A Fine Arrangement


You had sent me a text a few moments earlier letting me know you were on you way but running a little late. I slipped into the bathroom to check my look again, straighten my top and tucked a stray curl back behind my ear. I was nervous and excited. I returned to wait for you at the bar, sipping a beer and fidgeting with my phone.

I saw you come I the door and my heart raced, but I kept it together. I’m at a loss for words. “Hi,” you said. A stupid grin spread across my face. “Hi,” I managed to get out without stammering. Whew! I’m off to a good start.

I’ve said so many dirty things to you via chats and text messages. I’ve shared intimate photos and erotic narratives with you. Yet here you are in person and I’m so desperately shy.

You pull up a stool near me, but not too close, and order a beer of your own. Your first thirsty sip – I watch you take a long pull on it then lick a stray drop from your upper lip. Such a pretty mouth.

You turn sideways on the stool so that you are facing me and rest your elbow on the bar. “So how’ve you been?” you ask casually. You’re holding your beer by the bottle neck, swinging it gently between your knees. The movement leads my eye down. I blush and quickly look up again. You cad – that was on purpose.

“I’m fine. Having a great summer. How about you?”

You stood and leaned very close, reached past me to a stack of coasters. I could feel the heat from your body and smell your skin. I bit my lip to contain a small gasp. You set your beer down and made yourself comfortable again. You’re cruel.

“I’m good. Nothing too exciting going on… until now.” You flash me a devilish grin that sets the butterflies in my stomach a flutter. The word ‘now’ strikes a cord with me. Yes now! Now would be just fine!

“You esenyurt escort seem nervous. Don’t be. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to.”

“It’s not nervous apprehension,” I replied. “It’s nervous excitement.” Strangely, my bold words calmed me as I took back some of the power.

We made a little small talk as I grew more comfortable in your presents. We finished our beer.

“Come with me,” you said. You stood and walked towards the door at the back of the bar. I hopped of my bar stool and followed, curious. It led to a hallway the multiple doorways: an exit, storage, the bathrooms…

Suddenly you stopped and spun around and grabbed me, shoving me against the wall, one hand on my hip, the other shoving my shoulder back. I gasped, hesitated then slipped my hands over your shoulders inviting you in. Was my hand shaking? My knees definitely were.

You pressed your mouth to mine hard and hungrily. My eyes closed as I allowed myself to be devoured.

Both of your hands on my hips now, you pull me away from the wall, turning, and for a brief moment it’s like a dance, I’m following your footsteps when, with a thud, you slam me up against the other wall. The air is knocked from my lungs. I pull away from your savage kiss so that I can read your face. Your eyes are fierce and you’re grinning.

“You said ‘rough’… “

“I did.” I bite my lip and there is a fire in my groin.

You grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the men’s bathroom. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind for our first encounter but it’s too late. I’m in heat and I want you so badly. It’s a single occupant room. Still holding my hand you lock the door, spin me… I’m thrust up against the door facing it. You stretch avrupa yakası escort my arm up over my head and lean into it pinning me. I slide my free hand up the door between my face and the hard metal.

You’re standing right behind me, grinding into my bottom. My legs are spread and I’m pushing back. You wrap your arm around my chest and squeeze my breast hard. I moan softly.

“Is this what you want? To be taken… fucked by a man you’ve just met?” I hear the clink of metal as you undo your belt and jeans one-handed. You flip my skirt up over my ass and run you fingers over my thong. You give it a firm tug up before pulling it down.

“Tell be you want this,” you growl in my ear. You’re cock is rubbing against my moistening pussy.

“Yes! Yes, please,” I breath.

Your cock slides between my labia a few times, brushing over my vibrating clit, then lines up for entry. “Tell me what you want.”

“You! I want you inside of me. I want you to fuck me. Please. Now.” And with that you thrust into me. It was a lot to take in all at once. I winced, whimpered and pushed back. You thrust again with your entire body, shoving me against the door with an unnerving bang.

Your free hand traveled up my body, under my arm and over my throat. You squeezed a little, putting pressure on the cartilage. It wasn’t hard, just enough to put a spark of fear in me that you could, if you wanted to, hurt me. I moaned softly and you felt it rumble under your fingertips like a cat’s purr.

“Such a dirty little slut, you are.” Releasing my hands so that you could grab me by the hips, I was hauled back as you stepped away from the door. You shoved my shoulders forward so that I was bent in anadolu yakası escort half, still bracing myself against the door. You started to drive into me hard, slamming into me and punctuating your assault with random ass slaps. The hammering echoed in my abdomen.

You stopped and pulled out. I gasped, suddenly voided, panting against the bathroom door.

You forced me up straight and pulled me hard into your embrace. My back was to you, your left arm was crushed my waist and your right hand found its way under my skirt and between my legs. “Spread them wider.” I obeyed.

Your breath rasped in my ear between a stream of dirty descriptive words as you rubbed my clit. I started to grind. Your fingers slid farther back and found my opening and you shoved two fingers deep inside and started thrusting them angrily. Perfect! No technique, just a hardcore finger fuck, making me raw, making me clench… making me cum hard on your hand. My knees started to shake. I’d have fallen if you hadn’t had such a firm grip on me.

You spun me around to face you and marched me back to the door. Grabbing me under the thigh you forced my leg up, pressing my knee into my chest. You entered me forcefully while I was still shaking from my orgasm and I cried out before managing to muffle myself, biting the back of my hand. You had a handful of my hair, pulling hard. The combination of small pains and pleasure was exquisite.

You fucked me callously until you were right on the edge then pulled out. The weight of your hands bearing down on my shoulders forced me to the floor. Before I knew what was happening your cock was in my mouth. My cheeks bulged briefly as I was flooded with your cum. I was forced to swallow quickly lest I choke.

You growled and chuckled as you shook your cock in my face, hitting me on the nose. I glared my disapproval up at you before standing, smiling and pulling you in for a salty kiss. I had told you from the start: I was a free spirit – not a sub.

I tugged up my panties and sassed, “Get yourself cleaned up. I’ll order another round.” This is going to be a fine arrangement.

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