A Fantasy Come True


She was standing on a quiet beach when the call came. Only a few people were around; the beach was calm with a slight breeze and she sat on the waters edge.

She looked at her phone and knew who it was, blushing at the thought of talking to him. They had planned this encounter online, and she thought it was a bit odd but she would do anything for him. She loved him. He picked the time and beach that she was to go to; he had it all planned out.

She answered her mobile soft and sweet, “Hello my baby.”

She was very surprised at the sound she heard back, this being the first time she had heard his voice. With a deep, sexy but soft sensual tone he said, “Hello, my princess, are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” she replied a little nervously.

He asked her to go to the far end of the beach, to a little rock pool. While she walked there he spoke to her, telling her how much he loved her and wanted her. He had her hypnotised with his voice. She arrived at the rock pool and there was no one around, she was alone.

He told her to lay her beach blanket out, get istanbul escort her tanning oil ready and to put her earpiece in her phone she was going to need both hands for this.

He asked her to strip down to her swimsuit and lay down on the blanket. She obeyed. He told her to get the oil and rub it all over her body while he whispered to her what he would do to her it he were there beside her. She started rubbing the oil on her arms and shoulders, then to her stomach.

He whispered to her just then, “Take off your top.” She did. He told her to apply oil to her breasts while he continued to talk to her of his love for her and his fantasy dreams of what he would love to do to her body. The sound of his voice, the words he was saying, the cool breeze gently flowing across her body, her hands applying the oil: everything combined as her mind, body and heart began to respond. It was almost as if he was there. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine what if would be like, and to her amazement found that it wasn’t so hard to do.

She avcılar escort moved her hands down her body and over he stomach but with slower more sexual movements; his voice had her mesmerised and when he asked her to take of her panties. She didn’t hesitate; she kept her eyes shut and did as she was asked to do.

She lay back down and he said, “Rub oil on your hips, thighs and mound.” She did as she was told, just as he knew she would. He started to tell her of what he would do with his tongue, teeth and hands. She got that carried away with his words and her hands touching and feeling that she didn’t hear the footsteps in the sand; she was just on the verge of orgasm when she felt hot lips on hers, she opened her eyes and tried to get up but strong hands held her down and a deep sexy but soft sensuous voice asked her if he could play too.

It was him, here in the flesh. She couldn’t move; she was so shocked. He loosened his grip on her arms when he could see she recognised him. He leant closer to her and she wrapped her arms around his neck şirinevler escort and said “I love you,” with tears of joy and happiness streaming down her face. She kissed him. Their first kiss was so passionate, wanting and needy the most wonderful kiss in her life.

Their first kiss seemed to go on forever, but his hands started roaming over her body following the path where hers had just been. His hands were like little bolts of electricity shooting out of his fingertips, her whole body tingled. He continued to kiss her and when his hands went lower she let out a gasp, he pulled away from the kiss to look at her face, she was flushed but what he saw in her eyes made him smile, there was such need and love in them for him. He couldn’t help but give her what she needed from him to seal there relationship and make it whole.

With a feeling of love he had never felt before in his whole life, he entered her. They both let out a moan as they both felt that this was the best and most natural feeling of all. They were meant to be. They fit perfectly together, they moved together, breathed together and with slow heavenly movements took each other to the heights of the sky.

Afterwards, they lay there for along time just looking into each other’s eyes: not saying a word, just reading in each other how long they had waited for the most perfect moment and the most precious partner.

The End

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