it “was a treat to see her and that it had been a pig of a day,” and she explaining “hers had been no better, and did he fancy coming to hers for a bite and some company…” they both knew exactly what it would entail, and Nick unsurprisingly was all for it!The ice`s over he said he “had to lock up and go put the takings in the bank-safe in town” and that “he usually went on for something to eat,” to which she, not fancying burgers and fries suggested, “she would do a bit to eat and keep his strength up”…to which he grinned and said that he would be along shortly, in say an hour tops! So, leaving him to complete his chores and fixing him with her address, off she set.She retraced her steps and was soon turning back on route to the big cool house, echoing emptily now that the cleaner had gone home. the car was quickly parked in its garage and indoors she glanced at the mail, nothing from hubby…again, just bills, which she dumped on the sideboard, then going off up into her room she shedding clothes, like leaves in the fall, hanging up her suit, throwing the rest into the wash-basket, and showering in the on-suite. She felt cooler and happier. Perfumed, and dressing in a wicked set of underclothes and a thin top with a shot skirt and sandals soon had her feeling fighting fit. Knowing she would need be, in daylight she had sat over the ice-cream studying him, at 6ft 6inches and built like an ox, Nick was not only fit, he was well endowed, nimble and she suspected one hell of a lover though she had only had that near quicky with him at a party a month back. She brewed coffee, and had prepared a good salad meal, ham, and fresh crusty bread, perfect for halkalı escort this oppressively hot evening, when a battered Oldsmobile crawled up the drive and the driver, a smiling man mountain with a bunch of flowers obviously from a local gas station, soon rang the bell. Grinning from ear to ear, Nick eagerly lifting her off the floor and up to him and kissing her the instant she opened the door, thrusting the flowers into her hand and saying he was glad to see her once more. The meal beckoned, and together out on the patio, they sat munching, and chatting generally. Both knew they were going to enjoy one another but neither wanted to make the first move both enjoying the food, the company and the moment, it had been a long day. She told him of the student, and how he turned out to be gay! Which had him chuckling, and he in turn told her of the two teenage girls, well u******e, that had been to the surf shack and wanted to hire him but not for surfing…calling them jailbait!It was the perfect opener, she said that “perhaps she just qualified being over 21,” which at 50plus she obviously did, he laughed and said, “he would have to check her birth certificate, but she did look eligible… just!”Which compliment she much appreciated, standing and coming around the table to sit on his lap, dr****g her arms round him, kissing him and chuckling “thank you kind sir, I would have to look it out, I think it might be in a drawer in my bedroom!”His answer to that was, “well let`s go see, I would hate to defile a minor…” then chuckling he simply scooped her up in his great arms like she was a baby and with her arms still round his neck he carried her carefully indoors, she guiding him through the house to her own bedroom, where he lay her tenderly on the bed and where, sitting beside her, he bent down to kiss her in a most masterly fashion. She melted into his arms, their lips entangled, words no longer necessary. He held her to him like a rag doll in a c***d`s grip. Normally it was Wendy who took charge, but this time almost immediately she knew she had lost that position, he could do more or less whatever he wished with her he was so blessed strong. she wondered, would he respect her limits, or would he just take her… She decided to tell him there and then, to lay it out for him, pin her colours to the mast, tell it as it was, and take a chance on him being a gentleman…! ”Look, Nick, tonight, I am yours, you can tell me what a whore I am and you can use me time and again, completely and all night if you want me, but I have a set of rules, rules I live by, I love sex really I do, in fact I need sex and regularly, but my absolute limits are; no anal, s**t, pee or other off the wall weird stuff and no pain,, I just want to be fucked and fucked hard…is that OK with you? To her great relief he grinned, said “YES MAAM” in a voice that reassured her that her rules had done nothing to dampen his ardour, but in fact they had fuelled his eagerness, as he resumed kissing her once again with a fervour that said he wanted her, and immediately. She normally went commando, especially at collage, but tonight she had worn the full set, probably an u*********s decision to increase the passion and slow his rush, now she inwardly cursed that decision, she wanted him in her and NOW…this minute, this instant! He too knew the urgency of the moment, his eager fingers seeking the flimsy thong style lace, her hips lifting to allow him to ease them off, to uncover what they both knew was so in need of sex and with him.Her silky stockinged legs aided the passage of the wet knickers, her shoes flew from her feet as the lace passed her heels and cool air embraced her newly revealed dampness as she in turn attacked his fly. Even she, this experienced woman, this sex goddess, this black lads whore, found getting his big member from the tangle of ‘y’ fronts and his fly, a trial. The combination of size and unbending erect stiffness, catching on the clothing as her eager hands tore at him in this sexual frenzy. Finally, it bounced free, ten fat inches of stiff, black, meat, that she had hardly noticed at the party, having had numerous drinks during that lovely evening and been at best in subdued light, there was no time now to take in its magnificence, they both needed it inside her, no foreplay, no gentleness just the cut and thrust of erotic and necessary sexual abandon. Still fully dressed and shod he mounted the bed, then lay on her, wrapped into nişantaşı escort her more than willing arms and with a mighty heave of his hips found his goal… that now wet and important slot… in one tremendous thrust, his rigid tool like a hot rod thrust up into her savagely. Was this the pain she had mentioned in her list, no… this was sublime pain, joyous pain, a necessary fire in the hold, need to endure pain, that was all her fantasies at once, she let out a cry, of extasy, need, hurt, and excitement in one tremendous cry that echoed round the big bedroom as he eased that wicked rod back, just to thrust inward again in the first of, she hoped, many strokes as he began his dance. Like a lithe black engine his pace increased, each stroke another source of a massive wave of feelings that wavered between pain and joyous excitement, a wave that she had known only a few times of late, the youngsters had been good, some brilliant, but none, not one had compared to this, it was magic. As his hips picked up still more speed, and the rod slammed harder into her she knew he would not, could not be long, her climax built, then like a burst dam her body felt that magic ecstatic burst of emotion, breathing became heavy, eyes began to roll mouth to water, body too, oh god he was filling her, hot seed flooding into her guts like a torrent, his mouth on hers hot kisses as he pumped her full each shot filling her as never before, each spurt sending her just that little bit further from control, or from sanity!His movements stopped, they lay conjoined, her belly distended, heart-beat hammering in her ears, his body heavy on hers, deadweight as they struggled to regain breath, the massive and magnificent rod shrinking just a little it`s vitality just a tad diminished as he rolled from her to lay beside her, his removed weight a blessing as she inflated her lungs and lay amazed.They lay, still mostly clothed, hand in hand saying nothing, both shocked at the recent meeting of bodies and minds, it took twenty long minutes for full restoration. Twenty minutes of gentle and meaningful kisses, touches and caresses. They knew it was to happen again, but this time without the urgency, without that desperate feeling of need. His fingers found her shirt buttons, hers his trouser belt, each moved so they could assist the other in removing items, he became fixated on her breasts, 34`s in a c cup, white as marble, surmounted with nipples that begged for attention, his attention. A black hand contrasted with the white, a grinning black mouth sucked the left then the right, her head back, fingers in his curly hair, as the feelings coursed through her body and her heart began to thump once more. The skirt soon loosed, and fell away, the suspender belt followed and then while her eager fingers rolled the stockings away while he took off his trousers and those awkward ‘y’ fronts. Both naked now she bent to his magnificently stiff tool, her tongue a blur as it explored the foreskin, then the glans, her fingers tracing his massive balls, hidden in their soft bag, the world forgotten, no hubby, no collage, nothing but this black rod and its soft companions… The black hands caressed her head, fingers easing through the hair as his face became a mask, and his stiffness again began to pump his grey white seed into her drooling jaws, down her throat, swelling her cheeks. It was most satisfying.They lay once more, naked this time, arm in arm…the air was oppressive, a storm was building, she suggested a drink and a quick dip to refresh themselves before it arrived, so together the wandered through the house still naked, her mouth still tasting of his spend stopping at the fridge for a cold one. Outside the air was heavy, both good swimmers they dived into the still pool and swam a length to the shallows, he swimming underwater the whole way. here they sat on the steps and allowed the cool water to revive them. A distant thunderclap, warned them of the oncoming storm so another two quick lengths then out they came, grabbing towels in the conservatory and patting one another dry as they entered the kitchen, perhaps more for erotic effect than practicality. They kissed once more, then chugged the rest of the drinks, before resuming their tryst. He grabbed her swung her to face the long kitchen table pushed her down and kneeling behind her, he began to tongue her neat and very well shaved cavity, heeding her earlier statement and taking great care to şişli escort avoid her backside, not wishing to spoil things, she was too good for that.Ten minutes or more, she endured his tongue, her fingers gripping the table edge`s as spasm after spasm, wave after wave of erotic sensation overtook her, he was a considerate lover, it felt erotic and slow. rain began to beat on the conservatory roof, spits and spots at first, but becoming more persistent as the seconds past. Subconsciously he quickened his pace to match the rain and her body began once more to shake as the first wave of an orgasm hit home, her head back a groan rang round the kitchen that said she was soon near to collapsing from his ministrations. Those signs he ignored, his tongue finding her clit, caressing it and sending messages to her brain that increased the erotic effect adding to her massive and rolling climax as the thunder rumbled and the lightning flashed, timed to perfection. He realised that her voice was echoing around the room in a long and plaintive plea to stop, which finally he did, to her great relief. No-one, she could remember had brought her to such a peak with just his tongue, some had come near, but none had ever managed so long or so very completely. She found herself in his strong black arms, lifted over his shoulder like a featherweight and carried to her bed once more, like a cave man with a prize wife. This time he knew his way, a bottle and glasses in his free hand, scooped from the fridge and sideboard as they passed. He lay her on the bed, then pouring her the chilled wine, they lay together, sipping the sharp refreshing liquid and listening to the receding storm slowly moving away. He soon renewed his assault, placing his glass on the night-stand, black and gentle fingers roamed over her pale white skin, caressed her nipples, fondled her throat, slid over her hips, and found the wet slot they both knew he would soon assault once more. With the youngsters, she liked to straddle them, take control ride them like a cowgirl on a rouge stallion, but with Nick, this huge and energetic stud… she knew resistance or taking control was not even a remote option, he was her master tonight, he called the shots, no amount of money or position would ever change that. She was his, nothing else mattered, with the boys they were grateful, they tried to please her, please the older woman, hoping to come here again, …with Nick he had nothing to prove, tonight he was master of her body, her mind and her soul. He knew it as did she…Her eyes closed tight as the empty glass fell from her hand to the thick pile carpet. She was aware he had changed position, he was kneeling now, between her knees, kisses rained on her belly, her breasts her neck, his tool was entering her once more, returning to its prize slipping into her as if coming home, she was aware of his teeth gently nibbling at her ear, his balls swinging against her bum cheeks, heavy pendulous, his foreskin she imagined was against her lungs it was so deep, skewering her, like meat on a pole, he began his ride, not hers but his, she was just the wrapping, round his staff. His mouth on her throat now, hickies, she wasn’t keen on hickies, it said “I`ve been had,” it told others of her the night before advertised her wantonness, but if he, Nick wanted to give her hickies, then hickies he could give her, she was his…. She became aware of his voice, he was telling her that she was a whore, a white whore, to let him have her like this, telling her that her white body was his, that he was abiding by her rules, but he would want her again, and would be back for more, told her that her cunt was soft and accommodating and that he was going to be filling her full of his black cum time and again, this night till she would only walk bow-legged. The litany added to the moment, she already knew once would not be enough with this black giant, that she was a whore, that she was his, but the voice , his voice, reinforced it beyond measure, she began to cum, reaching new heights, as his teeth once more nipped at her throat, her mind screamed ‘yes, eat me bite me do whatever you wish , take me, impale me rip me in side , I am yours, at this moment you may do anything, just anything you want to me, wave after wave of a massive climax overtook her, his body beating its tattoo inside her against her like a wave against a breaker, would he ever slow or stop this wonderful pounding… her world was closing in on her… It was too much… darkness wrapped itself round her, she slipped from consciousness Some moments later she returned to this world, he lay beside her, her body felt ravished, her belly full, cum ran wet and freely from her body, he was smiling at her leant on one elbow, watching her with a c***dish grin that said that this was to be only their first experience together tonight…

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