A Better Man Pt. 01


Emily swallowed the guilt in her throat as she knocked on the door to her son’s apartment.

Moments later, when the door swung open, she was face to face with her son for the first time in two years. He was bigger than she remembered him being. John was always taller than her and his father, but he had packed on muscles since he left home. His broad shoulders filled the doorway, and because he was only wearing a pair of thin sweatpants, Emily had an unencumbered view of his tight abs and hard chest.

Silence filled the air between them before a loud squeal broke it.

“John!” Emma, Emily’s seven-year-old daughter shot forward wrapping her arms around her big brother’s leg.

John laughed and reached down, scooping her up with ease. His biceps bulged, and Emily shuddered. Her ex-husband had been over three hundred pounds for almost two decades. The moment after his parents forced them to wed when she showed up outside their door, sixteen, and homeless and pregnant with their son’s child, Rick had started putting on weight. His opinion on the matter of weight gain Why bother trying to look good when he already had a wife?

“Emma! It’s been too long!” John tossed his sister into the air and caught her.

Emily shared a look with him that Emma couldn’t see. They both knew why it had been so long since the siblings were together. Or at least Emily thought she knew.

“I know,” Emma sighed dramatically. “It’s been months!”

“Months?” Emily repeated, confused. She had kicked her son out two years ago, and he hadn’t come back since? How had he seen Emma just months ago?

Emma slapped her hands over her mouth. John sighed, stepping to the side, opening the doorway for Emily to walk in.

“I dropped by sometimes when you were at work to make sure she had food,” John answered. “I asked Emma not to tell you.”

Emily bit her lip. She had always been ashamed of how much she had to lean on John after Emma was born. Her ex-husband was a deadbeat who couldn’t be bothered to help take care of his kids. She knew it, and John knew it. That was why he had stepped up when Emma was born and filled the role her ex-husband couldn’t.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

John smiled. “I’ve told you before; you don’t have to thank me.”

The guilt in Emily’s gut felt like an anvil. John had always been a good boy, and he’d grown up to be a great man. He loved taking care of things. Animals, friends, his sister, and his mother too. How did I repay his kindness? Emily thought sadly. She sarıyer escort had kicked him to the curb. Now, two years later, she was back in his life and ready to give him what he wanted.

Her husband lied for months about paying rent and then emptied their bank accounts and hit the road after their landlord informed them that they until the end of the day to move out. Without any other friends or family to turn to, Emily had called her son.

Her son who hadn’t hesitated to text her his new address and tell her that he had been waiting two years for her and Emma to choose him.

“Emmy, why don’t you go play in your room while me and mom talk?” John said, setting his sister down on her feet.

Emma pouted but ran off. Halfway down the narrow hall that led to the bedrooms, she stopped.

“John, where’s mom gonna sleep?” she asked, looking back at them. “You only have two rooms.”

“We’re going to share mine so you can have your own,” John said with a bright smile.

Emily smiled too, though hers was let bright since there was nothing sincere about it.

“Okay!” Emma shouted and vanished down the hall.

The moment she was out of sight, Emily felt John’s hands wrap possessively around her hips. He spun her around and pressed her face-first against the wall. He buried his face in the crook of her neck and inhaled deeply.

“God, you smell so good,” he sighed pressing his entire body into hers.

Emily stood still as a statue. A stiff point pressed into the crack of her ass, creasing her loose sweatpants in the valley of her cheeks as a wet tongue licked below her ear.

“Y…you’re sister,” she whispered. “She can’t know about us.”

“Emma!” John pulled his mouth from her neck and shouted. “Me and mom need to talk; can you stay in your room for ten minutes?”

“Okay!” Emma shouted back from where she had disappeared too. Emily would have to ask John later why his sister already had a room here.

John nodded and went back to kissing her neck. Emily tilted her head to give him better access. She couldn’t let John know how much she wanted to shove him away. To scream that she was his mother and that he shouldn’t want her the way he did. But she couldn’t. Her daughter needed a happy home and a good man to look up to. John could give her both. And all he wanted was the woman he had loved for years to love him back.

So Emily moaned as two big hands slid under her shirt and palmed her breasts.

“You remember the last esenyurt escort time we were in this position?” John whispered into her ear.

Emily nodded. How could she forget? It was the day she kicked him out, and Emma lost the closest thing she had to a father.

It was one of her rare days off, and she had decided to clean the house. John and Emma were supposed to be at school, and her ex-husband was at work, so she decided to be naughty and clean in the nude.

What she didn’t know was that John hadn’t gone to school and was still asleep in his room. And when he came downstairs and saw her bent over in the living room, ass naked with a duster in her hand, he acted on instinct.

Emily had gasped when she felt the rigid point of a steel hard cock press into her ass, but she’d acted on instinct too and pushed back against it. Sex always put her ex-husband in a better mood and despite the fact that she found his equipment and his technique lacking, she never turned him down.

Two strong hands had cupped her butt and lifted her up onto her tippy toes. She’d closed her eyes and prepared for another lackluster fuck. A second later, they’d popped open as she gasped. A cock that definitely didn’t belong to her husband was pushing into her small hole. It was bigger than anything she had ever felt before. Wide and long as it dug into her, stretching her pussy in a way that sent tingles up her spine and down her legs.

Emily was ashamed to admit that when she looked over her shoulder and saw that it was her son fucking her, there was a brief moment of hesitation. John was so handsome compared to his father. She’d almost given in. Almost turned back to the wall and let her son wear himself out inside of her.

But she hadn’t. She’d come to her senses and pulled herself off her son’s big cock before kicking him out of the house. Screaming and shouting that he was a disgusting pig trying to fuck his own mother.

Who’s the pig now? Emily wondered as her pants and panties were pulled to her knees. She shivered as her wet pussy was exposed to the cold air in her son’s apartment. A thick finger swiped across them, collecting some of the dew on her lips.

“Mmm,” John groaned, and he pressed the wet finger into her waiting hole. “You’re already wet for me?

“Of course, baby. I’ve wanted this for so long.” Emily lied. She wasn’t around at all. On their way over, she’d stopped at the store and bought a bottle of warming massage oil. Then she’d gone into the bathroom avrupa yakası escort and squirted half of it up into her pussy.

“Me too,” John said, his large hands grabbed her ass and lifted her up onto her tippy toes.

Just like two years ago, his big cock slid into her pussy, but this time she didn’t try to escape. She stood still, her forearms braced against the wall as her son fucked her from behind. Her pussy slowly being stretched as her son gave her firm steady strokes.

The warming oil worked its magic, and Emily felt no pain as her son started humping powerfully. She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the feeling of being stuffed full as John began to grunt, his thighs smashing against her ass.

What kind of mother was she? Bent over and filled to the brim with her son’s cock? Not only was she fucking her son, but she was lying to him. He thought she was enjoying this. She was manipulating him, pretending that she wanted him in a way a mother should never want her son so that she and her daughter had a place to live.

“I’m going to cum!” John hissed, his thrust becoming sporadic. “Fuck, I’m sorry. I wanted to last longer.”

Emily sighed in relief. “It’s okay, baby,” she said. “Emma won’t wait in her room forever.”

“I wanted to make you cum.” John told her as he went still. “SHIT!”

Emily could feel him pulsing inside of her. Her son cock flexed up and down as ropes of cum spewed from the tip flooding her pussy with his sperm.

Sated for the moment, John stepped back, his cock falling from her pussy with a loud squelching noise that made her wince and him laugh.

“Oh, yeah!” he cheered. “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had mom!”

Emily reached down to pull her pants up. She could feel her sons cum soaking into her panties as it drained out of her.

“Where’s your bathroom?” she asked.

“In the master bedroom down the hall,” John said pointing towards where Emma had runoff.

Emily nodded. As she walked away, her son’s hand shot out and caught her on the ass. She yelped at the stinging pain and glared over her shoulder. Not even her husband had been so brazen to spank her. She was a grown woman, not a child.

John winked at her, his now sated cock hanging limply against his thigh. “I hope you still do your yoga every morning, mom. Because I plan on getting some of that good fucking at least three times a day.”

Emily gasped and hurried down the hall. She felt a mixture of embarrassment at how crude her son was being, and shame that she liked it. It was wrong of her, but she couldn’t help but revel in the pride that she was attractive enough that her own son would want to have sex with her more than once a day.

It was a small source of comfort that she would be able to cling to when he decided to fuck her again.

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