A Chance Meeting


“That’s just great!” Nora said aloud as she slammed the door on the old Chevy farm truck. Steam was pouring out from under the hood. She looked up and down the road. Realizing she was on the loneliest stretch of road in the county. The only houses within 10 miles were the neighboring ranch houses. Each one isolated by hundreds of acres. She pulled her cell phone from her back pocket, no signal. “Figures,” she thought to herself, “I would end up in the one place where the cell towers haven’t been fixed after the last storm.”

Chase looked up from repairing a section of barbed wire fence. “Luckily the cattle haven’t found this downed section yet.” He muttered aloud. Standing up straight, he stretched. His back sore from being stooped over stringing the fence strands. He glanced quickly at his watch, 11:45. Just enough time to get back to the ranch house for lunch. Gathering his tools, he loaded them in the truck. Climbing into the cab of the pickup, he set off for home. Wondering what his sisters had planned for the day.

Chase had only recently returned home after working on a large cattle ranch in Montana. He had spent the time away from home learning the ins and outs of a working cattle ranch first hand. He and his two sisters continued to run the ranch together after the death of their parents a few months earlier.

As he pulled in the drive, he realized just how much he had missed his family and the comfort of home. Knocking the dirt from his boots, a huge smile spread across his face. He could hear his sister’s playful banter coming through the screen door.

Lunch passed quickly with the table talk revolving around The Rocking R Ranch. Their Closest neighbor, The Rocking R had been owned and operated by Herbert Rowe and his wife Mildred. Herbert had recently passed away leaving the horse ranch to his granddaughter Nora Hunt.

For many years, Herbert had raised the finest Quarter Horses in the county. His horses had competed in numerous events, both in hand and ridden. Winning multiple championship ribbons and prize money at the local and national level. Many a youth had competed on his horses and done well. The ranch was currently home to around 100 head of quality horses today. They consisted of show animals and the breeding stock, mares and stallions.

The family continued to speculate about Nora. What did she look like? How could she drop everything and take over such a large operation? Would she continue to operate the ranch, or have a huge sale and disperse the whole thing?

As the meal wound down, Chase’s older sister Carol asked if he would mind running into town for some supplies. “Make me a list.” He replied. List in hand, he headed into town. As he drove, he surveyed the damage from last week’s storms. Large trees had been blown over, roofs had been stripped from out buildings. The local news station had called it straight line winds. The damage was still very obvious along this road. His thoughts wandered back to Nora Hunt. What did she look like? Was she the stuck up city slicker type? No, that just didn’t fit. Herbert never would have trusted his prized animals to someone who didn’t love them the way he did, blood relation or not.

Chase travelled along the empty country road, lost in thought. Topping a hill he spotted Herbert’s old Chevy truck with the hood up, parked at the edge of the two-lane blacktop, just at the bottom of the hill. Slowing down, he realized that there was someone sitting in the front seat. He parked behind the battered Chevy and walked up to see if he could help.

Nora heard the truck coming before it topped the hill. She felt a little uncomfortable, not knowing anyone in this area. That changed as she saw the man step from his truck. She watched him in the side mirror, analyzing him from head to toe. His tight fitting, dusty jeans looked like a second skin even from 20 feet away. His long sleeves rolled to the elbow, shirt slightly open at the neck, revealed a smooth expanse of darkly tanned skin. His eyes were hidden by sunglasses. His hair was dark, not quite brown, not quite black and cut short. She wanted to run her hands through it. “Wow, where did that come from?” she asked herself.

“Need some help?”

“Sure do, seems like I busted a radiator hose.” Nora replied.

“Let’s take a look.” He said. “By the way, I’m Chase Hardin, from the Lazy H cattle ranch. You wouldn’t happen to be Herbert’s granddaughter would you?”

“One and the same,” she replied. “I’m Nora.”

Nora stepped from the truck, her dusty boots crunched on the country road. Chase hastily stuck his head under the hood, suddenly very aware of the young woman standing beside him. She leaned under the hood, peering at the busted radiator hose. Her shirt sleeve brushed his bare forearm.

“Come on” Chase mumbled, “I’ll give you a lift into town.” Chase watched as Nora opened the driver’s door and leaned forward across the truck seat. He noted how her tight, worn jeans hugged her shapely hips. Grabbing her keys and bahis firmaları purse from the seat of the old truck, she turned and her gaze met his. His face turned slightly red as he realized she had caught him openly staring at her. Thank goodness he had sunglasses on to mask the hungry look in his eyes.

Opening the passenger door on his truck for her, he was able to scan the rest of her. Her tank top dipped low over her breasts, showing a hint of cleavage. Her plaid shirt tied at the waist just accentuated her curvy figure even more. Gods he wanted her. Closing the door he walked around the front of the truck. Climbing in, he settled behind the wheel.

Nora spoke first. “Thanks for the lift, I was beginning to think I was going to have to walk to town.”

“No problem, where you headed?” He asked

“I was going to run some errands in town, place a feed order and pick up some groceries.” She said.

“Today is your lucky day, I was headed to the same places.” He waved his sister’s shopping list in her direction to prove he had to do the same. “Let’s run by the parts store first and get that hose and some antifreeze to get you back on the road.”

She agreed. “You really don’t have to take me all over town. I can come in later after the truck is fixed.”

“No, it’s no trouble. Carol sent me to get some supplies. She would skin me alive if I didn’t come back with everything on her list.”

“Well, in that case. We better get started on that list.” Nora said, matter of factly.

Chase couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day than with this beautiful woman. Wrapping up their errands they headed back to make the repairs on the truck. Chase was able to fix it in no time. Before parting ways, he had invited Nora to dinner at the ranch. She gladly accepted, promising to be there at 7:00 pm.

The rest of the day passed quickly for Nora. She couldn’t quit thinking of him. She remembered the way he confidently walked up to the truck and how it felt to stand beside him as he made the repairs.

Nora found her thoughts wandering again as she showered. She kept imagining his hands on her body while she soaped herself. The hot spray pelting her back. Her body heated, she let her hands wander, slowly circling first one nipple and then the other. Her hands cupped each full breast while her thumbs rubbed her nipples to their full hardness. Her eyes closed, lips slightly parted and head tipped back, she allowed her hands to roam over her body. Her right hand rubbed across her stomach and then continued lower. Her heated womanhood already slick with her juices. She felt the sensations build. Her skin was flush with passion, her fingers found her clit and slowly deliberately began stroking the most sensitive part of her. As the sensations built, she slid first one finger and then another into her hot wet pussy. She started slowly, moaning softly, gradually increasing the tempo. Her thumb brushed against her clit with every inward thrust. Faster and faster she stroked herself. Rapidly bringing herself to a body clenching climax. She stayed under the shower spray, forehead pressed against the wall, water streaming down her back, her breath coming quickly. “Wow,” she exclaimed aloud. “It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a shower like that.”

Stepping from the shower, she toweled herself dry. The soft terry cloth towel rubbed across her nipples bringing new sensations to her still heated skin as she continued to think of him. She slipped into pale pink lace underwear. Sliding on a pair of khaki pants and an olive green light weight sweater, she opted to pass on her bra. They always made her feel so constricted and trapped. She loved the feel of the soft fabric sliding over her bare nipples. Completing the look with a chocolate belt and matching boots. She headed to the Lazy H. Opting to drive her little SUV instead of the old truck that had left her stranded earlier today.

Chase saw the trail of dust that signaled a car coming up the rocky drive. His younger sister Cathy announced Nora’s arrival through the screen door. Chase walked across the porch to greet her, followed by the black and white farm dog. The dog happily barked a greeting.

As Nora stepped from her car, she noticed a smile forming on Chase’s face. She returned the look, remembering the shower she had just taken. She couldn’t help but think that he might be as attracted to her as she was to him.

Dinner was relaxed and comfortable. The conversation came easily between the four of them. As the evening wound down, Nora and Chase walked out onto the porch together. Nora leaned against the porch rail, watching him cross to where she stood. Stopping beside her, he leaned in and said “I’ve been waiting all night for this.” His lips soft and yet firm at the same time, sealed over hers, bringing warm sensations to her entire body. Her lips parted, she wanted so much more from him. The kiss was brief, but thorough. Leaving no doubt as to the attraction Chase felt for her. “I hope you don’t kaçak iddaa mind.” He said as he stepped back from her.

“Not at all” she replied, her voice shaking slightly. “I was hoping you would do that.”

Chase laughed softly. “What else were you hoping for?”

“Well, since we just met, I think I’d rather not say until later.”

“Fair enough.” Chase wanted this woman more than any other. His body responded to her nearness without even touching her. Something was very different about her.

They walked to her car, Chase close beside her. Their hands brushed against each other. Nora felt small electrical shocks where their hands met. Her eyes widened and she stopped suddenly, turning to look at Chase. The sensations were intense. She reached out her hand and touched his fingers. Lifting his hand she stared at it as if it were a rare creature never before seen. She pressed her palm to his, her heart beating faster and faster. Her breath ragged. Just the thought of his hands on her bare skin had her thoughts racing. She stepped forward and standing on her tip toes, kissed him, her hand still holding his, her fingers laced between his.

Chase was taken slightly off guard by her sudden move. He willingly deepened the kiss wrapping his free arm around her slender waist. Tasting, dueling, and savoring every thrust of her tongue. Enjoying the way her soft, full lips felt pressed against his. Their breathing coming rapidly, they breathed each other in. She bit his lower lip lightly, gently sucking on it as she pulled away. Leaning against him she struggled to catch her breath. Her body trembling from the intensity of the kiss she had just initiated. Her hand still locked in his, her free hand pressed against his chest. His shirt clenched in her fist. Nora took a step back and looked up into his face. “I…I’m sorry” she stammered. “I don’t usually do things like that.”

Chase looked down into her blue eyes, noting the way they sparkled with desire. He leaned down and without saying a word, answered her with another kiss. This time, he kissed her deeply. Slowly twisting and twining his tongue with hers. His hands sliding under her sweater, he groaned at the feel of her soft skin under his palms. The raw sensations overwhelmed his senses. He wanted more, so much more. His cock was already rock hard as he pressed against her body. “Damn!” Chase drew back from her. Realizing they were still standing in the front yard of the farm house. His sisters were likely spying on them through the window. The porch light bathed them in its yellow glow, highlighting Nora’s face and glinting off her bright blue eyes. Neither spoke for a moment. Their breathing began gradually slowing to normal. Nora stepped back slightly, looking up into his face. Unsure of what had just happened between them. Only certain that she wanted far more than a kiss from this man she had only met this morning. “I really should be getting back to the ranch,” she finally managed to say.

He reluctantly pulled back from her. Their hands still entwined. “You probably should be going, before I take you upstairs and we give my sisters an earful.” He laughed lightly at that thought.

Nora opened the car door. Standing with her back to her car, trapped between the door and his warm body. She stood on her tip toes and gave him one last kiss. Slow and sensual, a reminder of what she wanted and what they had just shared. She eased herself away from him. Sliding her way down his body as she did. She could feel his cock through their jeans, hard and straining at his clothes begging to be released. She had to leave before she did something stupid. She really wanted to be in his arms at this moment. Instead, she reached into her purse and retrieved a business card. Handing it to Chase, she asked him to call her sometime. Hoping he wouldn’t wait too long. Chase promised her he would call soon. With that, she headed back to her ranch. Thinking about what had just happened, her body tingled as she recalled the way his hands felt on her skin and the taste of his mouth and lips against hers.

Chase had watched Nora’s car as she left the ranch. God that woman heated his blood! He wanted her, badly. He walked back into the house and his sisters began to tease him about making out with their dinner guest on the front lawn. Chase took it all in stride, knowing they meant well.

He went upstairs, lost in thoughts of Nora. He couldn’t help but recall how she had held his hand and stared at his palm. How she reveled at the feel of her hand against his. His cock began to stir at the thoughts of her kissing him. He grew harder with every thought. Chase walked into the bath room, he rubbed his cock through the stiff denim of his jeans. Imagining what her hands would feel like as she stroked him. His cock was standing erect, straining to be released from the uncomfortable restraints of his clothing. He pulled his shirt off first. Looking in the mirror, he saw his sun darkened skin, his muscles hardened from the physical labor kaçak bahis of running a cattle ranch. He liked what he saw, not in a conceited way, but in a self-assured confidant way. Turning from the mirror, he started the shower. Removing his jeans, he stepped into the shower, his cock jutting upwards, fully erect. As he showered, he couldn’t help but remember how good her body had felt pressed against his. How she had tasted as he kissed her full lips, how she had responded to every stroke of his tongue with more urgency and need. Stroking himself, he ran his thumb over his swollen head, causing his breath to come quickly. One hand gripped the base of his shaft, lightly squeezing as he slid his hand upwards toward his head and back down again. Groaning softly at the sensations this brought, he continued to rapidly stroke his shaft with one hand as he rubbed his fingers over his head with the other. The sensations clouded his brain, swirling through his body. He continued to pump his rigid cock with one hand, putting his other hand against the wall to steady himself. He could feel his legs getting weaker as the sensations rushed through him. His balls ached with the impending release, drawing up tighter against his body. He could feel the orgasm building. He felt his head swelling under his hand, could feel his balls tighten as he began to cum. He continued to gulp air as he pumped his cock. With a forceful moan, he came, his seed flowing from him in short bursts. He pumped himself a few more strokes until the pulsing sensation slowed, until there wasn’t a drop of cum left in him. He backed under the cooling spray of the shower and let the water rush over his heated skin. “God that was amazing.” He thought to himself. He couldn’t wait to fuck this woman for real.

Undressing for bed, she stripped her panties off. Her hands brushed against her heated skin. Her pussy was still soaking wet from the make out session she had just experienced. She climbed onto the king sized bed, her body still too heated to slide under the covers. Her fingers traced her mouth. Recalling the way his mouth felt on hers. Her hands slid down her body, her skin super sensitive, aware of every touch. She ran her hands across her hips and over her stomach, slowly reaching lower towards her warm, slick pussy. She brushed her fingers lightly over her closely shaved mound to her soft folds. She dipped one finger inside herself. “Oh god,” she thought,” I am so wet!” Removing her finger from the depths of her heated pussy, she brought it to her mouth and sucked her juices from it. God she loved the way she tasted! The flavor of herself turned her on so much, salty and slightly sweet at the same time. A taste like no other she had ever experienced. Her hand went rapidly back to her heated pussy and began playing with her clit. Softly as first, she stroked her sensitive little bud bringing sensations to her very core. Gradually she increased the intensity and the speed. She felt the climax building inside her. She rubbed her clit, vigorously, her breathing ragged. While she continued to stroke her most sensitive spot, she reached into the drawer of the nightstand with her free hand and fumbled around for her favorite toy. She grabbed the magic rabbit and pulled it from its hiding place. Turning it on with one hand, she rubbed her tits with it while massaging her clit with the other hand. She slid the toy down her stomach, bringing it closer to her hard swollen clit. Her body ached for release. Her head was thrown back on the pillows. She arched her back as she touched the pulsating, vibrating toy to her throbbing woman hood. Unable to hold back, she slid the toy deep inside her hot pussy. Nora moaned aloud at the exquisite feelings it brought forth. Her body shuddered as a small orgasm took hold of her. She arched her back even more, bringing her knees together trapping the rabbit toy deep inside her, intensifying the feel of it as it throbbed inside her. The rabbit ears teasing her clit making her squirm against it, she moved the toy in and out of her wet pussy . Unable to hold back any longer, her body convulsed, causing her hips to come up off the bed. Pushing the vibrator deep inside once more, she felt herself clench tightly around the shaft of her favorite toy. Her velvety walls quivered around the vibrator, her juices running hot and slick, creating a small pool beneath her ass on the bed sheets. Her orgasm had hit her hard, making her whole body clench and unclench as she felt wave after wave of ecstasy wash over her. She kept the vibrator in place as she rode out the sensations she had allowed to take over.She shuddered as the final waves washed over her body, spent, her breathing coming in short gulps. She lay across the bed sated and sweaty, her body beginning to cool. She started to shiver slightly, drawing the covers over her body, she drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Nora busied herself working in the barn. Getting the foaling stall set up for Star. The chestnut mare had been her grandfather’s favorite and she was rapidly becoming a favorite of Nora’s as well. She had been bred to Samson, one of her grandfather’s top money earning stallions. Nora was anxious to see what the foal would look like, she had high hopes for this baby.

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