A Chance Encounter

Big Tits

These are the kind of parties I rarely attend. They are to fancy and to full of self-important people for me to keep up an engaging and pleasant demeanor for more than a half hour. This party had all the typical hallmarks: overpaid piano player, servers wearing faux-tuxedos, under-whelming hors d’oeuvres, and cheap champagne served in crystal flutes. My first order of business was to find the bartender and a corner to hide in.

The bar was in the back of the hall and adjacent to the patio terrace. I painfully made my way through the crowd, stopping to acknowledge those guests who need to be made to feel important. Finding myself needing a whiskey quickly, I cut short the last several greetings to get the bartender’s attention.

She had an elegant yet simple black cocktail dress that hugged her legs and exposed some of her back. Her hair was pulled back, but not in a ponytail. It seemed she had styled it so it was out of her way, but left some hair free to frame her gorgeous face. She had an ease about her movement even though she was being pressed to attend to a great many drink orders. Her keen movements accentuated her lithe frame. Her dress danced over her body as she worked.

I took a seat as far away from the main floor as I could. She nodded my direction to acknowledge me, using her eyes to communicate that she was busy for a moment but would attend to me shortly. As she finished a few rounds for the servers she glided my direction, easily surveying the bar for guest needs that could be met on her way.

I ordered my drink and continued to watch her work as she quickly became the most interesting person in the room. She spoke sweetly to the guests and efficiently to co-workers consistently managing to please both.

I had arrived at the party later than intended (yet thankfully so) and the crowd was swelling now. She saw my drink as nearly finished and came over to ask, “May I pour you another?” I nodded yes, and winked at her (I have no idea what possessed me to do that!) and I almost spilled the rest of my cocktail when she winked back. Later on she poured a third for me and casually licked her lips as she placed the drink in front of me. Was I imagining this? With whiskey coursing through my veins, I couldn’t be sure.

A second bartender had arrived and I feared my moments with this woman were quickly fleeting. I had to seize the moment or I was sure to regret it.

“Excuse me?”, I said.

“Are you sure you can handle another?”, she teased.

“I never did get your name.”

“Crista.” It sounded sweet and inviting as it rolled of her tongue. “I didn’t catch your name either.”

“Michael. Crista, are you going on break?”

“Yes, but Megan will take good care of you till I return.”

“I do not want Megan. I believe I will have another and then my tab please. I do not know if I can suffer this party any longer.” I sighed.

“I know exactly what you mean, care to join me on the terrace for a bit?” she asked innocently, as if she was unsure if I would say yes.

“I would enjoy that”, I stated, hoping not to seem over eager.

“Meet me by the rail in 10 minutes”, she said as she walked away and I swear I had to remind myself to breathe.

Being back-lit from the lights inside the party, her statuesque body was radiant as she sauntered over to where I stood overlooking the city lights. She seemed an angel, but there was a seduction in her walk. Her lovely, dress-hugged hips swayed to the music pumping from the dance floor. I raised my glass to her as she approached.

“A toast, to sweet Crista, who has saved me from the drudgery of this socialite evening and delivered unto me a few moments of blissful company”, I tried and failed to say with Shakespearean flair. She smiled, amused at my attempt to match the social mores of our environment. Standing next to me, I quickly realized that I had underestimated her beauty and poise. She smelled like a field of flowers, her fragrance was intoxicating. I continued to remind myself to breathe.

We stood there for a while overlooking the city skyline, not saying anything, simply enjoying an easy comfortableness with each other. I felt like I was floating on an island, in a sea of undesirable wretches. I was marooned here with a goddess. Breathe in.

She laid her head on my shoulder. Breathe out. I casually draped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me. She shifted her head to look at me after the embrace and it took me a few moments to muster the courage to face her. Breathe in. Deeply.

Her smell was making me drunk and I could no longer stop myself from kissing her. Setting my drink on the railing I tilted her head a little further while keeping her very close with my other arm. I could see her chest heaving as I placed my lips gently on her smooth neck. Breathe out. She shivered at the sensual touch but did not pull away instead giving herself fully to the embrace. A few more slow and soft kisses up the neck and I had to come up for air. Breathe in. Her lips were parted slightly as I kissed illegal bahis them. She tasted like summer honeysuckle. I pressed in to her, wanting her, feeling her, needing her. She seemed to collapse under the weight of that kiss, losing herself for a moment.

“Crista!” Megan shouted. Damn Megan…

The tranquility of that moment was shattered into a million pieces by Megan’s screeching need for help. “I am sorry Michael, break is over”, she said as she collected herself. “I have to get back to the bar.” Breathe out.

I watched her walk back. Was she swaying her hips like that on purpose? It seemed as if the dregs of upper-society broke away in front of her like waves crashing into a rock.

I knew what I had to do…get another whiskey.

She hardly seemed surprised to see me back at the bar. As she walked over with a fresh drink in hand I understood that she had been expecting me to follow. “I am off work in an hour, do you have plans for later?” she asked.

“I do now”, I replied with a little more eagerness than intended.

The next hour seemed to last all night. I sipped my cocktail, balancing around being tipsy and a little drunk. Crista focused on her guests and responsibilities, mostly ignoring me for the hour and I began to panic that I may have lost the opportunity to spend more time with her. I watched as she collected her things, closed her register and said goodnight to Megan as she exited the bar toward the manager’s office. She never even looked my way and I realized that those few moments on the terrace were all I would know of her. I sat, finishing my cocktail in one gulp and reliving that moment as Megan walked over. “Crista asked me to give you this”, she said as she slid a folded piece of paper to me and collected my glass. My heart skipped a beat. I unfolded the napkin-note which read, “Downstairs in 10 minutes there will be a cab waiting for you.”

I made my way through the lobby and out the revolving door and there was a taxi, door opened, waiting for me. The driver asked me my name to insure he had the correct passenger. The drive was a few minutes out of downtown and we soon pulled up to a suburban home. “How much sir?” I asked. The driver informed me that she had already taken care of that.

I stood on the sidewalk for a few moments trying to collect myself. I felt nervous for the first time in a long time. My hands started to sweat. Was I dreaming? As I approached the threshold I noticed she had left the door open and as I closed it, I heard it lock automatically. I was trapped. I like this game. An unusual sense of calm swept through me as I wondered whether I was the hunted or the hunter. Through the foyer I arrived in the kitchen where a small bottle of fine bourbon and two snifters had been set out and filled. I took both glasses and warmed the bourbon in my hands. Soft classical music was playing from somewhere, Beethoven’s third symphony I am almost sure.

She emerged from a hallway just across from the kitchen walking over to me. I handed her a snifter as she slowly turned using one hand to lift her hair exposing the zipper on her dress. “Unzip me please?” and I obliged her request exposing more of her back. She danced away from me allowing her dress to hit the floor right before turning the corner to her bedroom, teasing me purposefully. After a few moments she came in to the kitchen again. She stood before me, at least five feet away and allowed me to fully drink in her image. Her posture, left hand on her hip and standing slightly off balance with her shoulders back accentuated her wonderful curves. She wore white sheer lace underwear with a black lace trim. A bow-tie accent hid the clasp of her bra in front and another hovered just below her navel accentuating her panties. Her hair was down now and it flowed around her shoulders and danced around her breasts.

I set my snifter back on the counter after draining it of brandy and very slowly walked over to her. I circled around behind her and she was patient with me as I lustfully looked upon her. I caressed her back with my right hand as my left was graced her outer thigh and hip. She swayed at the touch but remained posed. I dropped to my knees slowly and kissed her upper thigh as I ran my hands down the length of her extraordinary legs, first left, then right. I worked my way back up to the small of her back and as I stood again fully I wrapped my arms around her to squeeze and tease her breasts while nipping at her neck from behind. Eve flexed her hips into me at the touch and moaned as she pressed at my flesh. I carefully freed her breasts and removed the bra as I worked my hands back down her side and hooked my thumbs on her panties as I pulled them to the ground as well, taking the time to carefully slide them off her gorgeous backside. I nibbled at her ass as I did sending a shudder through her. Still behind her and with my left hand fondling her breast I used my right hand to push her legs apart just enough. She moaned and her chest heaved as I placed my hand between her legs and began slowly rotating illegal bahis siteleri my fingers around her clit. After a few moments I could feel her warmth rushing over my fingers and I gently pushed her lips aside to expose her clit as I plunged a finger deep in to her. She rocked forward at the move having to grab on to the bar to steady herself while I massaged her breast and pussy together. I began to lose myself to the passion as I pushed her legs farther apart and dropped back to my knees burying my face in her from behind. Her moaning and pleasure had me aching and I did not want to stop. She bucked back on my face, waves of pleasure coursing through her as she was unable to control her movement while I worked my fingers. Her juices began to flow, over my face, and down her legs as she continued to grind on my fingers. I had two fingers in her now, searching her and I knew she was close as her grip on the bar and my fingers strengthened. I used both hands to spread her wide and buried my face in her again tonguing her and sucking her clit. As her body clenched I retracted and plunged my fingers into her once more pumping furiously to match her pushing back. Her entire body stiffened and she threw her head back using one hand to grab her own breast as she came all over my hand. I used my left hand to bend her back towards the bar not intending to give her a break from my attack.

Her body shuddered repeatedly as I continued to tease her clit, her breathing becoming more labored and deep. I pulled away from her after a few moments and slid my fingers out of her pussy and around her lips feeling her warmth flow. I instinctively placed my fingers in my own mouth to taste her and breathe her in. I saw her turn at the waist and watch me lick my fingers clean, it seemed to please her.

I stood straight and felt the pressure against my pants as I stood. Crista straightened and stretched, accentuating her lovely frame. She twisted a bit, turning toward me as she brushed the hair back out of her face. I saw hunger in her eyes.

She became the hunter. I stood motionless, doing my best to control my breathing as she circled me. She traced the lines of my cummerbund with her trailing hand as she continued to circle around me. I dared not move, I was caught. She stopped behind me and pressed close into my back. I could feel her breath on my neck and her breasts heaving as she strained to maintain control of her mounting passion. She reached up with both hands and gently removed my jacket allowing her fingernails to grace my back as she pulled it away. From behind she released my bow-tie and cummerbund to the floor. I started to turn toward her, but she held me in place, grasping on to my shoulders to hinder me. She looped her arms under mine and started to unbutton my shirt. She pulled my shirt free and open as she continued to remove the clasp on my belt. My slacks unzipped and fell away, my cock welcoming the room to grow.

What felt like an eternity passed in the next few moments as Crista slid her hands under my shirt, caressing my chest and running her hands down my sides. She grabbed my waist and turned me fully toward her now. I stole her gaze for a moment and time stopped as she peered in to me. I moved to kiss her, but she turned from it and used her hand to push my chin up exposing my neck to her. She leaned in and stole my composure with a lustful kiss on my neck the force of which caused me to move my arms to the bar behind me for support. She pulled back again and I felt vulnerable and exposed. I moved to stand and balance myself but she held me in place with a single finger pointed in to my chest. She looked at me again and I knew to trust her.

She slid down my body to the floor, using her hands to tease my cock as she settled lightly to her knees. I was aching for her! She curled her fingers inside the waistband of my boxers and slowly, deliberately pulled them down to set me free. She placed her right hand on my pulsing dick and pushed it up as she began to lick and suckle my balls. Her tongue danced around as she mixed in sweet kisses, pushing me further into her control. She released her hold and my cock bulged as the blood rushed in. Using her left hand to cup and cradle my balls, she took her right hand again and eased my cock into her mouth for the first time. She kissed and tongued the head of my cock and I craved the warmth of her mouth. She slid her mouth further down now and used her right hand to stroke upwards while cradling my balls with her other hand. This teasing continued for many minutes never fully engulfing me, pushing me closer to the edge.

She eventually pulled back as she reached up and tied her hair into place. I barely registered the move as the waves of passion assaulted my mind. Moving forward now, I looked down and watched as her mouth teased me again, licking and tonguing. She moved her hands around to my ass and looked up at me with her gorgeous eyes, as if asking for permission. I subconsciously nodded approval and I nearly fell over as she flexed her arms, pulling me canlı bahis siteleri closer to her as she forced my cock fully into her mouth. She held me there and I could feel her tongue working around my shaft while I was buried in her throat. She released me and repeated the move several times, sometimes stopping to stroke me while looking at me to gauge my pleasure. She settled into rhythm as she could tell as the minutes went by that I was quickly approaching climax. I did not want to orgasm yet, but Crista had other plans.

“I am so close Crista”, I gasped as she pushed hard down to the base of my dick allowing me to fuck her throat.

She didn’t respond other than with a lusty, hungry look.

It started in my feet as the passion coursed through my whole body. I gripped down on the bar to steady myself as she, quicker now, began to sense that I was going to come. Her mouth and lips were so hot. She begged me to give it to her with her eyes. I looked away, trying to hold on, but she would not allow it. She pulled back suddenly and began to furiously pump away with her right hand up and down the length of my cock.

“Crista!”, my hips flexed forward and my back arched as she pulled the orgasm from me. I spilled out on to her chest in waves as muscle spasms forced me to release.

My legs weakened and I felt like I was going to fall over as she slid my cock back in to her mouth, teasing and tonguing me back to life. Still on her knees she traced her hands all over my body, dragging her nails slightly over my chest and lower back while bobbing hungrily.

After a few moments she rocked back and stood in front of me. I held my place, barely able to think.

She turned slowly and started to walk away, realizing that I wasn’t following, she turned back. “Come on, I have something I would like you to see”, she said as she reached down and grabbed my “leash” leading me to the bedroom.

The music and lighting were soft and classical music was still sifting through the speakers. She told me to sit in the corner chair as she went to the bathroom and closed the door. I sat there, reliving every moment we shared since I arrived and I could feel my dick swelling again.

She came out of the bathroom and sat on the corner of her bed, facing me. “Mike, I want to show you something.”

She moved back on the bed a bit and braced herself against some pillows so that she could place her feet on the edge of the bed on either side of the corner, still facing me, and now fully exposing her beautiful pussy. I began to move toward her, but changed my mind as she reached for her toys.

She had a long wand with a large round head and a smaller silver object that she laid next to her as I settled in for the show.

As she relaxed her legs and her mind, her hands began teasing her lips and clit. Using two fingers she began rubbing a circle around her clit, occasionally spreading those fingers and pushing apart her lips and exposing her sweet pink flesh. She moaned as she did so. I was mesmerized as she continued teasing herself. She pulled her hand away and placed her first two fingers in her mouth. She slid them in to her pussy after teasing her clit again and I watched as her back arched and her breasts heaved. She plunged her fingers in and out and I could see how wet she was.

With her left hand she grabbed the wand and turned it on. A soft vibration filled the room and she whimpered helplessly as she placed it to her clit. She held it there, by itself, and I could see her pussy start to quiver at the assault. She switched the wand to her right hand and began using her left to tease her labia again, continuously finger fucking herself.

She played like this searching, plunging, teasing, and spreading until her pussy was dripping. She grabbed the smaller silver object and placed it in to her mouth. She pulled it out and turned it on as she placed it against her ass. Now she teased her holes, rubbing the wand up and down her pussy and pressing it into her clit while she pressed the other toy in to her tight ass. She rocked back and her whole body flexed. Her toes grabbed on to the corners of the bed as she worked the bullet all the way in. She was no longer in control.

Her body convulsed again. Her pussy was red and swollen now and I watched as she ground on to her hand which was now free to fuck her again. I couldn’t help but continue watching and stroking my dick.

“Are you ready to see?” she asked breathlessly. I looked in to her eyes to give her permission.

She pulled her legs back now and looped her arms inside of them to pin them back. What a glorious sight! She started moaning and whimpering as she pumped her fingers in to her pussy a little faster and the vibrations from her toys increased. I sat in amazement as she shuddered and shook her head violently, occasionally reaching with her right to grab her breast and then back to her pussy. Suddenly she dropped the wand and pushed the bullet free of her beautiful ass and began slapping at her clit. Pushing her fingers back in a few more times brought her to the edge and I gasped as she came. Her back arched and breasts heaved as her juices flowed from her. Wave after wave flowed from her as she continued her attack. I just stared as she soaked the sheets between her legs.

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