A Dream?


You hear a knock on your door – you open it and are not surprised to find me standing there, waiting to be let in. No words are spoken as I step into the room and you close the door behind me. We both know what is about to happen…

After closing the door you step up behind me, wanting to take me into your arms – yet you hesitate, maybe you are dreaming I am there. I turn to you, slowly letting my coat fall to the floor and stepping out of my shoes. I am wearing an oversized shirt and a pair of black lace panties – the first three buttons of the shirt are open allowing you a teasing glimpse of breast. You have just gotten out of the shower and are wearing only a towel – a thin layer of cloth stands between me and the prize I have come for.

Stepping up to you I place my hands lightly on your chest and kiss you. You groan as I begin running my hands over your chest. My lips follow the trail left by my hands, leaving kisses on your body, lightly sucking your nipples before moving on. Your heart is beating fast and I can feel your excitement esenyurt escort against my body, your cock swelling with need, hungry for what I am so obviously offering. For a moment I feel powerful, knowing I can do this to you, yet quickly realizing you have the same power over me.

In my growing excitement and need, I kneel before you, continuing to run my hands over your body. Another groan escapes you as I pull the towel from your hips and your cock is displayed for my inspection. Your cock is full and hard, anxious for the attention it is about to receive from my hands, my lips, my tongue. You moan as my hand reaches out to stroke you, as my tongue slowly begins to caress the head of your cock. Having gotten my prize, I can wait no longer and eagerly take all of you into my hot, wet mouth. Unable to contain yourself, you grab the back of my head and begin to fuck my mouth. I am in heaven as I lavish attention on your cock, running my tongue up and down its length, taking it deep in my mouth, sucking on the avrupa yakası escort tip, listening to your groans of pleasure. This pleasuring of your cock goes on but I won’t allow you your satisfaction just yet.

My nipples are hard, my pussy is aching and wet, my whole body is begging to be caressed by your hands, your lips, your tongue and eventually your hard cock. I need you to pleasure me, I need you to take me now!
Telling me you want to feel the pleasure of my pussy but not just yet, you back me against the wall and rip the remaining buttons off my shirt, baring my breasts to your heated gaze. Leaning into me, you kiss me and begin to caress my breasts, rubbing your thumbs over my already stiff nipples. After tasting my lips for what seems like mere seconds, yours follow a long, uncharted path to my aching breasts. You lavish attention on each one, sucking each nipple into your mouth, making me moan in pleasure.

I am lost in the feel of your mouth on anadolu yakası escort me, so lost that it takes a moment to realize that you have begun to kiss your way further down my body. Kneeling before me, you pull my panties off to expose that part of me you have been dreaming about. Spreading my legs slightly, pressing small kisses on my thighs, you work your way to my aching pussy. I am sure I have gone to Heaven when I finally feel your mouth on me, tasting my pussy, bringing me to my first orgasm.

Weak with desire, I am unable to move. You stand and press your body to mine, kiss me, letting me taste myself on your lips. I tell you that I need to have you inside me, now. You tell me you can wait no longer to bury yourself inside me. I reach out to stroke you and find you ready. You take me to your bed and I eagerly await the feel of you sliding into me, filling me. Finally, with a groan of pleasure you bury your cock in my waiting body. Long minutes pass as I continue to take you inside of me, until that moment when I can take no more and am lost in my second orgasm. At the same moment, you thrust deep and spill yourself into my body.

* * * * *

It was all a dream I realize as I open my eyes to the light of day. Disappointed to find myself alone but still wrapped in the warm memories of the dream, I smile to myself and remember that dreams do sometimes come true.

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