A couple of days by the Loch (Part2)


A couple of days by the Loch (Part2)Continuing from Part 1, I woke in the morning with Lee and Karen still cuddling into me, their naked bodies looked great as the Morning Sun came streaming through the window. I kissed both of them on the forehead before getting out of bed. They seem to move closer together as I stood at the end of the bed. My cock was feeling a bit sore as it had been a while since I had come twice within an hour but it did twitch a bit as I left the girls sleeping. Naked I walked from the bedroom to where my shorts had been thrown during the previous night events. As I bent to pick it up my shorts, the door knocked. I quickly put them on and headed to the door, It was the 2 female rangers from the evening before, they were just handing out a brochure on events in the area for the next week. I got a pleasant smile from them both as they left.As I closed the door and was about to start breakfast, Lee and Karen came out the bedroom laughing and giggling naked as though they were in their normal houses. They came up to me and slap my backside at the same time. While Karen went to find her clothes, Lee moved her lips to mine and gave my passionate kiss, then whispered in my ear “Thank you for last night, you were great and helped cheer Karen up”, she then placed her hand on my crotch area of my shorts. I kissed her back and squeezed her left ass cheek, Lee tried to moan but couldn’t. As Karen came to where we were, she said “Sorry to interrupt”, Lee giggled again and went to find her clothes. Karen then kissed me on the cheek and hugged me as Lee returned. While I cooked the bacon and eggs, Lee and Karen picked up a couple of bananas and slowly peeled them They then began to slowly lick and suck them as though it was a cock, I knew it was going to be another weird and wild day. I said I was going for a walk and the girls said they were just going to sit out sunbathing again. I had my laptop with me so I quickly checked my email before heading off. The girls had seen the laptop and said they were going to check something while I was out but won’t not be too long on it. The girls had changed into their bikinis as I went for my walk. Karen was wearing a shiny pink one while Lee wore a leopard one which really clung to her body. While on my walk I would occasionally see the female wardens doing their rounds but managed to hide so they didn’t see me. I walked for about the 5 miles in total which took me a couple of hours so when I got back I was hot and sweaty as there wasn’t a cloud in the Sky and although there were trees about it was quite open the trail I had taken. The girls were still sunning themselves when I arrived istanbul escort back, then came running up to me and kissed me on the cheeks. They could taste the salty sweat dripping from my face and Lee said “Lets go for a swim”. I dropped my small bag off and followed them down to the Lochside. They were already in the water splashing about when I jumped in. The cold Loch was very refreshing against my warm body. We all swam for about 15 minutes then we headed back to the shore line. There were a few boats on the Loch but they were far away as the girls took off their bikinis and walked up to the loungers before lying on them.The water on their bodies glistened in the Sun as they lay on the loungers, their tanned bodies started to turn me on and they could see that my shorts looked awkward as I walked past them and into the cabin. The half hour it took me to make lunch, the girls’ bodies were dry. As we ate lunch, they were still naked and suddenly felt a foot then another on my shorts, as they traced my slightly hard cock. They sat with their feet on my cock till the end of lunch, then I was aske to sit on the chair which had been placed in front of the fireplace and facing the couch. Karen cleared the lunch plates as Lee followed me to the chair, as I was about to sit down, Lee stopped me and told me to pull down my shorts and then sit down. She tied my wrists and ankles to the chair and went and sat on the couch where Karen was already sitting. They could see that my cock was now standing to attention, as Lee and Karen started to kiss each others bodies. They first started kissing each others’ necks down to their breasts before moving down to their pussies. When the two girls in a 69 position I could not quite see them licking, suckling and nibbling their pussies and clits but before long they both orgasmed. Then they came over to me and kissed me on the lips so I could taste their juices. They looked down at my cock which had pre come coming from the head, Lee ran one of her fingers along stream of pre come and then Karen and Lee lick Lee’s finger and giggled. They both then teased me for about another 10 minutes by letting their boobs dangle inches from my mouth, their nipples were rock hard and just wanting to be licked and sucked, next they both alternately gave me a lap dance showing their creamy wet pussies and assholes for another 5 minutes before letting my wrist and ankles free. As I stood up Lee and Karen were now kneeling in front of me and one of Lee’s hand wrapped around my cock and started to rub it. Within a minute my come flow out landing on their avcılar escort chests, faces and hair before cleaning my dry. Then they licked their breasts and faces clean before going for a quick shower.The rest of the afternoon we sat out in the Sun relaxing. The girls said they were going to make the dinner so I sat on the patio, when Lee brought me out a bottle of beer and kissed me on the lips again then went back in. Twenty minutes they brought out the dinner in the Evening Sun, it was still quite warm, so we sat and finished our meal. The Loch’s Rescue boat was doing some manoeuvres near the cabin so the girls gave it a wave and the people on the boat waved back before heading away. We cleared away the dishes and chatted outside for a while before moving back in. We had now opened a couple of bottles of wine so were slightly drunk but also frisky although the girls had been like that during the meal. We had been watching some tv as dusk fell, when Karen suggested “We all go for a dip in the Loch since it was last night and should light the fire pit”, so I got the fire pit lite before we headed down to the Loch. As we headed down the girls stripped off and then helped me out of my clothes as we jumped in the Loch, it was the first time I had been skinny dipping the Loch. which at this time of night was very refreshing. After about 10 minutes we headed back up to the fire pit picking up our clothes. We sat out while the fire dried us, around 11pm we headed in as the fire was out. We were still naked, we closed all the shutters on the windows then we sat on the couch, Karen had hooked up my laptop to the tv before quickly heading in to the bedroom to pick something up. Lee and I kissed until Karen returned where she pressed play on the laptop and join Lee and me on the couch.As the film started I thought it was just a standard film but with 10 minutes I realised it was a porno. Karen then handed Lee something also me and I was told to put it over my semi hard cock with some lube on the opening. Meanwhile Lee and Karen each lubed a vibrating unit and placed them in their pussies. As the film continued I could feel vibrates going up and down my cock and the girls were also slightly moving as they had vibrations going throw their pussies. I looked at Lee who had a big horny smile on her face and Karen had the same expression and could see her hand on her mobile so I reckon she was controlling the vibrations. Karen then said “Would you move your unit up and down on your cock”, which I did and the girls let out a big moan and Karen then moved her unit in and out of her pussy and I felt it grip tightly şirinevler escort then release my cock. Near the end of the film I needed to come so began moving the unit up and down quicker as Karen and Lee both moved their unit in and out as well as rubbing their clits. There had been a towel still on the floor in front of the couch as I pulled off the unit, my come flew up and then landed down on the towel, while the girls pulled their vibrating units after orgasming they both squirted liquid out of the pussies. It was the first time I had seen a girl squirt live but I had seen on pornos. We tidied up our mess and sorted the tv and laptop before going for a shower then bed. The girls again cuddled into me as we slept.When I woke the girls were still asleep but their hands were resting on my cock as I kissed them both, they woke and could feel how my cock was. They told me to just lay there when they went into the en suite and returned with a basin of hot soapy water and a towel. I moved so they could put the towel down on the bed then I lay on the towel. Lee and Karen then gave me a bed bath making sure they cleaned everywhere, I felt like a patient in hospital or a young baby as their bodies moved around my body. Occasionally their breasts and pussies would brush me as they went. Once finished I was told to get dressed and start breakfast while they went for a shower. When I got dressed I had a look in the shower and the girls were also making sure their bodies were cleaned and they gave each other an orgasm before getting dried and dressed. We had breakfast and made sure that everything was clean and tidy and nothing had been left from our sex games the last couple of nights. When I was taking our bags out to the car I found a note on the windscreen but did not look at it then because the girls were at the car. I had one last quick look around the cabin before locking it up and we left. As I dropped the keys off at the shop, one of the female wardens was in getting some coffee, she brushed against my ass and when I looked at her, she turned with a sexy smile. I then drove Lee and Karen back to Lee’s house and dropped them off. Karen gave me a sloppy kiss on the lips and said “Thank you for a great couple of days” then Lee kissed me passionately on the lips and said “She would phone me later”. Soon as I got home I crashed out for a few hours before my phone went off and it was Lee. We talked for a while and then Lee said by the way Karen and her boyfriend had made up. I said “I would speak to her soon”. Once I hang up I discovered the note which had been on my car windscreen. It was from my former work colleague who had been one of the wardens, she had left me her number and address and a wee message “You know you want too”. Lee and I went out for a further few months but separated due to work and other commitments. She then left the company shortly afterwards. It has been a great time with her but on for more adventures. More to follow.

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