A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 09


Bahamas, Day Eight – Saturday

Day eight in the Bahamas started out with the ladies waking up before me. Once I woke, I went out into the living room, and found the three of them sitting, chatting, giggling.

“Good morning, ladies.”

“Good morning, Jason,” The three of them said in unison.

“Sleep well?” Jessica asked.

“Very well. You three wore me out.”

After a bit more chit-chat, and a warm cup of coffee, Rey hopped in the shower, got dressed for work, and walked back into the living room.

“Okay, well, I have to go to work now.”

“Okay, we will get going. Shoot me a text if you have some free time this week.” Jessica said, kissing Rey on the cheek.

Jessica, Keira and I got dressed in last night’s clothes, and the four of us slipped out of the house, with Rey heading off to work. Keira, Jessica and I hung back to talk about what our adventure would be for the day.

“Shower. Change clothes. Breakfast. In that order.” Jessica said.

“Agreed,” I said.

“Do you guys want to spend more time together?” Keira asked, a look of hope in her eyes.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, sweetheart,” Jessica replied, “Come to our hotel room when you are ready. We will be waiting for you.”

“Great!” Keira said. With that, she took off, jogging back to her home.

Jessica and I called a cab to take us back to the hotel, where we showered together and got dressed for the day. I threw on a pair of board shorts and a white tee shirt, and Jessica threw on her new blue and gold bikini, shaking her ass for me while she slid on the thong bottom. She then slid on a pair of tight khaki shorts, and some flip-flops.

“Looking good, baby!” I exclaimed, clearly happy with her choice of outfit.

“Thank you, love,” Jessica replied.

I started a pot of coffee, and once brewed, I poured us each a cup and walked out to the patio to sit down and relax while we waited for Keira to arrive. Jessica finished putting on her makeup and joined me shortly after, taking a seat in the chair next to me. We held each other’s hand while we sipped on our coffee and looked out to the ocean, basking in the beautiful morning sun.

We heard a knock on the door, and Jessica pounced up to go open it. A minute later, Jessica and Keira came out to the balcony, taking seats on either side of me. Keira had brought donuts with her, so we each took one and scarfed it down. We sat in our chairs for a bit, munching on donuts and drinking coffee, discussing what we should do that day.

“I really enjoyed our time on the secluded island. Want to go back there?” Jessica asked.

“Actually, there is another island, close to the one we went to, that is just as uninhabited and not very well known,” Keira said, “We could head to that one.

“I like it. Let’s do it.” I said.

The three of us got out of our chairs, I grabbed the day pack, and we left the room. We stopped by the store, stocked up on food and drinks, then headed to the docks to board Keira’s boat. We filled up the boat with fuel, grabbed the cooler from the scuba shop, and packed our things away, taking off from the shores, heading to the new island. We cruised for a while, looking out at the horizon, enjoying the scenery.

When we were about halfway there, Keira motioned for Jessica to come over to her. Jessica got up from her seat at the stern, and sat down in the captain’s chair, where Keira sat down on her lap. Keira began grinding her ass into Jessica, swaying her hips side to side. Jessica then reached up to Keira’s back and undid her bikini top, sliding it over her head and dropping it onto the deck. Jessica placed her hands on Keira’s breasts, pulling Keira into her. Keira kept grinding into Jessica, clearly getting worked up.

“Yeah, pinch my nipples, Jess,” Keira said.

Jessica followed suit, pinching Keira’s nipples between her finger and thumb. She then slid one hand down Keira’s stomach, slipping her hand between Keira’s legs. Jessica played with Keira’s pussy above her bikini bottom, stroking her mound softly.

“Mmm… You are making it hard to concentrate,” Keira said, squirming under Jessica’s hand, “Jason, can you take the wheel?”

“Of course, I replied.

I got up from my seat at the stern and moved over to the captain’s chair, taking the wheel from Keira. The two of them moved to the front of the boat, Jessica sitting in the front, and Keira bending over Jessica in the aisle, giving me a perfect view of her ass. Keira slid her hands in the waistband of Jessica’s khaki shorts and gave them a tug, pulling Jessica’s legs into the air. I could see Jessica’s thong, barely covering her pussy, between Keira’s legs, then shifted my gaze back to Keira’s ass, a very tight and nubile body.

Keira then dropped to her knees, pulled Jessica’s thong to the side, and placed her mouth on Jessica’s pussy, lapping up her fluids. Jessica began to moan, taking in the pleasure that Keira was providing. I stood up, slid my board shorts to my ankles, then sat bakırköy escort back down, stroking my cock to the sight unfolding in front of me.

Jessica looked back at me, seeing me jerking off, and smiled. She then slipped her hand behind her back, untying her top and sliding it over head, dropping it on the seat next to her. She then started playing with her nipples, pinching and twisting them while Keira ate her pussy.

The scene in front of me was getting very intense, and after a few minutes, Keira got to her feet, still eating Jessica’s pussy, and slid her thumbs into her bikini, pulling them down to her ankles. She then stuck one hand between her legs and started playing with her pussy, fingering herself at a feverish pace.

Jessica began moaning much louder, almost screaming in ecstasy. Her first orgasm of the day was building, causing Keira to work her clit faster and faster.

Keira was moaning directly into Jessica’s pussy, which pushed Jessica over the edge, Jessica grabbing the back of Keira’s head, pulling her in tight, cumming all over Keira’s face. Keira came too, her pussy dripping with fluid. Once the two caught their breath, Keira cam back over to me, I passed the captain’s chair back to Keira, and sat down in the chair next to her. Jessica got up from the bow and walked back to us, bent over and kissed me on the lips, then took a seat on my lap, where we stayed until we reached the new, uninhabited island, Jessica grinding her ass into my hard cock the entire way.

Once we grounded the boat and carried our supplies to the shore, we laid out the large beach towel and setup the picnic. We ate some tasty snacks, drank a couple beers, and relaxed in the sun, soaking the rays into our naked bodies.

“How big is this island?” Jessica asked Keira.

“Not very big. Maybe a half mile long, and a couple hundred feet wide. If we walk to the hill over there, we can see the other side of the island.”

“Well, let’s go explore this place.” I said.

The three of us got up and started walking inland, Keira leading the way, Jessica following close, and myself bringing up the rear, enjoying the sight in front of me. We reached the top of the hill and saw a wonderful view, a beautiful cove with stunning rocky cliffs and bright, undisturbed sand. I looked out into the small bay and saw a big sailboat moored out at sea. It’s anchor preventing it from moving. I then looked down at the beach and saw a little dinghy pulled onto the shore.

“Apparently, we are not alone,” I say, pointing down at the beach.

“Oh, my god. There are people here,” Jessica says, starting to move back, covering her body with her hands.

I reach over to Jessica, grabbing her hands, lowering them to her sides. “So what baby? If anything, they would be thrilled to see you here naked. You have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I don’t know, baby. What if they don’t want to see me?”

“Then they won’t want to see any of us. Remember, all three of us are naked.”

Keira then spoke up. “I wonder where they are. Can they see us? That is so hot.”

Keira then slid a hand up to her breast, toying with her nipple. She the took off down the hill towards the newly discovered beach. Jessica and I followed, chasing Keira down the hill.

We approached the dinghy, not finding any clue where the person or people went. We have no idea how many of them there are or what they look like. Keira then looked down at the beach and found two sets of footprints leading away from the dinghy and down the beach toward the cliffs. Keira took off, tracing the footsteps, with Jessica and I in tow.

“Keira, what if they don’t want to be found? Would they come to a deserted island wanting to be seen?”

Keira slowed her progress, hesitating taking another step forward. “You are probably right. We should leave them alone. They probably want some privacy.”

We headed back up the hill and returned to our spot, sitting back down on the beach towel. Keira leaned back and opened her legs, allowing the cool ocean breeze to flow between her legs.

“Mmm… That feels so good,” Keira said.

“I’d bet,” Jessica replied. She then copied Keira, laying down and opening her legs.

I found a seat in front of them, enjoying the view of the two women. Watching the sweat build up on their soft skin, dripping down their bodies. My cock twitched at the sight before me, waking up yet again.

The two of them stayed on their backs, eyes closed, and soaked in the rays. I cracked open another beer, took a couple swigs, and relished in the life I was experiencing. About 20 minutes later, Jessica was the first to rise, grabbing a beer from the cooler and drinking it.

“Mmm, that tastes good. So refreshing.” Jessica stated.

Keira then sat up and grabbed a beer herself, drinking the whole thing in one pull. She let out a small burp, and smiled.

“Excuse me. That was not very lady-like.”

“No worries, cutie.” beşiktaş escort I replied.

Keira got up from her seat, came over to me, and kissed me on the forehead. Her bare pussy was only inches from my face, causing my carnal instincts to take over. I grabbed Keira by the hips and pulled her toward me, pressing her mound to my mouth.

“Oh, okay, then,” Keira said with a smile on her face.

Jessica got up from her spot and stood next to Keira. I then moved one hand from Keira’s hip and moved it to Jessica’s, pulling her in close too. I moved my mouth from Keira’s pussy to Jessica’s, then back to Keira, and back to Jessica. I switched between the two of them for some time, lapping up their juices as fast as I could. Both women were getting very hot and bothered and began kissing each other and groping each other’s bodies. Keira place a hand on Jessica’s ass while Jessica grabbed a handful of Keira’s breast, playing with her nipple. Both women were moaning into each other’s mouths.

“Mmm… Ohh… that feels so good,” moaned Jessica, tonguing Keira’s mouth. Keira pressed her tongue back, moving it into Jessica’s mouth. The two of them French-kissed for a few minutes, loving the feeling they were receiving from me.

I lifted my hands away from their hips and slid them between their legs, pushing my fingers to their openings. Sliding one finger into each of them, I worked them up to a feverish pace, switching my tongue from one clit to the other.

Keira started cumming on my hand, so I switched my tongue to her clit. She started to cum harder, leaning forward and placing her hands on my head. She came hard all over my face, her fluids dripping down my chin. Once her wave of pleasure passed through her body, I could feel Jessica’s pussy getting tighter. I then switched my focus to my love.

“Oh, yeah, baby. Fuck me with your fingers,” Jessica exclaimed. I obliged pressing a second finger inside her pussy. I pressed my tongue to her clit, moving in small circles around her nub.

“Oh, Jesus, Jason. I’m coming. I’m coming.”

Jessica copied the movements of Keira, leaning forward and grabbing my head with her hands, pressing my mouth into her pussy. She too had wave after wave of pleasure flow through her, cumming all over my face. Once her orgasm subsided, she sat back down on the towel, taking a few deep breaths while she recovered. Keira proceeded to bend down in front of me, licking my chin, gathering all of Jessica’s pussy juices.

“Mmm. You lucky man. That tasted delicious.” Keira said to me. She then leaned back and laid down next to Jessica, resuming her position from before.

I got up from my spot, stretched, then started walking down towards the water, wanting to take a quick swim. Jessica followed me down, running up to me and slapping my ass as she came close. We both entered the water, swam around for a bit, then came in close together in an embrace. Jessica then hopped onto me, throwing her hands over my shoulders and wrapping her legs around my waist. I threw my hands under her ass to hold her up.

“Thank you for this trip, baby. I have been having the time of my life.” Jessica whispered into my ear, kissing and nibbling on my earlobe. I grabbed her ass a little tighter, pulling her closer to me. My cock was still rock hard from earlier and was now pressing against Jessica’s pussy. I started sliding her up and down my body, grinding my cock into her.

“Me too, love,” I told her, embracing her body against mine, “Couldn’t have dreamt of a better vacation with you.”

“Me either.”

We continued embracing each other, kissing each other tenderly while the waves moved us around. We kissed passionately for several minutes before returning to the shore and Keira, who managed to fall asleep under the sun.

“Well, I guess you tired her out.” Jessica said, giggling.

“I guess so.”

I reached into the cooler and grabbed a couple more beers, handing one to Jessica. We both sat in front of Keira, looking out to the horizon, and drank our beers, holding hands the whole time.

Keira came to a few minutes later, stretching her arms and legs as far as she could reach. Jessica and I turned around at the commotion, and saw Keira smiling back at us.

“That felt great,” said Keira.

“Good deal. I guess you needed it,” I told her.

“I must have. That orgasm you gave me really took a lot out of me.”

Keira then sat up, grabbed a beer from the cooler, and cracked it open, taking a pull from it. She then stood up and ran down to the water, diving in for a swim. She resurfaced, allowing the water to run down her body, over her perfect tits, and back down to the sea.

I watched the sexy, nubile teen as she bounced around in the water, her breasts swaying around. Keira played in the water for another minute, then re-joined us on the towel.

We relaxed on the beach for a couple hours, chatting away the day. Keira told us about her dad’s scuba shop, her growing beylikdüzü escort up on the dock, and her dreams of taking over the shop one day. Jessica told about her time in college, her career as a doctor, and our experiences here in Paradise. I sat back and listened to the chit-chat, sipping on my beer and loving the company.

“What if we were to stay the night out here, huh?” Keira asked us.

“We don’t have any tents. Where will we sleep?” Jessica replied.

“I can make a little shelter. I have a knife on the boat.”

“I don’t know, Keira. I’ve never slept on a beach before.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I’ve done it loads of times. Here, follow me.”

With that, Keira grabbed Jessica by the hand and headed over to a spot down the beach with palm trees providing cover. Keira began sweeping away the palm leaves, making a clearing between the trees. She then headed down to the boat, grabbed a rather large knife and some rope, and went back up the hill. She returned with two long logs and tied one end to a palm tree at the campsite. She then asked for my help to hold up the other end, and tied it to the other palm tree. We repeated the actions with the other log, and after Keira draped some palm leaves over the top, we stepped back and admired her handiwork.

“Wow, Keira. This looks amazing.”

“Thank you, Jess. I’ve built this style of shelter before. All we need to do is lay the beach towel down on the ground, and a home we have built.”

“Sounds amazing.”

“I’m going to gather some wood for a fire. I will be back soon.” I told the pair, walking up the hill.

I gathered an armful of firewood, dropped it off, and went back out for another. After a few minutes, we had more than enough wood stacked for the night, so I sat down and relaxed while the evening approached.

As soon as dusk set in, Keira went to the boat, retrieved a lighter and a blanket, and returned, passing the blanket to Jessica and lighting a dried palm leaf. She placed the leaf on the sand, then started piling small twigs on top, allowing the fire to grow. After adding larger logs to the fire, Keira took her seat on the towel next to me. Jessica cuddled in close, too, placing her head on my shoulder. We all sat there, watching the fire and the sun set, until it was completely dark outside.

“Ever had sex next to a fire?’ Jessica asked Keira.

“Only with a woman. Never with a woman and a man.” Keira replied.

On that note, Jessica stood up and moved over to Keira, grabbing her hand and pulling her to her feet. Jessica then wrapped her arms around Keira’s waist, sliding her hands down to her ass. She then motioned for me to stand up and move behind Keira, pressing my cock into her ass cheeks. Jessica then leaned forward, pulled my face in, and kissed me deeply on the lips.

Keira reached behind her back, grabbed my cock with her fingers, and slid them up and down slowly. I dripped a bit of pre-cum onto her hand, which she used as lube for her fingers. Jessica reached one hand up to Keira’s breasts, massaging her tit in her palm. She then reached her other hand between Keira’s legs, opening her legs and pressing her hand into her lips. Keira gave a small moan at this advancement, enjoying the touch of another woman.

Keira began to move her hand faster on my cock, building up pressure inside me. I tried to focus my breath to calm down, but the feeling was overwhelming. Jessica saw that I was fighting, so she spun Keira around to face me and placed her hands on Keira’s shoulders and pushed her to her knees. She then wrapped her hand around Keira’s, and both of them began stroking my cock in unison.

“Oh, fuck. I’m gonna cum soon.” I announced.

“Cum for us baby. Shoot your load all over,” Jessica exclaimed, increasing their pace on my cock.

I couldn’t hold back anymore and broke down. I released my seed all over the beautiful women, stream after stream shooting from my cock, hitting them in their faces.

“Oh, yeah, That’s it, Jason! Give us your cum! Cover us in your cum!” Keira shouted, spurring on my orgasm. I sent more and more cum onto their faces, unable to stop my huge orgasm from subsiding.

Once every last drop had been squeezed from my cock, Jessica started licking Keira’s face, lapping up my cum and swallowing it down her throat. Keira then moved down to Jessica’s tits, licking my cum from her body. This sparked the fire inside Jessica, who lifted Keira’s head and pressed her lips into Keira’s, pushing her down to the beach towel. I watched my beautiful girlfriend lick all over Keira’s body, cleaning her of my cum. Once Jessica didn’t see any more, she focused her attention on Keira’s pussy, pressing her thumb to her clit and slipping a finger inside. Jessica worked her magic on Keira for several minutes, bringing her to a screaming orgasm. Once that subsided, Keira returned the favor, licking down Jessica’s body and worked her tongue below, pressing her tongue to part Jessica’s lips. Keira tongue-fucked Jessica to orgasm, and by the time they both came, I was starting to get hard again.

Keira was the first to notice my growing cock, so she reached out to grab it, pulling me to my knees between Jessica’s legs.

“Fuck your woman. I want to watch you fuck your woman,” Keira said quietly, just loud enough for Jessica to hear.

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