A confluence of events


A confluence of events1st person storytelling courtesy of Maria from OmahaHi, I am Maria. I am in my late 30’s, I have a wonderful husband, three early-teen youngsters and I am in my second trimester as a result of a fantasy affair with my Dominican neighbor. As a young person, I was raised on middle America Christian mores. Life is precious and a baby is most precious. Thus upon learning of my careless mistake, I have no choice but to love and care for the baby inside me. The care of the baby outweighs any impact on my life. Immediately upon getting married, with help from our parents, we bought a house, this same house I am in today, in a suburb of Omaha. Our next door neighbor was and still is a fun Dominican legal immigrant also married to a mid-west lady. His name is Juan, he has a Canadian PhD in engineering, his accent was thick. I have a masters in education, am fluent in 4 languages and teach language plus ESL in a High School. I am fluent in Castilian Spanish. Over the years, I casually worked with Juan on pronunciation and interjecting common American slang and abbreviations. Today, his accent is mild, just the perfect pitch, clearly understandable and actually a bit sexy. Think of the Ricardo Montalban accent. As I went from newlywed to mature, most of the values I grew up on were loosened, of, maybe totally forgotten. We experimented with recreational d**gs, mostly weed. We got to enjoy alcohol, a little too much and sometimes irresponsibly. We got into enjoying porn, having sex to porn and role playing quite a few of the porn scenes. I mention it all since it was alcohol, weed and my sexual fantasies, along with my own weakness which created my current situation.A couple other points I should mention. Juan is 22 years older than me and he is very dark. He is a thick muscular guy and yes, he has a lot of sex appeal. Sadly, a little over 4 years ago his wife passed away from a heart attack. As an asides, something all women should be aware of is the symptoms of a ‘female heart attack’, because it is completely opposite of the classical male symptoms. Being a teacher has the benefit of having Summer off. Too much free time. With my girls staying at their grandparents farm and my husband out of town, the opportunity presented itself. My choices were poor to begin with. I started my Sunday with Mimosas, graduated to Vodka Gimlets, hit the bong and tuned in to my favorite porn fantasy. As my husband is no longer paying much physical attention to me, my porn has been a much needed release. My main fantasy involves a white girl making love to huge black man who deeply seeds her fertile pussy. If anything, I should be surprised I had not hooked up with Juan long ago. This eventful Sunday I roll out into my yard early in the afternoon and see Juan out in his. A normal wave, a walk over to the fence and Juan sees I have a good buzz on. I invite him over, make a pair of Gimlets and reload the bong. Juan resists saying he has things to do but relents and decides to enjoy the day and his list of things can wait till tomorrow. And then, I came on to him. I guess it was easy because I know him so well. He already knew how much I liked him and that is how it was easy for me to plainly say I would be honored, willing and enjoy very much doing things with him that his wife Sandy used to do. He was reluctant, I kissed him, kissed him deeply, he returned the kiss with passion but stopped. He told me he would think it over. Sunday evening my phone rings. Juan asks if I would come over and be his Sandy. Now totally sober, I paused, did a gut check and said I would be over within an hour. The next hour has me showering, shaving, picking out lingerie, putting my hair up and doing makeup. All the while I’m thinking, ‘I deserve this’ illegal bahis and ‘I still look damn good’. Which, asides from a little lower tummy flab and the stretch marks, I am still a slender MILF with a fine ass and a firm heavy chest complete with puffy pink silver dollar sized pink nipples. I walk over, knock, no response. I open the door and call out. He answers “Sandy, are you coming to bed soon?”. Game on, for the remainder of this night, I was Sandy! No guilt, nothing to hold back. I proceed through the darkened house up to the master bedroom. Juan is naked under a sheet staring at me in silence as I disrobe. Only three words were spoken that evening until the sun rose the next morning. All that dress up just to get naked. I slid in next to him. It became apparent by his aroma that he had prepared himself just like I did. Only Juan was going to give a good performance as he had taken a male erection pill. I lie apprehensive next to him, his hand moves over to my hip, Juan rotates to his side half covering me and we kiss deeply and passionately. I have my hands around the back of his neck. This passionate kissing goes on and it was wonderful. While kissing, Juan is tenderly cupping my breasts, then moving down to suck on my nipples. We close tight till I feel his cock poking me. I’m already wet in anticipation. We never break out kiss as we exchange top and bottom, rolling onto and off of each other. Juan moves fingers to my moist opening, I grab his cock. It’s enormous, my husband is big, Juan is huge, at least twice as thick as my husband and considerably longer. And he has a foreskin. This is my fantasy huge black man. My mind is racing; Does he cum as much as the porn studs? Will he pound me as hard? Will he hurt me with his size? Will he last as long? Will he cum deeply inside me? Own me? Breed me? By now, my pussy is soaked. I roll on top of him, high on his chest, place him in position and move to take him. Juan pulls back, reaches for a condom and fumbles with it. I take it from him, as if I was going to put it on, look him dead in the eye, shake my head and toss it aside. I go back to mounting him. Riding high again on his torso, all the while passionately kissing, I begin working him in. His thickness has me climaxing, little ones in rapid succession. Each time I take more of him, I climax. No longer are we kissing, I am now working. It’s to a point where Juan’s cock is stretching me, not comfortable, the cock head is moving to a place deep inside me where no cock has ever been, this feels fabulous. I’m starting to sit up on him as he is lusting on my nipples. Take more, stretch more, grunt a little, I’m panting like a bitch, get him further up inside me, climax, this is fabulous. The head of the cock is driving me to orgasm. Digging in to place which is still untouched. Juan is just on his back giving me a big happy grin. I have not had an orgasm in years. This night, getting his huge thick head up into me produced the most intense I’ve ever had. I’m sitting on his cock basically shaking, clutching my tits while I cool down. I sat erect in place without motion for a long while, first to let the orgasmic wave sweep over me, then to get used to his size. My hair, so neatly put up earlier, was a loose long tangled mess, one eyelash gone and most of my red lip color on his face. I mouthed the words to him, not making a sound, “I Love You Juan.”. With that, Juan rolled me, got his feet to the floor, dropped my ass to the edge of Sandy’s marriage bed and plowed the rest of his length into me balls deep. His power stroke opened me completely, I took a huge inhale as my eyes bulged while my arms flew down so I could grab his ass cheeks, tight and holding him deep. Whatever spot inside me he hit, I do not illegal bahis siteleri want it to stop. Just stay deep in me and fuck me any which way. Juan’s hands somehow wrapped under me, grabbing my ass cheeks from behind and underneath. Juan has me pinned, pulling my pussy wide and he power stroked me with all his weight and force driving himself as deep as possible. Maybe 10-15 hard strokes till he let out a war cry, held deep and began filling me with hot cum, lots of it, owning my fertile pussy, soaking my insides with potent seed. I felt a, ocean of semen inside me. I felt every throb of his ejaculation just before my next orgasm overtook me, I did not even feel this one coming, I was blindsided with more intensity than the first one. “SI” Juan shouted as I thrashed, still pinned underneath him, impaled on his enormous steel cock, un-moving and buried to the hilt. The second orgasm had my vagina convulsing around the cock which is Mother Nature’s was of forcing most of the semen through the cervix. Once I had cooled down, while still panting we kissed deeply again, his second word was “SANDY”. I wrapped my arms tight around his back and whispered in his ear “HUSBAND”. We stayed locked together for the longest time. Kissing passionate, hot and heavy, his rock hard cock still lodged deep in my inner most region and a load of semen swishing around in my womb. Juan slowly withdrew and slid back in, started to stroke more, full strokes, slow, tip to base. Boy, those erection pills sure are something to be in awe of. This is a 60 year old guy performing like a young buck. I could not go on. With a shake of my head and pushy hands I urged him off of me. With a touch I found nothing seeping out of me. My vagina was gaped open and no flow. What I say about the orgasm constricting his seed through my cervix was only learned later on from a doctor friend. He came inside me deep and in large quantity. The orgasm packed it all away. Well, I curled up along side him and quickly went into a deep and satisfied sleep. Likely more satisfied than I had ever been before. Morning came, we finally talked, a lot. Juan took another pill and we had intercourse to the sunrise. We began in the same fashion with me mounting him. Only this time when he flipped me, he put me to my knees and finished me from behind. In that position his thrusting really did bring tears to my eyes. But, as one may guess, I loved it. I greedily took that morning load of semen, throwing my bottom back into my stud. In this position with Juan staying hard and keeping me plugged up, all his cum had gravity pooling it on my cervix where gravity took it in. Again, my pussy was gaped open afterwards and the run out was minor. I’m a sponge for this man. I even found myself thinking that if I could get pregnant, this would be a sure thing. I really was not aware that I was still fertile. I honestly thought it was over. I greedily accepted his second go that morning, only I finished him off while riding on top. All the time I rode him in the daylight I was taking in the contract of his dark skin against my pink skin, his dark lips against my nipples and his jet black cock moving in and out of me. I was just loving living my fantasy. Our second coupling ended in a manner more conventional. It had to be more than an hour of me riding to earn his second ejaculation. He heavily soaked my guts again, I pulled off, it ran out. After a short nap I walked home. only this time through the back door. The attire I had came over in and my look pretty much advertised MILF needed to be fucked and just got royally fucked by a BBC. I did not need neighbors getting any hints. It was back to normal, I was Karen again, he was Juan and my husband came home late Tuesday. I did not canlı bahis siteleri go near my husband for attention till Friday evening as I still felt stretched out. We did have sex, but nothing compared to Juan. The next week my husband went out of town on business again. That evening my phone rang. It was Juan saying “Sandy, are you coming to bed soon?”. Whenever my youngsters were away and the husband out of town. We carried on like this for close to a year He rocks me, every time is a little different but the rapid fire climax and the monster orgasm is always there. Hardly ever speaking till the sun comes up, me being Sandy, heavily inseminated and loving that enormous black Dominican cock owning me, as well as starting to fall for the mature guy attached to it. I’ve always likes him a lot. Now I’m starting to fall for him. We have moved past the ‘me being Sandy’ thing. I now have him doing the ‘put a baby in me’ fantasy. All I have to do is whisper ‘breed me’ or ‘fertile days’ to get him to finish off harder and stronger. When we finish, we always lay locked together for extended time, keeping me plugged up so I have chance hold onto more of his semen. During that time we get quite playful and talkative. I love my time with this man completely. I’m not falling in love with him, I am in love with him. It got really bad and risky. In winter I could see the path I had carved in the snow from Juan’s back door to my fence gate. I never fucked him in my house but there were a few times I sucked him off when he was over. I was never big on giving oral until Juan became part of my life. The first time was my curiosity wanting to know how big of a load he produces. First time I pulled off of him as he ejaculated, at arms length distance he still splatter my face and shoot a stream over my head. I’ve really gotten to enjoy taking him oral, I get between 3 and 4 long streams of semen every time. After realizing on a couple occasions that I was talking to a neighbor or a delivery guy with half dried cum globs somewhere on my person, I’ve found swallowing is the best deal. And I actually enjoy it, just about as much as Juan does!! The only time he talks dirty to me is the couple minutes before shooting down my throat. I’m either a slut black cum sucker or jizz drinker or something else, when he places a palm behind my head, I just grab the base of his cock with two hands, squeeze tight and get all hot and bothered as I take my protein shake like a good girl. My selfish benefit to draining him orally is the follow on fucking I get just goes with him pounding me for an hour or more. One time especially stands out, 6 mind numbing orgasms during one fucking that had to last better than 2 hours. He makes me crazy with pleasure. Also to add, there is something wonderfully subordinate about being on my knees servicing a massive black cock. It’s probably just as taboo as a white girl begging for insemination. Regardless, I just love being subordinate to my masters massive jet black cock. Towards the end of June, I was feeling a little off, small body changed had me suspect I could be carrying a c***d. I’m due early March 2019. Never once did I ever consider ending it. Nor have I run any test as I’m 100% sure about the dad. Juan knows and he is very pleased, though unsure about how to deal with my husband. Pretty soon I have to come clean as I am really starting to show. My husband will soon notice. I am considering just owning up, admitting to an affair, telling him it’s not his, letting him know I wanted this other mans baby. I can honestly say that because I suspect subconsciously I always wanted Juan to breed me. Of course, I will keep the fathers name a secret. To any readers with ideas. Maria intends to be completely honest with her three girls. Maria is unsure of the best way to break the news and break away from her husband. She has to do it nicely as there are custody and divorce considerations. Any experience with such a situation, she would love for you to reply.

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