A First Time like No Other – Sonya Pt. 02


I left this story with me completely enthralled by a beautiful webcam woman named Sonya, and no way to enjoy a private room to masturbate while fantasizing with her. She enjoys fantasy. She enjoys dominating my mind. I cannot wait. It is one more month and my cock can be fully unleashed in the privacy of my own apartment.

A month is a very long time when just looking at Sonya, however. Her ass is the tightest, loveliest ass I have ever seen. her breasts completely capture my attention, and she knows! I don’t have my own camera on, but one night she kept teasing me with comments about how her top was see through and that she could see me looking at her nipples. I as nearly babbling.

She was my first webcam experience, so I don’t have a lot to compare her to. I started dabbling with some of the other webcams on her site. None come even close.

If she is so great, why am I previewing other webcams? Hey, she has to sleep, to eat, to have a day off. She is a real person. And thank God I have met her during this stage of her life. She is a beautiful and heartwarming companion the likes of which I’ve never had. The closest was my ex wife. Maybe Sonya was sent to reignite and save my marriage. I talk to my wife, and she is fascinated with the fact I’m writing erotic stories. She has started giving me tips and ideas. That is something she never shared with me before. Ever. I cannot wait to see how this turns out.

I don’t mean any disrespect to the other webcam women. They are all beautiful, just different people. One caught me by surprise when I popped into a show where she was painting her breasts. It was fantastic. Too bad the colors were those of the Michigan Wolverines (GO STATE!)

Many just want you to use a device called a Buzz Toy. It looks like a pink, floppy double dildo and supposedly vibrates when you press the button. Too simple for me. The woman before you can create any fantasy and you just want to watch her bounce every time you click? It’s about control, and respect. The Buzz Toy fans want a flopping fish on a leash. I want the leash on me. Her leash. Sonya’s leash.

I’ve risked it a few times since the first, despite the possibility of being caught. Sonya knows she turns me on and gets a sly smile every time I see her. A twitch of her ass or a look at her breasts and she knows I’m probably not going to wait until I have my own place. I have to cum now. and I’m going to have to get creative to do it.

She knows my mind as well. I was stunned today when she suggested we roleplay with her as an older woman, a neighbor, that takes my virginity. Of course that is a common fantasy, but I happened to be thinking of it just as she said it, and even had the woman in mind! Oh she is going to do it again! I have to risk this – getting caught.

Sonya’s legs are so tan. And tight. I can’t fight it.

Switching to fantasy mode..


Derek had just turned 18 years old and was sad, very sad. His mother had thrown him a wonderful birthday party. His father had really surprised him when he handed him the keys to his older BMW. Not to drive. To own. A new one was on it’s way and there was plenty of room in the circular drive for both.

How could he be sad? Derek insisted on driving some of his friends home, and was headed back. His best friend Rayla lived just across the street, so he couldn’t really offer her a ride. Rayla had been a good friend for a long time. Nothing had ever happened between them. That was OK, it wasn’t Rayla he wanted. It was her mother.

Rayla’s father had died a few years back. Her mother never remarried. He couldn’t understand why. She was drop dead gorgeous. Jennifer looked like a cross between Natalie Wood and Shakira. Derek had spent many a night fantasizing that he would be the “mature man” to win her heart and bedroom.

The reality was he was still a boy, and a virgin.

That is why Derek was sad.


He mersin escort pulled into his family’s drive and parked towards the end. He shut down the lights and took a few seconds to savor the moment. At least he had the new car. Finally he opened the door to step out, and nearly knocked Rayla’s mom to the ground!

“Ms Revian you scared me”, he gasped. She always had the most beautiful face. Seeing it in the moonlight made her look even more amazing.

“I’m sorry Derek”, she said, “I was just afraid I wouldn’t get a chance to get a ride in your new car.” She looked at him seriously.

“Oh Ms Revian, you know it isn’t new, and I’m pretty sure my Dad or Mom gave you a ride in it at some point”.

“Well, if you are sure”, she turned to walk away.

“Wait!” He sounded very eager for her to stop. “I’d be happy to give you a ride”.

She turned and made her way towards the passenger door. “OK, but on two conditions. One – you put down the top. Two – stop calling me Ms Revian. You are 18 now. Call me Jennifer.”


Derek headed out to the coastal drive and couldn’t believe his luck. He was in his new car with Ms Rev – Jennifer, and she was being very mysterious and seductive. She was wearing a short white skirt and a pink colored top. She had kicked off her shoes and kept moving as she talked, causing her skirt to start riding so high he could tell she had nothing on underneath.

The top was semi-transparent and he was having a tough time watching the road. Every time she moved he could see her nipples rub against the fabric underneath. He had been caught looking a number of times, but she just gave him a sly smile or acted as if she didn’t notice.

In fact, he wasn’t sure if she was aware she was getting him close to becoming aroused at all. She was an incredibly beautiful woman. Every man that had ever looked at her was aroused. Many women probably were too.

“Turn right here and pull over on the beach”, she said. She couldn’t have picked a better spot. The stars were out and a light mist covered the water. The temperature was perfect for having the top down.

“No music?” She asked. He put in a CD and KORN started scratching at the air. She simply smiled, ejected KORN, and put in one of her own. He thought he caught some Russian lettering before it slipped in.

The music was rhythmic and soothing. He wasn’t sure if it had vocals, but she hadn’t tried to blow out his eardrums like he did hers with KORN. Her music was soft and hypnotic.

“May I ask you something personal?” she said. “Why have you never tried to seduce Rayla?” He was surprised he didn’t choke. out of the blue she asks that?

“Ms – Jennifer, I don’t know what to say. I have always thought of her as my best friend”.

“Do you not find her attractive?”

“Of course I do”. (I just think her Mom is even better)

“Well, I think I know why and that you are afraid to tell me. Don’t be shy.”

Derek tried to swallow but suddenly had no saliva. Jennifer was looking at him very intently and he could feel her presence moving closer. Her perfume was light, but was penetrating his nostrils and going directly to the source of his barely controlled arousal.

“You are a virgin”


Derek was startled. He thought about putting up a protest, then realized it would be pointless. “How did you know?” He could barely speak.

“Women know these things”, she replied, “and for months you haven’t been able to take your eyes off of me”.

Was he that obvious? As if she could read his mind, she said, “yes it has been that obvious. Don’t you think we should fix this problem? I won’t say little, because I see it has gotten quite big!”

He looked down to see he had developed a powerful erection. He looked her again in the eyes. He couldn’t speak. He was completely at her mercy. He just nodded.


“Lie anamur escort the seat back and pull off your pants. I’m going to take your virginity, not simply make you cum. In order to do that I need to teach you how to make love to a woman. How to talk to her, touch her, and please her. If you feel yourself losing control, reach down to the base of your cock and squeeze. Hard if necessary. Understood?”

He nodded. The matter of fact way she gave instructions did nothing to take away from the moment. His wildest fantasies were about to come true. He might be squeezing the base of his cock a lot.

“Good. This is your first test.” Slowly she dug under the waist of her skirt and started pulling up her shirt. She paused often to give him a good view and a wink, then finally pulled it over her head. Her breasts flopped back down and her nipples were practically poking him in the face. He reached down and squeezed the base of his cock as hard as he could. She was magnificent. Her breasts were soft looking, yet still firm. Her nipples kept nearly touching his lips and were at least 1/2 inch long.

“Very good. Now, some women have very sensitive breasts during their cycle, and others might all the time. Don’t just start cranking on them like they are radio knobs”.

He had no idea what a radio knob was, but he got the point. He gently cupped her left breast in one hand and massaged her neck with the other.

“Nice touch. Now gently work your way down to the nipple and start rotating around. Rub over the nipple to press it back, then let it pop up again. You can tweak them, but twisting hard is a sure fire way to let a woman know that you don’t know what you are doing”.

He obliged. Gently rubbing the tip with his tongue, he did the same thing to her nipple with his mouth.

And nearly lost it. He reached down and applied pressure just in time to stop from spraying all over the seat.

“Now use both hands to stop yourself. I’m going to make it difficult, but try and slowly start to stop it with your mind, and not your hands”.

She lowered herself a bit until her eyes were even with his. “I’ve always loved your eyes”, she said. He felt her hand on the back of his neck and suddenly she was kissing him. Her tongue parted his lips and started darting into his mouth. She was kissing him deeply, powerfully. He started to squeeze his cock’s base with both hands but something stopped him. It occurred to him. He was about to make love to the woman of his dreams. She was real, wanting, and incredibly sensual.

He still had to squeeze a couple times, but he knew this was going to be OK.


“Now it is my turn”, she said. She leaned back and undid her skirt, tossing it next to her top. He was correct when he guessed she wasn’t wearing any panties, and she was also completely shaved!

He nearly choked with surprise with what she did next. She swung her ass up to sit on the steering wheel and started gently stroking her legs. She ran her hands up and down them like someone bathing. He never realized how tan, smooth, and toned she was. She must have noticed his surprise.

“Three times a week in the gym.”

“Oh and that’s when I first noticed how well hung you are”.

Oh what a devilish grin she gave to his startled look. No explanation, just a look that said, “I’ll never tell”.

This time he did have to reach down and squeeze.

She kept slowly moving her legs further and further apart until he finally could see her pussy in full view sitting right on top of his steering wheel. He could smell her juices. That got him going to the point he almost had to squeeze again. She wasn’t just doing this for him, she was enjoying it herself!

Gently she spread herself further and lowered her head to whisper in his ear. “These are my pussy lips, the inner labia covering what is going to make your cock feel so good. Never, EVER yank on erdemli escort them forcefully. This is my clit. It is not a soccer ball. When you use your mouth, nibble and suck above and below. As I get hotter you can start to touch it once in a while with your tongue. It’s more like the tip of your cock. The sweet spot is just where it joins.

He was deep in thought. This beautiful creature was showing him how to please a woman. To please her! He couldn’t believe he started off the day feeling sad.

“Are you going to draw a picture?”


Up until now his role had been passive. He should have been nervous but he wasn’t. He wanted nothing more than to please her and maybe then some.

Gently rubbing his cheek against her thigh, he slowly started licking the soft tissue between the folds of her skin. Her outer labia parted even further and he gently crossed over to her pussy lips. Her clit seemed to swell and he almost bumped it with his nose. Minding her teaching he tilted his head slightly and worked his way down to the connecting membrane. She let out a soft moan. He continued to suck and nibble and her moans grew more rapid. He could swear he once heard a purr.

She grabbed his hair and pulled him into her even tighter. Pulling herself up she started grinding against his face. Her vagina kept opening further and was getting wetter and wetter. He wanted to stick his tongue inside.

“Go ahead”.

Her mind reading ability should have been terrifying. It was the opposite and filled him with lust. He thrust his tongue into her pussy and started ravaging her with it. She was going nuts, bucking and writhing against his face.

She suddenly pulled away and put her eyes right in front of him again. “It is now time to make you a man”. She kissed him deeply, tasting her juices with relish.

Not gently she pushed him back into the seat. He was sticking up like a flagpole and she didn’t need any guidance. She still took him in slowly, however, teaching him the valuable lesson that every touch, every sensation, was to be savored.

Slowly she started moving up and down on his cock. He realized that for the first time something was touching his cock besides his own hand. She had completely driven him into a frenzy without so much as a light brush of it with her clothes.

It was getting to be too much. She was now leaning over and her breasts were tantalizing his face. This pulled him even deeper inside and he knew he wasn’t going to last. He reached down to try and squeeze but she stopped him.

“It’s OK, I’m going to cum too”.

He arched up inside her and she pulled him in deeper than he thought possible. Her pussy started contracting and was actually squeezing him, begging for the load he was about to unleash.

He threw back his head and emitted what sounded more like a drunken muttering than a word. She was practically screaming, but not anything that made more sense. The world seemed to just stop around him.

Intense pleasure ran up his spine and he started filling her with wave after wave of cum. It started spilling out the sides and he wondered how much of the juice was his and how much was hers. She was bucking wildly.

She unexpectedly lowered her head to his shoulder and bit hard, very hard. What sounded like a whimper came from her lips. He lie his head back and felt the same thing.


I opened my eyes slowly and there was Sonya, with a huge grin. She looked radiant. She was sitting up to type, which meant that her breasts were jiggling and her nipples poking out in response. I should have gotten excited again, but I was spent. Thoroughly spent. I had soaked the towel I used to catch my load, and most of the sheets. I looked over and my roommate was snoring away. He had to be faking it. There was no way this didn’t wake him up. He’s never said a thing, however.

Sonya pouted and said, “I really wish you would let me see you on camera. I think I just made you cum very hard”. I just smiled, gave a huge tip, and thanked God for letting me meet her.

Sonya you are the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

To be continued.

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